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In this, the fourth episode of Cop Craft (called, “In the Air Tonight“) we see the end of one story arc and the start of a fascinating new one.  This was a great episode mainly because of the quality of the characterisation and audio.  The story was pretty damn good too! (If you need to see any reviews of the previous episodes, Click the titles: 1. Cop Show, Witch Craft, 2. Dragnet Mirage and 3. Midnight Train).

They reach the bomb and see the fairy Leahyah trapped inside
They reach the bomb and see the fairy Leahyah trapped inside

Quick recap: The show so far is about a young Semanian (alien) knight who has traveled to Earth through the portal to work with the police to recover missing fairies that are being used to produce drugs and other dangerous materials by an unscrupulous Semanien called Elbaji.

Elbaji is eventually found and killed but one of his so-conspirators has decided to make a fairy bomb and detonate it on top of a nearby building.  This would effectively cause everyone affected (quite a large number) to be addicted to the drug. Our heroes have followed him there and when the get to where the bomb will be detonated, Tilarna recognises the fairy being held captive as the charge within the bomb!  She knows here as Leahyah.

The show opened with an intense scene when Tilana and Kei managed to catch up to the evil Zalada and his fairy captive Leahyah.

Zalada sets the bomb at the top of the Tower, Kei tries to defuse it while Tilarna defends him
Zalada sets the bomb at the top of the Tower, Kei tries to defuse it

Zalada, despite being outnumbered, is confident he will win out.

Tilarna fights with Zelada while Kei lies injured
Tilarna fights with Zelada

A battle ensues and we learn that the reason for Zelada’s confidence is that he has created an illusion and has the ability to throw magic bolts of lightning at Kei and Tilarna.  Tilarna tries to distract Zelada when Kei is hit and seriously injured.

Eventually, Kei musters up enough energy to use his hearing to locate where Zelada is, he points his gun and notices that a magical force nudges it slightly in a different direction.  He fires, seemingly into empty air and hits Zelada.  Tilarna follows up and manages to severely disable Zelada by cutting off his arm with her sword.  She watches him fall off the building but I don’t think she believes he will die from the fall.

Tilarna watches Zelada fall off the building but doesn't believe he is dead

On the top of the tower, Tilarna and the seriously injured Kei await the detonation of the bomb.  There is nothing either of them can do about the situation.  Tilarna wants to die with her police buddie and her friend, the fairy Leahyah.  It turns out that the fairy once helped a young Tilarna out of the forest and they became friends.  When Leahyah went missing, Tilarna followed to save her.

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Leahyah could not let the bomb kill everyone and she decides to take her own life.  In the process, Tilarna will be able to cast a spell and heal Kei of his wounds.  This she does to the considerable dismay of her friend Tilarna.

The fairy sacrificed herself to save everyone

Tilarna saves Kei’s life by using the body of the fairy to cast a healing spell.

The aftermath and the subsequent investigations, reports and court appearances

There is the usual investigation, reporting, court appearances as the investigation that they were involved in comes to a close.  As it completes, Tilarna thanks Kei.  She think that she has met a noble soldier and he, in turn, has managed to recover a broach that she traded with a villain called O’Neil to help her get into a nightclub owned by Elbaji.  She can’t believe her good fortune and gratefully accepts the return of the Jewelry. Then she sails off into the distance.

Another short but great sequence of clips shows that life has returned to normal and that it’s a little boring without Tilarna. We assume that time has passed, maybe a week or two.  And then, one day as Kei heads back into his flat after work, Tilarna is there lying on the sofa watching television.

She tells Kei that she is back because she doesn’t believe that Zelada is dead and there are more villains to catch, she has more work to do.  Furthermore, she produces a contract with the Police Department that basically gives her detectives privileges (rights, constraints, legal status etc.)  Kei easily accepts the situation (I’m sure he is as happy to see her as we are) and they retire (separately of course, they aren’t THAT happy) for the evening.

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Tilarna is back and this time she has a contract with the Police Department

The very next day they are raiding some vagabond hideout and one of the baddies points a gun at Kei – Tilarna comes to his aid by chopping of the finger (and half the gun) of the villain.  They manage to capture the rest without further injury.

Unfortunately, it is likely that the act of chopping off a villains finger is a bad thing.  And sure enough, this is what gets them both in trouble with their new boss (the last one, you may remember, got shot by Kei so their relationship probably isn’t cordial).

Tilarna and Kei get told off for chopping off perps fingers (Kei blames Tilarna)

Chief Zimmer tells Kei to keep Tilarna on a leash and that he is responsible for his ‘alien’ partner.  Tilarna isn’t pleased at being called an alien as it is racist.  This doesn’t stop Zimmer from referring to her that way during the conversation.

One of the other police officers points to a coffin that one of the villains owned.  The coffin has an inscription that looks like art and Tilarna tries to read it but it’s difficult.  It says something like ‘Forbidden…. blood’, she can’t read any more, it’s in an old Semanian language.

Inside the coffin is the body of a woman, a Semanian woman, a mummified body!  Nevertheless, it is taken to the mortuary where it is examined by Keis ex-girlfriend, Cecile.  She isn’t particularly happy about it as the examination of mummified remains isn’t really her job.  She reluctantly agrees however, to conduct an autopsy.

The contents of the coffin

Kei has no sympathy and, recognising Kei’s belligerence, the ladies discuss his less than admirable personality traits and how he has a tendency not to appreciate when someone does something for him.

Both Tilarna and Cecile think that Kei is a jerk

They leave and continue their investigation by returning to the Police Station.

They interrogate a Semanian suspect that was captured earlier.  It was not so much an interrogation as Tilarna beating the dude up. She eventually learns that the coffin was recovered from a place called Doras Derill.

Tilarna - Oh no, not Dorias Derill!
Tilarna – Oh no, not Doras Derill!

Tilarna is shocked and tells Kei that Cecile may be in danger.  She runs out of the Police Station and heads, as fast as she can, back to the mortuary.

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When she gets there, she finds Cecile trying to close the door on a vampire that has been chewing the neck of her mortuary assistant. Tilarna protects Cecile as best she can but she is not confident and asks Cecile to run away.

Tilarna protects Cecile

The vampire has some special skill that seems to be trying to hypnotize Tilarna, she tries to shake off the effects and just misses a serious blow from the vampire who seems to suddenly have become naked.

The Vampire has skills and Tilarna is ill equipped

Tilarna eventually gets the upper hand and strikes the vampire in the mouth.  She notices that the vampire has caught the blade in her teeth.

Apparently, vampires have really strong teeth

And there the show ends, with the customary ‘To be continued.’

It was a really good episode!  Writing and characterisation were wonderful as was the direction. If I would criticize the show it would again be the cheapo animation effects in fight sequences.  They just don’t seem very well produced to me and although the artwork is pretty good, some areas of animation are lacking – it tends to spoil the show a little.

Nevertheless, I’d still rate this a marvelous 8.9 for the story and characters.  What did you think?  

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