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Perennially pink jogging-suited Amy Wong is the intern for Planet Express. She began the series as an engineering student of the professor’s at Mars University. Still, I think her parents being the richest people on Mars had more to do with that than her intellect.

If you were to meet Amy in a bar, it wouldn’t take much to get her into the backseat of your car. All you’d need is a good line. But watch your upholstery, she’ll slip in an oil-slick in the parking lot.

Amy spends her most of her time getting involved in different adventures of the crew. She basically serves as some comic relief when Bender just won’t do. The rest of her time is spent bragging about her cuteness or slipping on something and hitting the floor. She did briefly come to the forefront when she and Fry shared her body, when she met Kif and when the crew visited her parents’ ranch.

She systematically made her way through most of the male population of several species until she and Kif Kroker finally got together for good when Amy saved him from amazonian love. But romance can be difficult in a long-distance relationship, especially when your boyfriend has tadpoles with one of your co-workers.

Kif has the ability to get pregnant (I know, he’s a DUDE, but he’s an amphibious dude) when he touches someone else’s skin ungloved. As they say, no glove – no love. In a late series episode, “Kif Gets Knocked Up A Notch”, Kif ends up losing a glove and touching several members of the Planet Express crew. He get knocked up a notch with Leela’s DNA and returns to his home planet to give birth to their tadpoles. Technically, the’re Leela, Kif and Amy’s children since Amy’s love made Kif receptive to procreation.

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Her parents constantly try to play matchmaker for her and urge her to have grandchildren. They didn’t like Kif, even though they introduced him to Amy, but were thrilled when he reproduced. I guess any grandchild will do in a pinch. In the end, it all worked out, at least until the end of the series. Who knows what the creators, producers and writers had in store for them?

Lauren Tom puts her experienced spin on the voice of Amy Wong.

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