Andromeda: S02E13: Lava and Rockets

An epsiode review by phoenixfire31

“You can’t outrun death
But you can make the bastard
work for it.”

Major Korgo Korgar
“Last of the Lances” AFC 32

Our show opens with Rommie and Beka walking down a corridor on the Andromeda. Rommie is complaining because Harper is running out of ways of recycling parts to fix her. As a result, Tyr and Dylan have gone off to get some new supplies. Beka is worried because to get the needed parts Dylan and Tyr are working with smugglers, thieves and all kinds of bad people. Beka has had more than her fair share of that kind of life, “Been there done that bough the T-shirt” she says. “So that explains your wardrobe,” replies Rommie.

Switch gears to a blond girl named Molly who is going over a checklist on her tour ship. “Most thankless job in the universe, check” That’s when Dylan makes his typical grand entrance, force lance in hand and closing the door behind him. The tour guide assumes that Dylan is a passenger and she tells him that the ship doesn’t take off for another hour. Dylan tells her to leave and that he’s taking the ship. Molly takes one look at him and then thinks that this is a test from her employers on how to handle maniacs, she admits she didn’t read the manual for this one, because she thought it was stupid good enough for me.

Dylan tells her it’s not a drill and that he needs the ship. Unfortunately the ship can only be flown by Molly the tour guide. She has a piece of machinery on her neck, kind of looks like Harper’s Neural port, and that gives her full access to the ship.Get your but in there.” Says Dylan referring to the pilot’s chair as the captain pretty much takes her hostage and demands that she flies the ship.

Back to the Andromeda, Beka and Rommie are on the command deck. Rommie is complaining that she is always getting shot at and that she never has any time to fix herself up lots of whining from Rommie this week. That’s when new Trance makes her entrance. Trance is still in her xena get up, she asks Beak what she wants, and Beka wants her to go help out Harper. Beka and Rommie both look a little wierded out by Trance when Trance goes to get closer to two take a step back Trance asks Beka if she’s ready to deal with the new Trance Beka admits that she isn’t.

Andromeda then reports that Tyr is back, the only thing is that Tyr is back alone he should have been with Dylan. As Tyr enters he look clearly exhausted, but is till managing to carry his big gun. He boards the Andromeda and sits down on the floor with his back against the wall. “What have you done with my captain.” Demands Rommie

Back on the tour ship Dylan tells Molly that he needs to get to Enkindu drift, where he has some allies. The only problem is that the Ogami are following them. The Ogami? Asks Molly and begins this whole list about them, stuff like always keep their promises, deadly mercenery killers, never give up blah blah blah. Apparently there not the people you wanna mess with. The Ogami are hot in pursuit of the tour ship “We are so dead” she says to Dylan. Showing some nice flying maneuvers Molly jerks the ship around to try and loose the Ogami, unfortunately Dylan isn’t strapped down and he gets thrown all over the place.

Back on the Andromeda Tyr and Rommie are alone and Tyr is explaining what happened to him and Dylan. They were on Herpantu Drift I’m pretty sure I spelled that wrong. Dylan and Tyr were doing business when all of the sudden some mercenary Ogami showed up and start shooting at them. Dylan said that they should split up, and whoever got to the Andromeda first should come back and help the other. Tyr was as surprised as anyone when the mercenaries went after Dylan instead of him He though the mercenaries might have been hired by the Drago Kazov pride because Tyr still had the remnant of drago Museveni. Rommie however isn’t convinced; she reminds Tyr that Dylan has the key to Museveni’s remains. Tyr isn’t happy with the accusations and says he wants an apology when they find Dylan. Rommie tells him that if they find Dylan alive he’ll get the apology if they don’t, Tyr is gonna get something all right.

Trance meanwhile has gone to help Harper with the repairs. But Harper doesn’t want her help; he tells her to leave. Trance however doesn’t seem to want to listen and instead continue to give Harper technical advice Apparently Trance picked up some technical skill through the years because she seems to know what she is talking about. She asks Harper if he thinks she’s different. Harper almost tells her something but then clams up and asks her to leave again. She tells him she’ll be here when he’s ready to talk. “That wasn’t very nice” Quips Andromeda.

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On the tour ship they’re still having some trouble, the Ogami are firing and the tour ship doesn’t have any weapons big surprise. Dylan then orders Molly to release some gas from the engine; this gas will help them evade Ogami sensors and give them time to run away. The gas is released, creating some cool special effects and the tour ship is able to escape. They prepare to go to slip stream, but there’s only one problem, releasing the gas caused a crack in one of the manifolds and they can’t go to slipstream with that part broken.

Dylan then goes into his speech about being three hundred years old and trying to restore the Commonwealth. To which molly rightfully says “Your crazy” “Ouch that hurts,” says Dylan. Molly then remembers hearing about some crazy 300-year-old nut job that was trying to reunite the commonwealth but she thought it was a joke. Pretty cool that Dylan is getting the word out. Molly then says she needs to get a part and the only place in Herpantu drift. Dylan doesn’t want to go back there, I could see why people were shooting at him there. But that’s their only choice.

On the drift Dylan has gone back to his old trader that they were dealing with, the trader, who’s name is Ferahr, is a human guy who is kind big, but that doesn’t stop Dylan from pushing him around. Dylan demands to know who sent the Ogami, but they guy doesn’t know. So Dylan demands the part that the tour ship needs.

Tyr and Rommie are on the Maru and the conversation is a little lacking, when Tyr asks Rommie what’s up, she says she’s to busy for conversation. Tyr then reminds her that she could run this entire ship without even having to try. Tyr then poses the question that Rommie might be ’emotionally involved’ with her captain uh-oh Tyr knows not good Rommie says, “I suggest you fly more and philosophize less” But Tyr has definitely hit a nerve.

Dylan and Molly are now on their way out of the drift with their part. Dylan admits that he feels bad for involving her in all of this. Molly however sees the police and takes advantage of the situation; she yells help and the police come over. Dylan tells the cops not to worry, that she is just crazy and likes to yell. Then in a bizarre twist the cops ask Dylan how much she is worth to them. Apparently for the right price Dylan can walk away with his hostage. Molly is upset, these are the police and they are supposed to help. But the police tell them that they have too many criminals and not enough taxes. Molly then says she would rather be a hostage, she can’t afford anything else. But the police won’t let them go that easy, they’re determined to get some money of them. Dylan then decides to take matters into his own hands. Busting out the force lance Dylan starts to kick some corrupt cop ass. Molly seems to change her tune as well using her part to hit a cop over the head. “Oh my hero,” she says to Dylan “Yeah I get than a lot,” he responds. Molly then thanks Dylan for saving her from the cops and he says no problem and they run back to the tour ship.

The same dealer who Dylan roughed up is now talking to Rommie and Tyr. He claims he hasn’t seen Dylan in over four days. The trader reminds Tyr that they’ve been working together for over ten years. Rommie starts to rub the guy’s hand and she continues to ask him questions about Dylan. Rommie then takes his hand and puts it in a most uncomfortable position “High gravity planet?” the traders asks Tyr as Rommie shows her strength, “Android” is Tyr’s response. Rommie then tells the trader about all her tricks involving lies and deception. She tells him if he lies his hand is gonna be a puddle of calduim wrapped up in skin.

Back on the Andromeda Trance is still trying to get close to Harper she brings him a sparky cola. Harper says no thanks what no thanks to a sparky cola something is definitely wrong. Harper tells Trance that she’s not the same person if she ever was. Trance wants to know what he’s talking about. He tells her that with all the bad guys they’ve fought on the Andromeda. Maybe the worst one was under their nose the whole time; maybe Trance was the one they should have worried about. Trance gets upset and tells Harper that , “There was a time when I thought you were the smartest person I had ever met,” but if Harper really thinks that way then “I was as wrong about you as you are of me” Upset Trance leaves, telling Harper to enjoy his soda.

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Rommie had hurt Ferarhs hand because he hadn’t said anything. The trader seems to be all about the silence, Tyr then get tired of this game and says that he’ll shoot Ferher if the trader doesn’t start talking. Apperently the trader wakes up to this threat and tells them that he saw Dylan about a day ago looking for a part. Tyr demands to know if the trader had set them up because the Ogami had just found them. The Ogami are theses big muscley guys, their skin is bluish green, or they might have been wearing amour. They also had these freaky faceplates.

Back on the tour ship Molly then says that the best place to hide was in the atmosphere of an entirely volcanic planet. We then see the planet it is all molten lava bubbling and spurting, not a nice place. Dylan is worried about Molly’s flying skill “Haven’t lost one yet” she tells him “I thought I was your first customer” “good point” As the ship starts to have some problems Molly asks if Dylan has a plan b “you are plan b” he tells her.

The Ogami are obviously not to be messed, one of them is causing some serious damage to Tyr, Rommie however doesn’t have any problems, she’s kicking ass and walking on the walls, which was cool. Tyr manages to make a comeback and with some loud yelling he beats his Ogami. Another Ogami comes up and pulls a gun on Tyr, the trader showed some real guts yelled Tyr and got between Tyr and a bullet. Tyr yells some more and beats his Ogami. The dying trader tries to tell Tyr something but dies too soon. “He was defiantly something,” says Rommie”Of course, he was my friend,” says Tyr.

Dylan and Molly are finishing repairs on the tour ship when Molly kisses Dylan full on the mouth. “For good luck” she says. Dylan and Molly than start to fly through the molten planet, the ship starts to have some roughness. Dylan is tossed around the ship and Molly is kicked out of her chair and they both fall unconscious. Dylan wakes up and the ship has only emergency lights on he looks over at Molly and thinks that she isn’t breathing. He starts to give her mouth to mouth which then turns into something more and they start kissing. “Wow fireworks” said Molly “No actually we crashed” said Dylan.

Back on the Maru Tyr realizes that Dylan couldn’t have left the system with the problems on his ship so he probably went somewhere safe. Then Rommie realizes that Tyr is actually worried about Dylan, and she wants to know why? Tyr then goes into this crazy monologue about goals, but the short is that Dylan and Tyr have mutually beneficial goals. Tyr then says that Dylan “Never will be my enemy.” But Rommie hasn’t forgotten about Tyr’s comment about her being ’emotionally involved’ with Dylan. Rommie then says that Tyr only does things for Tyr. Rommie says that Tyr hates and fears only one thing: to be alone. Tyr doesn’t say anything he kind of freezes up, Rommie definitely hit a nerve.

Back on the tour ship things are a total mess. Molly goes to look for Dylan and finds him messing with her ship. Dylan was rewiring the ship to allow him to fly it. He wants Molly to stay behind in an escape pod and call for help. Molly gets really upset, she tells Dylan that she always wanted to fly. Apparently her mom used to fly ship and sometimes Molly would be allowed to sit in the pilot’s chair and do some flying, and ever since, that’s all she’s wanted. She doesn’t want to be safe; she wants to have an adventure. She said she’s finally found “a genuine hero with a genuine quest” She doesn’t want to be left behind, with a sigh Dylan switches the computer back to her flight control.

Back on the Andromeda. Harper is still hard at work, but all alone. Beka soon joins him and wants to know why he got rid of Trance, Beka says she doesn’t have time to deal with their little fights. Harper says that he could handle quirky and weird, but he can’t handle this new and scary Trance. Beka tells Harper that “she saved you, and that’s enough for me.” She tells him to work with Trance, no questions asked. Harper tries to interject, but Beka says, “what part of no questions asked did you not understand.” Beka is really showing her skills as second in command in this episode.

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Back in the tour ship Molly says that Dylan is a good handyman. Dylan then gives Molly a kiss full on the mouth and says “for good luck” The Ogami are gone and Dylan and the tour ship go into slipstream. The sensors on the Maru pick up a ship going through slipstream using the part that Dylan needed.

Dylan and Molly arrive and have about ten seconds of happiness before the Ogami surround them. The Ogami start firing. “Tell me we’re going to be okay,” said Molly to Dylan. “Okay start praying because this one’s going to hurt.” Dylan says. The ship is fired upon and a hull breach happens in the same room as the engines. Dylan manages to seal the breach. But the engines are gonna blow if they don’t turn them off, Dylan tells her not o turn it off. “I hate you” Molly says, “I know,” says Dylan

Fortunately it’s Tyr and Rommie to the rescue. Rommie contacts Dylan and tells him that she bought them some time. Dylan says it won’t be enough and orders her to get off the communication channel. The tour ship explodes. Rommie gets really upset ever the destruction of the ship and her captain. But Dylan doesn’t die so easy, he and Molly are on the escape pod, I think, and the Ogami think that they’re dead. The two decide to land on a planet, and as they descend the breaks fail and if the ship doesn’t slow down they’ll burn up in the atmosphere.

Dylan makes a call to Rommie and she’s very happy that he’s still alive. Dylan now needs Rommie to save them by bringing them into the Maru through the hanger bay, as they go down into the planet and they have no brakes yeah that should be fun. Tyr gives up the controls when Rommie questions him, he says that his maneuver takes perfect skill and timing, Tyr is good but Rommie is perfect. To get the escape pod safely in the Maru Rommie has to match the speeds exactly. Managing to match the speed of the ship Rommie brings them in. As Dylan and Molly are coming into the Maru they are kissing pretty heavy duty for luck I guess. Nice Piloting” says Tyr ” Couldn’t have done it without you” said Rommie. The two of them agree to a peace for now it was a cool scene

Back where Harper has been working Trance hands him a tool and Harper thanks her. Trance tells Harper that what he fixed looked good. Harper isn’t as impressed he tells her a lot of it isn’t the same stuff and he to be changed to work. Trance then says no matter how hard you try to put something back together it will never be the same, but it might be better. She was probably talking about their friendship symbolically.

Molly and Dylan are in bed together, naked and looking like they had just had some fun. Dylan then hands Molly a piece of paper. It’s a letter of recommendation from Dylan to the Mobius training facility where they train soldiers. Molly is very exited and tells Dylan she won’t let him down. Dylan then says he could have her there in a day. But Molly wants to take the scenic route, maybe hoping for some more nookie from Dylan along the way.

This was a pretty good episode; we got to meet the mean Ogami mercenaries. We watched the crew try to deal with the suddenly all grown up Trance. Rommie’s love of her captain was brought out into the open and so was Tyr’s fear of loneliness. And most importantly Dylan got some action and the girl didn’t die, but her days may be numbered.

I rate this episode a solid 32,000 out of ten, what did you think?

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