Dune: Purity Test

There are only 15 questions so please read them carefully before answering.
Click the radio button next to each answer then select ”Rate Me” at the end.

Please be aware that this is NOT just a bit of fun, it is a serious Sad-Geezer ‘Dune Purity’ psychometric test and is based on
your perception, intelligence and social interaction
sort of.

1. Which Atriedes henchman did NOT escape from the
Harkonnen homeworld of Geidi Prime?
a. Thufir Hwat
b. Duncan Idaho
c. Gurney Halleck

2. Spice is:
a. an analagram for oil
b. A geriatric substance used to prolong life and open mental awareness
c. talked about way the #$%^ too much in the miniseries

3. How many novels are currently in the Dune series?
a. one
b. ten
c. six

4. The oldest human in the Dune series is:
a. Leto “The Tyrant” Atriedes II
b. a wrinkly Bene Gesserit witch
c. Duncan Idaho

This is?
a. Barron Harkonnen
b. really cool CGI
c. A figment of Alia”s imagination

A Gom Jabar is
a. A punk-rock band from Minnesota
b. A test used by the Bene Gesserit, used to weed out uncivilized people (animals) from true humans
c. A poison needle

7. Caladan is:
a. The watery ancestral homeworld of the Atreides Houshold
b. A planet known all over the imperium for its fine wines
c. A village in Ireland, famous for producing top-notch cricket bats

8. Frank Herbert”s Dune, is set:
a. In the future
b. On Dune
c. On Arakkis

9. The best birthday gift you could receive this year would be?
a. An ounce of Melange in a small baggy
b. A Bene-Tlielax Sex Slave shapeshifter (say that three times fast)
c. Kanly from a friend

10. Crysknives are:
a. A weapon used by the Fremen
b. The tooth of Shai-Halud
c. For her pleasure

11. Who is Jessicas father?
a. Mohium
b. A big red satin blimp
c. Vladimir Harkonnen

12. What ultimatly killed Maud-Dib?
a. A really bad headache
b. An angry Fremen mob
c. Prescience

13. The Spice comes from:
a. The opening of a long pale wormlike thingy…
b. Arrakis
c. Shai-Halud

This is a picture of:
a. a really bad acid trip
b. Edric
c A guild navigator

15. At the end of Children of Dune, all Leto II can think about is:
a. Sandworms
b. The Golden Path
c. The Golden Shower


The Dune Purity Test is © 2003 Ryan Bechtel with Greg Frantz
Not for reproduction without the authors written permission.

Dune names, characters and everything else associated with the series
are the property of Sci-Fi Channel, New Amsterdam Entertainment, and the
assorted publishing companies who own the rights to the various Dune novels.

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