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A Humane Human: John Crichton is the son of an ol’ spacedog NASA astronaut (once walked in space). He has a PhD in Theoretical Sciences and a refreshing lack of ‘macho’ machismo….


The Blue Priestess: Zotoh Zhaan is a Pa’u (priest) of Delvia. She’s a 812 cycle (years I think) old plant person with a very high intelligence and a particular skill in medicine and science…. she is a also a complete nutter….


A Real Hardbody: This is one of those rare creatures that is aggressive without being macho, pretty sexy without being helpless, she’s scary without being frightening and a bit of a pain in the bum most of the time….


Loyal but Aggressive: When you first see D’Argo, you could be forgiven for thinking that he is a cross between an elephant and a dog. He’s big and aggressive. It’s very difficult to change his mind, especially with force and he is, by all intents and purposes, the strong arm of Moya…..


The Royal Hairy Slug: Rygel is a total git! He is self centred, disloyal, greedy, flatulent and absolutely wonderful. His full title is Rygel XVI, Dominar of Hyneria….


The Streetwise Gray Theif:  Chiana is the latest addition to the crew of Moya. She is sexy, streetwise and an impetuous young thief. In many instances she behaves like a petulant teen, but….


The Fixed Asset:  Pilot is the rather unimaginative name for the pilot of the Leviathan space transport, Moya. There is an individual Pilot in each Leviathan.


Sleek and Slender Leviathan:  Moya is a Leviathan, a race of living space ships. They certainly don’t look organic, but Moya is curvaceous and sleek and behind the hull are numerous veins and hull tissues……


Peacekeeper Thug:  If you were to meet Captain Crais in a pub he would be the Head Doorman. It would only be a small pub, but there would be at least five doormen and all of them would be trained to kill…..
Although he has a bit of a thing for baby spacecrafts.

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