Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy: Cultures

Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy
Cultures and Races Encountered During the Series

The Magratheans

(Planet Builders)

The Magratheans went to sleep. It was all they could do since no-one could afford to buy their very specialised product – Custom Built Planets. They were revived however, for one special job.

The Earth (that was)

(A doomed race of digital watch fanatics)

The home planet of Trillian and Arthur, it was destroyed by the Vogons and rebuilt by the Mice. Now it’s inhabited by Golgafrinchams!… Confused? You will be!

The Golgafrinchams

(The Throwaway People!)

The hapless race of people who’s compatriots tricked them into migration. They are now a collection of missfits doomed to eek out an existence by populating a certain planet we all know and love.

The Mice

(Pan- dimensional beings with tails and fur)

Little did you realise that your little white pet mouse is actually watching you, observing your every move. These sweet little rodents are more than they seem.

The Vogons

(Mean, ugly poetic and slimy)

These are possibly the most ruthless of the Hitch Hiker Cultures. They not only look ugly, they have ugly personalities and ugly poetry. 

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