Aeon Flux: Episode Reviews

A series of cartoon shows commissioned by MTV from Peter Chung. These were produced in an era of MTV when innovation and being different counted for a lot. MTV was still defining itself and it’s TV programming was aimed at simply being different.

In many ways, Aeon Flux was a product of that era and couldn’t have been produced on any other channel or at any other period. Neither could The Max and Beavis and Buthead (two other cult animated TV shows produced for MTV around the same time). The 1990’s was a seriously great time for Sci Fi TV and Aeon Flux episodes are amongst the highlights.

Short Episodes

Short EpisodesAeon Dies! (Usually with a crunch)
Created by by Peter Chung and Liquid TV

Aeon Flux (Pilot)No clues!

Aeon breaks into a Breen Installation and kills a HUGE number of infected soldiers.  She then learns that Trevor has killed a senior politician before she falls to her death!  And that’s just the beginning of her adventures!

GravityTwo blokes pulling up something

Aeon’s cat like instincts and inquisitiveness count for nothing as she watches the goings on below her while falling to her death! This has the famous tongue gymnastics scene – Don’t try this with your partner, I did and nearly broke my jaw.

LeisureThe big gangly bloke

Aeon discovers a new type of creature in Trevor’s Laboratory.  She steels some eggs and attempts to escape before one of the creatures finds and kills her.


The strange tale of a key to a plunger that will save a large building from sinking.  Aeon is accompanied by a doomed prisoner (Trevor) and a treacherous accomplice.

WarThe lady gives it to him!

A gory and magical episode about the futility and inevitability of war.   We see Bregna and Monica battle it out with no apparent regard for the loss of life, all to save one person.

Long Episodes

Longer and more weird – Aeon doesn’t die!
Created by by Peter Chung for MTV

ThanatophobiaCybil meets with onan

A wondrous story of how Aeons neighbours, onan and his partner Sybil, try to escape the confines of Bregna and head for the freedom of the Monican Republic…. with disastrous consequences!
Directed by Peter Chung & Written by Mark Mars, Peter Chung

A Last Time for Everything

One of my favourite Aeon episode where Aeon is cloned and tasked (by the real Aeon) to ‘impale Trevor on his own ego’.  But things don’t quite work out for Aeon (either of them).
Directed by Peter Chung & Written by Mark Mars, Peter Chung, Japhet Asher, Peter Gaffney.

Judy begins her poem.

The Purge

Another superb story – crazy and entertaining. This time, yet another one of Trevor’s conceptions/innovations, the custodian.  Aeon infiltrates a group of women intent on the destruction of Trevor’s latest mind altering device.
Directed by Peter Chung & Written by Eric Singer, Peter Chung

Isthmus Crypticus

Aeon and her accomplice, Una attempt to release Trevor’s latest obsession, a pair of beautiful Seraphs.  Unfortunately for all concerned, the Seraphs are not yer average pretty winged humans!
Directed by Howard E. Baker & Written by Todd French, Peter Chung, Japhet Asher.

Alas, there are a few episodes that I haven’t had chance to review yet. The long episodes are: “End Sinister”, “Ether Drift Theory”, “Chronophasia”, “The Demiurge”, “Reraisure”, Utopia or Deuteranopia”. Also the short episode, “Mirror”

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