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Episode One

(Earth is shot!)

In this opening episode, Arthur’s house is knocked down. Moments later his best buddie helps him thumb a lift on a Vogon Constructor ship just as the Earth is demolished!

Episode Two

(The girl with the man with two heads)

As Arthur and Ford leave the Vogon ship, they are picked up by the lovely Trillian, a maniacally depressed robot and the amazing geezer with two heads and three arms.

Episode Three

(A trip to a dead planet)

The hapless five land on the dead planet of Magrathea in search of riches and fame. Unfortunately all they can find is an old dude who makes crinkly bits on planets.

Episode Four

(The truth about Mice)

What! Mice are WHAT!! no way, it just cannot be, those little furry things that women scream at!

Yes, we learn that the Mice are a lot more than they seem.

Episode Five

(Watching the Universe die with a nice glass of red wine)

After a run-in with a pair of butch galactic policemen, our intrepid five-some magically end up at a restaurant well known for providing the last meal – in the universe.

Episode Six

(A Golgafrincham tale of doom)

The story comes full circle when Ford and Arthur return to Earth with the Golgafrinchams. The find that the experiment is doomed.

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