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Lister, your slobby pal!Dave Lister

Curry Swiller. Lister is the key character of the show, he is also the last human being left alive – in the Universe! He is absolutely the main character and all plots and actions revolve around him – The very existence of the human race depends on this dude – we”re doomed!

Arnold Judas Rimmer

Lightweight.  Rimmer is a hologram, he died because he because he screwed something up! (which is really the story of his life). Although he is the geezer everyone loves to hate, he is also full of natural and in some ways, understandable faults.

Kryten believes in Silicone HeavenKryten

Slave ”Noid. The brains behind the crew. Kryten enthrals us all with his whacky explanations to impossible concepts. Anyone who”s nipples can tune in FM radio and alter his head settings commands considerable respect. Yet, despite being a robot, he is loveable and funny, and compassionate, and… silly!


Shallow but Cool.  This SadGeezers idol. Most of us admire the dude for his snappy dress-sense and his unswerving love for his own personal beauty. This larger than life character is loved by just about everyone! He is so mindbogglingly, brain-numbingly shallow that you just can”t help liking the guy.


 Sane & Sexy.  The cool, lovely and clever Kochanski. A balance to the macho weirdness of the geezers, she became the fifth crewmember as Rimmer left in Season 7. This was one helluva job to pull off but Chloe Annett did it admirably – She is was loved (and admired) by us all.


 The Senile Computer. Holly fell in love with Hilly and assumed her/it”s identity from season three onward. He/she/it used to have an IQ of 6000, now I guess it”s down to about 60. Nevertheless, a key member of the crew.


Toast anyone? Lister smashed this dude into a thousand pieces, yet Kryten rebuilt it. Talkie Toaster is so cool that I just had to include him/it in the Bio section.

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