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It seems that the characters of Firefly are spot on – so other reviewers tell us. Time will tell of course and I hope they are half as good as those found in Babylon 5, Red Dwarf and LEXX.

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The Captain
Or Captain Malcolm Raynolds to you and me, is an ex-soldier who opposed the unification of the planets by the Alliance. His side lost and he lost more than most. His home world is gone and he’s left with an ugly spaceship and nowhere to go.


The Ambassador
Clearly these are enlightened times! When a high class hooker can be called Ambassador, it must mean something pretty special. Perhaps there is more to this character than a good time in bed. And what the hell is she doing on a low-class transport ship?


The Shepherd
Book is an old priest. He’s not so much a religious nut as much as a pain in the bum. He’s not really sure what it is that he’s supposed to do. He’s the worst of all people, someone who’s found God and lost himself.


Big, tough and a great girlie name. He’s the typical ‘I’m the hard dude but I’m deep too’. I really hope they don’t string that out too much. {I personally think that all writers are wimps! They have this strange tendancy to believe that big dudes are hard. The softest geezers I’ve ever met were all over 6 feet tall!}


The Engineer
The ship’s tooly and apparently quite chipper too. Unfortunately she’s a bit of an agoraphobic and prefers to stay on the ship.

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The Fugitive
She’s on the run from the Alliance because she’s got some cool special powers. Unfortunately she’s a bit of a nutter too.

Simon Tam

The Doctor
The brother of River and a real pain in the ass (as far as the Captain is concerned).


The Pilot
Wash is Zoe’s husband. Which is a bit difficult when she’s so loyal to her Captain. Lucky for the Capt. Wash is very easygoing.


The Soldier
Zoe is the loyal second officer to Mal. She’s very capable and is also indebted – although I sometimes wonder if its more that she is indentured, to Mal for once saving her life.

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