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Commander Adam is the leader of the Confederate forces. He’s a total wonker who’s full of himself. The geezer is way too comfortable in his position and it shows.

If you were to meet Adam in a bar, he’d be the LCB (liquor control board) inspector. He’d come in, “white glove” the whole establishment and write up an inspection report as long as his arm. He’d prolly exaggerate half the violations, and even make up a few.  Stupid stuff, like bottle labels are not facing forward, bottles are not arranged by type, proof, color of contents, etc.. Just to piss everyone off, he’d revoke the liquor license on the way out. If you were to meet him in Pennsylvania, he’d work at a State Store as an Assistant Manager and be a self proclaimed “expert” on Brandy.

Commander Adam is a play on Battlestar Galactica’s Commander Adama. But that’s where the similarities between the two “leaders” end. Adam is more of a play on Captain Kirk. Adam is a reckless leader, who often breaks apart his sentences, much like the TOS captain.

The man is a total git. He gets others to do his bidding by force and threats. Oddly enough, he and Chode do not get along. That’s because 1) Chode is a smuggler/thief and 2) Chode stole his cyborg Six from him! During a common breaking and entering, Chode and Gus found an experimental science robot, model Six of One. Chode loved the way she looked, stole her and reprogrammed her to do his bidding. Adam still holds grudge about that. So much so taht for a little while he offered a $1 billion, reward for Six’s recovery.

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