Buffy: Purity Test


There are only 15 questions so please read them carefully before answering. Click the radio button next to each answer then select ”Rate Me” at the end.

Please be aware that this is NOT just a bit of fun, it is a serious Sad-Geezer Buffy Psychometric Test and it”s based on your perception, intelligence and social interactionsort of.




1.   The watcher is…  
  a. A person appointed to train and guide the Slayer
  b. An English guy in tweed suit and glasses who drinks a lot of tea and knows everything about demons
  c. Same thing as peeping tom







2.   The Slayer is…  
  a. The Chosen one, who alone can protect the World against demons, vampires and forces of darkness
  b. Sexy chick who hangs out a lot in cemeteries
  c. trash band







3.   Angel will lose his soul if he…  
  a. Drops it behind the sofa
  b. Achieves a moment of perfect happiness
  c. Slips Buffy a length







4.   Dracula…  
  a. Is a legendary vampire based on the historical character of Vlad the Impaler
  b. Owes Spike eleven quid
  c. Is Gary Oldman







5.   When he was little, Giles wanted to be…  
  a. A fighter pilot
  b. A member of Pink Floyd
  c. A librarian







6.   Buffy”s favourite toy is…  
  a. Stuffed pig named Grodo
  b. Spike
  c. Something wooden and phallic-shaped







7.   Spike got his leather coat from…  
  a. the second slayer he killed
  b. his dark Billy Idol past
  c. ”George at Asda







In England Giles has…
  a. Flat in Bath
  b. Bath in flat
  c. all the Guinness he can drink







9.   You would steal from Sunnydale High library…  
  a. a crossbow
  b. ancient book about demons
  c. a teapot







10.   A Vengeance Demon is…  
  a. A wish-granting entity
  b. It”s Justice Demon, FYI!
  c. a computer virus







11.   Maggie Walsh is…  
  a. Buffy”s psychology teacher
  b. Evil bitch-monster of death
  c. a nineteenth century English poet







12.   You would call your cat  
  a. Willow
  b. Drusilla
  c. Fluffy







Sarah Michelle Gellar”s husband is
  a. Freddie Prinze Jr
  b. She”s not married, she”s waiting for me.
  c. Angel







14.   On Halloween…  
  a. Evil is afoot
  b. Giles might wear a sombrero
  c Evil takes a day off







15.   Spike”s sire is…  
  a. Drusilla
  b. Sid Vicious
  c. Yoda!





















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