Aeon Flux: Purity Test


There are only 15 questions so please read them carefully before answering.
You should click the radio button next to your answer then select ”Rate Me” at the end.  

Please be aware that this is NOT just a bit of fun, it is a serious Sad-Geezer ‘Aeon Flux Purity’ psychometric test and is based on your perception, intelligence and social interactionsort of.


1.   Peter Chung is a  
  a. God
  b. Creator
  c. Fashion Designer


2.   Aeon Flux is …  
  a. A Monican Agent
  b. Sexy
  c. Always half undressed


3.   No clues!
This is from  …
  a. A Last Time for Everything
  b. Trevor’s secret underwear store
  c. My wardrobe


4.   Trevor Goodchild is …..  
  a. A ruthless Breen dictator
  b. Aeons boyfriend
  c. about 6’3″


5.   People from Bregna are…  
  a. Oppressed
  b. Boring
  c. Foreigners


6.   No clues!
This is…
  a. A Monican Sports Car
  b. Aeons Wheels
  c. A three wheeled go cart being attacked by an octopus


7.   The Monicans…  
  a. Have no ruler
  b. Live poorly but are not oppressed
  c. Do not live in Bregna


8.   No clues!
This person is called…
  a. Onan
  b. Cybil’s idiot boyfriend
  c. Conan


9.   No clues!
This is a scene from the episode called…
  a. Thanatophobia, Aeon commandeers his libido
  b. Thanatophobia, Aeon makes Cybil jealous
  c. Thanatophobia, Cybil teaches Conan a lesson


10.   A Seraph is…  
  a. A winged humanoid creature
  b. Aeon’s only competition for Trevor”s love
  c. Long and wiggly


11.   No clues!
The dude on the bed is …
  a. Jerek
  b. A dead politician
  c. Wot bloke?


12.   No clues!
This is…
  a. Denise Poirier
  b. The voice actress that plays Aeon Flux
  c. Cybil from Last time for Everything


13.   No clues!
In this episode, Aeon dies by being…
  a. Shot in the head
  b. By falling off a wall (and going ‘crunch’)
  c. at the end


14.   Aeon has a secret compartment in her….  
  a. Lower right second molar
  b. Tooth
  c. Costume


15.   No clues!
This is a scene from …
  a. A Last Time for Everything
  b. The episode where there are LOTS of half naked Aeons in Trevor”s bedroom.
  c. Aeon Does Dallas
















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