Andromeda: Purity Test

There are only 15 questions so please read them carefully before answering.
You should click the radio button next to your answer then select ”Rate Me” at the end.

Please be aware that this is NOT just a bit of fun, it is a serious Sad-Geezer ‘Andromeda Purity’ psychometric test and is based on your perception, intelligence and social interactionsort of.

1. Robert Hewitt Wolfe is a
a. Fashion Designer
b. Lead Writer
c. God

2. Andromeda is a…
a. Galaxy
b. Spaceship
c. Computer

3. Who Wrote the series Theme Tune
a. Lifeson
b. Rush
c. Derek and the Domino’s

4. The Nietzschians are
a. Hybrids
b. Assholes
c. Worriers

5. Trance has a purple..
a. Bum
b. Tail
c. Complexion

6. Gerentex was a:
a. Nightsider
b. Nietzschean
c. Necromancer

7. What is a Force-Lance
a. A sort of laser battle pike
b. A vibrator
c. A handy firearm

Lexa Doig was once …
a. A professional
b. A sexy spy
c. an actor

9. You would call your first baby girl..
a. Beka
b. Andromeda
c. Grizelda

10. The Andromeda main offensive weapons are:
a. Scentient Missiles
b. Large Laser Weapons
c. Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee

This character is:
a. Tyr Anasazi
b. Dylan Hunt
c. Gerad Rhade

12. Beka Valentine was:
a. A salvage ship owner
b. Heavily in debt
c. A model

13. You have this tool, it”s about eight inches long. It has a clump of little hairy things at one end. You insert it into a warm moist opening and wiggle it, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, thrusting it in and drawing it out again and again many times. You recognize the rhythmic, pulsing sounds resulting from the well lubricated movements. When you finally withdraw, you clean the glistening shaft of the juicy, frothy, sticky white substance and:
a. ‘You disgusting PERVERT!’
b. You put the toothbrush back in the holder
c. ‘Erm…. I don’t know, I need a shower!’

This is..
a. Rommie
b. Andromeda
c. A woman with stripey legs and no undies

15. Majel Roddenberry is keen that Andromeda should…
a. Have a story arc
b. Not have a story arc
c. Wear a bra

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