LEXX Chat: Jeff Hirschfield visits the #sadgeezer chatroom

Jeff Hirschfield

The on-line chat was held on Saturday 9th March, 2002.

Location: chatroom on the irc.fef.net chatserver.
Room: #SadGeezer

Jeff appeared as ‘HeadHoncho’

This log was edited by thefrey.

<HeadHoncho> has joined #sadgeezer

<dgrequeen> heh heh

<dgrequeen> hi Jeffrey

<HeadHoncho> HI all

<Doffy> howdy Jeffrey!

<AuntyAlias> He’s here

<BlackDalek> Greetinx

<Arania> hi ya there

<uber_vixen> heya πŸ™‚

<angelmay> HIya Jeffrey!

<AuntyAlias> wowie

<allison> hi…

<fx> hello  Jeff

<Insipida> Hello Mr. Jeff

* Praxilla waves

<SadGeezer> Heya Jeff! πŸ˜€

<StunnerLuver4> hey there Jeff!

<HeadHoncho> Greetings! Greetings! The kids were harder than usual to chain up in the cellar tonight, but all is well now.

<Amyzon> Hello Jeff

<theFrey> Welcome to the Sadgeezer Jeff Hirschfield chat.  Please in    order to keep Jeff’s  chat unmoderated do not greet or comment when entering or leaving the room. Also wait for Jeff to type ga (go ahead) before you enter a question. Thanks

<Lee_S> Hello, Mr. Hirschfield.

<theFrey> good evening Mr. Hirschfield Welcome to Sad Chat

<HeadHoncho> well

<Doffy> that’s good….glad you could be here tonight

<HeadHoncho> My pleasure ga

<allison> Thank you for taking the time.

<AuntyAlias> ok, Jeff was that you in that commercial saying “Give me a Cold One?”

<AuntyAlias> settle a bar bet for me honey

<HeadHoncho> No.

<AuntyAlias> ok, thanks

<HeadHoncho> Where’s everyone from?

<angelmay> Minnesota

<dgrequeen> Ohio

<thegman7> Florida

<Doffy> California

<AuntyAlias> San Francisco

<BlackDalek> Australia

<StunnerLuver4> Pittsburgh , PA

<Lee_S> Iowa.

<less> oregon

<Insipida> West Michigan

<MothFedBoy> Surrey BC

<eo> Sweden

<Praxilla> Nebraska

<Xirv0> the great white north

<thegman7> lol

<allison> Washington DC

<HeadHoncho> Hot damn. I’ve been drunk and naked in all those places

<theFrey> Dallas Texas via Pittsburgh

<uber_vixen> QLD, Australia πŸ™‚

<angelmay> lol

<dgrequeen> ‘Even in OHIO ?!?!?

<Xirv0> aka that really cold place known as Canada

<Stan> wow

<Amyzon> Texas

<Doffy> hehehe…cool!

<SadGeezer> Preston England

<Praxilla> you’ve been to NEBRASKA ?

<Arania> georgia myself

* Praxilla pat pats HeadHoncho

<Lee_S> Now I remember you… πŸ™‚

<Praxilla> I’m sorry, so nice to see you got over it

<HeadHoncho> What wonderful lies can I tell you this evening?

<SadGeezer> Jeff, what’s with the faggott carrots – I know they are scary and everything, but why not use faggot cucumbers or god forbid, faggott cabbages?

<HeadHoncho> The spinoff is all about faggot cabbages

<thegman7> yea what’s up with Carrots, ouch

<thegman7> !

<SadGeezer> D

<thegman7> Are you guys filming Season 5 right  now or soon

<HeadHoncho> Season 5 is up up up in the air

<angelmay> Jeffrey, what Lexx episode did you most enjoy writing?

<HeadHoncho> I’d say my fav was Prime Ridge, but I figure I’ll get beat up

<Insipida> πŸ™‚

<StunnerLuver4> luv that ep Jeff!

<angelmay> lol

<HeadHoncho> so I’ll say Wake the Dead

<dgrequeen> Nah, I laughed at Prime Ridge

<StunnerLuver4> naked Stan in tub scene rocked!!!

<Doffy> it was a hoot!

<Insipida> πŸ™‚

<thegman7> do you think the main trio is up to doing a 5th Season?

<theFrey> Mr. Hirschfield if you type GA after you commands we will know when to ask you the next question

<Lee_S> Which was your favorite season?

<HeadHoncho> My favorite season was probably Season 2, but Season 1 was the best in that it was all so new  ga

<thegman7> do you think the main trio is up to doing a th Season

<HeadHoncho> Okay, whoa a second

<theFrey> slow down people please

<Lee_S> Sorry, was I supposed to wait to ask a question?

<thegman7> Ok Frey

<theFrey> Yes Lee, wait until he types GA to ask a question  <thegman7> Jeff, I thought Brigadoom was really creative

<thegman7> That was among the first ep’s I saw

<thegman7> How tall is Xenia ?

<HeadHoncho> I only see Xenia lying down

<AuntyAlias> LOL

<angelmay> lol

<Arania> LOL

<thegman7> what? lying down lol

<fx> so were the carrots your idea?

<HeadHoncho> the carrots were not my idea

<Praxilla> lol

<thegman7> lol

* Xirv0 snickers

<HeadHoncho> but I use them frequently.  GA

<dgrequeen> shhh, people

<allison> I have a question.

<allison> Why a robot head? Why not the whole robot? How did the whole idea of 790 come about?

<HeadHoncho> 790 was originally Paul’s idea way back when Ga

<Stan> Jeff I think  791 your best  series!!!

<HeadHoncho> I like 791 too

<allison> Ah..

<SadGeezer> Jeff, Are you able to tell anything to the fans about future plans for the show.  I.e. spin-off series or even the possibility of a Season 5?

<HeadHoncho> Wait a sec, I will tell you what I know about the future. Nothing. Zero. That’s the truth.  Don’t hold your breath for Season 5

<SadGeezer> oki

<Lee_S> As an addition to the question Who designed 790’s appearance?

<HeadHoncho> 790 design. Not sure… GA

<dgrequeen> what other things are you working on now?

<HeadHoncho> YTV, a channel for young folks– teens, has ordered  eps of my series PHUNKEE ZEE G.D. HOpe I can swing it.

<Doffy> great

<AuntyAlias> Jeff, do you have plans to be at Uncon 00? Or do you have prior engagements?

<HeadHoncho> Uncon. Too early to say.

<AuntyAlias> well keep our fingers, toes and eyes crossed for you. Hope to see you at the Shoe at Uncon. If you can make it.

<HeadHoncho> I’d love to make it to Uncon GA

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<thegman7> Where are you from originally? school, etc.

<HeadHoncho> I from Daupin , Manitoba , Canada … I lived in Brandon and Winnipeg , Alberta , Nova Scotia , Now Toronto

<StunnerLuver4> Hi Jeff!  FrogSplash can’t be here, but she’d like to know why there weren’t more Kai scenes in Luvliner.

<HeadHoncho> Luvliner was early script. We were experimenting a little, leaving characters out of eps, etc, it wasn’t supposed to play until much later in the season, where it wouldn’t be so jarring to miss Kai

<Praxilla> What is the one experiment with scripts that worked? The one that didn’t work well too?

<HeadHoncho> I thought it worked well — more on paper than the screen. But we didn’t know the demand for Kai would be such a powerful cosimic force GA

<theFrey> What is GEEKS IN LOVE going to be about? and when and where can we see it?

<HeadHoncho> GEEKS IN LOVE  was a play I wrote in  it’s been in development as a flick ever since then. it’s like Something About Mary I don’t think it will get made

<theFrey> ah, bummer

<allison> Pity.

<Lee_S> What are fish girls, furry nympholeprae, etc.?  Valdron and I were debating over the significance of Schlemmi’s line in terms of the population of the Light Zone.

<HeadHoncho> Lee– It’s not that deep. Just a rhythm thang

* Micromary hears her name

<dgrequeen> Do you still keep in touch with the folks who stayed behind in Halifax ?

<HeadHoncho> drequeen  not much right now. MM is here, so is Louise but I’ll get back to Halifax and get the money they owe me GA

<dgrequeen> Heh heh

<StunnerLuver4> heh

* BlackDalek wants to know… Does it hurt when they cut your head off and put it inside the 790 prop during filming? And what type of adhesive do they use to attach your head back to your body after filming?

<HeadHoncho> BlackDelek  I have many spare heads. No prob I was grown in a lab Ga

<SadGeezer> Jeff, Do you plan to work with Paul and Lex on other projects in the near future?

<HeadHoncho> Sad– we’re not writing together, but are opening up a massage studio

<SadGeezer> Haha – Hey, I believe you D

<dgrequeen> and who will be the head masseuse?

<Micromary> LOL

<SadGeezer> dgre – prolly a carrot!

<Nirvanah_Rimmer> can I get an appointment P

<HeadHoncho> The beans are the head massuses but we only do each other

<Xirv0> mmm.. beans.. are they yummy?

<HeadHoncho> I am yummy. Paul and Lex are definitely not

<SadGeezer> especially with a drop of quiante

<HeadHoncho> an aquired taste, shall we say  (shudder)

<Lee_S> Now, I’d believe that if it came from Lyekka… πŸ™‚

<Nirvanah_Rimmer> O

<HeadHoncho> I met Paul thru Michael. I knew MM in theatre school

<Stan> Jeff what do you think about your role in End of the universe?

<HeadHoncho> Stan– what do you mean? GA

<MothFedBoy> what other actors (if any) were considered for the guest roles in the movies?

<HeadHoncho> Actors– I wanted Pee wee herman and Iggy Pop

<AuntyAlias> in the same episode, that would be interesting

<thegman7> where do you rank Brigadoom among your favorites?

<Praxilla> With experimenting on scripts what did you feel worked best and what in your opinion was a complete flop?

<HeadHoncho> Praxilla– I can’t say right now My  definition of success and flop has many parts to it GA

<Praxilla> k, thanks anyway

<Lee_S> What inspired you to pattern the story of 790 getting a body after “Alien?”  Were you worried that “791” would be poorly received due to its resemblance to the “Alien ripoff” subgenre of sci-horror?

<HeadHoncho> Lee- no. not worried. every scifi show at some time must kneel at the altar of Alien

<Stan> By Jeff!

<Lee_S> So true.

<HeadHoncho> Bye Stan  GA

<theFrey> Mr. Hirschfield who’s idea was it to make 790 turn in to a murderous little schemer he has become.

<uber_vixen> 790’s scheming rocks D

<HeadHoncho> Frey, Paul’s I think. But I really pushed it in my scripts GA

<uber_vixen> everyone should have an evil 790 of their own πŸ˜‰

<theFrey> πŸ™‚

<Doffy> he’s soooo evil

<StunnerLuver4> Did you ever consider having 790 fall in love with Stan?

<HeadHoncho> Stunner  Yes. But we couldn’t take it anywhere

<StunnerLuver4> heh

<fx> so you liked 790 being in love with  kai?

<theFrey> did you enjoy it?

<HeadHoncho> Sad– we lived to break taboos

<SadGeezer> hehe- I can see that -:)

<Lee_S> On that note was “Terminal” (in part) an homage to the “Doctor Who” episode “Terminus?”  Was it devised for the purpose of Zev’s departure, or was her death just written in later?

<HeadHoncho> Terminal was not an ode. It was written to say bye to Eva

<SadGeezer> but not much kneeling to other sci fi classics? – Did you feel that LEXX should be different from other shows in that it should break a few taboos?

<HeadHoncho> We liked being weird, cult, crazy , all that GA

<allison> You have added so much personality to the role of 790 – the character is what made me start watching Lexx. How difficult was it to create such a personality considering 790 can’t gesticulate, walk, etc?

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<HeadHoncho> Allison– I come by my talents with the aid of many stimulants actually it was really hard, and a painful operation to boot GA

<Nirvanah_Rimmer> lol !!

<allison> You know, that sounds reasonable! D

<HeadHoncho> BTW I’m not wearing any pants GA

<eo> lol

<StunnerLuver4> lol

<Xirv0> your wearing a dress?

<dgrequeen> LOL, Jeff, you sound like you love what you do

<Doffy> hehehe

<HeadHoncho> I luvs what I does

<Praxilla> sorry…how about underwear?

* Xirv0 dunn wanna know…

<Nirvanah_Rimmer> yes Jeff! Boxers or briefs??

<HeadHoncho> No underwear, and sand paper under my butt. Ooooooo

<Praxilla> ouch! lol

<dgrequeen> wow, whadda man!

<angelmay> Jeffery, did y’all play practical jokes with each other when filming?

<HeadHoncho> I thought every time Paul or Lex gave me their ideas it was a practical joke

<angelmay> hehehehe

<HeadHoncho> Unfortunately, it was all too real

* Praxilla giggles It’s in BLAZING reality

<allison> D!

<theFrey> I loved you as Dick Dongler in fluff daddy, did you enjoy that role?

<HeadHoncho> Frey– DD rules! Long live DD

<theFrey> D

* Nirvanah_Rimmer laughs so hard milk shoots out her nose

<HeadHoncho> My finest ‘part’ to date

<theFrey> How do you decide when you are going to play other parts besides 790?

<HeadHoncho> Other parts– DD I asked for, the directors wanted me for the other stuff GA

<MothFedBoy> What was the deal with The Web/The Net – was it a budget thing?

<HeadHoncho> Web/Net  Part budget. Part concept. All not enough time to really make it work

<Lee_S> Do you try to sound different as Dick Dongler, etc. so casual viewers won’t recognize you as the voice of 790?

<HeadHoncho> Lee– yes. In Lyekka I have a scene with myself. Too much GA

<Lee_S> Was the part of P. T. Bando in “Lyekka” written specifically with you in mind?

<HeadHoncho> Lee– no

<Praxilla> Is your writing effected because you know your going to be acting the part?

<HeadHoncho> Prax– sometimes GA

<fx> what was the most frustrating aspect of working on Lexx?

<HeadHoncho> fx– people not recognizing that I am always right. Always

<fx> lol

<SadGeezer> Jeff, How long does it take you to write a LEXX script?

<HeadHoncho> Sad– I’ve written from 30 days to 4 days GA

<SadGeezer> cool

* Praxilla almost sprays her tea on the monitor

<StunnerLuver4> Which one of you Beans wrote the beautiful words of the Stan Song from GigaShadow?

<HeadHoncho> Stunn– I did

<StunnerLuver4> SWEET!

<StunnerLuver4> You rock!

<theFrey> Round of applause for the Song people!

* theFrey claps

* uber_vixen golf claps

<dgrequeen> *frantic applause*\

* StunnerLuver4 claps

* Nirvanah_Rimmer claps

* Praxilla applauds

<uber_vixen> bravo πŸ˜‰

<HeadHoncho> shucks GA

<Lee_S> Fan debate Was Dick Dongler the reincarnated version of the soul of Bando?

<HeadHoncho> Lee– uh, don’t think so.

<Lee_S> Are you responsible for the poetry trend in “Lexx” (“The Giga Shadow,” “Twilight,” 790’s love sonnets, etc.:)?

<uber_vixen> those songs are better than anything from brigadoom lol

<HeadHoncho> Lee- No. We all like it and wrote it, but Lex was the main man there

<HeadHoncho> hang on. I have to change the water in the bongGA

<theFrey> Mr. Hirschfield did you ever write something totally outragous into the script just to see if you could get one of the actors wound up? -:)

<HeadHoncho> Frey– absolutely. as much as possible

<Praxilla> Stop it! I’m gonna choke here! lol

* dgrequeen pounds Praxilla’s back

<SadGeezer> hang on, I gotta change the water in the bog

<HeadHoncho> diggedy- dog

<Nirvanah_Rimmer> lol

* Praxilla hands Sadgeezer some bog paper

<fx> so who did you like to wind up the most ?

<SadGeezer> πŸ˜€

<allison> Is there anything you wrote that was so outrageous it was vetoed by everyone?

<HeadHoncho> outrageous was not often vetoed. Encouraged more like ga

<allison> GOOD:)

<Doffy> that’s why we love Lexx πŸ™‚

<SadGeezer> Jeff but did you have anything vetoed? because it was too … over the top, tasteless etc.

<HeadHoncho> sad– lots of stuff. but not because it was too out there it was vetoed for story reasons,  or the broadcaster reasons

<SadGeezer> πŸ™‚

<theFrey> Mr. Hirschfield, what was your most successful actor wind up? and did it make it to film?

<HeadHoncho> frey– can’t answer. They got wound up for different reasons GA

<HeadHoncho> and enough with the Mr. Hirschfield stuff, please

<theFrey> πŸ™‚

<HeadHoncho> Lordship will do…

<theFrey> got it

<StunnerLuver4> LOL

<Lee_S> Did you write “The Wheel?”

<HeadHoncho> Lee- no

<HeadHoncho> GA

<dgrequeen> Your Lordship, were you sorry to see Lexx end?

<HeadHoncho> drge– I’m of mixed emotions

* Xirv0 bows to His Almighty Lordship Of All Things… *cough*

<HawaiiKai> Your lordship, have the makers of PEZ ever approached you about making a 790 candy dispenser?

<uber_vixen> !

<HeadHoncho> no. Can you call them? GA

<uber_vixen> mmm…790 merchandise…

* uber_vixen drools

<Praxilla> I still want to see a 790 alarm clock, any possibilities?

<theFrey> yes one that wakes you by hurling abuse!

<Micromary> and you turn it off by  throwing it against the wall

<HeadHoncho> 790 bun warmer!

<uber_vixen> i’d buy any 790 merchandise πŸ˜‰ w00t

<HawaiiKai> lol

<theFrey> Five minute warning People…. Last questions?

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<StunnerLuver4> Jeff, I just wanted to thank you for writing the Stan-bathtub scene in Prime Ridge!  You made us Stan Droolers proud!

<HeadHoncho> thanks Stunner– that was a lot of fun to write

<StunnerLuver4> πŸ™‚

<fx> pat z told us about mm’s intestinal problems, any embarrassing stories?

<dgrequeen> We enjoyed your work very much, all the way through

<dgrequeen> and I’ve been sitting here laughing my head off

<HeadHoncho> dgre– yer sweet

<dgrequeen> just the facts

<ThetaBoi> but fattening πŸ˜‰

<HeadHoncho> GA

<Doffy> LOL

<BlackDalek> How long do you estimate it will be before we will be able to purchase full-scale working replicas of the Lexx from our local hobbyist stores? I’ve tried to make my own utilising native earth dragon-flys, but it seems that I only have to order  Dalek taskforce to board it and it loses structural integrity and goes *splat*

<HeadHoncho> Black– dunno. Don’t hold yer breath

<MothFedBoy> could do with some 790 drone arms

<MothFedBoy> or Mantrid even

<theFrey> Your Lordship, should we be keeping an eye on Ebay for anymore great 790 Stuff?

<HeadHoncho> Frey– I have one more 790 mask I may sell. Anyone want my teeth from 791?

<dgrequeen> hoo, teeth?

<ThetaBoi> yes, I find I need teeth tonight

<theFrey> do they come with a poem?

<Lee_S> Moderators Did I just get kicked off for not shutting up?  ‘Cause I’ll be good, now.

<fx> no lee

<theFrey> no, you pinged Lee

<Nirvanah_Rimmer> it’s an irc thing Lee

<Lee_S> Thanks, Frey, I don’t understand technical computer stuff.

<fx> c’mon Jeff, one embarassing story, puhleeeze?!

<HeadHoncho> GA

<Insipida> Are there any people you’d like to thank before you sign off for the evening?

<HawaiiKai> I just wanna say that there are few things that I’ve enjoyed as much as Lexx!!  Thanks, Jeff!

<fx> thank you Jeff for taking the time!

<Doffy> yes, thanks for coming, Jeff!

<Xirv0> adios, Jeff

<dgrequeen> yes, thank you

* Xirv0 bows and such

<HeadHoncho> I’d like to thank everyone here. you fans are unbelievable.

<Nirvanah_Rimmer> yes! yourock

<uber_vixen> 790 is my favourite character from Lexx and definitely what kept me interested in the show (mmm, 790 poetry and Stan insults…:) ty D

* Xirv0 fans HeadHoncho

<Praxilla> big thank you, your lordship πŸ˜‰

<ThetaBoi> we’ll buy the next time we see you!

<less> hope to see you in Toronto for hoggcon Jeff)

<StunnerLuver4> thanks so much Jeff, you rock!!!

<fx> we love you your lordship

<MothFedBoy> cheers – keep up the good work

* theFrey thanks his Lordship for his time and consideration

<angelmay> Thanks for doing the chat Jeff, hope you can do one again sometime!

<Amyzon> bye Jeff

<HeadHoncho> I hope we can do something for you Lexx wise in the future.

<allison> Yes – thank you for taking the time πŸ™‚

<Amyzon> Thank you for coming.

<Doffy> We hope so too! D

<dgrequeen> SPIN OFF!!!

<Nirvanah_Rimmer> i worship Jeff’s shadow P

<Arania> yes…

<Lee_S> It is an honor speaking with one so prestigious as you.


<Micromary> merchandising!!

<AuntyAlias> barring that order from ME

<uber_vixen> I need 790 everything D

* Praxilla grabs onto that hope  woo hoo!

<AuntyAlias> had to plug my stuff

<HeadHoncho> I’ll do my best.  I’ll let you know if my other series goes, and hopefully you’ll see a little Lexx in it

<theFrey> yes please more Lexx wise πŸ™‚

<Doffy> great!

<dgrequeen> Yes, please do!

<HawaiiKai> Yeah!

<allison> πŸ™‚

<theFrey> yes please keep us posted on your future projects πŸ™‚

<less> thanks so much Jeff:)

<HeadHoncho> We couldn’t have done it without you guys

<StunnerLuver4> hope to see you at Uncon, Jeff!

<less> and hoggcon;:)

<HeadHoncho> Hope to be there

<ThetaBoi> yuo could, but it’s nice of you to say that

<HeadHoncho> I wish you all the very, very best.

<HeadHoncho> Bye now

<dgrequeen> same to you

<uber_vixen> come to australia some time D teehee

<Doffy> bye!

<theFrey> Well thank you all for attending the Jeff Hirschfield chat and thanks to Rachel for her assistance with the web portal

<Micromary> thanks again, Frey

<Nirvanah_Rimmer> cool do we get doughniuts?

<less> thanks frey:)

<theFrey> yeah Rachel!

<fx> and to you bye

<StunnerLuver4> bye!

<ThetaBoi> bye!

<Nirvanah_Rimmer> bye

<angelmay> Bye Jeff!!

<theFrey> please join us for an after chat talk in #lexx

<allison> Back at you.

<uber_vixen> cya D

<Praxilla> goodnite

<less> schuß Jeff

<Nirvanah_Rimmer> Luv πŸ™‚

<theFrey> bye

<HeadHoncho> Bye bye

<HawaiiKai> Best to you, too!

<Nirvanah_Rimmer> Sparkles *

<AuntyAlias> Thanks Jeff

<allison> Frey – thank you for hosting.

<MothFedBoy> cya

HeadHoncho ([email protected]) Quit (Leaving_)

<BlackDalek> good bye

<dgrequeen> Yes, thank you, Frey

<dgrequeen> This was great!

<dgrequeen> Is coffee served?

<Lee_S> It makes an ancient rumbling sound.

<HawaiiKai> Thank you, Frey…it was great!

<Doffy> thanks for another great chat frey and fx!

<thegman7> thanks Jeff

<angelmay> Thanks frey and everyone that put it together.

<fx> you’re all very welcome

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