LEXX Chat: Brian Downey in the #sadgeezer chatroom

The on-line chat was held on Sunday the 28th April at 9 pm Atlantic time, 2002.

Location: chatroom on the irc.fef.net chatserver.
Room: #SadGeezer
The log was edited by thefrey.

*** fx has joined #sadgeezer

<theFrey> Please in order to keep Brianโ€™s chat unmoderated do not greet or comment when entering or leaving the room. Also wait for Brian to type ga (go ahead) before you enter a question. If he type W please wait, Thanks

<theFrey> oh yeah, one more thing. I am not feeling good, so beware of cranky moderator. All the other chats were excellent, you were all perfectly wonderful, Please make me proud.

<Mike-L> the least we can do

<theFrey> actually his (Mr. Downeyโ€™s) mac does not play nice on fef.net so FX will be typing for him

<fx> Brian will be late, he just called

<ktulu216> how often does Brian have these little chats

<theFrey> more than the others

<theFrey> he is nice that way

* BrianFx we’re here

<Pwincess> lol

<sgtdraino> Hurray!

<Doffy> yay!

<sgtdraino> If that means what I think it does.

<headgehog> yea Lexx is better, but sg1 is still good

Hi Jackie

<BrianFx> hello all!

<Doffy> HI Brian

<aurora> BrianFX: using the royal “we”?

<LexxLurker> Heya Brian!

<allison1> hi

<Ineffable> hi

<BrianFx> yup

<BlackCloud> Howdy, Brian!

<lunaC> hey Brian

<sgtdraino> Yo Way Yo, Brian.

<Hi-D> HI Brian!

<aleck> HI Brian!

<angelmay> Heya Brian!

<DigitalMatrix> hI brain

<oomrathama> not THE Brian

<Mike-L> hello Brian

<koudelka> hI Brain ๐Ÿ™‚

* ThetaBoI waves to Brian, past the angel on his lap

<SleepyTemplar> Hiya Brian.

<aurora> FX: you have ’em all panting, better fess up

<Arania> hI Brian

<Mars> The Brian, yay!

<Pwincess> Marry me, Brian! ๐Ÿ™‚

<DML1001> we don’t need 50 hi’s.

<DigitalMatrix> let me see if I can get it right the first time lol hI Brian

<oomrathama> THE Brian is overprince, remember?

<sgtdraino> Okay, first question… How long does it take for 50 people to say “hi” to Brian? ๐Ÿ™‚

<BrianFx> wait, I am hearing about suitcases right now ๐Ÿ˜‰

<theFrey> go ahead Mr. Downey ๐Ÿ™‚

<SleepyTemplar> Sgt: As long as it took the rock in “Tunnels” to hit the ground. ๐Ÿ™‚

<theFrey> we are waiting

<oomrathama> for

<oomrathama> something

<ketana> the rock to hit the bottom of the tunnel

<BrianFx> Brian telling a story about suitcases

<Hi-D> with baited breath!

<oomrathama> the rock to hit bottom

<sgtdraino> Class 4 suitcases?

<angelmay> LOL, that man has a lot of stories, hehe

<Doffy> he sure does, LOL

<oomrathama> tell us

<angelmay> You could be on the phone all nite with him FX, with just that one story, LOL

<oomrathama> tell us about the suitcases

<BrianFx> to the lady who offered marriage

<Pwincess> (Whatever it is, I’m going to take it as a yes)

<BrianFx> Brian says he is particular about religion

<Pwincess> oh, I’m open

<oomrathama> religion?

<oomrathama> We’ll listen to a story about suitcases and spin-offs

<BrianFx> about spin-offs, number of us talking about it in a serious way, nothing in place yet except good will and strong desire ga

<Doffy> great!

<angelmay> Kewlies!

* xforces wonders if he’s particular about gender… ๐Ÿ™‚ just kidding

<oomrathama> divine order type stuff

<ketana> desire is good Brian

<oomrathama> The show always had desire

<sgtdraino> What can we do to help move this spin-off project along?

<Mars> Need Venture capital?

<BrianFx> wait until I say go about project, he’ll just make an announcement that we need the needles or pinch

<Doffy> just let us know, Brian

<LexxLurker> Spin-off should be all about 790 ~~

<aurora> Brian, your performance in yo way o was heartbreaking. Wow.

<BrianFx> performance was heartbreaking to do, thanx ga

<oomrathama> So was Downey ‘s

<sgtdraino> Okay, here’s another. Throughout the series, I’ve noticed you rarely sing, compared to your costars. Do you not like singing?

<BrianFx> about singing, ‘have you heard me sing’

<sgtdraino> lol. I wondered if that was it. ๐Ÿ™‚

<sgtdraino> Yes! I have! “Oh Happy Hour, Oh Happy Hour…”

<oomrathama> Oh you get to play Brian?

<BrianFx> Brian was a musician, and a ‘good one’ ga

<oomrathama> So, the story starts in bowels of Little Lexx

<Jade> Hi, Mr. Downey.ย  Would you mind to tell us a little about your thoughts and feelings during the filming of “Yo-Way-Yo?”

<BrianFx> Jade; up until the last couple of days itย  was much like any other eppy than the realization that the team was going to break up hit home ga

<oomrathama> Oh boy

<BrianFx> everyone was on their best behavior ย many of the crew and I ย still stay in touch

<Doffy> that’s good to hear

<BrianFx> because we had such a good team

<Doffy> yes, a remarkable team

<BrianFx> not only professional, but good doing so much with so little ga

<MLock> TV won’t be the same without Stan the man! Has Brian got anything new lined up we can look out for?

<Hi-D> what’s Brian planning on doing next?

<BrianFx> laundry lotโ€™s of laundry ga

<koudelka> lol

<BlackCloud> Haha!

<ketana> I’ll do your laundry

<nixxer> Is Xenia also interested in a spinoff?

<insine> heha

<BrianFx> nixxer, no, but I am trying to get her to do my laundry

<xforces> people will probably buy your laundry, not only clean it ๐Ÿ™‚

<Ineffable> any possibility of selling the laundry and using the money for the spin-off?

<BrianFx> make me an offer ๐Ÿ˜‰ ga

Brian and Lex Gigeroff

<koudelka> lol

<sgtdraino> During the course of the series, you’ve kissed Eva, Xenia , Louise, and Michael. Who’s the best kisser? ๐Ÿ™‚

<BrianFx> best kisser, order in reverse (mm first guys!)

<koudelka> lol

<ketana> yeah…

<BrianFx> one of them needed to shave though ga

<theFrey> Mr. Downey, do you think you might do like to work with a band while working on your next project? Since your roots are in music?

<BrianFx> been there, done that, Frey

<DML1001> Does Brian know what was used to make the protoblood in the original movies?ย  I have always wondered what they actually used for it.

<BrianFx> liquid honey, dml ga

<BrianFx> protoblood was not beer

<LexxLurker> I thought it was grey poupon mustard in series2 seemed darker

<aurora> Offer: come to Minneapolis , we’ll make you king of Minnesota .

<sgtdraino> Speaking of buying Brian’s laundry, I see his jumpsuit on ebay is up to $255.

<lunaC> only 255?

<Ineffable> only $255??

<ThetaBoi> perhaps MissJean is unaware of it

<sgtdraino> 3 days to go.

<BrianFx> somebody at icon paid 550 for that costume

<BrianFx> that’s the only one out of my hands I have all of them in my hands

<ketana> you can have me in your hands

<BrianFx> except that one…

<sgtdraino> Didn’t I hear that Patricia and Ellen each have one of those jumpsuits?

<Micromary> I’ve got the one with the ripped bum!

<BlackCloud> Brian, do you like the large conventions better or the small Lexx UnCons?

<BrianFx> blackie, uncons are always better, because it’s more intimate and faces are becoming familiar ga

<BlackCloud> Groovy.

<koudelka> we got to get together sometime

<aurora> We all want Mr. Downey to come to Minnesota , right?

<koudelka> yes ๐Ÿ™‚

<Hi-D> Yes!ย  Come to CONvergence July 5th weekend, Mr. Downey!

<angelmay> Yes, I’m in St Paul , let him come and bask in the iciness of winter

<koudelka> come to Minnesota Brain

<koudelka> we are the Minnesota Lexx fans ๐Ÿ™‚

<Hi-D> Let’s form a club!

<aurora> Everyone who’s met you raves about what a nice guy you are.

<oomrathama> Did you have any influence on the plot of Lexx?

<BrianFx> oomrathama; we all had input but, original idea comes from paul we all add and take away

<ketana> Brian do you have any plans on coming to New York City ?

<BrianFx> ketana, was there last weekend

<angelmay> Brian was at Icon last weekend

<ketana> aacckk missed you…ya shoulda called

<koudelka> I met you Brain in January, and yes he is a sweety ๐Ÿ™‚

<Ineffable> what about the ending?

<BrianFx> ineffable, yo vay yo, we all had input in every episode

<lunaC> is Paul interested in a spin-off?

<BrianFx> luna, right now it would be up to us about spin-off but we talked and he didn’t say no..

<lunaC> thanks

*** theFrey sets mode: +o SadGeezer

<theFrey> Do any of the Bands you played with have CD’s out, or is there anywhere, that we can here your music?

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<BrianFx> Frey; you’d have to come to my office ga

<theFrey> ๐Ÿ™‚

* ketana follows Frey into Brian’s office

<theFrey> I may take you up on that someday

* SadGeezer raises a toast (of Lagaveulin) to Brian and NewKate sends her best wishes ๐Ÿ™‚

<Rustmyer> Do you have any ideas for a spin-off

<sgtdraino> Brian, in The Beach, your character talks about having a brother, back on Ostrol-B. Was there ever any background developed on the guy? Any personal thoughts about what Stan’s brother is like?

<BrianFx> sgtdraino; let’s see what happens in the spin-off

<BrianFx> we were going to develop it further but it got lost in the shuffle, but got Brud parsnip instead…two separate ideas ga

<Hi-D> What is Mr. Downey’s favorite episode?

<BrianFx> hi d; the one that paid the most money

<Hi-D> haha!

<BrianFx> I would be doing a disservice to think any eppy was better another ga

<BrianFx> Brian say to add; ‘I did like white trash’, because he felt at home

<SadGeezer> ๐Ÿ™‚

<BlackCloud> Hah!

<DigitalMatrix> ๐Ÿ™‚

<Hi-D> hehe!

<ktulu216> has scifI expressed any interest in a spinoff

<BrianFx> ktulu; scifI barely expressed interest in s4

<ktulu216> hm thanks

<Ineffable> they’re crazy

<oomrathama> shame

<oomrathama> boycott

<DML1001> –== Quick note to everyone:ย  If you are interested in bidding on Stan’s uniform and bedding, they are up for bid on e-bay. ==–

<MLock> Does Brian ever get sick of a dead character getting most of the sex symbol interest than Stan?(And you’re welcome in Scotland anytime)

<BrianFx> mlock; guess who got laid more?!

<Micromary> LOL

<DigitalMatrix> lol

<oomrathama> Kaihad that little problem

<theFrey> If Paul D does the Italian Ren thing, any chance that you will guest star on it?

<BrianFx> Frey Paul told me that I would have as he described a juicy part

<Doffy> coolness

<theFrey> ooh all right

<koudelka> Brain what does the H stand for in Stanโ€™s middle name?

<BrianFx> koudelka as many rude things as you can think of ga

<koudelka> lol

<sgtdraino> Brian, I’m working on script ideas for a series of 3 movies that would follow the series. Question is, do you think Michael is DEFINITELY out for good? Or do you think he might change his mind by the time the second movie rolled around? I’m trying to decide whether to completely write off his character.

<BrianFx> sgt you’ll have to talk fast to get Michael back in he just wants to do stage

<Doffy> bummer ๐Ÿ™

<theFrey> while he is still on the planet? ๐Ÿ™‚

<oomrathama> hope it’s not Henry V

<Doffy> not even any more monies or guest slots in a series?

<BlackCloud> Heh!

<BrianFx> doffy, Michael is interested in doing other things ga

<sgtdraino> lol. So that wasn’t living KaiXev met in Fluff Daddy, it was living Michael McManus!

<Mars> Michael likes listening to cell phones ringing in audience…strange man

<Iconoclast> Is it true there is actually a place in Newfoundland called ‘The Rock’?

<oomrathama> Cradle it

<BrianFx> iconoclast newfoundland in general is called the rock

<koudelka> Brain do you know where he is going to preform at on stage?

<BrianFx> koudelka, no idea

<oomrathama> And what of Xenia ?

<ktulu216> yes what of xenia

<BrianFx> oomrathama; xenia just broke up with her boyfriend

<angelmay> aww

<Doffy> awwww…sorry to hear that

<allison1> that is sad ๐Ÿ™

<Mike-L> bummer

<oomrathama> She’ll be okay

<ketana> There’s always Broadway Brian, how about you doing a play once in a while?

<oomrathama> She needs a spin-off to take her mind off it

<SadGeezer> wifey!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

<Newkate> hey:)

<theFrey> Sad!!!

<Hi-D> sad ๐Ÿ™

Brian fooling around on the set of a Season 3 Episode

<theFrey> no greetings remember?

<SadGeezer> yes dear

<Micromary> Does Michael still have his girlfriend in Germany ?

<BrianFx> micromary yes, Michael still has his girlfriend in germany ย and I have his girlfriend too ga

<Pwincess> lol

<Micromary> LOL

<LexxLurker> Brian:ย  Did you play around at all with various endings: Crew all dying, no one dying etc… or did you all know where you wanted to go with it?

<BrianFx> lexxlurker, paul knew where we wanted to go with it and michael lobbied for Kai dying not part of Paulโ€™s original plan

<BrianFx> he wanted to leave it open, just in general

<Doffy> really? what were Paul’s plans for Kai?

<BrianFx> doffy not so much for spin-offs, just for general

<ketana> If there was a spin-off would Paul bring in another actor to play Kai?

<BrianFx> that is something you would have to ask Paul

<BrianFx> but as far as I know Paul did not expect the series to go past the first four seasons

<BlackCloud> Well, with Prince, all things are possible, don’t you think? Perhaps he could put Kai back together?

<BrianFx> he would have been willing to go on, once s4 started but we all decided we had gone as far as we could

<Micromary> Kai HAD to die in the end

<Doffy> he really did

<LexxLurker> yeah

<BrianFx> there is only so far you can go before a series becomes tired ga

<sgtdraino> Brian, before the last episode, there was considerable speculation on whether we’d finally see the “Cycle of Time” demonstrated, and have the series end in a true circle. Do you know if this was kicked around?

<BrianFx> sgt never ga

<oomrathama> Are you a fan of the story yourself?ย  Do you read science fiction?

<BrianFx> oomrathaama I prefer reading scientific books as opposed to science fiction. I loved the Lexx story though ga

<DML1001> Brian, what was your LEAST favorite Lexx episode, and why?

<BrianFx> dml least favorite is a qualified answer because I enjoyed aspects of them all but, the web and the net

<lunaC> oh no! two of my faves!

<BrianFx> too rushed, and way too many story difficulties to workout

<BrianFx> we had to stop shooting for two hours one day while we hammered out story points on the floor

<lunaC> I liked the evil side of Stan…

<LexxLurker> heh I loved your acting in that ironically, one of your best eps

<koudelka> Brain do you watch t.v if so what shows do you like to watch?

<BrianFx> koudelka lonely planet, crocodile hunter because the guy is mad

<koudelka> he is lol

<BrianFx> mostly I watch movies I have rented not necessarily watched over 700 in the last twelve months ga

<CATGUT> Mr. Downey, does that yourย  widows peak run in the family?

<BrianFx> catgut what widow’s peak?!!

<CATGUT> haha

<sgtdraino> Brian, here’s an idea: Could you and your fellow Lexx actors/actresses do audio commentaries of episodes, that you could sell on audio tapes to us, that we could play in sync with shows as we watch them? ๐Ÿ™‚

<BrianFx> sgt draino not just no but hell no

<sgtdraino> lol. Hey, I’d put out good money for those! ๐Ÿ™‚

<BrianFx> w

<DigitalMatrix> Mr Downey, In Lexx 1.0 I Worship His Shadow, The Divine Shadow Had The Key To The Lexx, Also I Notice Thodin Had The Key To The Lexx Was There Two keys To The Lexx…?

<BrianFx> digital;

<DigitalMatrix> ๐Ÿ™‚

<BrianFx> divine shadow never had the key to the lexx the key was stolen by thodin off camera ga

<SadGeezer> Brian:ย  Do you have any other projects in the pipeline that involve Paul, Lex or Jeff?

<BrianFx> sadgeezer

<SadGeezer> ๐Ÿ™‚

<BrianFx> not right away, but soon

<MLock> Why not get Michael involved in a stage version of Lexx. That would be an interesting show-though in parts more the sort of ‘live show’ they play in Amsterdam-Holland.

<oomrathama> Brigadoom

<BrianFx> mlock; who the hell would play lexx, know any big stupid bugs?

<Micromary> LOL

<SadGeezer> lol

<angelmay> Yeah, my brother

<oomrathama> He could be a voice and a hole in the wall

<TheFatMan85> Brian are you angry at scifI for killing the show?

<theFrey> Fatman, they did not kill the show

<allison1> Everyone seems very eager to make SciFI the bad guys.

<BrianFx> fatman; scifI did not kill the show, it was our decision to end

<koudelka> Brain in worship his shadow, why was the key in Barry Bostwick’s left hand and not the right

<BrianFx> koudelka; because barry is ambidexterous and we are not

<koudelka> lol

<Flamegrape> Brian, what would you think of a LEXX computer game?

<BrianFx> flamegrape; i’m not a gamer

<TheFatMan85> Whos idea was it to end Lexx like it started?

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<BrianFx> fatman; paul s idea was to end that way mm wanted Kaidead also

<BrianFx> when we decided to end the cycle, we thought about what a reasonable conclusion would be since Kaihad often wished for death

<BrianFx> we thought that that did in fact make the most sense ga

<Hi-D> Does Brian get any $ from the ebay auction of the Stan suit?

<sgtdraino> Brian, any idea why Stan was demoted from Class 2 to Class 4, prior to I Worship His Shadow?

<BrianFx> sgtdraina

<BrianFx> stan, once he was handed over to the cluster

<BrianFx> was an obvious class four

<BrianFx> never was a class two

<BrianFx> ga

<Flamegrape> lol

<bk> Brian: do you have any work projects going currently or are you taking a break?

<xforces> Brian, do you know anything about the rumors surrounding Xenia ‘s release of an album?

<BrianFx> xforces, have heard nothing about xenia albumj

<BrianFx> but, I bet

<BrianFx> it will be in german!

<BrianFx> ga

<oomrathama> Are you reading any scripts?

<BrianFx> oomratham, I read plays not film scripts

<BrianFx> ga

<ketana> do you still dream of the tooth fairy?

<BrianFx> ketana, am I missing something here?!

<koudelka> lol

<ketana> just teasing ya..

<sgtdraino> Brian, in Yo Way Yo, do you know if Tom was still doing the voice for Little Lexx, and they just raised the pitch? Or was it a different voice actor?

<BrianFx> sgt I assume that it was tom digitally altered

<Stardancer> I can answer that Sgt.Draino, it was Tom

<BrianFx> we’d have to get a voice print…

<BrianFx> thanx valdron

<Stardancer> No problem, not to step on your toes or anything

<theFrey> Mr. Downey , what is the best practical Joke you everplayed on the lexx set?

<BrianFx> Frey

<koudelka> good one Frey

<BrianFx> hmmmย  w he’s thinking

<theFrey> ๐Ÿ™‚

<BrianFx> there were many inflating a balloon under the sheets

<BrianFx> in stan’s sleep chamber while the camera was rolling

<koudelka> LMAO

<BrianFx> and another

<BrianFx> telling ellen dubin when she arrived in germany

<BrianFx> that to make good friends with the crew (say) blassmireinen

<BrianFx> which means give me a blow job

<oomrathama> lol

<LexxLurker> poor Giggy

<Doffy> ack! LOL!

<angelmay> Hahahahahaha!!!!

<BrianFx> ron oliver taught me that ga

<allison1> ๐Ÿ˜€

<oomrathama> The Germans have a word for everything

<theFrey> was she mad when she found out I wonder?

<BlackCloud> Sorry for another Michael question but, is MM interested in a BIG stage career or does he just want a quiet stage thing happening?

<BrianFx> blackie, something you’d have to ask Michael

<BrianFx> but I don’t think michael does anything small, except stan ga

<BlackCloud> Ouch!

* theFrey snickers

<ketana> blow up your balloon again Brian…

* Micromary ‘s HubbyEd wonders if Micheal would do “Phantom of the Opera”

<CATGUT> Mr. Downey , how does it feel to see yourself on the TV ? . ..Does it make you feel like ” hey thats me”??

<BrianFx> catgut it makes me feel 29 inches diagonal


<Arania> *chuckle*

<BrianFx> I look at the character as a character

<ketana> aackkkkkk to big…Brian slow down….

<BrianFx> not as myself ga

<sgtdraino> Brian, do you know how many of the red jumpsuits were made for the show?

<BrianFx> sgt draino originally two every season we added more

<TheFatMan85> How naked was Xenia and Michael when they were in the shower together?

<CATGUT> hahah

<BrianFx> fatman85, they were discreet they were wearing uh you know

<BrianFx> ga

<BlackCloud> Wait, how naked were Kai and Stan in Stan’s moth?

<ktulu216> lol

<theFrey> oh better question

<BrianFx> blackcloud; I can say he’s very hairy but we were also discreet. We like each other but…

<BlackCloud> Owie!

<sgtdraino> The dead do not shave. Or wax.

<angelmay> They do for Gondola and Ktown

<theFrey> Why, it wouldn’t even hurt them?

<oomrathama> so it would seem

<Micromary> Frey, the dead do not care about shaving or waxing

<theFrey> I know, that is why they so often had five oโ€™clock shadow! ๐Ÿ™‚

<Deadpool200085> Mr. Downey will you be at Iconn next year in New York if they have it again?

<ketana> In the episode K-Town, when you were trying to adjust Kai.. his codpiece almost fell off in the shot where Mandrid got off him. How close did we come to seeing his ‘treasures?’

<BrianFx> ketana

<ketana> yes?

<BrianFx> how much did you want to see? everything?

<Flamegrape> ;p

<ketana> what a question?

<koudelka> ๐Ÿ™‚

<oomrathama> put it this way – lot’s of freeze framin’ goin’ on

<sgtdraino> Hey Brian, what did the “food” the Lexx made for you actually taste like?

<LexxLurker> lol thats a good question sgt

<LexxLurker> Im still waitin to hear what Lexx Spew tasted like ๐Ÿ˜‰

<BrianFx> sgt draino

<sgtdraino> Oh no!

<sgtdraino> I’ve destroyed Brian!

<angelmay> Somehow the French keyboard of Brian’s invaded FX’s

<oomrathama> it tases like draino?

<LexxLurker> Its a question that even the mighties computer cannot handle

<BrianFx> sorry guys

<ketana> I shouldn’t have asked about MM’s treasures…too much to handle lol

<BrianFx> tasted like what it was

<sgtdraino> Sorry about destroying you, Brian.

<ThetaBoi> I had heard it was rice pudding

<BrianFx> mashed yams is s1 rice pudding thereafter

<TheFatMan85> Brian did you ever go though anything like Stan did in the first dream of Lyekka

<BrianFx> fatman, no ga

<BlackCloud> You seem to attract the storm, Brian. Last week during ICON there was a monsoon and right now thunder is brewing outside my window.

<aleck> Brian: Since you’re such a movie buff, if you had to pick one director to work with (dead or alive), who would it be?ย  Or, alternately, who’s your fave director?

<BrianFx> aleck, Guy Ritchie

<MLock> Guy Ritchie? Is that to get close to Madonna?

<BrianFx> mlock, Iโ€™ll let guy do that ga

<stan_the_man> Stan, did you think the Lexx series changed direction and, if so, why and do you think it was for the better?ย  I liked the darker movies and episodes.. Especially with Eva

<BrianFx> Stan the man, there was no one reason why, things changed, we felt given certain scenarios our approach had to reflect that change, either that or Paul was in a crappy mood ga

<LexxLurker> Brian:ย  Out of all “Stanโ€™s” loves which was your favorite?ย  May, Lyekka, Leelo, etc..

<BrianFx> Lexx lurker, ask Stan

<BrianFx> but Stan remained true more or less to lyekka ga

<Flamegrape> I really enjoyed the ending and the way Stan has undergone changes for the better.

<TheFatMan85> Brian what breed of dog do you like?

<DigitalMatrix> Mr. Downey, I Just Wanted To Say Thank You For Answering My Question, And Hope Their Will Be A Spin-off, Goodbye Stan, Stan And Only Stan

<DigitalMatrix> lol

<DML1001> Brian, do you have a favorite quote from Lexx?

<BrianFx> dml an off camera quote by a german 1st AD’glue more maggots to the spoon and shoot’ that’s how we usually felt ga

<Doffy> LOL

<PeridotEyes> in Garden when Kai pronounced her deadย  you didย  wonderful acting

<charabia> Brian, are you glad that they left things open for a major motion picture?

<BrianFx> charabia they did?

<BrianFx> ???

<Flamegrape> whaaa?

<Poet_Man01> they didnt tell you Brian

<charabia> yeah, with the little lexx and you and zev surviving

<theFrey> Mr. Downey, we have five minutes left, is there anything you would like to ask us?

<Jade> Brian, I know you must get this a lot, but would you please name a few of your favorite episodes?

<CATGUT> heheh

<Flamegrape> How brassier….

<BlackCloud> Yes, ask us something!

<koudelka> yes do

<TheFatMan85> Brian would you of killed 790 by now?

<Sauron142> Did anyone ever drop or break 790’s head on accident?

<oomrathama> Is 790 dead?

<BrianFx> remember, in lexx, death is just a toy ga

<Poet_Man01> sex toy?

<Poet_Man01> ๐Ÿ˜›

<BlackCloud> Death a toy. I don’t think Prince would like that.

<stan_the_man> If there is a spinoff, will Stan and Xev have a child?

<xforces> … and if not, can xev and *i* have a child?

<Stryfe> Stan: I think even more so than Kai dying, The series would implode if Stan actually scored with xev :p

<Flamegrape> death is Prince!

<BrianFx> yes, and so would Stan (kill 790)

<BrianFx> w

<Flamegrape> Agreed Stryfe! LOL

<Pwincess> Brian, here’s a question related to charabia’s:

<Pwincess> Are you sure you won’t marry me?

<Ineffable> if he does, can I come to the wedding?

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<oomrathama> Do you always get proposals in the last five minutes?

<theFrey> wait

<sgtdraino> He’s waiting on suitcases.

<BrianFx> where would you all like to see lexx go?

<charabia> um… space

<Deadpool200085> spin off

<theFrey> to many different places

<Hi-D> More Stan!

<Pwincess> yes.

<Stryfe> Who knows… you guys kinda blewup most of the 2 universes ;D

<Praxilla> teh dream zone?

<ktulu216> a movie

<TheFatMan85> Big screen and more episodes

<lunaC> wandering through the dark zone

<bk> will there be any more Lexx items up for bid on ebay in the future?

<BrianFx> bk, merchandise is out of our hands

<sgtdraino> I’d like to see Lexx go into the next Cycle of Time, and fight in the Insect Wars.

<Stryfe> That seems to be the biggest problem.

<Doffy> have Stan and Xev meet up with Prince and the Noah

<ktulu216> movie movie movie movie!!!!!

<Mike-L> I like ep’s better

Brian and Michael signing autographs

<Flamegrape> I would like to see a new future for humanity in future Lexx episodes. The slate has been wiped clean for a new start.

<charabia> Brian you should get a spinoff sitcom where you and Zev are roomies. Prince could be your wacky neighbor.

<BrianFx> w

<Iconoclast> yes, fight a new race of insects.

<Pwincess> lol

<stan_the_man> Stan and zev as adam and eve

<Hi-D> More Stan, Xevย  encountering Prince again – andย  Bunny too

<NecKRx> I just want another 4 films and 4 seasons

<Flamegrape> no! enough with the insects! LOL

<Iconoclast> Or find a nice planet.

<allison1> Brian – I can’t imagine where I could see Lexx going from here. The show has consistently been a surprise, so I am drawing a total blank.

<LexxLurker> Id like to see Stan and Xev decide they have unfinished business with Prince, Priest and the Noah still running around.

<LexxLurker> especially if the Noah had a dark agenda which it probably does

<oomrathama> That question started an avalanche

<Flamegrape> Let the Kai-Insect story be over!

<allison1> I would kind of like to see Xev find true love. Well, more than just a few seconds of true love.

<theFrey> I’d like to see Bunny having to choose between good and evil

<Ineffable> between good and the president?

<BrianFx> a movie would be great as long as William Shatner is not a guest star

<sgtdraino> William Shatner can play Thodin’s brother. ๐Ÿ™‚

<theFrey> no William Shatner please!

<theFrey> unless it is a little Lexx food

<sgtdraino> He can say something incredibly pompous as he dies. ๐Ÿ™‚

<Flamegrape> :rollseyes:

<DML1001> William Shatner can sing on the soundtrack!

<ThetaBoi> and then be edited out!

<Hi-D> I’d take Captain Stan over Kirk any day!

<Flamegrape> let mr. bill do whatever…

<Diralxbaliel> A dark cheerleader agenda.

<DML1001> Best lexx quote ever:ย  “Your just a nozzle, why should I listen to you?”ย  – Stan, Trip.

<Hi-D> more films or tv with Brian Downey!!

<BlackCloud> I’d like to see baby Lexx makes three; how to raise a Lexx

<nixxer> more bunny-robics!

<Stryfe> I wonder

<allison1> And Prince is the best villain of the whole series, IMHO.

<Stryfe> if his divine shadow’s essence is floating around now again

<oomrathama> They run out of food searching for a non-type 13 planet and (sigh) have to eat the cheerleaders

<Praxilla> baby Lexx and puberty

<allison1> Ok, maybe not a total blank

<Flamegrape> breed a fleet of Li’l’ Lexxes!!!

<Flamegrape> like I said, a new future for humanity. The slate is now clean

<Hi-D> Brian, please keep us up to date with your activities!!

* ketana runs over and gives Mr. Brian Downey a big fat juicy one just because…I LOVE HIM…

<Flamegrape> Yeah, Capt. Stan rocks my two universes.

<TheFatMan85> Brian when do you think you can come back in here and why doesnt Xenia have a computer?

<sgtdraino> Well, Brian, I’d just like to say thank you. Thanks for sticking with the series all these years. Thanks for the wonderful character you’ve given us, and thanks for sharing this time with us.

<Hi-D> I second that, sgt!

<Hi-D> I’m going to miss Capt. Stan!

<Ineffable> we all will

<Flamegrape> Best of luck to you Brian! Until next time!

<Sauron142> we should all pitch in and buy Xenia a computer, fat man

<Flamegrape> good idea!

<Pwincess> The offer is open, Brian!

<Hi-D> Thanks, Brian!ย  We’ll miss you!

<angelmay> Goodbye Brian! *Big Hugs*

<Doffy> Thanks for coming, Brian, and thanks for making Lexx such a memorable show!

<sgtdraino> Xenia a computer, and Brian a keyboard.

<theFrey> yes a keyboard for Brian, there is a Plan

<Diralxbaliel> We love you Brain, I mean Brian!

<charabia> Brian, when you cry on camera, do you conjure the emotion to do so from within, or do you use special eyedrops?

<ThetaBoi> I suspect that in the finale, so additives were necessary

<ThetaBoi> no

<MLock> Thanks for the time Brian. Look forward to seeing you in something new soon!

<Hi-D> Yes!ย  Keep us informed of your activities!ย  Come to CONvergence!

<sgtdraino> Give us the word when the time is right, Brian. We’re all behind you.

<Flamegrape> ๐Ÿ™‚

<BrianFx>ย  the company that did our cgi

<BrianFx> for the movies was co-owned by William Shatner

<lunaC> “Stan meets Kirk”?

<stan_the_man> Xev might not be capable of having children with stan though…

<lunaC> uugghh

<ThetaBoi> beneath you, beside you, before you, heh heh

<Sauron142> Lexx vs the Enterprise

<sgtdraino> Lexx, fire! Fire now!

<DML1001> lets hope the cg company does better than priceline.com

<Hi-D> The Lexx EATS the Enterprise !

<sgtdraino> Give it everything you’ve got!

<Flamegrape> no-trek-no-trek-no-trek-no-trek!!!!!

<oomrathama> What about Leonard Nimoy?

<nixxer> …a movie to start chasing prince…..and new series to continue it….

<BrianFx>ย  good nite, love to all, thanx for being so loyal

<BrianFx> we will reciprocate

<BrianFx> see you in either vegas (maybe) or uncon for sure

<BrianFx> gnight to all!!!

<lunaC> thanks, Brian

<Praxilla01> good nite

<theFrey> good night Mr. D!!

<logan55> good night

<Ineffable> long live lexx!

<theFrey> you guys were wonderful! thanks for coming!

<DML1001> that was the first unmoderated chat that I have been in that didn’t get ruined by a few morons.

<Jade> bye, Brian!!

<Apophis> Bye

<Snakeoid> bye all. Thanks a lot Brian!

<MLock> Well moderated folks–hope I wasn’t too much of a pain in the arse.

<theFrey> hey, if you are wanting to meet other lexxians you can go to #lexx, BUT no spoilers there, if you want to talk about the ep, you have to do it here okay

<theFrey> let us not fuss the nice people of #lexx

<theFrey> But as always you can spoil here as much as you like

<Deadpool200085> bye Mr. Downey, Hope to see some sort of new Lexx movie in the future.

<Jade> Yes, thank you Brian for doing this chat!

<Doffy> I’m so glad we finally got Brian to do a chat here

<theFrey> yes, it was a great chat Doffy, thanks for your help in arranging it

<Doffy> It was my pleasure to help with the chat!

<BlackCloud> Nite!

<bk> frey, thanks for putting this chat session together for us ๐Ÿ™‚

<theFrey> you are welcome

<Micromary> I make it back as everyone is leavingย  ๐Ÿ™

<BlackCloud> I must also take to my den. Thank you Frey, FX, as always, you rock!

<Mike-L> thanks frey, fx

<bk> who is fx?

<sgtdraino> One of our moderators.

<bk> oh ๐Ÿ™‚

<Micromary> and the voice of Brian tonight

<bk> I thought Brian typed pretty fast ๐Ÿ™‚

<sgtdraino> Yep. Brian gave her $20 to pretend to be him, while Brian went out to a pub.

<theFrey> Sadgeezer.com thanks all of you for attending this chat, and we especially thank our Guest Mr. Downey for his time and effort on our behalf. And of course, thanks to Rachel for her assistance in making these chats possible, Splarka for helping to set up the #sadgeezer room and to our very own Tony of Sadgeezer. You have all been wonderful. ย I am so proud of you, who needs moderators when you are all so great. Thanks for attending.

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