Battlestar Galactica: Transcripts: Season 4.01: He That Believeth in Me

(New Opening Sequence)

Twelve Cylon models. Seven are known.

(Leoben, Six, Eight, Three, Simon, Doral, Cavil on the CIC of a Cylon basestar.)

Four live in secret.

(Chief, Anders, Tigh, Tory in the machine room from “Crossroads.”)

One will be revealed.

Starbuck: Previously, on Battlestar Galactica

(Galactica CIC)

Adama: I think the nova does look like the mandala inside this temple. Maybe it was a road sign on the path to Earth.

(Galactica: Kara’s Rack)

Helo: It was on the temple. But where’d you get the idea to paint yours?

Starbuck: It was just something I’ve been doodling since I was a kid. I liked the pattern.

(CIC, Viper 3, the Maelstrom)

Apollo: Starbuck, you’re getting too low.

Adama: Come on, Lee. Get her out of there.

Apollo: You come back!

Starbuck: Just let me go. They’re waiting for me.

(Ship explodes.)

Apollo: No!

(The Trial)

Franks: Gaius Baltar, after carefully weighing the evidence, this tribunal finds you not guilty.

(The gallery riots.)

Apollo: Get him back! Get him out of here! Get him out of here!

(Galactica Corridor)

Baltar, wandering and paranoid: Oh!

Jeanne: Gaius, it’s okay. Come with me.

Baltar: Where are you taking me to?

Jeanne: To your new life. Come.


Adama: We’re going to the Ionian Nebula.

(Electricals go down across the whole Fleet.)

Adama: Sitrep!

Gaeta: Uh, sensors show major power fluctuations. Checking on Fleet…

(The Four)

Chief: It’s true. We’re Cylons. And we have been from the start.


Gaeta: Dradis contact! Massive Cylon Fleet on intercept course.

Adama: I want emergency jump, the entire Fleet.

Helo: Sir, all Fleet ships were powered down during the outage. It’ll take at least twenty minutes to spool up the FTL drives.

Adama: We just don’t have twenty minutes.

Gaeta: Action stations. Set Condition One throughout the ship. This is not a drill. All Viper pilots report to Vipers immediately.


Apollo: I have a bogey at my ten. I’m gonna go check it out…

(Mystery Viper buzzes him.)

Apollo: Whoa! What the frak?!

Starbuck: Hi, Lee.

Apollo: Kara?

Starbuck: I’ve been to Earth. I know where it is. And I’m gonna take us there.


(Space: Lee and Kara stare at each other.)

Apollo: No. No, no, this is frakkin’ crazy. I saw your ship blow up.

Starbuck, confused: ‘Fraid not. Did you not hear me? I’ve been to Earth.

Apollo: Earth.


Starbuck, on PA: “…Big blue oceans, fluffy white clouds. You’re gonna love it. I promise.”

Adama: Identify that ship immediately.

Gaeta: Sir, I’m checking for Colonial recognition codes…

Adama: Get Lee online!

Dualla: I’m trying, sir.

Gaeta: I’m picking up her ship’s signature.

Helo: That’s her voice all right.

Roslin: Hold on, hold on. It is not real. It is a trick.

Bill: Duplicate verification.

Gaeta: Checking…

(Raiders approach from the four basestars.)


Gaeta: Hostiles inbound! Two hundred plus!

Adama: CAG, take ’em out!

Helo: All players, Galactica. Threat BR350, carom 211.


Helo, on PA: “Raptors, lean back as missile pickets. Weapons free.”

Starbuck: Don’t lose me this time, Apollo.

Apollo: Oh, not a chance.

(They enter the fight; Kara gets Raider blood all over her Viper.)

Starbuck: Splash one!


Starbuck, on PA: “Take that, you frakkin’ toasters!”

Roslin: Admiral, it’s a Cylon trick.

(Bill is paralyzed; Tigh stares at him.)

(Cut to the fight, and then back to CIC.)

Gaeta: The Vipers have stopped the main Cylon thrust, but the reserves have broken through, sir.

Adama: I want everything that can fly up there immediately.

(Tigh is spacing out.)

Adama: Saul. Saul! What the hell is wrong with you?

Tigh: Nothing, Bill. Never felt better in my life.

(In slow-motion, Tigh aims and shoots Bill in the eye. He goes down; Roslin is stunned. Saul begins to scream. The camera swings back around to Bill, and we come back to reality.)

Adama: Colonel Tigh! I gave you a frakkin’ order. Everybody that’s ever held a stick, I want them up there now. Get ’em out! Put ’em up there!

Tigh finally picks up the phone, shaking off his fugue: Sir. Attention, this is the XO…

(Galactica Hangar)

Tigh, on PA: “…All pilots, man your aircraft.”

Chief: …Let’s get that bird in the tube. Where the frak are these nuggets? Come on, Mama’s not gonna save you today! Let’s go! You wanna fly or not?

Seelix, to Anders: Come on, ready or not, let’s go.

Anders, approaching Chief: Hey. Hey, this is crazy. What if I get up there and another switch flips in my head and turns me against my own?

Chief: What the frak is wrong with you? Shut the frak up. It’s like the Colonel said, okay? Just think of that. Be the man you want to be. ‘Til the day you die.

Anders: That’s all easier said than done, because I don’t know what the frak I am right now.

Chief: You’re Samuel T. Anders. That’s all you gotta remember. Samuel T. Anders. Now get the frak in your ship.

Athena, walking up: Who else would he be? Hey, rook, stay cool out there, all right?

Anders: Yeah.

Athena: You’ll lock in and do what you’ve been trained to do.

Anders: Guess it’s just like suiting up for a championship game, right?

Athena: Yeah, that’s right. Good hunting.

Anders: Well, if she didn’t notice anything, maybe the other Cylons won’t either.

Chief: Yeah, well, don’t wait to find out. Shoot first. Get the frak in there, go kill something. Let’s go! Let’s load these birds! Anders, get the frak in your Viper!

Anders: Yeah, yeah, yeah! Yeah!

(Galactica corridors, in the chaos.)

Baltar: Where are you taking me?

Jeanne: It’s a place we found. An unused compartment.

(Raiders fill the sky; one crashes into a Fleet ship, causing it to explode.)


Gaeta: Sir, we’ve lost Pyxis!

Roslin: Oh my Gods, Captain Tarney. Six hundred souls on that ship. How did they find us?

Adama: That’s the question, isn’t it?

(Tigh and Tory stare at each other, guilty.)

(The Basestars begin launching missiles at the Fleet.)


Gaeta: Baseships launching missiles, forty — correction, fifty — plus inbound. Half targeted on us, half on the Fleet.

Adama: Have triple-a target only missiles going towards the Fleet. We can handle the hits, they can’t.

Helo: Sir. All forces, priority: intercept enemy missiles targeting civilian vessels.

(Sam’s Viper leaves the tube.)

(Sam’s Viper)

Anders: Okay. I am Samuel T. Anders. I was born on Picon. I went to Noyce Elementary School.

Seelix, interrupting him on wireless: — Get your thumb off the transmit button, Sam. You’re blocking the freq.

Anders: Copy that. Oh, frak me!

(Missiles connect with the toroid Fleet ship, blowing out a segment of its ring.)

Seelix: Longshot, hardball. Turkey right four low at three, committing.

Anders: Longshot, I got the… tally? I got your back.

(A Raider engages Seelix’s Viper.)

Anders: Seelix, there’s a Raider on you!

Seelix: Shoot, Anders!

(Sam’s gun locks up.)

Anders: I’m trying to. Gods, come on!

(In slow motion, a Raider turns and looks directly at Sam, as he stares back. Its red eye scans, stops in the middle, and begins to pulse. They look at each other, and the iris of his eye flashes red. The Raider immediately turns and retreats. Sam stares as the Raiders all begin to vanish toward the Basestars.)


Gaeta: Sir? The Cylon strike force has just turned back to their ships. Baseships are spinning up.

Tigh: They’re pulling out.

Adama: We’re gonna do the same damn thing before they change their mind. Helo, have our fighters cover our withdrawal.

Helo: Yes sir. All fighters assume rear cover formation.

Tigh: They had us. Game over. Why the hell did they let us go?

Tory: Maybe something’s changed.

Roslin: Like what?

Tigh: I have no idea, Madame President. No idea.

CREDITS: 39,698 survivors


(Galactica corridor, outside Cult HQ)

Jeanne: You’ll be safe here, Gaius.

(Paulla Schaffer opens the hatch and smiles, welcoming them inside.)

(Out in the corridor, Connor — from the Circle — and his buddy lose their trail.)

(Inside, Gaius looks around: nubile women and a few men of all ages, lounge on blankets and pillows like a harem. They stand on his approach, but can’t meet his eyes. There’s a shrine with his image in a six-pointed star, surrounded by candles and Christmas lights.)

(The new theme here contains lyrics in Old English, which Bear has said translate to the following.)

We gather in shadow beneath your altar, your image in blood and flame. By your command, deliver us unto the One True God… Gaius Baltar, our divine savior, now and for eternity. So say we all.

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Baltar: Right.


Starbuck, getting out of her Viper: Chief, I’m gonna need you to develop my gun camera footage ASAP. I’ve got a hell of a set of vacation pictures.

(She approaches him; nobody moves or speaks.)

Starbuck: I’ll take my post-flight checklist. I want to sign out so I can get in the showers.

Chief: …I don’t have one for you.

Starbuck: What’s up?

(Helo, Racetrack and Sharon stare. Lee runs up and grabs her tightly.)

Starbuck: Okay. Okay, me too. It’s okay, it’s okay.

(Hangar Balcony: Adama watches with Tigh.)

Tigh: Do you believe in miracles?

Adama: No.

(Sam runs up to her and hugs her too; Lee steps out of his way.)

Anders: I told everyone that you were too frakkin’ mean to kill!

Starbuck: Okay, I’m okay, I’m okay. I’m okay.


Starbuck: What the hell are you doing in a jock smock?

Anders: I just finished Viper transition a week ago, and I started ACM…

Starbuck, confused: How the…

(Sam laughs and touches her face.)

Adama, from above: Starbuck!

Starbuck, grinning up: I did it, Boss. I found Earth!

(She chuckles, and Sam smiles behind her.)

Adama: Everybody move back.

Marines, cocking their guns: Move in. Step away!

Adama: I need you in Sickbay. Cottle’s gonna give you a complete physical examination.

Starbuck: Okay, what the hell’s going on? I’m off the ship for a few hours and everybody’s acting…

Anders: — A few hours? Kara, you were gone for over two months.

Kara, getting angry: That’s impossible. My ship’s clock reads six hours and change.

Apollo, softer: Then your clock’s wrong, Kara. Sam’s telling you the truth. We thought you were dead.

Starbuck: What?


Jeanne: Gaius, I just wanted you to know that we’ll be back soon. Whatever you do, please don’t go anywhere by yourself. It’s not safe.

Paulla: Tracey’s here for anything you need.

Jeanne: We’ll be back as soon as we’ve looked in on Derrick. Okay?

Baltar: Right… Oh, Derrick. That’s your little boy, isn’t it? The one in Sickbay.

Jeanne: Right.

Baltar: Yes, I — I’m praying for his recovery.

Jeanne: Really?

Baltar: Yeah.

Jeanne: Oh, thank you.

Baltar: It’s a pleasure.

Jeanne: Thank you.

Baltar: So what’s the game plan, ladies?

Paulla: Game plan?

Baltar: Well, this place is brilliant, really. You know, it’s beautiful… Just when am I getting out of here? When I am getting off the ship?

Jeanne: Well, security’s too tight.

Paulla: Besides…

Baltar: Besides what? You’re just trying to keep me here and…

Paulla: Gaius, none of the other ships will have you.

(He stares.)

Jeanne: Uh, we’ll be back.

(Six Fugue in Cult HQ, after Paulla and Jeanne leave.)

Six: Yesterday, you were facing execution. Today you’re free. Why the long face?

Baltar: Oh, gee, I don’t know. From President of the Colonies to … this. King of fools. Probably best to be hated by everyone than loved by this lot. Doomed to live out the rest of my life in this loony bin. I don’t know, that might have something to do with my rather savage mood swings.

Six chuckles, kneeling near him as he drops to his knees: Relax, Gaius. You think I’ve brought you this far just to let it end here?

Baltar: I need some encouragement. A ray of hope about the future. An inkling…

Six, caressing his face: You’ve got me. I’m here for you…

(Cult HQ)

Tracey, watching: That is so beautiful.

Baltar: Hello. Sorry, what?

Tracey: The way you were praying.

Baltar: Oh, yeah, yeah. Oh, thank you. Yeah.

Tracey: Not some hollow ritual.

Baltar: No, no.

Tracey: It’s as if the Gods are right here beside you.

Baltar: Well, yeah.

Tracey: When I pray to the Gods, I feel … empty.

Baltar: Do you? That’s a shame, isn’t it?

Six: Her gods are false. Tell her.

Baltar: Well, if you feel empty when you pray to Zeus or Poseidon or Aphrodite, it’s because it is empty. It’s a totally empty experience. They’re…

(Tracey touches his face.)

Baltar: They’re not real. They’ve been promulgated by…

(Tracey begins unbuttoning his shirt.)

Baltar: A ruling elite… uh… to stop you from learning the truth.

Tracey: And what truth is that?

Baltar: Um, that’s a very good question.

(Distracted, he looks to Six.)

Baltar: What is the… The …

Six, exasperated: There’s only one God.

Baltar: There is only one God. In a nutshell, that’s the truth.

(Tracey opens her own shirt.)

Baltar: We’re alone here, aren’t we? The others aren’t coming back soon. And the door’s locked.

(She grins and nods.)

Baltar: All right, good.

(Tracey puts his hands upon her breasts.)

Tracey: Can you feel God’s presence?

Baltar: You know what? I think I do.

Tracey: So do I.

Baltar: Do you? Do you too? We both… We both feel…

(They kiss. Scene ends on his shrine.)

(Galactica: Adama’s Office)

Starbuck: So, what’s Cottle’s verdict?

Adama: Everything checks out.

Starbuck: So I’m me? Not a Cylon? That is why you had me tested, right?

Apollo: Kara, nobody said you were Cylon.

Starbuck: But you were thinking it.

Adama: We had to be sure, Kara.

Starbuck: Fair enough.

Roslin: Let’s go through it again.

Starbuck: How many times do you want to hear it?

Roslin: As many times as it takes to make sense.

Kara, angry: I followed a heavy Raider into the storm. Took some hits, passed out. When I came to, I was orbiting this planet. Its yellow moon and star matches the description in Pythia. I took these pictures in orbit. The star patterns match what we saw in the Tomb of Athena.

Roslin: How did you get here?

Starbuck: I told you, I don’t know exactly.

Roslin: Well, that’s just not good enough, Captain. Tell us everything you remember.

Starbuck: I remember taking the photos. Turning my ship in a reciprocal heading. And then I’m not sure. I must’ve blacked out again. I remember a giant gas planet with rings. I remember a flashing triple star. And a comet. And then I was back with the Fleet.

Roslin: And for you, all of this took six hours.

Starbuck: I do not understand the time discrepancy either, okay? All I know is I was there. I took the pictures. I didn’t imagine it!


(Investigating Starbuck’s Viper, which looks brand new.)

Chief, to Adama: I had my crew clean it up. There’s not a ding or a scratch on it. It’s got the same tail number as the one she flew out on. But I’ve been fixing up that old bird since day one, and this thing looks like it’s been rolled off the showroom floor.

Roslin: So it’s not the same ship.

Chief: Unless she found a hell of a body shop out there, no, ma’am, it’s not.

(Tory and Tigh stare.)

Chief: Admiral, it’s just not the outside either. This is the data from the nav computer… There isn’t any. It’s blank. There’s no record of where this ship has been.

Roslin: Okay. Put her in the brig.

Apollo: What? So some things don’t add up, and we’re back to thinking she’s a Cylon? What about Cottle’s test?

Tigh: Cottle’s test doesn’t prove anything.

Tory: Even if her DNA’s the same, she could still be a Cylon.

Roslin: She could’ve been one from the beginning.

Tigh: Baltar’s Cylon detector was a crock. It failed to ID Boomer.

Roslin: I know how you feel about her, Bill, but that is exactly what the Cylons could be counting on here.

Adama: Then we’re back where we started from. There could be Cylons right here, and we wouldn’t know it till they put a bullet in our heads.

(Chief, Tory and Tigh stare guiltily.)

Roslin: Or lead us into an ambush. The Cylon Fleet had enough firepower to blow us out of the sky, but instead they ran and jumped. And there’s Kara Thrace, suddenly back from the dead, having found Earth. If Kara Thrace can lead us off our course…

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Apollo: Course? What course? The nebula was supposed to be another clue on the way to Earth, but it…

Roslin: The Nebula is only a road sign along the way to Earth. And we need to continue to follow its path.

Apollo: Well, what if Kara is the clue that we were supposed to find?

Roslin: And what if she’s playing you?

(She turns to Bill.)

Roslin: And what if she’s playing you? And all of us?

(Tigh and Chief lock eyes; act out on poor Bill.)



Jeanne: Gaius, please! Gaius, please, can you help me?

(Gaius wakes up, naked, in bed with Tracey. Jeanne puts her child, Derrick, in the middle of their bed.)

Baltar: Uh, what’s going on?

Jeanne: Okay. Oh, god, um — watch his head — it’s Derrick.

Baltar: Derrick, is it? Uh, Derrick, I see.

(He whispers an aside to Tracey.)

Baltar: Where are my clothes?

Tracey: It’s okay.

Baltar: Is it?

(The cult gathers around the child on the bed; Gaius tries in vain to cover himself with the corner of a blanket. Nobody seems to notice or care.)

Baltar: Did they give you a diagnosis?

Jeanne: They said he’s got, um, viral encephalitis.

Baltar: Viral?

Jeanne: I don’t know, it’s some inflammation of the brain.

Tracey: Can’t the doctors do something?

Baltar: Well, not if it’s viral, no. I’m afraid it’s up to Derrick’s immune system. Uh, and he has to be strong. And we have to be strong for him.

Jeanne: I didn’t want him to die in that Sickbay, so…so I brought him here. So he can be with us. All of us.

(Gaius looks around at all the cultists.)

Baltar: Yeah, all of us.

(Jeanne takes his hand; Tracey holds the other.)

Jeanne: Give me your hand, please.

Baltar: I wish there was… You know I prayed for him, don’t you?

Jeanne: I know.

Baltar: I prayed for him.

Jeanne: I know. I guess… I guess that the one true God just doesn’t want him to live, right?

(Paulla watches silently; Gaius swallows, overwhelmed.)

(Galactica: Tigh’s Quarters)

Tigh: Anybody still hearing that frakkin’ song?

Tory: Nope.

Chief: Maybe it stopped when we figured out who… What we are.

Tory: Could have been some kind of trigger? To switch us on?

Anders: You know, after that Raider scanned me with that red light, damn thing just cut and ran.

Tigh: They all did.

Chief: You think it recognized you as a Cylon?

Anders: I don’t know. Maybe that’s why it didn’t shoot me. More important, why didn’t I shoot him?

Tigh: Racetrack was right. You just made a dumb nugget mistake.

Anders: Did I? Maybe I was programmed to leave my gun safeties on.

Tigh: No, those bastards can’t program me to help them. No way.

Chief: Boomer thought the same thing. And then she shot the old man.

Tigh: Boomer didn’t know what she was. We do. That is not gonna happen.

(Tigh pulls a gun out of his locker, cocks it, and sets it on the table next to the liquor bottle they’re all drinking from.)

Tigh: Agreed?

(They nod, sadly, one by one.)

(Galactica Brig: Caprica Six’s Cell)

Roslin: I don’t know why I’m here… Yes I do. I’m here because of the things that we’ve shared and the things that we’ve seen

Caprica: The visions in the Opera House.

Roslin: You went inside, you saw more than I did. I thought that maybe you could help me.

Caprica: Help you how?

Roslin: I need to know about the other five. The types we’ve never seen. The ones that Baltar calls the Final Five.

Caprica: And you want to know if Kara Thrace is one of them.

Roslin: Yes.

Caprica: I’ve been programmed never to think about them.

Roslin: Well, your programming isn’t working, because you’re thinking about them right now.

Caprica: I try not to.

Roslin: Trying not to is thinking about them. How do you rationalize that?

(Caprica stands up, stricken; the Marines push in on them.)

Roslin: All right, no. Back off. Don’t leave, back off.

Caprica: The Five are close.

Roslin: What?

Caprica: I can feel them.


Starbuck, looking at star charts: What about this one?

Gaeta: It’s a protoplanetary system.

Starbuck: So?

Gaeta: Nothing but rocks. No ringed gas giants like you … claimed you saw.

Starbuck: I did see it, Lieutenant.

Gaeta: If you say so, sir.

Starbuck: And what are you saying, Mr. Gaeta?

Gaeta: I’m not saying anything, sir. I’m just following orders.

Starbuck: Well, I’m ordering you to help me.

Gaeta: You’re ordering me…

Helo, arriving: — Mr. Gaeta, take a break.

Gaeta: With pleasure, sir.

(Nearby, on the bridge.)

Tigh: Jump clock is running, Dee, take us out of here.

Dualla: Yes, sir.

Helo: What’s going on?

Starbuck: I see it on his face. On all of their faces. Nobody believes me.

Helo: You want people to believe you? Find that star system.

Starbuck: It’s a big waste of time.

Helo: Hey, we’ve only been at it a few hours. Found maybe a dozen trinaries. Baltar’s calculations took months.

Starbuck: It doesn’t work like that.

Adama, arriving: How does it work, Kara?

Starbuck: It’s a feeling. An intuition. I didn’t use nav fixes to get there and back. When we were at that nebula, it was so clear to me. But every jump we take farther away, the clarity fades. If we keep jumping like this, I won’t be able to find our way back.

Adama, dismissing Helo: That’ll be all.

Dualla: All hands, prepare for jump in ten…

Adama, quietly: The president’s adamant. We’re gonna continue on the course laid out by the Eye of Jupiter.

Dualla: Five, four, three, two… Jump.

(Kara gets a headache and starts shaking.)

Starbuck: We’re going the wrong way. If we keep jumping like this, I’m gonna lose the feeling completely, never be able to take us back.

Adama: What do you want me to do? You want me to go to Laura Roslin? Tell her, “Forget Pythia and the Eye of Jupiter, because Kara has some feeling about where Earth is?”

Starbuck: Yes.

Adama: I can’t. I just left your ship. There’s not a scratch on it. It’s brand new. How do you explain that, Kara?

(She begins crying and he looks away, ashamed.)

Starbuck: Look at me. Look at me! I swear to Gods… It’s me. Kara. I can do this. You once said you loved me like a daughter. If you still do, you’ve got to trust me on this one.

Adama: I can’t afford to.

(She leaves, sadly. Marines follow.)


(Galactica: Tactics)

(Lee is watching the video of Kara’s death, over and over.)

Starbuck: “They’re waiting for me.”

Apollo: “No! No!”

Starbuck: “They’re waiting for me.”

Apollo: “No! No!”

Adama, interrupting: What should I believe? Should I believe my heart? Or my eyes?

Apollo, on video: “Come back here. Come back!”

Apollo: Well, you know where I stand.

Adama: I want to believe her. But the President’s right. It’s exactly what the Cylons would be counting on.

Apollo: So I guess you’re not changing course.

Adama: For the time being, we follow the President’s lead.

Apollo, sitting down near his father: She still staying in your quarters?

Adama: Just until we find a place to put her up to finish the rest of her doloxan treatment.

(Bill turns the video off and the lights on. They don’t look at each other for a while.)

Adama: I want to thank you for suiting up during the fight.

Apollo, smiling tiredly: We needed everyone up there.

Adama, placing Lee’s wings between them: We still do.

Apollo: I took those off for the wrong reasons.

Adama: Put them back on.

Apollo: Baltar’s trial may have been the trigger, but, um… This is a feeling I’ve been having for a while. It’s time for a change. I need to move on. I’ve had some feelers from the government. There’s a … position … opening up. And I think I can make a valuable contribution there. Maybe even more than in the cockpit.

(Adama stares, then looks away from him.)

Apollo: … Dad, what if Zak had come back to us in that Viper? If my brother had climbed out of that cockpit would it matter if he were a Cylon? If he always had been? When all’s said and done, would that change how we really feel about him?

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(Gaius stares at Derrick, breathing rough on a bed near his mother. He stands up to go somewhere, but turns around at the door, staring back at them. He returns to the bedside, awkwardly patting Derrick’s hair, and begins to pray.)

Baltar: Please, God. I’m only asking you this one last time. Don’t let this child die. Has he sinned against you? He can’t have sinned against you. He’s not even had a life yet.

(Paulla and Tracey wake up in a nearby bed, but stay quiet and listen to him.)

Baltar: How can you take him and let me live? After all I’ve done. Really, if you want someone to suffer, take me. We both know I deserve it.

(Jeanne listens, turned away from them with tears in her eyes.)

Baltar, weeping: I have been selfish and weak. I have failed so many people. And I have killed. I’m not asking for your forgiveness. I’m just asking that you spare the life of this innocent child. Don’t take him. Take me.

(Jeanne sobs silently.)

Baltar: Take me, take me please.

(Gaius stands and walks away. Nobody moves.)

(Galactica: Corridor)

Paulla, leading Gaius to a bathroom: We were all very moved by the way you prayed for Derrick.

Baltar: Fat lot of good it did him. Unfortunately, he’s worse, if you hadn’t realized.

Paulla: Doesn’t mean God didn’t hear you. I’m sure he’s looking after Derrick’s immortal soul.

Baltar: Yes, I wish I shared your confidence on that one. I really do.

Paulla: But you have to keep the faith. We all look to you for guidance…

Baltar: — Well, you shouldn’t, should you? I mean, you’re just… Well, you’re very young.

Paulla, hurt: Huh.

Baltar: What are we doing here exactly?

(She smiles and closes the hatch behind her, giggling as she produces a razor.)

Baltar: Uh…

(Galactica: Later, still in the head.)

(Paulla shaves Gaius.)

Baltar: Thank you.

(The hatch to the head opens, and Connor enters.)

Connor: Mr. President.

Paulla: Gaius, let’s go. We should get back, okay…

Connor: Good to see you again.

Baltar: I’m sorry. I can’t…

Connor, washing his face: We met at the groundbreaking ceremony on New Caprica. Introduced you to my son, Kevin. He told you he wanted to be President when he grew up. You told him that he could be, if he stuck to his schoolwork.

Baltar: He’s a redheaded little boy, isn’t he? About eight or nine years old…

Connor: — Seven.

Baltar: Seven years old. How is, um…

Connor: Kevin.

Baltar: Kevin. How is he?

Connor: He’s dead. Your police shot him.

Paulla: Come on, Gaius, let’s get out of here.

(Connor’s accomplice enters, and grabs Paulla by the throat. Connor holds the razor against Gaius’s jugular.)

Baltar: Leave her alone!

Connor: Look at me!

Baltar: Leave her alone!

Connor: Look at me!

Baltar: Leave her a —


(Galactica Head)

(Gaius screams, held down by Connor; Paulla struggles, choking.)

Connor: Go on, scream. Come on, scream! I want to see if anyone comes to help you.

(He screams in Gaius’s face like an animal.)

Connor: Scream! Beg! I bet you begged the Cylons. Why don’t you beg for me? Come on, beg!

(As Paulla continues choking, Connor head-butts Gaius.)

Connor: Get up! Get on your knees! Get up!

(Connor begins to slice at Gaius’s neck. Six appears to him.)

Six: You asked God to take your life instead of the boy’s. Did you mean it?

Baltar, voice rough: Yes. Do it. Take my life. Please.

(Six smiles as Gaius screams.)

Baltar: Please. Unh! Please take my life!

(Paulla finally breaks free, bashing first her attacker and then Connor with a great blunt piece of steel. While Gaius recovers, she continues hitting Connor, again and again, until Gaius takes her arm. Gaius’s shirt is covered in his blood.)

Baltar: No.

(Galactica Corridor)

Paulla, wired: You see? Gaius, I knew God wouldn’t desert you. I mean, I felt his love course through me, giving me the strength to smite them.

Baltar: A little less smiting next time, unless you want to be held up on murder charges.

(Cult HQ)

Jeanne, shocked at his injury: Gaius!

Paulla: You two, watch the door.

Jeanne: Gaius! Are you all right?

Baltar: Cut myself shaving.

(Gaius takes a drink of water.)

Jeanne: Okay. Well, you have to come. You have to come and see Derrick.

Baltar: Derrick?

Jeanne, embracing Gaius and dragging him over: Derrick! Oh, yes. God answered your prayers. You have to see. Look. Look at him.

Baltar, touching the boy: And no trace of a fever.

Jeanne, relieved: Nuh-uh. It’s a miracle.

(Six watches over them all as they murmur and stare.)

(Galactica: Hall of Remembrance)

Starbuck, staring at her photo on the wall, as Sam approaches: No one took it down. Not the old man, not Lee. Not even you, Sam.

Anders: You just got back, Kara. We’re all still trying to get a handle on this. You know, you gotta cut people some slack. Cut yourself some too.

Starbuck: When I woke up orbiting Earth, I just figured it was some crazy dream, but… I went in following a heavy Raider. I mean, maybe the Cylons pulled me out of the soup, captured me, brainwashed me. On Caprica, in the experiment on me. I mean, did they take pieces of me? I mean, is it possible that they grew me — another me — in a Petri dish, and they embedded me with the memories, or it with the memories, or…

Anders, kneeling at her side: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, hey, no. Kara, no. Listen to me. If you were a Cylon, then you’ve been one from the beginning.

Kara, disgusted: Like Boomer. Spend my entire life thinking I’m one thing…

Anders: Yeah, and then you wake up one day and discover you’re another. Still doesn’t change who you really are. Still doesn’t change the fact that I love you no matter what.

Kara, joking: You are a better person than I am, Sam, because if I found out that you were a Cylon, I would put a bullet between your eyes.

Dualla, on PA: “All hands, prepare for jump in four, three, two… Jump.”

Kara, bending: Damn it, they’re still going in the wrong direction. Oh… One more jump and I’m gonna lose my way altogether.

(She stands up and wobbles away, as two Marines track her with their eyes.)

Anders, rushing to her side: All right, we gotta find you a rack. Okay, take it easy.

Starbuck: It’s Roslin. The old man’s not gonna listen to me as along as she’s… I gotta get to her.

Anders: You can’t do that.

Starbuck: Is that a fact?

Anders: Yeah.

(She looks at him, and a split-second later has taken out one Marine by the neck. Sam instinctively disarms the second Marine, falling to the floor, so he won’t shoot Kara. She quickly dispatches that one too.)

Anders: No, no, wait! What the hell are you doing, Kara?

Starbuck, staring down at him, with the gun: Where’s the president, Sam?

Anders: Kara, come on.

(She knocks him out with the gun, realizes she’s crossed the line, and takes off running toward Bill’s quarters.)

(Galactica: Adama’s Quarters)

(Laura is alone on his bed, with a cold compress over her eyes.)

(Galactica Corridors)

(Kara makes her way through the ship, and takes out the Marine guarding Bill’s quarters with a gas bomb.)

(Galactica: Adama’s Quarters)

(Inside, Laura wakes up slowly, and smiles at Kara briefly, until Kara cocks the gun. Laura doesn’t move. They stare at each other.)


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