LEXX Chat: Patricia Zentilli visits the SadGeezer chatroom

The on-line chat was held on Sunday January 13th, 2002. Patricia was joined by Louise Wischermann.

Location: chatroom on the irc.fef.net chatserver.

Room: #SadGeezer

This log was edited by thefrey.

<PATRICIA> hello!

<fx> hi patricia

<fx> welcome

<Doffy> hi patricia!

<PATRICIA> I made it

<Doffy> glad you made it!

<Klaatu> Hello Patricia ๐Ÿ™‚

<PATRICIA> thanks!

<fx> welcome prima

<PrimaNW> ty fx

<TheFrey> yes

<PATRICIA> so I am ready to rock

<fx> eagerness is good

<fx> so what are you up to now?

<PATRICIA> so do we wait till  and then begin?

<TheFrey> yes please

<Dragonfly> hello

<fx> hi all who enter


<PATRICIA> HI everyone that just arrived

<Griever> ๐Ÿ™‚

<lazzo> hello Patricia:)

<Griever> hi Patricia


<Lunatic> hello Patricia, nice of you to pay us a visit ๐Ÿ™‚

* Lunatic huggles

<fx> is everyone ready with some good questions?

<TheFrey> we start in three minutes peeps

* Griever is ready with her one question

<Klaatu> I’m starting without yas ๐Ÿ˜‰

<TheFrey> Lets give everyone another minute then we can start

<PATRICIA> I have a surprise guest with me and no it’s not michael

<Doffy> Rolf?

<Klaatu> Oooo!


<TheFrey> Who

<PATRICIA> guess

<Lunatic> hrm…

<PATRICIA> it’s a girl

<fx> brian

<Lunatic> Brian ?


<TheFrey> Jeff?

<mike-l> Brian

<Doffy> Xenia ?


<Klaatu> Ellen?

<Griever> Xenia ?


<Splarka>  Wischermann?

<Lunatic> hrm…

<Lunatic> Nigel ?

<Griever> are you sure its not Michael?

<Doffy> Wist?

<Klaatu> Jeff?

<fx> girl! ๐Ÿ˜‰

<PATRICIA> YES! Lyekka aka Louise is here with me

<Dragonfly> he’s not a girl

<Doffy> yay!!!

<Lunatic> woohooo !!!!!

<Splarka> yay,I win

<fx> awesome!

* Doffy waves at Louise

<Griever> cool!

<mike-l> great!

<fx> hello louise

<PATRICIA> Louise says hello to all!

* Griever waves too

<Doffy> two for the price of one!

<Griever> lol

<PrimaNW> two of his faves ๐Ÿ˜‰

<Doffy> yes!

<Klaatu> Hello Louise.. thanks for coming ๐Ÿ™‚

<PATRICIA> maybe Louise will do her own chat another time

<fx> definitely glad to have her

<PATRICIA> she says she will set it up with Frey

<Doffy> I’ll say…I’ve always loved the Lyekka character

<Griever> like wise

<TheFrey> well peeps lets do it

<TheFrey> Welcome to the Sadgeezer Patricia Zentilli Chat.  Please in order to keep this Patricia ‘Bunny’ Zentilli chat unmoderated do not greet or comment when entering or leaving the room. Also wait for the guest to type ga (go ahead) before you enter a question. Thanks

<PATRICIA> hi guys , Louise here… good to hear from you!!!

<TheFrey> Welcome to chat

<PATRICIA> are we starting now?

<TheFrey> thanks you for visiting us

<Doffy> so glad to have you here, Louise!

<Lunatic> that’s a nice surprise, from both of you ๐Ÿ™‚

<PATRICIA> yaaayyy

<TheFrey> Yes open the floor to question,

<TheFrey> but not too fast guys ๐Ÿ™‚

<Laffe> Are you in any other productions after Lexx?

<PATRICIA> I just finished shooting a film in December ga

<Griever> Now that Lexx is finished is there anything you’ll miss about it?

<PATRICIA>I miss Bunny’s crazy outfits and the people  ga

<TheFrey> Did you get to help pick your outfits for S4?

<PATRICIA> Yes, we would get so excited about each new outfit… looking for the tackiest things

<Doffy> LOL…I loved the tackiness

<fx> have you seen any of the people since wrapping

<PATRICIA> Well, yesI have seen Brian, Louise, Ellen, Michael, Jeff Pustil and others ga

<Laffe> Will you do anything else with the rest of the lexx crew?

<PATRICIA>I have my fingers crossed for a spinoff  ga

<fx> are you working with any of the others?

<PATRICIA> some of the crew from Lexx worked on the film I did, but I haven’t worked with any of the actors since Lexx. I would love to though  ga

<Klaatu> Patricia and Louise…are you both in Toronto at the moment?

<PATRICIA> YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am at Louise’s house because my laptop has gone mental ga

<PrimaNW> if there is a spinoff, will you or Louise be in in, Patricia?

<PATRICIA> We better be! Yeah I think so  ga

<Lunatic> hehehe, sounds scary ๐Ÿ™‚

<Laffe> What’s the name of the film?

<TheFrey> Any idea when Touch and Go will be released?

<PATRICIA> The film is called Touch and Go and it will be released at the film festivals in Canada in the fall

<fx> congrats, what’s it about

<PATRICIA> I hope it’s good. It’s about three friends approaching thirty and becoming grown ups, that kind of thing. Then it will shoot to superstardom …. maybe

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<Doffy> any idea when it will be released in the States?

<Laffe> we will queue all night for tickets ๐Ÿ™‚

<PATRICIA> No idea but I will keep you posted!

<TheFrey> How are the auditions going?

<PATRICIA> Right now I am auditioning for some L.A. sitcom pilots,  and lots of stupid commercials

<angelmay> Cool!

<PATRICIA> cool!   ga

<PrimaNW> we’d watch any dumb commercials you get to be in, promise!

<elfieLK> yes we would!

<Hypatia> and buy whatever it is you’re pitching!

<TheFrey> we proimise


<Lunatic> To Patricia and Lyekka : do you get to keep some of the outfits from the show ?

<PATRICIA>I have my playboy bunny outfit and that’s it. Louie has her original Lyekka Costume

<Doffy> Lyekka’s costumes were something else

<PATRICIA> Louise says thanks and she loved her costumes too ga

<Griever>I wonder where they got the ideas for the costumes

<PrimaNW> yes the red and black one was particularly striking — but I liked the blue one best!

<PATRICIA> Paul’s crazy mind

<PrimaNW> Paul seems to enjoy dressing the females in that one shade of blue tho

<Splarka> Paul seemed to enjoy dressing females in goo, like in Terminal and Lyekka, all  lead German babes had a goo covered scene…

<PATRICIA> Paul loves the German females. I am not German so don’t tell him, Louise is Brazilian actually

<TheFrey> in Liocracy when you were playing Lula Jones, what was that outfit suppose to be?

<PATRICIA> In Liocracy, which is coming on the comedy network at some point, I played this woman who was desperate to become a star at whatever cost so she tries every form of music, gospel, country and in that photo she was going through her heavymetal phase ga

<fx> so who was your favorite character?

<PATRICIA> I think I loved first lady bunny the best of all the characters I plated on Lexx

<angelmay> She’s a very sweet character, well meaning ๐Ÿ˜‰

<PATRICIA> thanks angelmay, I think bunny is kind too

<Doffy> so innocent and clueless, LOL

<PATRICIA>I can’t wait for you to see the new episodes

<angelmay> yw ๐Ÿ™‚

<PATRICIA> lots of funny stuff for bunny

<TheFrey> like?

<TheFrey> do tell

<Doffy> yes….spoil us!

<PATRICIA> Well, umm… at one point I am teaching an aerobics routine to some marines in the jungle on a tower with a baton

<DalekTek> I think if Ms. Zentilli gives out important information about future episodes the Beans might send her to the protein banks.

<Griever> LOL!

<PATRICIA> that is all I am saying

DalekTek> …Rumor has it that’s what happened to Dieter.  ๐Ÿ™‚

<elfieLK> did you like being in ‘Bad Carrot’? lol – I’ve seen it already, it was killing me it was so funny

<PATRICIA> Bad Carrot was fun. But my high heels with the playboy bunny outfit broke and they went out to get me a new pair and the new pair was two sizes too small but I just squeezed into them…


<Doffy> yikes!

<PrimaNW> you turned it into the sexiest walk though…VB went on and one about it..

<Laffe> I met Chris Bould in London the other weekend, someone said he “discovered” you. Is that true?

<Splarka> Chris did direct ‘wake the dead’

<PATRICIA> Chris Bould was the BEST director on Lexx. I guess in a way he did , Laleen was my first big role on tv, before that I did mostly theatre

<PATRICIA> Yes Chris did direct Wake the dead

<Splarka> Gibble (Bruce) said much compliments on his directing too:)

<Klaatu> Patricia and Louise…we’d love to invite you both to HoggCon at the end of March ….an informal gathering of lexxians in Toronto

<PATRICIA> WE WILL BE THERE at the Hogg Con thanks for inviting us. Unless we are out of town workin of course!!

<Klaatu> Excellent! ๐Ÿ™‚

<PATRICIA> yes January and February are slow times for actors but it is good because we can do things like this chat!

<PrimaNW> is that when you do theater? in Jan and Feb?

<Iridium_AFK> too cold to be doing too many outdoor scenes?

<Klaatu> none the less, we appreciate your time ๐Ÿ™‚

<PATRICIA> This is fun!

<TheFrey> Was it hard to keep from laughing when doing some of the absurd scenes you had to do on Lexx?

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<PATRICIA> It was hard not to laugh sometimes.

<fx> which episodes were you in in Thailand ? and any funny stories?

<PATRICIA> In Thailand we shot an episode called appocalexx now A certain actor had bad diarrhea

<Doffy> we heard  poor guy

<Griever> which?

<Identity> from drinking the water?

<fx> eating the local food?

<PATRICIA>I don’t know why..

<TheFrey> Did you buy anything fun in Thailand?

<PATRICIA> actually Louise and I bought matching dresses and we got some funny looks

<angelmay> Sounds like fun!  Did you have to haggle?

<PATRICIA> Louise is the BEST haggler . They would hide when she was coming

<PATRICIA> I was a bit more wimpy

<angelmay> Did you get to do much sight seeing in Thailand and what was your favorite part?

<PATRICIA> We spent a weekend in Bangkok and went to these amazing markets and bought lots of jewelry and gifts to bring home and we were at this one place near the river Kwai right in the jungle

<elfieLK> how was MM’s hands in gametown… cold, or warm? a friend on the phone wants to know! :oD lol

<PATRICIA> MM’s hands were wet and warm whoo hooo

<Griever> lmao!

<Identity> lol

<TheFrey> gloater

<dgrequeen> Pardon me if this question has been asked, but do you still keep in touch with Brian Downey?

<PATRICIA> Of course I do . Brian is amazing and has become a good friend

<PATRICIA> A generous scene partner and a great actor ga

<angelmay> He’s such a fun guy!  He is amazing, he chats with a lot of people and calls them and many have met him in person.

<PATRICIA> He loves his fans  And we love him

<Doffy> all the Lexx peeps are amazingly kind

<PATRICIA> Yeah we are nice.


<Klaatu> Patricia, now that you have some time off have you gotten back to singing?

<PATRICIA> I am hoping to do some singing soon. Most of the musicians I know are in Nova Scotia so I have to find some here

<dgrequeen> Did you get to see Michael driving the river boat in Thailand ? And was he really any good? ๐Ÿ˜‰

<PATRICIA> Michael did really well with that boat  ga

<PATRICIA> And he was in that suit!

<angelmay> Did he drive the boat in His Kai costume?

<PATRICIA> Yes he did

<Identity> lol

<Iridium> I’m sure it was hard for mm to keep his cold kai face with that going on…

<Griever> LOL!

<TheFrey> What did the locals think of his hair do?

<Griever> no wonder he got weird looks

<Doffy> what an MI!

<PATRICIA> They were very polite, but I think they thought we were insane.. Wait till you see what I was wearing

<dgrequeen> Sorry, but I’m sitting here falling off my chair

<Laffe> How long was the shoot in Thailand ?

<PATRICIA>I was there for about two weeks

<TheFrey> was it true that YOU of all people had to do a bit of a crash diet to wear the white S4 outfit?

<PATRICIA> No, but I was really fighting against the white spandex


<PATRICIA> But lots of self tanner seemed  to help ga

<fx> besides scarlett ohara, what role would you like?

<PATRICIA> I have always wanted to play Viola in Twelfth night

<Doffy> that’s a wonderful role

<Iridium> just how long did you guys spend in Thailand ? and how much of that was actual shoot-time?

<PATRICIA> We spent  2 weeks in Thailand and we shot 10 days

<DalekTek> This may seem like a bad question, but I just have to ask: Is Louise Wischermann scary in real life, or is that just good acting?

<PATRICIA> I think  SHE is the nicest sweetest most unscary person you could meet. Unless she is mad

<Laffe> So what makes her mad?

<PATRICIA> Louise asks are you scared of Lyekka’s laugh??

<dgrequeen> We’re more scared of her appetite

<DalekTek> Um, maybe…

<Klaatu> I’m yummy

<less> hi klaa

<dgrequeen> well, some of us

<PATRICIA> And she is hungry Klaatu

* Klaatu grins from ear to ear

<Lunatic> LOL !!!

<PATRICIA> I can do a really good Lyekka impression so I will do it for you at Hogg Con

<Griever> lol!

<Klaatu> Awesome!  Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

<fx> how is the game coming along?

<PATRICIA> Well, we are working on it

<Dragonfly> making Lexx must have been loads of fun, what was your favorite bit?

<elfieLK> I’ve totally loved getting to see your character in season , and looking forward to more from Louise, too! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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<PATRICIA> thank you.. Louise and I love you all

<SadGeezer> You don’t love me ๐Ÿ™  When we met in the Show you hit me ๐Ÿ˜‰

<SadGeezer> oops shoe ๐Ÿ™‚

<mike-l> a pleasure meeting you at uncon

<dgrequeen> Yes it was

<PATRICIA> Sad Geezer you know I was joking!

<elfieLK> hehe

<PATRICIA>I do too love you

<Griever> aww

<PATRICIA> how was the operation

<PrimaNW> heh heh she hit you, sad…obviously she likes you!

<Hypatia> aww

<dgrequeen> Lots of men would pay money to get hit by Patricia

<SadGeezer> oki – I’m happy now  ๐Ÿ™‚

<Laffe> LoL

<Iridium> lol

<TheFrey> see and you got it for free ๐Ÿ™‚

<Hypatia> depending on what she’s wearing….

<SadGeezer> Yup, it was pretty special ๐Ÿ™‚

<PATRICIA> hey pay me and I will hit whoever you want

<elfieLK> lol

<dgrequeen> ๐Ÿ˜‰

<TheFrey> no don’t offer them that deal Pat!

<PATRICIA> ha ha

<Iridium> I think you’ve just found a new career, pat ๐Ÿ˜‰

<PATRICIA> ha ha

<mike-l> Patricia, is there an address we can send to for photos of you?

<TheFrey> Pat’s address is on the Sadgeezer interview Mike ๐Ÿ™‚

<PATRICIA> Oh yah. If you write to me c/o my manager I will send you a photo

Patricia Zentilli
C/O Paul Simmons Management,
Lower Level,
Toronto ,
Ontario , M5R 2K9

<Doffy> any way to get pictures of Louise?

<TheFrey> Just out of curiosity which airline was striking when you were stranded in Hali and decided to audition for Lexx?

<PATRICIA>I think it was Air Canada

<Griever> lol!

<Klaatu> what else is new?

<TheFrey> everyone, golf clap for Air Canada

<TheFrey> with out them we would have not had a Bunny!

<angelmay> LOL, I remember Brian Downey saying not to use Air Canada

<dgrequeen> Yes, when he should have said don’t use Continental

<Doffy> and I had a great experience flying AC to Uncon

<PATRICIA> air canada is okay

<PATRICIA> Well, we should sign off soon but this was so much fun!

<Identity> thanks for talking with us patricia! ๐Ÿ™‚

<dgrequeen> Thank you, Patricia

<Hypatia> bye!

<Laffe> Thank patricia… nice talking to you

<angelmay> Thanks for chatting, Patricia and Louise!  Bye!

<TheFrey> Thank you for visiting with us Patricia

<Doffy> so glad you came, Patricia!

<mike-l> thanks Patricia & Louise

<Morfeusz> bye ๐Ÿ™‚

<Griever> thanks Patricia and Louise!

<Doffy> thank you so much!

<PATRICIA> Louise says bye bye too I hope she was a nice surprise for you

<elfieLK> take care you guys!

<PrimaNW> thank Louise too for letting you use her computer!

<Iridium> we are very appreciative!

<fx> thanx patz!

<PATRICIA>I didn’t even tell you Frey!

<dgrequeen> Hello, goodbye Louise!!

<fx> and louise

<Klaatu> Thanks so much Patricia.. as before, this has been a real pleasure

<Doffy> bye Patricia and Louise!

<TheFrey> hehe

<Plant> Thanks…Patricia and Louise.

<TheFrey> you can keep a secret

<Identity> Thank you too Louise! ๐Ÿ™‚

<PATRICIA> bye bye bey bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

<PATRICIA> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

<eoloandbehold> ๐Ÿ™‚

<DalekTek> You’ve been very informative.

<PATRICIA> xxxxx

<elfieLK> x o

<TheFrey> but next time let us know and we will have her questions ready ๐Ÿ™‚


<Griever> xx

<SadGeezer> bye girls – and thanks you very much {hugs & kisses}

<Klaatu> thanks Louise ๐Ÿ™‚

<PATRICIA> whi is DalekTek

<dgrequeen> ! I dont accept SPAMMER MSG’S !!!

<PATRICIA> I feel like it’s the lexx police

<fx> one of the sadgeezer regulars!

<dgrequeen> No, Patricia

<dgrequeen> just a famn

<dgrequeen> fam

<dgrequeen> drat

<PATRICIA> oh okay !!

<Identity> lol

<Doffy> LOL

<Griever> lol!

<angelmay> LOL, dgre

<PATRICIA> okay bye bye Z!

<Laffe> Bye

<Lunatic> bye Pat and Louise, take care ๐Ÿ™‚

<Identity> bye patricia ๐Ÿ™‚

<PATRICIA> thanks so much!

<dgrequeen> bye

* Klaatu waves

<angelmay> Bye!!

<TheFrey> Thank You Louise!

<TheFrey> And thank you to the people of #lexx who helped out so much!

<Identity> It’s always refreshing to talk to genuinely nice people

<fx> yup

<SadGeezer> And thanks to you thefrey and FX – another teriffic job!

<dgrequeen> yes, thanks Frey and FX

<fx>  thanx all, especially frey and splarka

<Doffy> yes, thanks Frey and fx!

<TheFrey> thank you all for coming

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