Dr Stone – Review – Episode 2

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I really enjoyed the first episode (normally the hardest one to win over the audience as the characters aren’t developed properly yet) and this episode was better.  That is, after only two episodes, it’s clear to see that Dr. Stone is really well written and is expected to continue to develop and maintain our interest.

The show opens with a scary fact, it is October 5th 5738 and for all they know, Taiju and Senku are the only people on Earth.

We are then given a quick recap of the last episode where Senku (the intelligent one) explains that they are now responsible for reviving humanity.  He doesn’t want to decide who they will revive first and asks Taiju (the strong one) to suggest someone.

The look on his face says it all!  He only has one person in mind at the moment.

Senku has his heart set on reviving, Yuzuriha!
Taiju has his heart set on reviving, Yuzuriha!

Senku explains that they need to ensure that the next person they revive has not been damaged in any way because if their statue is broken, they will likely be revived as a corpse.  Taiju considers Yazuriha and realizes that if she is revived, she will be naked (and, of course, embarrassed).  He decides therefore, to pick up the naked statue of Yuzuriha and take it back to camp where he will cover her with a blanket before reviving her.  Yep, not the brightest of dudes!

All that changes as the boys are suddenly faced with a pride of lions!  It seems that their ancestors must have escaped from Japanese Zoos and managed to survive, the pride is quite large and the boys are in serious trouble.  Taiju and Senku manage to escape immediate danger but need to quickly revive someone they know to be strong, athletic and aggressive in the hope that such a person can defend them against the lions.

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The strongest primate high-schooler, Shishio Tsukasa
The strongest primate high-schooler, Shishio Tsukasa

Shishio Tsukasa is immediately reviewed instead of Yuzuriha and he quickly and efficiently disposes of the pride of lions. His quick thinking was supported admirably by the quick thinking and succinct way Senku is able to explain the predicament.  Senku’s intelligence is not lost on Shishio who pledges his support in reviving humanity.  Senku will be the brains, Taiju will be the Braun and Shishio will be the brute force (and presumably handle wet-work! the dude looks and acts like a complete and total yakuza thug).

Shishio Tsukasa defeats the pride of lions
Shishio Tsukasa defeats the pride of lions

Senku is really impressed by Shishio’s pledge of loyalty but Taiju is not so sure.  He believes that someone that powerful is not always trustworthy.

The boys take Shishio back to camp and Shihio is impressed, especially when he notices that they even have a laboratory!  Shishiro takes it upon himself to gather food (the stuff that needs to be killed first).  Shishiro wasn’t too impressed with the mushrooms and wild greens that constituted the boys’ previous diet.  Shame really, it was probably healthier!

Shishio shows that he can be a provided and catches food with his bare hands
Shishio shows that he can be a provider and catches some food with his bare hands

Senku then debates with the other two what the most important substance that they need to have to help improve humanity’s chance of survival in the new world.  Taiju suggests, Smartphones! and Shishio suggests steel.  The correct answer is of course, and I know you got this right too, Calcium Carbonate (duh!? what are we, five-year-olds?!)  Jeez, as he was about to say, salt is really important to make food tasty!

But for some strange reason, he doesn’t talk about salt, he talks about how calcium carbonate is also known as lime (erm.. that doesn’t sound like salt) and is used for agriculture, mixed with sand it also becomes mortar. Calcium Carbonate from seaweed can be made into soap …. erm… salt? I guess I was thinking of the very similar sounding Sodium Chloride…. erm.

In the evening Senku and Shishio debate how they will help revive humanity and Senku becomes less and less trusting of Shishios notices.  When Taiju returns and asks what the fourth use of Calcium Carbonate is, Taihu says there isn’t one but we get the feeling that it might have been gunpowder and he didn’t want to let Shishio know that.  There is definitely some confrontation between these two developing for later episodes.

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Later, Shishio tells Senku that he doesn’t believe older people should be revived as they will eventually ruin the world for the younger generation again.  Senku disagrees and tells Shishio that all people should be revived adding that destroying statues is tantamount to murder.

Don't break statues dude, it's really, really rude!
Don’t break statues dude, it’s really, really rude!

And there the show ended.  Very thought-provoking, intelligent, exciting and fun.  I really enjoyed the info about Calcium Carbonate as wasn’t aware of all its uses or importance in our society. So, it was a fun show and I learned something.  All we need now is some disco-dancing-vampire-bikini-girls and maybe baseball, and the show will be perfect!

The next episode is going to be called weapons of science – I wonder if it will be about gunpowder!!

I can’t help myself, I need to rate this a massive 8.8 for coolness!  What did you think?  

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