Futurama: Character Biographies

Futurama – Future People

Futurama has produced some very interesting characters… to say the least.

The cast ranges form the 20th century slacker Fry, thrust into the 31st century, to the underappreciated Leela a one eyed mutant.

All of the characters are well developed, but share something in common, they’re a bunch of misfits.

The good ‘ole days of having a competent spaceship crew are gone. Move over Star Trek, Futurama is here.

The Character section of this guide is interpretative. Most people have their own impressions of the main players and… this is mine. By all means send me your thoughts and I may add them as a comments to this page.

Philip J Fry

A 20th century slacker delivery boy, accidentally frozen in time, awakens in the 31st century. He starts a new life… as a slacker space delivery boy.

Turanga Leela

A mutant human with only one eye. Hard as nails captain of the Planet Express.Biographies of the most important cast members.


Thief, scoundrel, cheat, alcoholic, self serving robot. Cook of Planet Express.

Professor Hubert J Farnsworth

Owner of Planet Express. Senile mad scientist and inventor extraordinaire. (We are working on the review for this character).

Amy Wong

Engineering intern at Planet Express. Her family owns most of Mars.

Hermes Conrad

Grade 37 Bureaucrat, former world limbo champion and my hero!

Dr. John Zoidberg

Company doctor/quack. An decapodian doctor who supposedly specialized in human medicine, yeah whatever..

General Zapp Brannigan

In charge of the DOOP forces, which sucks for the DOOP. He’s cowardly incompetent commander, whose only military victories were against pacifists.

Lt. Kif Kroker

Under appreciated, right hand to Zapp. A wimply alein, who is in love with Amy Wong.

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