Babylon 5: Character Biographies

The Babylon 5 Television saga heralded a turning point in television storytelling. It was able to successfully tell a multi-arc story over a number of seasons and yet still maintain its viewer-base.  Many times the show was criticised (even by the partner of Gene Roddenberry and who later went on to act in the show) because of the perception that the viewing audience was too fickle or even stupid to appreciate the nuances of a story spread over multiple episodes.

This show was also produced at a time when the internet was just starting to become popular and viewers were able to find out information about their ‘fave’ show by simply searching for the details online.  Very few sci fi shows had the benefit of a semi-fanatical group of people readily explaining and talking about each episode and character on-line for the benefit of others. This helped provide the much sought after information vital for some of us who wanted to keep up with the story. 

Because of this we were able to enjoy a set of characters that are diverse and complicated. 

See for yourself, click on the pick or name below.

Click to hear 'This is Captain John Sheridan - Greetings from Babylon 5'John Sheridan
Head Geezer

John Sheridan is the Head Geezer at Babylon 5.  Everyone looks up to him, when he asks someone to do something they do it – even if they know that they may die doing it. He isn’t the highbrow type or aloof, he is a well-respected leader.


Click hear Ivanova say, 'Well....we're screwed'Susan Ivanova
Lovely, Gritty & Witty –

Ivanova was second in command on Babylon 5 and yet she is definitely number one when it came to wit. She has a great way of putting someone down and always has a snappy answer, especially to stupid questions.


Click to hear Delenn say, 'What you are about to see has never been shown....'

Ambassador Delenn
Gracefully Resolute –

Although Ambassador Delenn seems to be righteous, she is also a bit of a rebel. She was once a member of the Minbari ruling body (the Grey Counsel), and underwent a physical transformation that gave her human characteristics (like hair). She also has a bit of a thing for the head dude, Sheridan.


Click to hear Marcus say, 'Shoot a bunch of rocks and then leave.'Marcus Cole
Handy Dipstick –

Marcus is a Ranger of the Conspiracy of Light. He joined after the death of his brother. He proved his loyalty to the Rangers and in particular their leader Delenn when he fought Neroon, a Minbari from the Warrior Caste who was determined to stop Delenn from leading the Rangers.  He has a hopeless love for Commander Susan Ivanova.


Garibaldi as head of Security on Babylon 5

good baddy / bad goody

Baldi to his friends (lol, not) is a good baddy (or should that be a bad goody) who went off the rails due to some head gaming with Bester and is now back on them again. I personally think he is a plonker, but I’m definitely in the minority, Garibaldi is one of the most popular characters in the show because of his humanity and the way most of us can relate (sometime to our embarrassment).

The supercool Londo MollariLondo
Cunning & Ruthless
Cool Geezer –

Londo was once a decadent nobleman but rapidly gained favour in the royal court because of his dealings and resultant successes with the Shadows. He now regrets this alliance and is frightened of the effects that the Shadows have had and are having on his people. His character developed magnificently during the saga, you end up loving and hating him and wishing would win and fail. I;’m sure Peter Jurasik loved playing this character – it’s marvellous.


Click to hear G'Kar whisper, 'I idea'.Citizen G’Kar
– Eloquently wild and determined

G’Kar is a wonderful character. Full of good and bad, you can despise and admire him (sometimes in the same episode). He is a sort of spiritual leader among his people and, like all Narns, he hates the Centauri.  He is the opposite of Londo in all but personality!


Click to hear Lyta say, 'Captain, they're pissed.'Lyta Alexander
Beautiful Mind-reader

An ex Psi Cop, she is a telepath with a rating of P5 (not particularly high). She became Babylon 5’s first commercial telepath in 2257. But now, oh my god! NOW she is a telepath of HUGE ability after the Vorlons took her under their wing. I loved the way this character developed from a pretty woman that you couldn’t help feel sorry/empathy for, to a semi-heartless weapon that many of us would be frightened of.


Evil yet he has an Achilles Heal –

Another superb character in the Babylon 5 universe – Alfred Bester is an absolute tosspot and stupendously well played by the amazing Walter Koenig. He is a high ranking Psi Cop and completely dedicated to the Psi Corps. He has one of the highest telepath ratings on Earth. He really looks the part doesn’t he? 


Morden says, 'My associates may turn their eye toward your homeworld......'Morden
A Shadow Thrall and loving it! –

Mr. Morden is another baddie. But a persuasive, ruthless and seemingly obedient one. He is quite happy to cause chaos and disaster amongst his own race to further the ambitions of his masters. The best thing about him is that he is dead. He got clobbered soon after a delightful conversation with Vir Cotto – his head is now held up on a spike on Centauri Prime.


Byron demands sanctuaryByron
Teep Twerp!

Personally, the only thing that I found impressive about this character was his telepathic ability and the fact that he was the only one to get inside Lyta’s underwear. Everything else about the dude was irritating.  His character and part in the Babylon 5 saga was poorly written and executed.


lockley the magnificentElizabeth Lockley
Hard Case! –

Lockley had an awful job. She had to come in as the replacement for Susan Ivanova. It was never going to be an easy task, but after that hateful episode ‘A view from the gallery’, she settled down as a key and interesting member of the crew.



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