Dune: People: Gurney Hallack

Originally Gurney Hallackhailed from Geidi Prime, the Harkonnen home world. At an early age Gurney’s sisters was enslaved by the Harkonnens to work in their army brothels. After the Gurney swore to seek revenge on the noble family. Unfortunately for him, he was very good at it at first. After a botched attempt to free his sisters, he was sent to one of Geidi Prime’s deepest slave pits.

Years of hard work and torture toughened his resolve to destroy the Harkonnens. During one of Rabban’s inspections, Gurney attacked him. Attacking is really an exaggeration. Gurnery barley touched the Beast before he was sacked by a dozen guards. The attack was without its effects though. First Rabban whipped him mercilessly, giving Gurney is trademark inkvine scar over his eye and cheek. This was followed by the harsh executions of everyone in his home village, and then finally the rape-murder of his sister. In keeping with Harkonnen cruelty, Gurney was forced to watch everything.

Since Gurney no longer had a sister to rescue, he no longer had a purpose to stay on Geidi Prime. Using is resourcefulness, he promptly escaped the planet. After a brief tour of duty with Ix’s Earl Vernius and his renegade army/smugglers, Gurnery signed up with Duke Leto Atriedes. Gurney helped the Atriedes recapture Ix for House Vernius, and afterwards stayed on as one of the Atreides Warmasters.

After the fall of House Atreides on Dune, Gurney joins a smuggler group to continue his fight against the Harkonnens on Arrakis. Later meeting up with Paul who was presumed dead.  With this reunion they reclaim Arrakis. Afterwards, Gurney is given noble status and returns back on Caladan, in the arms of Lady Jessica (ironically a woman he once spent years plotting to kill, slowly!), as the Regent-Governor.
Gurney Hallack is played superbly by P.H. Moriarty

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