Battlestar Galactica: Personnel: Lt Gaeta

Name: Gaeta
Rank: Lieutenant (Tactical Officer)
Age: 25
Race: Caprican

Lt Gaeta is the Galactica’s tactical officer. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone so proud looking in a uniform. Everything about Gaeta is done with supreme military perfection. His uniform is firmly pressed, and straight with no imperfections. He is the epitome of a good officer. He does everything by the book and then returns the book to the library on time. The only thing more perfect than his military performance, is his ability to plot FTL jumps. Every time he plots a jump, even in the worst of conditions, he manages to get the battlestar precisely where he wanted it within a 4.0 mm tolerance.

If you were to meet Gaeta in a bar, well actually you wouldn’t meet him in a bar. You’d see him across the street in the yuppie coffee shop reading up on the latest science journals.

In college, Gaeta studied Genetics and hoped to get an advanced degree in it after he left the armed forces.

Not only is Lt Gaeta a fine bureaucratic officer, but he’s also a decent tactician. Unfortunately he’s too logical to come up with some “out of left field” or “Hail Mary” type tactics. So many of his plans are straight forward, and even a bit predictable, but they are all extremely well though out. But Lt Gaeta is still young, and after some more experience under the command of Commander Adama, he should turn out to be one of humanity’s greatest officers.

If it weren’t for Lt Gaeta (who still doesn’t have a first name, that’s directed at you: Ron Moore!) and Dualla the Galacitca would cease functioning.

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This sadgeezer had hoped to see more out of Gaeta during the regular series. But sadly, or all the reoccuring characters, his was the least (read: not at all) developed. Gaeta had some comical moments when he worked with Dr. Baltar on the Cylon detector, but overall there has been little character developement. Gaeta still appears too mechanical.

At some point in the five days between the mini-seires and 33, Gaeta was awarded his wings.

Contrary to popular myth, Gaeta is not a biocylon, and he probably isn’t gay either. Despite his weird looks at Dr. Baltar. In Colonial Day we saw him dancing quite closely with Boomer.

Season 2 update:

Ahh, Gaeta, the Man, the Myth, the Legend.  Still he currently runs the Galactica from top to bottom (no pun intended), while juggling other responsbilities like Baltars secret Cylon Detection Project.  Much controversy surrounds Gaeta in regards to his flight status, but needless to say he is certified and will one day take his place behind the stick (again, ignore the pun). 

Gaeta is liked by all and feared by none.  Through the first season he has proved an invaluble asset to the Galactica. 

Gaeta is played by Alessandro Juliani.


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