Battlestar Galactica: Transcripts: Season 1-10: Hand of God

Colonial one
Roslin is holding yet another press conference.
Roslin: I can assure you, the fuel shortage is our number one priority. Galactica has ships scouring the nearby star systems and we can anticipate they will soon find tylium. (the reporters raise their hands to ask questions; Roslins points to…) Hamilton.
Hamilton: Madam President, tylium ore is extremely rare. If we don’t find any, how long before the fleet runs out of fuel?
Roslin: That all depends on how well we conserve.
Playa: Isn’t it a fact, Madam President, that we only have enough for two more jumps?
Roslin: Yes, that is correct.
Playa: Do we have a contingency plan if we run out of tylium?
Roslin sees snakes crawling over her hands and podium. We can hear the snakes hissing and the reporters mumbling at Roslin hesitation.
Roslin: If- if that were to happen, we would use our last fuel to jump to the nearest planetary system.
Playa: And pray we’re lucky enough to find a habitable planet.
Roslin keeps seeing the hissing snakes.
Playa: Madam President, without fuel to take even the most basic evasive maneuver-
Roslin: No- uh…
Playa: Wouldn’t we be like ducks in a Cylon shooting gallery?
Roslin: Yes, we would. (the hissing snakes won’t go away) I’m- I’m sorry. Uh, that is all for now.
She keeps seeing the snakes and all the reporters murmur.Raptor – Asteroid Field
Crashdown: Commencing sweep 87 of asteroid field.
Boomer: Any luck?
Crashdown: How many times you gonna ask me that, Boomer?
Boomer: Well, until you find some tylium ore. Or don’t you want to be a hero to Ensign Davis, hmm?
Crashdown grunts.
Boomer: Oh, you haven’t noticed how she always sits next to you in the mess? “How’s it going, Crash?” (giggles as Davis supposedly would) “Oh, you’re so cute.”
Crashdown: Damn it, there’s so much debris in this system the dradis is useless. This is gonna take 100 years.
Boomer: (still impersonating Davis) Yeah, I heard about how you found water, how you saved the whole fleet…”
Crashdown: Come on! (smacks his monitor… and it works!) Jackpot, Boomer! That asteroid dead ahead is a mountain of tylium!
Boomer: (gasps) Holy-!
Crashdown: Check it!
Boomer: Ahh, thank the gods! We’re heroes! Yeah!
Crashdown: We’re heroes? Never fails- Great, Boomer, the second that I score, the bus driver jumps in and takes the credit.
Boomer: Okay, so, who’s the one that suggested- (stops short)
Crashdown: What, what?
Boomer: The Cylons. The rock’s crawling with them.
Crashdown: We are well and truly fraked. The only tylium within 12 light-years and we gotta kiss it goodbye.
Boomer: Yeah, along with our asses if we don’t get out of here, fast.

Galactica – War Room
Tigh: It figures the Cylons would be sitting on the only source of fuel within our reach.
Gaeta: Yeah, still staking out every water hole in the desert.
Tigh: Only this time it’s a lake with enough tylium to last us a couple years.
Apollo: (pointing on the map) This must be some kind of conveyor belt, to get the ore from the mine here into this cracking plant here.
Gaeta: A refinery, this far from their homeworld?
Apollo: Why not? They need fuel as much as we do.
Gaeta: Now they’ve got it.
Tigh: And enough firepower to keep it.
Apollo: All right, so we forget this asteroid, find another source.
Tigh: You can bet your ass the Cylons will be guarding that one too.
Apollo: So we send the Raptors out farther, 10, 15 jumps. Find a source they haven’t reached yet.
Tigh: And use up all our fuel doing it. How are we gonna get our refinery ship-?
Adama: (cutting him off) We take the tylium from the Cylons.
Tigh: With all respect, this is hardly the time to attack a superior force.
Adama: This is exactly the time. We know where they are, they don’t know where we are. Catch them with their pants down.
Apollo: If we fail?
Tigh: End of game.
Adama: So we don’t fail.

Galactica – Pilot Briefing Room
Starbuck: When the missile gets close enough, you’ll be pulling maybe seven “g”s. But to catch you, the bastard’s gonna have to pile on 40 to 60. Its guidance system can’t hack it, and it’ll miss… most of the time.
Chuckles: Exactly how often is “most of the time”
Starbuck: It depends on your judgment and how well you pray. (Adama enters) Attention on deck! (everyone stands)
Adama: As you were. Lt. Thrace, can I have a word?
Starbuck: Of course. (to the pilots) Take five, guys. (back to Adama) What’s up?
Adama takes her aside.
Adama: How they doing?
Starbuck: Wobbly as newborn colts but, uh, they’re getting stronger.
Adama: That’s good.
Starbuck: Mm.
Adama: Got a job for you.
Starbuck: Rumor mill has it that you’re planning an op.
Adama: Rumor mill’s right, for a change. Captain Adama and Col. Tigh are working up a plan now and I need some serious out-of-the-box thinking.
Starbuck: Out of the box is where I live.

Colonial one – Roslin’s Quarters
Roslin: I’ve been taking chamalla for a medical condition.
Elosha: So what have you seen?
Roslin: It started out as dreams of the Cylon that we had executed but I had the dreams before we captured him. The images were…
Elosha: Prescient?
Roslin: Uncanny. And now I’m seeing things while I’m awake.
Elosha: What kind of things?
Roslin: Snakes, there were snakes crawling all over my podium during the press conference.
Elosha: How many?
Roslin: About a dozen.
Elosha: You’re kidding me, right? You read Pythia and now you’re having me on.
Roslin: No. Who is Pythia?
Elosha: One of the oracles, in the sacred scrolls. 3,600 years ago, Pythia wrote about the exile and the rebirth of a human race: “And the lords anointed a leader to guide the caravan of the heavens to their new homeland and unto the leader they gave a vision of serpents, numbering two and ten, as a sign of things to come.”
Roslin: Pythia wrote that?
Elosha: She also wrote that the leader suffered a wasting disease and would not live to enter the new land. But you’re not dying… are you?
Roslin just gives a little smile and says nothing.Galactica – War Room
Apollo, Tigh, Adama and Starbuck are pouring over a big war map.
Apollo: And that will allow the attack force to wipe out these installations here. Now, if we do it right, there will not be any Cylon survivors. And the asteroid will be ours.
Adama: What do you think, Starbuck?
Starbuck: It’s a textbook-perfect plan. Which is why it won’t work.
Tigh: Of course, we bow to your vast experience in strategic planning. Refresh my memory, what year was it that you graduated from war college?
Starbuck: What’s the matter, Colonel? Married life not all you expected?
Adama: That’s enough, both of you. We’re not gonna win this one by the book. I let Starbuck in here because she’s not weighed down by conventional thinking. All due respect, gentlemen, we’re not as crazy as she is. Okay, so what would you do differently?
Starbuck: To start, jumping Galactica in behind the planetoid to hide it from the Cylon base is an obvious move.
Apollo: You think they’ll be covering their blind spot with recon patrols.
Starbuck: I would, if I were them. What we need to do is make their patrols part of our plan. You know, make their tactics work for us. Here’s what I would do…

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Galactica – War Room
It’s later that day and now Roslin is there too, and the others are pitching their plan to her.
Starbuck: At position code Deacon, we’ll need three civilian freighter ships to use as decoys.
Roslin: Which means those passengers will have to be relocated, to other ships that are already overcrowded.
Adama: Yes, if you approve.
Starbuck: The decoy ships will jump into the enemy star system at extreme radar range from the Cylon asteroid. Galactica will jump here, close enough to launch its Vipers at the base.
Apollo: As soon as the decoy freighters arrive in the system, they’ll break wireless silence. They’ll be posing as a mine fleet coming after the tylium and pretend to be unaware of the Cylon presence.
Starbuck: The Cylons will hear the messages and send a force of Raiders after them. This will leave the base relatively undefended. We’ll have Raptors prepositioned to keep an eye on the Cylons. When the Cylons move towards the decoys, Galactica’s Vipers will come in from behind and obliterate the base.
Apollo: Without the base they’ll be unable to rearm, refuel…
Starbuck: We’ll mop them up and then we’ll take the tylium.
Roslin: What happens to the crews on the civilian decoy ships?
Apollo: They’ll keep their F.T.L. drives spooled up and just jump clear, first sign of trouble.
Roslin: How many casualties do we anticipate?
Tigh: It’ll cost us.
Roslin: If you succeed, what’s to prevent the Cylons from coming back with reinforcements?
Adama: Nothing. But if we get a chance to knock out that base, it’ll buy us some time.
Roslin: Why?
Adama: If you keep running from a schoolyard bully, he keeps on chasing you. But the moment you turn around and stop and you punch him really hard in a sensitive spot, he’ll think twice about coming back again.
Roslin: So it’s either this or run out of fuel and be annihilated.
Adama: Sometimes you have to roll the hard six.
Roslin: Well, the freighters are yours. Good hunting, everyone.
Adama: Operation starts in 48 hours.

Galactica – Projector Room
As the resident Cylon expert, Baltar is being consulted on the layout of the asteroid Cylon base, proyected on the wall.
(pointing) This is our target.
Baltar: Cylon base.
Tigh: You’re the Cylon expert. We need to destroy their military facilities.
Baltar: Without harming the tylium ore under the surface.
Tigh: Exactly.
Starbuck: A nuke would destroy the Cylons.
Baltar: But the radiation would render the ore inert. Unusable. I see your dilemma. Well, you’re in luck, you know. Refined tylium contains tremendous enthalpy to the order of half a billion megajoules per kilo. If subjected to the right heat and compression, say, from a conventional warhead, you should get a suitably devastating explosion without the radioactive fallout. All we have to do is hit the right spot. Specifically, you need to hit the staging tanks for the refined tylium precursor. It’s a lot more unstable than the fuel itself.
Starbuck: And where would they be?
And Baltar is suddenly off to…Daydream – Baltar’s Caprica Home
#6 is giving Baltar a massage.
Baltar: I need your advice on this one.
#6: I’m flattered, Gaius, but I don’t know the first thing about tylium refineries.
Baltar: Neither do I. Oh, come on, you must have an inkling where I should tell them to bomb.
#6: No, but God does.
Baltar: Oh, good. I suppose God doesn’t want me to destroy the base, because… he’s the Cylon god, right?
#6: God doesn’t take sides. He only wants your love. Open your heart to him and he’ll show you the way.
Baltar: Be a lot simpler if you came out and told me.
#6: You must remember to surrender your ego. Remain humble.
Baltar: If you ask me, God could do with cleaning his ears out. Then he might hear what I have to say.
#6: Relax your neck.
Baltar: Why, what are you gonna do?
#6: I said relax.
Baltar: All right, but please don’t-
#6 cracks his neck…Galactica – Projector Room
…and Baltar is back, rubbing his neck.
Starbuck: Where would the staging tanks be, doctor?
Baltar: (Baltar looks at the projection, completly clueless…) Uh… uh… (…then just points) there, right there. Hit any one of them and the place will go up like a three-kiloton bomb.

Galactica – Hallway
#6: Well done. So forceful, so decisive… delivered with such élan.
Baltar: He didn’t speak to me. God didn’t speak to me. So I was totally lying. I just picked that spot at random.
#6: He doesn’t always speak in words, Gaius.
Baltar: So the fate of the entire human race depends upon my wild guess.
The enormity of the situation falls upon Baltar’s shoulders as he begins to understand what he has done.Galactica – Gym
Adama comes in. Starbuck is on the legpress, exercising her knee.
Attention on deck!
Adama: As you were. (approaches Starbuck) How’s the knee, Starbuck?
Starbuck: It’ll be ready. I’m not missing this party.
Adama: Apollo’s leading the strike force, you’re gonna have to sit this one out.
Starbuck: I’m the best pilot that you have.
Adama: Not right now. Combat, you gotta pull six, seven “g”s. Doc says your knee won’t take it.
Starbuck: Well, then he’s wrong.
Adama: Is he? A Viper thruster pedal… requires this much force… to activate. (loads some weight onto Starbuck’s legpress)
Starbuck grunts as she lifts the new weight.
Adama: Now you’re on your attack run. You launch your missiles. So you gotta jam that pedal… into the firewall and hold a six “g” turn… (loads more wieght onto the machine) for ten seconds or you die. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six five, four- (Starbuck can’t hold the weight and the weights fall) This was only three “g”s, Starbuck, not six. I’m sorry, it’s a tough one but you’re staying home.

Galactica – Projector Room
Starbuck: Keep your ingress low and fast. Use the terrain to stay hidden ’til the last second. Make sure you give the flak suppression unit enough time so that they can weaken defenses.
Apollo: You don’t think I’m up to this.
Starbuck: Of course I do, you’ll be fine.
Apollo: Look, you’re worried that I’m not gonna pull it out of the fire with some high-risk retina-detaching move, the way Starbuck would. Well, Kara, I’m sorry you’re not suiting up. Because, believe me, everyone will feel so much better, me included, if you were riding along with us. But this isn’t an ego trip, this is my job. And don’t think for one moment that I will not get it done.
Starbuck: I hope so, ’cause we’ve got one shot. Don’t frak it up by overthinking.

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Cylon-occupied Caprica – Barn
Helo and Caprica Boomer have obviously left the city, and now walk through a barn.
Nice thing about being on the run after a nuclear war, nobody left to complain if we hide out in their barn or raid their pantry while you’re on your way to steal a ship and get off the planet. It’s odd, isn’t it?
Caprica Boomer: What?
Helo: That we haven’t seen a single living human being since the one you shot, when you rescued me. I mean, we’re still alive, why nobody else?
Caprica Boomer: Probably holed up in their fallout shelters or something.
They go up a ladder to a second level of the barn.
Helo: (re: their new accomodations) Two ways out and a lovely view. What could be better?
Caprica Boomer: A feather bed and a silk comforter?
Helo: You hungry?
Caprica Boomer: I don’t know, what do we got?
Helo: (taking stuff out of his backpack) Peanut butter… baked beans, corn. How about some chili?
Suddenly Caprica Boomer runs off to vomit.
Helo: A simple “no” would do. (she comes back, lies down beside him) Sharon, have you been taking your anti-radiation meds?
Caprica Boomer: Think it was those cold beans we had this afternoon.
Helo: You okay now?
Caprica Boomer: Yeah.
Helo: How far you figure to Delphi?
Caprica Boomer: Eight, maybe ten days if we move fast. If we start early, we can be there in no time.

Galactica – Hangar
Adama enters. Apollo is sitting there staring at his Viper.
Can’t sleep? I couldn’t either before a big op. (re: the Viper) Mark two… good ship. Got me out of a lot of tough scrapes. Got something for you. (takes out an old steel lighter and throws it to Apollo, who catches it) Belonged to your grandfather. My mom bought it for him when he was in law school. See the engraving on it?
Apollo: Yeah, I can barely make it out, but…
(Note: Apollo should get glasses ‘cause the engraving can clearly be made out, and it reads: Joseph Adama)
Adama: He was a better father than I was. Dad used to carry that into court cases, claimed he never lost, unless he left it behind.
Apollo: (resentful) So you’re worried too.
Adama: About what?
Apollo: You know?, sometimes it feels like the whole ship thinks, uh, Starbuck would do better.
Adama: I don’t.
Apollo: How can you be so sure?
Adama: ‘Cause you’re my son. (pats him on the back) Get some rest, you’re gonna need it. (starts leaving)
Apollo: Dad… (Adama turns back) I’ll bring it back.
Adama: You better, or I’ll kick your ass. It’s a good lighter.

Cylon-occupied Caprica – Barn
Helo: Sharon- (slaps her a little) Sharon, wake up.
Sharon awakes. Helo hears the Cylons approach, looks out with his binoculars, and sees a group of Cylons led by a white clad #6.
What the frak? You killed her!
Caprica Boomer: Let me see. (takes the binoculars and looks out) We gotta go, right now. (quickly starts picking their stuff up)
Helo: Wait a minute, I saw her on my lap. I saw her blood spill on my lap.
Caprica Boomer: Let’s move, mister.
Helo: What the hell is going on?
Caprica Boomer: I don’t know, we’ll figure it out later.
They move out.Galactica – War Room
On the bridge, the entire council is present as the freighter decoys are put into place. Gaeta: Jump complete, sir. Dradis reports nothing but hash, just as we expected. Can’t see a thing. We are now within launch range of the Cylon base.

Freighters – Space
Freighter Pilot #1: Carrier Constellation, jump complete on station, point Deacon. Initiate search pattern delta.
Freighter Pilot #2: Ore flight bravo, delta, wilco.
Freighter Pilot #3: Ore flight nebula, delta initiated.

Galactica – War Room
Adama: Ball’s in play. You can bet they heard that. Now they’ll try to locate the decoys.
Roslin: And when they do?
Adama: If they take the bait, all hell breaks loose.
Roslin: Until then?
Adama: We wait.

Raptor – Space
Boomer: Galactica, Boomer. Tally, 90+ headed Deacon, speed: 250.
The Cylons have seen the freighter. They’re en route to intercept.

Galactica – War Room
Adama: They took the bait. Mr. Gaeta, launch Strike Force one.
Aye, sir. “D”, launch Strike Force one.

Galactica – Hangar
Dualla: (on the P. A.) Attention: Pilots, man your planes. Pilots, man your planes.
pilots and crewman: (chatter is heard)Galactica – War Room
How hard did they bite?
Adama: Boomer’s report said 90+. They’ve launched most of their fighter force.

Galactica – Launch Tube
Launch Officer: (to Hotdog, the Strike Force one leader) Give them hell, sir. Firing…
Strike Force one is launched.Galactica – War Room
Our attack force is away.
Starbuck: I just hope that Lee can-
Adama: Lee isn’t the problem. You should take a good look at yourself. I had to go through the same transition. When you’re in the cockpit, you’re in control. It’s hard to give it up.
Starbuck: It would just be a lot easier if I was flying with them.
Adama: All you can do now is wait and hope you didn’t make any mistakes.
Starbuck: I never wanted this kind of responsibility.
Adama: The Cylons never asked us what we wanted. Welcome to the big leagues.
She doesn’t look too happy about it. In the back, Baltar shakes nervously.Raptor – Space
Galactica, Crashdown. Tally 50+ on an intercept course. Repeat, 50+ inbound.

Galactica – War Room
Baltar: What’s that mean?
Starbuck: It means that a Cylon patrol spotted our attack force. The base sent out 50 more Raiders to intercept.
Baltar: 50 raiders? That means we’re outnumbered now… 5 to 1?
Roslin: Weren’t the decoys supposed to take care of that?
Adama: Cylons are too smart for that.
Starbuck: Frak.

Galactica – C.I.C.
Dualla: Estimated time to Strike intercept: two minutes.

Vipers – Space
Fireball: Fireball, multiple bandits, left, ten high. Range 40, weapons free, committing.
The Vipers and Raiders start dogfighting.
Hotdog: Hotdog, visual tally, press.
Fireball: Hotdog, break right!
Hotdog: Fireball, your six!
Fireball: (an alarm beeps) I’m hit, I’m hit! Can’t eject!
Deadbolt: Deadbolt, Spinner, two bandits closing in, right five.
Fireball: No joy, no joy. Aaahh!
Fireball’s Viper explodes.
Hotdog: Galactica, Hotdog. Heavily engaged, mission outcome doubtful.

Galactica – War Room
Baltar: This sounds fraking awful.
Starbuck: They’re getting cut to pieces out there.
Spinner: (on the radio) Deadbolt, break vertical, now, now, now!
Deadbolt: (on the radio) Damn it, take the shot, get him off me…!
Starbuck rubs her temples, looking anguished.
Adama: Mr. Gaeta, abort strike one.

Galactica – C.I.C.
Dualla: Strike one, Galactica. Return to base. Repeat: abort your mission and return to base.

Raptor – Space
The Raiders break off and head directly for the Galactica.
Galactica, Stubbs. Cylon strike force is turning away from Deacon and inbound to Galactica.

Galactica – War Room
Roslin: Cylons heard our transmission recall, didn’t they?
Baltar: Does that mean the first wave of Raiders is ignoring the decoys and is… is coming after us?
Adama: That’s exactly what it means.
Baltar: So when are we going to launch the reserve Vipers to defend Galactica?
Adama: There are no reserve Vipers. Everything is on the board already. Now we play for all the marbles. Starbuck, it’s your plan.
Starbuck: Mr. Gaeta, will you please tell “D” to get on the scrambler and inform Apollo “the back door is open”?
Gaeta: Aye, Lieutenant. “D”, please send a scrambler to Captain Apollo. Message reads: “The back door is open.”

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Galactica – C.I.C.
Dualla: Apollo, Galactica. Back door is open. Back door is open. Godspeed, Apollo.

Space – Cargo Container
Twelve Vipers emerge from under a cargo container, formerly attached to the Colonial Movers ship.Galactica – War Room
Lt. Thrace, why didn’t you tell me we had another attack force hidden in the freighters?
Starbuck: We, uh-
Adama: It was my decision. I routinely restrict tactical details to those who need to know. Old habits die hard.
Roslin: So you still might pull this off.
Adama: If Dr. Baltar’s target information is correct.
Everyone looks to Baltar, he looks very nervous.
Starbuck: And whether we get blown to pieces by those Cylon raiders heading toward us right now.
Adama: Speaking of which, I’m needed in C-I-C. (leaves)Vipers – Asteroid
Initial point in five seconds. Flak suppression unit cleared hot. Okay, let’s do this.

Galactica – War Room
Starbuck: Come on, Lee, it’s all on you.

Vipers – Asteroid
Apollo: Incoming, incoming! Weapons free, by the numbers, people.
Stepchild: Target acquired, tone and lock, firing…
Kat: Tone and lock, firing…
But the missiles suddenly zoom away from their target.
Kat: What’s got into these fraking missiles? Galactica – War Room
Come on!

Vipers – Asteroid
Stepchild: They’re jamming the guidance systems.
Apollo: Strike Two, Apollo. Then we get close enough that we don’t need the guidance systems. We have to blow this thing manually.
Chuckles: Wilco, Apollo. Rolling in.
Stepchild: Chuckles… Chuckles!
Chuckles: Oh, frak…
Stepchild: Chuckles bought it, he’s going down- (screams as she buys it too)Galactica – War Room
Kat: (on the radio) Now they’ve got our attack axis zeroed in. There’s no way to fraking get close.
Starbuck: Frak… there’s gotta be.
Apollo: (on the radio) We’ve gotta get out of this flak. Let’s get down below the deck, down where the target is. I’ve got an idea. I’m gonna take a closer look.

Galactica – C.I.C.
Adama enters.
Dualla: Commander on deck!
Adama: As you were.
Tigh: First wave of Cylons will be on us in three minutes.
Adama: Notify the Strike one Vipers that they can stop running and blast those bastards to hell.
Dualla: Yes, sir.

Vipers – Space
Deadbolt: Engaging Cylon fighters.
Hotdog: Target acquired, tone and lock.

Vipers – Asteroid
Apollo: (approaching the tunnel) Oh, no, don’t do this, Lee… The conveyor tunnel’s clear, I’m going through it.
Kat: You’re out of your fraking mind, Apollo.

Galactica – War Room
Starbuck: What’s going on?
Gaeta: Captain Apollo’s flying into the conveyor tunnel, hoping it’ll lead him to the refinery.
Baltar: Has he gone raving mad? There’s no way to ensure it does anything of the kind.

Vipers – Cylon Base Tunnel
Apollo: Come on, keep it together, Lee, keep it together, keep it- (sees a sharp vertical turn in the tunnel) Oh, lords. (stops his Viper in time and goes up) Okay, I’m through the tunnel. They can’t get a firing solution on me. (spots the target) There you are. Okay… I’ve got you, I’ve got you, I’ve got you, I’ve got you… (fires and the base explodes. He snickers in amazement) Ahh, Galactica, Apollo. Mission… accomplished.

Galactica – War Room
Everyone cheers loudly and applaud.
Apollo: (on the radio) You can tell Dr. Baltar he was right on the money. It’s one hell of a fireworks show. And there’s plenty of ore for us back in the canyon, once this place is history.
Gaeta: Congratulations, Doctor, it worked!
Baltar: (totally amazed) It did. It worked.
An overjoyed Starbuck hugs Roslin.
Roslin: (surprised) Oh…!
Starbuck: Sorry, Madam President, I’m sorry.
Roslin: No need to apologize, Lieutenant. Thanks to you, we have enough fuel to last us a few years.

Galactica – C.I.C.
Dualla: Commander, Strike one reports inbound Cylons are bugging out. Request permission to go after them, sir.
Adama: Tell our people to pursue and destroy.
Dualla: Affirmative. (into the radio) Strike one… tear ’em up.

Galactica – Hangar
Apollo has just landed his Viper, and the hangar if full of people that has come to congratulate him and celebrate.
Apollo, you magnificent bastard, that was one hell of a piece of flying and I couldn’t have done it better myself.
Apollo: (teasing her) I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you.
Starbuck: I said that I couldn’t have done it better myself!
Apollo: Well, thank you.
Starbuck: Hmm. I had my doubts.
Apollo: So did I.
Starbuck: Mmm.
Apollo: I wasn’t sure that crazy-ass plan of yours could even possibly work.
Starbuck: Mmm. You deserve this.
She hands Apollo a cigar. Apollo lights it with his gandfather’s lighter and then tosses it back to Adama, who stands watching nearby.
Ensign Davis: Crash!
She runs over to Crashdown and hugs him. Over Davis’ shoulder crashdown looks at Boomer, who just smiles and walks away.Baltar’s Daydream
Have you read the Pythian prophecy, Gaius?
Baltar: Not since the sixth grade. I can’t say ancient history is my favorite subject.
#6: You should have paid closer attention, hmm?
Baltar: To what?
#6: “All of this has happened before. All of this will happen again.”
Baltar: Everyone knows that verse. What are you getting at?
#6: Remember this one? “Led by serpents numbering two and ten.”
Baltar: The Vipers… they’re the serpents.
#6: There’s a later verse, Gaius, you should read it. “Though the outcome favored the few, it led to a confrontation at the home of the gods.”
Baltar: Are you telling me that God guided my finger to that target for some… arcane scriptural purpose?
#6: You are part of God’s plan, Gaius.
Baltar: So God wanted me to destroy the Cylon base.
#6: You did well. You gave yourself over to him.
Baltar: (realizing… or maybe just fooling himself) Yes, suppose I did. Yes, there’s- there’s really no other logical explanation for it. I was-
#6: Am…
Baltar: (gazing up into the sky, smiling) I am an instrument of God.

Transcript taken by Ryan Bechtel

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