LEXX: S02E14: Patches in the Sky

This show was a cracker!   We saw the long awaited return of the luscious babe with the big hair and vicious tongue –  Giggerota.    Also, I finally have a role model, a person that he can look-up to, that can Mentor me through life’s little challenges – the amazing Gubby was great as the spaced-out, witty, host-geezer and he also had the biggest pipe I ever saw!

The show opens with Stanley dreaming of… well lots of things,  the normal stuff, like Lyekka’s wonderful purple costume and Xev and…… suddenly he hears those terrifying words, “Hello waste of skin!”   Giggerota the Wicked  has returned to haunt him and chases after the terrified Stanley.  He wakes up in a cold sweat!

Xev runs into the room to find out what all the screaming was about and learns that Stanley has had a nightmare.  She suggests that ‘the mighty captain of the LEXXXev tries to help confront his insecurities by doing something really macho like blowing up an asteroid or something.

Meanwhile a solitary spaceship enters the ‘Gubby Marx Narco Lounger World’ a satellite claiming to bring to life the fantasies and dreams of each of it’s customers.  Gubby introduces his miraculous machine, “This baby here is the Narco Lounger, the famous one-of-a-kind dream machine where you sit right down and slip right into your own, all time favourite dream and experience it for real. So come on board! I admit it’s expensive, but hey, who would sell dreams cheap! So get ready for the dream trip of a lifetime!

Fruitcake hands Gubby his arm

The visitor enters the main area and Gubby looks up, “Not you again fruitcake. Just can’t stay away from the old woo woo woo huh?” Fruitcake looks every bit like his name.  He has a rather effeminate face but the expression of a real wacko! He is eager to take a trip on the machine but all he has to offer by way of trade, is what seems like a broken Mantrid Droid.

I got this,” says Fruitcake, placing the broken Mantrid droid on the table. Gubby is not impressed.

Why am I not experiencing a sensation of tremendous personal gain here?” Asks Gubby sarcastically.

But Fruitcake persists.  He makes his way to the machine and prepares himself. Gubby flatly refuses to help the wacko and asks him to leave.  Fruitcake begs him for a ‘ride’. Gubby tries to explain the situation clearly and concisely, “I can’t use this. But I’m gonna give you a free tip. Take this junk and you The weepy Fruitcaketrade it into some kind of mental institute that treat’s Fruitcakes like yourself.  Say goodbye Fruitcake, and don’t come back!

Fruitcake turns to leave, but he suddenly turns and, with tears streaming down his face, he asks for one last go on the machine. Gubby relents, he hates to see people cry (aww, a double dealing two-faced geezer with a heart).   He agrees to let the sobbing Fruitcake use his dream machine.

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The Doomed Droid

Meanwhile, Stanley flies the LEXX to a mining planet operated by droids. He threatens to blow the planet up unless a poor unassuming administrator-droid can offer the macho captain something to improve his mood.  The doomed droid makes various attempts before finally suggesting that Stanley visit the Narco Lounger.   Stan is intrigued and tells the LEXX to, “Cancel the destruct command.” But significantly, the LEXX does not respond.

He discusses the new destination with Xev and LEXX blows up the planet. Apparently the bimboesque LEXX doesn’t understand the word ‘Cancel’.

The Narco Lounger is programmed with the help of a cute computer. “You are riding the Narco Lounger at your own risk with the full knowledge that if you die in your dream then real death will result. Sweet drams Fruitcake.” Say’s Gubby dissmissively

Fruitcake then mentions that there are ‘Patches in the Sky’ and that this is the end. He tells Gubby to check out the Wolfram T Galaxy.   The host continues the process of transporting Fruitcake into his dream and with the flick at a rather large switch,  Fruitcake is sucked up into the machine.    The hoopy host then asks the computer to examine the sky for any recent changes.

Fruitcake’s body is transferred to a chamber in the lower floors of the satellite, but his mind, is transferred as a sort of smoke to a round glass sphere.   It is the sphere that is the place where the dream ‘happens’.

Gubby finds to his dismay that a number of galaxies are disappearing.    The computer goes on to calculate that all galaxies will disappear within 103 days!   WOW!   That’s some prediction.  All life as we know it will cease to be within days!    Gubby goes straight for the illegal substances and begins sniffing the biggest pipe I’ve ever seen.   Gubby takes a BIG snort as the LEXX arrives.

The expectant Stanley arrives to a greeting from the Narco Lounger computer telling him that the facility is closed. Stanley is understandably disappointed and tries to reason with Gubby. “You don’t understand,  I’m an inspector with the Commission on Dream Safety.” He says seriously.

Patches in the SkyGubby laughs, “There’s no such thing.

Oh so you don’t think so…. Well I’ll just have to….” Hesitates Stanley.

Listen big guy,” Interrupts Gubby, “We’re closed. That means we’re not open to you or anyone. So take your oversized bug and go an harass someone else, all right?

Stanley insists. He tries to threaten Gubby with destruction but the stoned master of the Narco Lounger just laughs, “Ok big guy, I tell you what. You wanna ride the Narco Lounger? You come on down! And guess what? It’s free!

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Cold hands, warm heart?  NOPE!Stanley, 790, Xev and a re-awakened Kai arrive in the machine room to see Gubby stoned out of his tiny mind! Stanley watches with concern as Gubby comically hobbles over to him. He takes another sniff at his pipe and asks, “Who’s yer flunkies?” He takes I'm dead!Xev’s hand and says, “Hi Cutiepie.” Then pats 790 on the head, “Mr. Crispy Cranium,” and shakes Kai by the hand,

I am Kai.” Says Kai.

Hey paleface, that’s a real cold handshake you got there! {This geezer is great!}

But Kai turns away explaining, “I’m dead! (Snappy answer huh?)    He notices Fruitcake’s broken Drone Arm.  He asks to speak to fruitcake. But fruitcake is busy dreaming.

Now, as dreams go, Fruitcake’s isn’t very fruity – you know what I mean? Sure the lovely ladies kneeling by him are very nice and all, but goodFruitcakes fruitless dream grief is that all the imagination he has!    It’s like that damned Star Trek Next Generation! They have lots of holo-decks that can act out all your most secret fantasies, and what do they use it for? A bleedin’ walk in the park! Or combat with a Clingon!   I know what I’d be using the Narco Lounger for, and it wouldn’t be looking at three kneeling girls or whipping someone into submission!  Erm… erm… now maybe if the two were combined…

While the stoned-out Gubby makes the machine ready for Stanley, Xev expresses concern.   Gubby tries to tell her that if Stanley has a bad dream, he will pull the switch.  Kai asks how long Gubby has had the Narco Lounger and Gubby answers that he has owned it since the Third Isotope War,Xev tries to get Gubby to helpEverything was dirt cheap. I dunno all the ins and outs, you know, all the technical stuff of how it works, all I know is it works!

Gubby flicks the switch and Stanley is sucked into the machine to begin his dream. As his ‘smoke’ fills the dream jar, Kai learns the nature of Gubby’s recent distressing news.   Gubby shows Kai the disappearing parts of the Galaxy while Xev watches Stanley’s dream jar for any signs of trouble. Gubby is getting more and more stoned. He takes one particularly satisfying snort before passing the pipe to Kai.   Kai politely refuses, “The dead cannot get high.

Stanley’s dream begins to turn sour, he meets the poor robot that was accidentally blown to pieces. Xev spots Stanley’s dilemma and immediately asks Gubby to bring him back.  Gubby is, by now, as high as a kite and struggling even to string simple sentences together.  Initiating a complicated procedure to recover Stan is too much for the geezer and Gubby fluffs  it BIG TIME!

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Stanley’s nightmare is getting pretty scary when suddenly it gets wonderfully worse!   He is confronted by the luscious lady from hell, that wondrous creature dressed in the human-skin-tight costume, the cunningly carnivorous curvaceous cannibal with the big hair and long tongue……. Giggerota the Wicked!

Hello Waste of skin!” She says. {Oh, how we’ve missed ya darlin’ You can eat me anytime!}   She has come to put right all the wrongs Stanley believes he has committed.  Subconsciously, Stanley thinks that his death would be the only adequate compensation for all his misdemeanours and who better to oversee it, than the man-eating Giggerota.   Gubby gets it first

A distraught Xev notices Giggerota enter Stanley’s dream.  She screams for Gubby to hurry up, but the tripping   Gubby is completely out of it.   He grabs a couple of, what look like power leads and starts to place them end to end. “O oh.” He says as the cables spark.

Stanley suddenly finds himself on a platform with Giggerota. “What you fear the most is what you deserve…. And that’s what I’m going to give you waste of skin.”  She says menacingly.  Stanley is helpless; he sinks deeper and deeper into the platform…

Gubby gets a shockGubby’s flashing cables meanwhile, cause him to be transported into Stanley’s dream and although the poor geezer is quickly despatched to his doom by Giggerota, it buy’s enough time for Xev to transport herself using the Narco Lounger into the dream to help Stanley.  Kai manages to work out how to transfer Xev and Stan to Fruitcakes dream.   This he does leaving poor Giggy alone. Then Kai returns Stan, Xev and Fruitcake back to Reality.  (Confused?   Then put the pipe down!) .

The hand that rocked the Dream Jar

Stan and Xev hug each other with relief but Fruitcake asks to be returned to his dream.    Kai then tells them that “There are patches in the sky” and that the Mantrid Drone arm seems to have gone.

As Stanley, 790, Kai and Xev return to the LEXX we see the Mantrid Drone repair itself and begin the destruction of Gubby’s Narco Lounger World. This of course means the end of Fruitcake.  And on that sad note, the show ended.

I rate the wonderful show a sky-high 31,770. What did you think?

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