Nowhere Man: Characters and Clues: Significant People

Karin Stoltz (Carrie Ann Moss) invades Tom's mind.


Corners, Harry The soldier from Hidden Agenda with the Eagle tattoo. Tom hopes to get information from him, but Corners, who lives alone near an alligator swamp in a trailer lined with aluminum foil, no longer has all his wits about him. Can his information be trusted?
Crane, Jonathan Tom’s father, who disappeared years earlier. Having been missing for so long, Crane may be one of the only living people untouched by the Organization who could confirm Tom’s identity.
Gemini An undercover FBI agent who disappeared while investigating the Organization. Before his disappearance, he collected and delivered information on an assasin program called Project Marathon, along with other information, including a selection of photos taken by Tom. Gemini is presumed dead, but the Gemini file convinces Assistant Director Stanley Robman that Tom can be trusted.
Gilbert, Pauline An elderly woman who piques Tom’s interest in the AdvancedBiogenetics Laboratory when she is selected as a candidate for CSM.
Grace, Richard A high-ranking official in the Organization, Mr. Grace is the man who ordered Tom’s erasure. He also appears in several photos– kissing Alyson. When Tom is asked to kill him in exchange for information from a faceless insider, it’s no surprize he gives it some consideration.
Hale, Alexander Among other roles, Hale is an Organization insider who gains Tom’s trust, but he has also been surgically altered with cybernetic implants. When he meets with Tom, Tom has no idea Hale is literally the eyes and ears of a committee who are watching the entire conversation.
Hubbard, Jim The lead in the gubernatorial race in Darby, NY. Hubbard sports a birthmark on his neck. The organization plans on using statewide Hometown Network broadcasts coupled with the Cerebral Stimulation Unit to get Hubbard elected. He is also apparently the cigar-smoking soldier in Hidden Agenda.
Jordan, Scott Reclusive computer genius who becomes intrigued by Tom’s lack of existence on the internet and breaks into MIT to retrieve what is left of Thomas Veil’s file.
Laura Tom’s first love, who died in a bomb blast while they were living together in Ireland. Tom discovered she was one of the victims while he was photographing the aftermath. The Organization forces him to relive this moment with Flash Regression.
Levy, Larry Tom’s best friend (or is he?) who is killed in the first episode but returns in one of the final episodes (or does he?)
Noonan, Emily Farm girl who nurses Tom back to health after he is shot and left for dead.
Robman, Stanley An FBI Assistant Director whose department is investigating the Organization. He makes the decision to help Tom after Tom kidnaps him and pumps him for information because Tom’s case is covered in the Gemini File.
Stoltz, Karin Tom’s hallucinatory love interest when he is subjected to the Moen technique.
Veil, Helen Tom’s mother. Tom suspects her nicely-timed stroke is not from natural causes.
Wade, Norman The local sheriff who responds to the murder call at Sperling Academy. One of Tom’s only confirmed allies.
Webb, Max Writer and producer of the pirate TV program, the Lenny Little Show, a verbatim copy of Tom’s life. Max has the uncanny ability to predict Tom’s behavior down to minute details.
Williams, Derek Blind, psychic child who stupefies Tom at a tent show by channeling dialogue from his past and the near future.
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