LEXX: Purirty Test

There are only 15 questions so please read them carefully before answering. Click the radio button next to your answer then select ”Rate Me” at the end. Please be aware that this is NOT just a bit of fun, it is a serious SadGeezer LEXX Purity’ Psychometric Test and is based on your perception, intelligence and social interaction – sort of.




Stanley Tweedle is:

  a. An ex-security guard Class 4
  b. The Captain of the LEXX
  c. A wimp.




No clues!

This is a scene from:

  a. ”Who cares, it made me laugh!
b. The Giga Shadow”
c. ”Debbie does Dallas”




Your partner desperately wants to make love to you and is stood naked in front of the TV just as LEXX is about to start. Do you:

  a. Make love in front of the TV with your partner on top so that you can sneak glimpses of the show.
  b. Demand that he/she moves out of the way.
  c. Ask your partner to change the channel.




Who is the only actor to play 3 different parts in the LEXX saga:

  a. Deiter Laser
  b. Xenia Seeberg
  c. Patricia Zentilli




The best birthday gift you could get this year would be:

  a. A scale replica of the LEXX
  b. Eva Habermann/Xenia Seeberg/Patricia Zentilli/Michael McManus erm…. or two Micheal McManus”s
  c. A present



  No clues!
Who is this?
  a. Lex Gigeroff!
  b. His Divine Shadow
  c. My dad




You’re drunk in a bar with your LEXX friends. The current topic of conversation is:

  a. LEXX scripts/plots.
  b. Zev”s figure / Kai”s……… shoulders.
  c. The price of beer.




This is a picture of:

  a. 790
  b. 791
  c. 792




You would consider calling your baby son:

  a. Micheal
  b. Kai
  c. Mantrid




Zev is:

  a. Turning into a bowl of custard
  b. Sacrificing herself to save Kai
  c. Getting a very severe tan




His Devine Shadow is:

  a. An evil asshole
  b. The head of the Devine Order though his essence is that of an Insect. He became the Giga Shadow.
  c. Paul Donovan



  No clues!

Snick is:

  a. Doing it wrong!
  b. A real dope
  c. Trying to pull Zevs head off




“It went in hard but it came out soft. Sometimes I play with it when I”m bored.”
What is Stanley describing:

  a. His lunch.
  b. “I refuse to answer this question it”s disgusting!”
  c. His chewing gum.




Nigel Bennett plays the Prince of:

  a. Darkness
  b. Fire
  c Water



  No clues!

In this scene:

  a. Kai is having a ”bad hair day”
  b. Kai is pulling himself together
  c. Kai has a splitting headache



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