The Witcher Fandom Consolidated Episode Ratings

The Witcher TV Show Episode Ratings, What did you think of each episode?

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These ratings are a collection of ratings from around the internet, some ratings are professionally provided and some are the gushing tributes of fans and haters of the show. The ratings in this article are not to be taken too seriously but are, as far as I can tell representation of the feelings of critics and fans alike few days of the series aired. It’s a bit of fun and an interesting consideration when you are chatting with other fans over dinner, in the pub or in an argument at a party. 🙂

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If you are a SadGeezer (or lady SadGeezer) like me, you have already had a couple of wonderful debates about episodes, characters and plots.

Episode 1: The End’s Beginning

Sci Fi SadGeezers Consolidated Episode Rating: 8.4

What was it about: The story of the lovely Renfri and her untimely end (despite her whopping old age!)
This is a confusing title and arguably one of the least appreciated of the episodes. This is because, once the initial euphoria of the shows launch was over, the episode had the very difficult (and yet excellently delivered) job of explaining a very complicated backstory in a way that we would stay interested. This was reflected in the less that average ratings for the episode.

Episode 2: Four Marks

Sci Fi SadGeezers Consolidated Episode Rating: 8.3

What was it about: This is the early days story of the hapless Yennefer and her struggle to come to terms with the fact that she was a miserable little urchin that suddenly had an opportunity to become great, achieve her desires – all, of course, but one. The ratings didn’t improve presumably because the story was still developing. These first two episodes could be classed as simply setting the scene for what was to follow.

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Episode 3: Betrayer Moon

Sci Fi SadGeezers Consolidated Episode Rating: 9.2

This was a messy and slightly scary story of a monster fight born from an incestuous relationship between members of a royal family. It was messy in that you didn’t know what to think. Should Geralt kill the Striga (a monster that the unborn child of shame had developed into eww!  wretchfest maximus!!) or try to save her? A wonderful story that was actually sensitively told full of special effects and action. I personally think it should have been more highly rated.

Witcher TV Show Ratings – first impressions: By the end of the third episode, we can say that the characters are now properly formed and we are able to get into the main theme of the story. Ratings from now on are a little more critical (despite the story being stronger).

Episode 4: Of Banquets, Bastards and Burials

Sci Fi SadGeezers Consolidated Episode Rating: 8.9

The one where Yennefer gets chased by an assassin, where Ciri’s porcupine-head father marries the delightful Princess Pavetta and we learn…. what-the-actual-fuck! The law of Surprise. Also the memorable scene where Queen Calanthe tells a miserable Prince of Nilfgaard that he is a ‘shitrag of the south’. This, for me, was one of the strongest episodes of the season, I’m sure other fans would agree in hindsight. It’s low marks were possibly because there was less monster hunting.

Episode 5: Bottled Appetites

Sci Fi SadGeezers Consolidated Episode Rating: 8.8

Yennefer finally meets her prospective hubby and Jaskier is dragged through the mean and nasty sorceresses orgy. A djinn is the centre of this story or more specifically, it’s three witches and who has them. It was a sigh of relief that the story-lines finally started to meet up and the eventual meeting of Geralt and Yennefer was not as critically acclaimed as it should have been. Many reviewers weren’t impressed although fandom certainly was! The rating of 8.8 was because of the critics, not the fans, who mostly, really liked it.

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Episode 6: Rare Species

Sci Fi SadGeezers Consolidated Episode Rating: 9.1

This was the one where we finally meet the dragons! The gold dragon was magnificently well played and the only criticism that this SadGeezer had was the deplorable missing bathtub sequence between the Gold Dragons two lovely minion warriors and Geralt (as in the book). The story is well set and gripping.  At this point and the characters are behaving marvelously to draw us ever deeper into the story. This was much higher rating from fandom as by this episode. Most of the critics had stopped watching to write up their reviews and ratings. As a result, the rating score is a little more applicable to that of Witcher TV Show fans.

Episode 7: Before a Fall

Sci Fi SadGeezers Consolidated Episode Rating: 9.3

The penultimate story centres on the gathering of the armies against Nilfgaard. More particularly, the coalition between the sorcerers. the magnificent and disillusioned Yennefer returns home to fight or join her comrades and marshal them. Emhyr’s hunt for Ciri shows that it’s not all evil and you begin to wonder if the Nilfgaardians are all that bad after all. Should the prophesy be fulfilled with Nilfgaard or on the same side as Geralt and Yennefer? Hugely entertaining episode that was clearly geared to the finale. I think it can be said that everyone loved it but some reviewers began to get a little sanctimonious and this dragged the ratings down a little.

Episode 8: Much More

Sci Fi SadGeezers Consolidated Episode Rating: 9.6

Yep, definitely the best episode and probably the clincher for getting the finance people at Netflix to agree funding for the second season. This show probably got agreement to fund the saga for a few seasons to come!

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If, like me, you like your data in graph form.  This better shows The Witcher TV Show Episode Rating trend for the season:

Witcher Consolidated Ratings for Season 1 Episodes
Witcher Consolidated Ratings for Season 1 Episodes

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