Andromeda: People: Rev Bem

Rev Bem is Andromeda’s resident scientist, sociologist and linguist. He’s also a big hairy monster and played superbly by the eminent Brent Stait.

Unfortunately, every time I hear Rev Bem I think of Zathras from Babylon 5.

This particular Magog was spawned o­n the Planet Kingfisher and he has an obvious affinity to the place. They say that Magaog retain some of their spawn hosts (you can’t really call them mothers) DNA, in which case it could be assumed that Rev Bems host was a very intelligent scientist and part social genius.

If you were to meet Rev Bem in the pub he would be the barman. He’d be so quietly spoken you wouldn’t be able to hear him over the noise all around. You would ask him twice why he was wearing a gorilla costume – to which he would give no reply. The beer would taste like it had been passed by a monkey.

Socially Rev Bem is very adept when you consider the social characteristics of his race. He is quite capable of holding a conversation with o­ne of the ships crew without ripping their head off. Personally I find him quite charming and interesting. I particularly like the evil looks he gives Harper.

Dylan Hunt was a veteran of the conflict between the Magog and the Systems Commonwealth. I would think that he would have little tolerance for Magog (especially since he’s not been around for the last three hundred years). But Rev Bem, quickly proves himself to be a loyal and indispensable.

He is shamed by the activities of his people o­n Kingfisher. o­ne of his goals in life (should he ever make enough money to achieve it) is to build a hospital there. In some small way, he feels that this would make up for the misery his people have caused.

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He has a particular talent for being philosophical and coming up with those little profound sayings that make you want to throw up. He does so well as a head ripping, biting, scratching, flesh eating, rapist – but sanctimonious and patronizing is simply unacceptable!

Rev Bem is the total opposite in character to Seamus Harper. The two of them tend to wind each other up and you quietly suspect that they may eventually become great friends.

Rev Bem is very protective about his heritage in that he refused to talk about it to any great extent. It seems that ALL Magog would rather cut your throat that chat about granddad.

Brent Stait

Gemini Award nominated actor, Stait brings an extensive list of both film and television credits to Andromeda. Most recently, he starred in The Virginian for TNT, directed by Bill Pullman and of course as Major Ferretti in Stargate SG-1 which is where most people have seen him.


Virginian, The (2000) (TV) …. Griffin

H-E Double Hockey Sticks (1999) …. Ozoon

The Sheldon Kennedy Story (1999) (TV) …. Mel

Alaska Mystery (1999) …. Kevin Holt

Roswell: The Aliens Attack (1999) (TV) …. Capt. Phillips

Nights Below Station Street (1997) …. Vye

Five Desperate Hours (1997) (TV) …. SWAT Leader

Stargate SG-1 (1997) TV Series …. Major Louis Ferretti

For Those Who Hunt the Wounded Down (1996)
Gary Percy Rils

Hostile Force (1996) (TV) …. Wendel Pone

Titanic (1996) (TV) …. Irish Bunkmate

In the Lake of the Woods (1996) (TV) …. Richard Thinbill

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Broken Trust (1995) (TV) …. Evan Soika

Gunfighter’s Moon (1995) …. Wali Shannon

A Good Day to Die (1995) (TV) …. Ballenger


Seven Days” (1998) playing “Edwin Brucks”

First Wave” (1998)

The Outer Limits” (1995) playing “Vince”

Due South” (1997) playing “Vic Hester”

Stargate SG-1” (1997) playing “Major Louis Ferretti”

Sentinel, The” (1996) playing “Miller”

Stargate SG-1” (1997) playing “Major Louis Ferretti”

Two” (1996) playing “Jimmy” in episode: “Chain Gang”

Poltergeist: The Legacy” (1996) playing “John Wesley


X Files, The” (1993) playing “Terry Edward Mayhew”

Sentinel, The” (1996) playing “McBride”

Highlander” (1992) playing “Colonel Ramsey”

Hawkeye” (1994) in episode: “Hester”

The Commish” (1991) playing “B.B. Davenport”

Street Justice” (1991) playing “Bad Cop”

Highlander” (1992) playing “Eddie Doyle”

Lots more information can be seen at the excellent
“The Totally Un-Official Brent Stait Homepage”

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