Battlestar Galactica: Transcripts: S02E01: Scattered

Galactica – CIC
Apollo: Where are the medics? Where’s Doc Cottle?
Ishay: Off ship, on rounds in the fleet, sir. Stand clear!
Fisher: Sgt. Fisher reporting, sir.
Tigh: It’s gonna be okay. Okay.
Medics [Excited talking] Flashback – Cargo Ship Quarters
Adama: I’m your new shipmate. Bill adama.
Tigh: Saul Tigh. Galactica – CIC
Medic: H-he’s gonna be okay.
Ishay: Okay, we’ve got tension pneumo. I’m gonna stick him and release the pressure.
Medic: He’s gonna be okay.
Boomer: What’s going on? What happened?
Tigh: Sergeant of the guard, secure that thing in the brig.
Fischer: Aye, sir. Hollis, Wenzler, let’s go. Let’s go!
They secure Boomer and take her away.
Boomer: Ah! No! Wait!
Ishay: Okay, he’s breathing! Let’s get him down to sickbay, RFN.
Kelly: What the hell?
Gaeta: Valerii’s shot the old man.
Kelly: What?
Ishay: Three, one, two…
Gaeta: She must be a Cylon, Colonel’s in command. You are second.
Ishay: Make a hole!
Apollo tries to follow Adama
Fischer: As you were, Captain.
Apollo: Like hell!
Tigh: Secure Captain Adama! Put him in the brig.
Apollo: Colonel! Colonel Tigh! He’s my father! Colonel!
Kelly: Colonel. Could this be a prelude to a Cylon attack?
Tigh: How would they know where we are?
Racetrack: Valerii could’ve told them, sir.
Tigh: What? How?
Racetrack: When we aboard the base star, she left the raptor for a few minutes and came back without her helmet. She might’ve told the Cylons everything. Our position, defenses…
Kelly: Colonel, the toasters have knocked out our CO. This has gotta be part of a bigger plan. I recommend we execute jump
to urgency standby coordinates.
Dualla: Colonel, I’ve located Doc Cottle. He’s aboard the rising star.
Gaeta: Dradis! Signal of contact, Cylon base star bearing 4-8-7 carom 0-1-5.
Kelly: Sir, we can’t stay here. Sir.Flashback – Cargo ship
Adama: So what’s your plan here? Personally, I tend to go with what you know. ‘Til something better turns up.
Galactica – CIC
Kelly: Sir!
Tigh: Dee, alert the fleet. We are making an immediate jump to the emergency coordinates.
Dualla: Sir, Doc Cottle is still 15 minutes away.
Tigh: He’ll have to rejoin us on the other side of the jump.
Gaeta: Sir! What about our people on the surface of Kobol?
Tigh: If they’re still alive, they’ll have to wait.
Gaeta: Ftl?
Dualla: Go!
Gaeta: Nav-con?
Dualla: Go! Galactica to all vessels. Prepare to make immediate ftl jump to escape coordinates alpha. I say again, escape coordinates alpha. Clock will start on my mark. Mark. Galactica – Brig
Roslin: Captain, what have they done to you? What’s going on?
Apollo: My father’s been shot.
Roslin: What?
Apollo: Someone get this frakkin’ thing off me, please?
Guard: I’m not authorized to do that.
Apollo: I’m behind the frakkin’ bars!
Roslin: Captain. How bad is your father?
Apollo: Bad. Two bullets in the chest.
Roslin: Is Dr. Cottle with him?
Apollo: No, Doc Cottle’s not on board.
Galactica – CIC
Dualla: Attention, Galactica. Fleet is away. Stand by to jump in five, four, three, two, one– jump. Gaeta: Jump completed.
Tigh: Report. Report!
Gaeta: Dradis is empty, no contacts.
Tigh: No contacts? Where is the fleet? Dee!
Dualla: Checking all channels. No colonial signals. They’re gone, sir.
Kobol – Opera House (Daydream)
#6: Isn’t she beautiful, Gaius?
Baltar: I don’t think I have ever been touched so deeply in my entire life.
#6: You’re going to make a wonderful father.
Baltar: Speaking metaphorically, of course.
#6: And literally. She’s our child, gaius. Our little girl.
Baltar: What?
#6: Do you want to hold her?
Baltar: Mm…yes. Yes, of course I do. But she’s not real. Any more than, uh… any of this is. Real. #6: She’s real.
Baltar: She is?
#6: She may not be with you yet, but she will be. Soon.
Baltar: I’m having a little difficulty– I’m trying to understand, I want to understand. I–
#6: [Sighs] Baltar: You are the mother.
#6: And you’re the father. Kobol – Ruins
Baltar: Am I the father?
Cally: Excuse me?
Baltar: Dream, I’m, been clearly having a dream…
Cally: We’re moving out, sir. Get up. And if you wouldn’t mind carrying something this time, that’d be great.
Socinus: [Wheezes] Sellix: This is serisone, it should help you breathe a little easier.
Socinus: [Coughs] [Wheezes] Tyrol: Here, just take it easy. You’ll be feeling better in a few minutes.
Sellix: Excuse me, sir. We’ve got to get you up.
Socinus: [Wheezes] It hurt.
Sellix: I know.
Socinus is carried off
Baltar: If you don’t mind my asking, where are we going, Crashdown?
Crashdown: Tree line. We can hide, still see the crash site in case Galactica sends a rescue party.
Baltar: Galactica will be sending a rescue party.
[Explosion] Tyrol: Everybody down!
Cally: what was that?
Sellix: That Cylons?
Crashdown: Maybe. Seelix, grab the ammo. Staggered formation, I’ll take point. Chief, you’re bringing up the rear. Be ready to tell the private, people.
Tyrol: El-tee? I think we should double-check the supplies before we bug out.
Crashdown: Sorry, Chief, we don’t have the time. If that’s an aircraft turbine, they’re gonna be on us any moment.
Tyrol: El-tee, we gotta make sure we have everything!
Crashdown: We don’t have the time, Chief!
Tyrol: Damn it. Gods Damn it! Galactica – Tigh’s Quarters
Ellen: What’s going on, saul? Where’s the fleet?
Tigh: We don’t know, they jumped to another location.
Ellen: You’ve got blood on your pants. Why would they do that?
Tigh: Every watch we update our emergency jump calculations with new star fixes to compensate for inertial drift, and then we transmit them to the rest of the fleet. This time ours were updated, but theirs weren’t. Gaeta was supposed to transmit them to the rest of the fleet.
Ellen: So it’s Gaeta’s fault.
Tigh: Oh, the kid was overwhelmed. He had his hands full.
Ellen: If you say so. It sounds like a pretty big screw-up to me…
Tigh: I should have checked before I gave the order to jump!
Ellen: This doesn’t sound like you, saul. You don’t let people slide. You bust their ass. Now, if Bill doesn’t make it– Tigh: He’ll make it.
Ellen: If he doesn’t, this will be your ship, your command. All I’m saying is you need…
Tigh: This is Bill Adama’s ship.
Galactica – CIC
Tigh: This is his command. His orders are still the word of the gods on this ship. Just so we’re clear. This will be Adama’s command until the day he dies. And we are not going to let him die. So say we all.
(All): So say we all.
Tigh: As you were. So how do we find the fleet?
Kelly: If we jump back to our original coordinates, our nav computers can use those star fixes to generate a best fit solution, given the fleet’s current position.
Tigh: The Cylons are waiting for us back there. How long will that take to calculate once we get back there?
Gaeta: If we shut down all our functions, 12 hours.
Tigh: There’s no way we can hold off a Cylon base star for 12 hours.
Galactica – Brig
Roslin: We have got to jump back. We can’t stay here. Lieutenant thrace won’t be able to find us once she retrieves the arrow from caprica. Billy: If she retrieves the arrow.
Roslin: She’ll retrieve the arrow. Captain, you’ve got to get reinstated. You’ve got to get back to CIC. Gotta denounce me, disavow me, do whatever you need to do. Colonel Tigh cannot relocate this fleet on his own without your father.
Apollo: Tigh’s not letting me out of here. I put a gun to his head. He won’t forget that anytime soon.
Roslin: I am so sorry that I got you into this, Captain.
Apollo: No, don’t apologize. I knew what I was doing. But I didn’t do it for you. I did it for… well, actually, I did it for… nothing, turns out.
Roslin: That’s not true. You took a stand.
Apollo: And now look at us.
Kobol – Forest
Crashdown: Watch your foot. (beat) Everyone take five.
Sellix: Give me the med kit. Where’s the med kit?
Tyrol: How you doing? Hey, how you doing, buddy?
Socinus: Good. Just listening to the birds.
[Birds chirping]

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Tyrol: I’ll be damned. I don’t remember the last time I heard birds.
Socinus: [Coughing] Tyrol: Take it easy, okay?
Sellix: Damn it.
Crashdown: What is it?
Sellix: We’re out of serisone.
Crashdown: It’s all right, I’ll get the other med kit.
Tarn: What other med kit?
Crashdown: Oh, don’t frakkin’ tell me. We pulled two med kits from the ship. I told you to keep an eye on both of them.
Tarn: I only saw the one, sir.
Crashdown: There were two.
Tarn: I’m sorry, sir, but I don’t remember you telling me…
Crashdown: Well, I did!
Sellix: Sir, his lungs are filling up with fluid. If he doesn’t get more serisone soon, he’s not gonna make it.
Crashdown: Okay, Tarn. You forgot the med kit, so you’re gonna have to go back and get it. Take a rifle, three clips of ammo, and a canteen.
Tarn: What?
Crashdown: Move.
Tyrol: Cally, come here. Watch the rear. (walks over to Crashdown) El-tee. You can’t send him alone.
Crashdown: You questioning my orders, Chief?
Tyrol: No, I’m just pointing out a flaw in your plan. Doesn’t need to be any bigger than that. Cally and I can go with him.
Crashdown: All right, fine, but would you look out for Cally?
Tryol: Cally, give me the rifle. We three go. Leave that, leave your backpack. Sidearms out. Tarn, you’re bringing up the rear in the middle, shh. Eyes and ears.
Caprica – Delphi Museum of Colonial History
Caprica Boomer: Her consciousness is being downloaded into another body right now. And when she wakes up, she’ll tell them exactly where we are.
Helo: She’s right, we can’t stay here.
Strabuck: She’s right, huh? Sharon the Cylon is right. It’s all just, “listen to Sharon the Cylon.” “Do whatever she says.” ‘Cause that’s a good idea.
Helo: Hey, Kara, she helped me get this far.
Strabuck: Okay, I get it. I get it, Helo. You and I go way back, so I get it. All right, I remember how you felt about her, but that is not the real Sharon. That is some cheap knock-off copy.
Caprica Boomer: I’m not a copy. I’m Sharon. I remember the first day I met you, Starbuck. You were puking your guts out in the head because you’d eaten bad oysters on…
Starbuck: Don’t do that. (she pulls her gun on Boomer)
Helo: Hey!
Strabuck: I don’t like it and I don’t like you. So the best thing you can do is just keep your damn mouth shut.
Helo: Starbuck. Put it down, for gods’ sakes.
Strabuck: What do you want from me, Helo? She’s a Cylon. You’ve been had. We’ve been had. So what, I’m just supposed to be nice to her? Because she says she’s pregnant? Get out of the way.
Helo: No.
Strabuck: Carl, do not think that I will not– [Gun fires] Helo: I’m not gonna let you kill her! Okay? She’s carrying my child.
Strabuck: My gods, men are so painfully stupid sometimes! How do you know that? (Boomer quietly gets outta Dodge!)
Helo: I know, all right? She is not lying.
Strabuck: They lie about everything, Helo, their entire existence is a lie. They’re not human, Helo. They’re machines. You can’t have a baby with a machine. I don’t know what to tell you. Okay?
Helo: But I believe her. I-it’s hard to describe. We’ve been together a long time. I mean, I know what she is, but she is not like the others. She is not.
[Turbines whining] Strabuck: No, no, no, no, no! Bitch took my ride.
(Boomer flies off in Starbuck’s Raider)
Galactica – Medbay
Tigh: How’s he doing?
Ishay: Well, the bullet’s tore up his spleen. His blood pressure is way down. Somebody needs to get in there and stop the bleeding, or we’ll lose him.Flashback – Bar
Adama: So what’s your plan?
Tigh: Don’t really have one.
Adama: I’m getting back into the cockpit. I’m getting back into my fleet. And I want you to come with me, Saul.
Tigh: You really believe that we can get back in the fleet?
Adama: Yeah, I do. Yeah, I do. Galactica – Medbay
Ishay: How long ’til Doc Cotter’s aboard?
Tigh: I don’t know. It’s gonna be a while.
Ishay: He doesn’t have much time, sir.
Tigh: You’re gonna have to go in yourself.
Ishay: Me? I’m just a medic.
Tigh: Today you’re a doctor. Galactica – Brig
Guard: Colonel.
Tigh: Open cell.
Boomer: How’s the Commander?
Tigh: You’ve bungled the job. If that’s what you’re asking.
Boomer: Then he’s alive. Thank the gods. (Tighs bitch slaps her, hard) [Groans] Tigh: How many of our pilots were Cylons?
Boomer: I don’t know.
Tigh: Who gave the order to shoot the old man?
Boomer: No one. Just get it over with, you frakkin’ coward. (Tighs smacks her around some more)
Tigh: (to gurad) Give me your firearm. Give me your gun!
Guard: Yes, sir. (he hands Tigh the gun. Tigh presses it to Boomer’s head)
Boomer: Just shoot me. Get it over with.
(Tigh decides not to shoot her, yet, and leaves)Kobol – Ruins
Tyrol: Okay, Tarn. Go up, take a look. If it’s not there, it’s at the raptor. And we’ll have to move up more.
Tarn: I got it, Chief.
Tyrol: All right, let’s get the hell out of here. Tarn on point. Let’s go. Go, go, go, go, go.
Kobol – Forest
Cally: This makes no sense. Why am I carrying the med kit when you forgot it?
Tarn: Okay, first of all that’s el-tee’s kit. Secondly, I’m on point.
Cally: Whatever.
Tyrol: All right, children, that’s enough. I’ll tell you what, cally. If it makes you feel any better, I’ll put him on hangar deck mop-up duty with you for next week.
Cally: Now you’re talkin’.
Tarn: For what? If anybody should have mop duty, it’s el-tee.
(Tarn is shot twice by Cylon Centurions.)
Tyrol: Go! Go! Get down! Top of the ridge! Cally, take the rifle and cover me! Suppressive fire. Okay, okay, wait for me. Wait for me, all right? Go, go, go, go, go. Don’t move! I’m coming for you, don’t move.
Tarn: [Groans] Tyrol: Jeez! ‘m coming. Give me fire! Cally, go, go!
Cally: They’re dug in, Chief. I can’t see them.
Tyrol: Cover me! Come on. Come on. You’ll be okay, you’re okay. You’re okay, you’re okay. It’s okay. Get on my back. Get on my back. Get on me, get on me. (he recovers Tarn, he carries him to safety)
Tarn: [Groans] Cally: Chief, they’re not following us anymore.
Tyrol: Cally, there. There. I know you’re hit, buddy. It’s okay, I’m gonna check you right now. I’m gonna put him here, Cal
Here, stay down. Be with me right here. Okay, I’m gonna check you right now. It’s not that bad, it’s not that bad. It’s not that bad. Cally, check the ridge.
Tarn: I wanna go home, Chief.
Tyrol: I know, I know. We’re going home. We’re going home, okay? Okay.
Tarn: [Mumbling] Tyrol: Sh, sh, sh, sh. It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay. Stay with me. Hey, hey. Look at me. Look at me. Stay with me, stay with me. Be with me, be with me. Come on, come on. Hey, hey, hey, hey. (Tarn dies)
Cally: Chief. Chief, we gotta go. We gotta go. We gotta go. Chief.
Tyrol: That’s it. That’s it, you stupid, frakked-up crap!
Cally: Chief, Socinus needs us now. Come on. Come on. Let’s go.
Galactica – Bathroom
Dualla: Not your fault, Lieutenant.Not from where I was standing. Gaeta: I was the O.O.D.
Dualla: It was crazy in there, sir. Can’t blame yourself.
Gaeta has an epiphany.Galactica – CIC
Gaeta: So we jump back to the last coordinates. But we network the ftl computer with a nav, dc, and fire control computers. Once they’re linked, we’ll only need ten minutes to complete the calculations.
Kelly: You can’t be serious. The old man would never do this, Colonel. No computer networks on his ship. I acknowledge that, sir. But I can devise a software firewall that will buy us more time.
Kelly: Really, you’re gonna out-think the Cylons at computer software?
Gaeta: Sir, if we don’t do this, we’re never gonna find the fleet. Certainly not before the commander dies.
Kelly: This is still the old man’s command. We can’t do something he’d oppose, especially when it puts the entire ship at risk.
Tigh: (on iontercom) This is the XO. Begin jump prep. Those are… my orders.
Flashback – Freighter
Tigh: Ha! Yes! He’s in. The kid is back in the fleet. So, let’s have the truth. How did you do it? How’d you get off this frakkin’ freighter?
Adama: Connections. Anne’s father has a friend on the defense subcommittee. Tigh: So the new wife comes through. Wish I had in-laws with pull.
Adama: Gimme a couple of years. I’ll have some pull. You watch me. I’ll have my own battlestar one day.
Watkins: Open up, please.
Galactica – Brig
Apollo: All right? You have my parole. When I’m on duty, I’ll make no attempt to free her or sow insurrection among the crew.
And when I’m not on duty, I’ll report directly back to this cell.
Tigh: Pre-flight brief is underway in the ready room.
Apollo: Right.
Roslin: Good hunting, Captain.
Apollo: Thank you, Madam President!
Roslin: Colonel, once you find the fleet, I’d like to have a word with you.
Tigh: There’s nothing to talk about. You went up against the old man and you lost.
Galactica – CIC
Tigh: We jump in, we hold off the Cylons. We crunch the numbers. Then we jump out. That’s it. Simple plan. Not so simple to do.
Gaeta: Computers have been networked. My board is green, sir. All stations report ready to jump.
Tigh: That software firewall ready?
Gaeta: Best I can make it, sir. Wish Dr. Baltar was here.
Tigh: To hell with that. Take your work over that shifty son of a bitch any day.
Dualla: Stand by. In five, four, three, two, jump.
Gaeta: Jump completed.
Tigh: Report?
Gaeta: Multiple dradis contacts. Cylon base star and multiple Cylon raiders bearing 4-8-7 carom 2-2-1.
The basestar launches a LOT of raiders at the Galactica.
Tigh: Lieutenant.
Gaeta: Computations underway. We’ll be able to plot the fleet’s position in seven minutes.
Vipers – Space
Flyboy: Whoo-hoo! Ha ha ha! Let’s get these psychos!
Kat: Hey flyboy, you know we got a pool going, right? See who gets the most kills now that Starbuck’s awol.
Flyboy: Well, we know i’m gonna clean up.
Apollo: Flyboys, shut up and focus. This is not a simulation.
Flyboy: Roger that.
Galactica – Medbay
Kim: His heart stopped!
Ishay: Defib, now!
Kim: Power’s unstable,the battery units are at the aid stations.
Ishay: Well, then, get me a knife.
Vipers – Space
Apollo: Weapons free. And open racks. And engage! Okay.
Dogfighting begins
Galactica – CIC
Gaeta: Here they come. Cylons are hacking our network. Attempting to access our gateway.
Tigh: Now it’s a race.
Gaeta: First firewall penetrated.
Vipers – SpaceApollo: Sierra Alpha, we got a new bogey.
Hotdog: What is that thing?
Apollo: I don’t know, but whatever it is, it’s bearing on Galactica. We gotta take it out. Hotdog: Apollo, Hotdog offensive. Three right, five at two. Tally: Tally, Hotdog. Count on me.
Kat: Roger that. I’m with you, leader.
Galactica – Brig
Guard: (to Roslin) Will you pray with me? Help us, lords of kobol. Help your prophet Laura guide us to the path of righteousness. That we might– that we might destroy our enemies. Let us walk the path of righteousness and lift our faces unto your goodness. Help us turn away from the calls of the wicked and show us the knowledge of your certain salvation. We offer this prayer.
Galactica – CIC
Gaeta: Calculations at 56%. Second firewall’s been breached. (time passes, space combat ensues) Frak they’re fast! Third firewall down!
Vipers – Space
Kat: Apollo: Approaching Galactica’s flak barrier. Cylon target within gun range. Apollo: Winged it!Kat: Apollo! We’re straying into Galactica’s engagement zone!
Apollo: I’m almost there, I’m almost there. I’m almost there, come on! Kat: Back! Back, back! Apollo: Damn it! I had it!
(Apollo flies into the falk zone, takes some minor damage and pulls out. The cylon heavy raider continues through and crashes into the Galactica’s non functional landing bay)
Dualla: Apollo reports impact on the starboard flight pod.
Apollo: You got a decompression in the flight pod. No explosion. No fire. Repeat, no fire. Dualla: No fire.
Galactica – CIC
Gaeta: Calculations at 80%. Almost there. They’re through the fourth firewall. one left until they’ve accessed our mainframe.
Vipers – Space
Kat: Frakker.
(A Raider is destoryed)
Flyboy: Whoo! That was mine, that was mine!

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Battlestar Galactica: Transcripts: S01E11: Colonial Day

Galactica – CICGaeta: Come on, come on. We have a solution for the fleet’s position.
Tigh: Break the network.
Gaeta: Network is broken! Computers restored to local control.
Tigh: Tell the vipers to get back aboard. We’re getting awful lucky today. Prepare to jump.
Dualla: Vipers aboard, sir. Stand by. In five, four, three, two… Jump.
Gaeta: Jump completed.
Tigh: Report?
Geata: Uh… multiple contacts ’round the board. Colonial transponder, sir. We found ’em!
[All cheer] Tigh: Captain Kelly. Lieutenant Gaeta. (Shakes their hands)
Gaeta: Sir.
Tigh: Dee. Contact the Rising Star. Tell Cottle to get his ass over here A.S.A.P.
Galactica – Medbay
Kim: Hell of a job.
Ishay: From now on, no more heart massages for me. I’m sticking to pills and enemas. Sir.
Tigh: Let’s hear it.
Ishay: Well, I managed to stop the bleeding. Um, but… he’s still critical.
Tigh: Doc’s on his way. Can you hear me, Bill?
Flashback – Tigh’s Flat
Tigh douses his uniform with lighter fluid. He’s about to set it on fire.
[Knock on door] Tigh: Go away.
Watkins: Captain Tigh, It’s the shore patrol. Sergeant watkins, sir. Open up, please. Major Adama’s compliments. He wishes me to inform you you’ve been reinstated in the colonial fleet. With the rank of Captain.
Tigh: Major Adama.
Watkins: Welcome back to the fleet, sir.
Tigh: I’ll be right with you, Sergeant.
Watkins: Yes, sir.
Galactica – Medbay
Tigh: You never should have brought me back in the service. If you’d just let me be, I’d have died back there in Caprica along with everyone else, and been happier for it. I don’t want to command. I never did. Don’t you dare die on me now.
Galactica – Starboard HangarCylon Centurions activate inside the crashed heavy raider. They look menacing.

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