Battlestar Galactica: Transcripts: S02E06: Home Pt. 1

Galactica – Hallway

Dualla: 18,000 souls aboard the 24 ships that joined President roslin’s rebellion, sir.

Tigh: That’s over a third of the people in the fleet.

Adama: Give me a breakdown. What have we lost?

Dualla: Uh, 9,500 souls from Gemenon. 6,250 from Caprica.

Adama: Not who. What? I’m not interested in people who decide to join up with a religious fanatic and a terrorist. That’s their business. Now, what have I lost?

Dualla: 12 transports, seven freighters, three construction platforms, a private cruiser, and a mining ship, sir.

Tigh: Monarch was a blow. We can’t afford to lose mining ships, not in our situation. And then there’s the collateral damage. Morale is down throughout the fleet. The press is going wild. Families are being split apart.

Adama: Don’t talk to me about family.

Astral Queen – Comon Room

Apollo: I support the President completely.And my only priorities are the preservation of her safety and the completion of this mission.

Porter: That’s all well and good, but he’s still Adama’s son. When push comes to shove, how do we know he’ll be willing to stand–

Roslin: If it were not for him, I would still be in a Galactica jail cell. I trust him completely. And this subject is closed.

Bagot: And what about Galactica? They–they know where we are! They could jump in here at any time and charge us all with treason or destroy this ship with a flick of the wrist.

Zarek: We’re not entirely defenseless! Some of our ships are armed! We should take steps to arm the others just in case.

Apollo: Just in– just in case we want to commit suicide! If Galactica wants to take us down, there is nothing we can do about it, nothing. And nobody in this room should be under any illusions on that count.

Roslin: At this point, it’s my firm belief that commander Adama has let us go. Lieutenant thrace will return. She will have the Arrow of Apollo. And it will help us find our way to earth.

Bagot: And exactly how long should we wait for her? I mean, maybe we should go down to the surface now. Go down now and start looking for this tomb.

Apollo: I wouldn’t be too eager. There may still be Cylons present.

Elosha: And some of us will die down there. The scriptures tell us that any return to Kobol carries with it a cost… in blood.

Roslin: People… I realize that there are still many unanswered questions here. But I refuse to lose sight of what this has always been about: Our mission to save humanity. Yes, it is a big one. But it is our foretold destiny. And I, for one… am not going to waver from it now. If there is anyone here who does not have the stomach for this mission, you are welcome to rejoin commander Adama’s fleet.

Astral Queen – Control Room

Meier: It jumped into dradis range about two minutes ago. No colonial transponder, and it’s too large to be thrace’s Cylon raider.

Zarek: And no response to our hails?

Meier: Not a peep, Tom. It’s either a Cylon vessel, or it’s a raptor scout from Galactica. Either way, we should shoot first and ask questions later.

Zarek: Okay.

Meier: The Adriatic is in weapons range, and she’s got ship-to-ship missiles. Tom, that thing is moving fast. If we’re gonna shoot it down, we’d better shoot it down!

Roslin: Shoot what down? Do I have to repeat myself?

Meier: Madame President, we have a security situation. That’s all.

Apollo: She wasn’t talking to you.

Zarek: There’s an unidentified ship making its way towards us. It’s too big to be the lieutenant’s Cylon raider.

Meier: It’s in weapons range. The adriatic has to fire her missiles now.

Zarek: We need a decision, Madame President.

Starbuck: (on radio) Civilian vessels, civilian vessels. This is starbuck. Do you read? Do you read? Say again, this is Starbuck. Is anybody getting this? Hello? Hello?

Space – Heavy Raider and Astral Queen

Astral Queen Radioman: Initiate docking.

Astral Queen – Loading Bay

Starbuck enters the loading bay and is embarced by Apollo. He kisses her.

Starbcuck: Good to see you too, Captain.

Apollo: Remind me to send you to the brig later.

Starbuck: Yeah, well…

Roslin: Lieutenant.

Starbuck: Lee, there’s something I need to tell you. Lee, wait!

Too late, Apollo sees Boomer and chase her. He slams her into a column and points a gun to her head.

Apollo: Don’t you frakking move!

Starbuck: Stop! She’s with us!

Helo: Drop your weapon, sir. Drop your weapon.

Helo runs up and puts his gun at the back of Apollo’s head.

Stabuck: Helo!

Roslin: Gentlemen, I’m only going to say this once. Captain Adama, and–what is your name?

Helo: Lieutenant agathon.

Apollo: Used to be sharon’s eco. I thought you were dead, Helo. You a Cylon, too?

Helo: Don’t even.

Roslin: All right, here’s what we’re going to do. You’re going to lower your weapons. Am I being perfectly clear?

Helo: What about Sharon?

Roslin: She will be taken to a holding cell where she will remain unharmed.

Helo: Okay. How about it, Apollo? Should we do what the nice lady says?

Apollo: She’s the President of the colonies, you moron. And yes, we’re gonna do exactly what she says.

Roslin: Lower your weapons. Now.

They do.

Roslin: Thank you. Now put that thing out the airlock.

Helo: What?

Roslin: We don’t keep Cylons around here, Lieutenant.

Helo: What the frak? You said you weren’t gonna hurt her!

Apollo: Hey, Helo! Listen to me! one of those things put two rounds into my father’s chest.

Homer: It wasn’t me!

Starbuck: Adama was shot?

Apollo: Yes. You missed a few catastrophes while you were away.

Starbuck: Please tell me he’s alive.

Apollo: After two emergency surgeries, Cottle managed to save him.

Boomer: It wasn’t me!

Helo: Kara! For the love of gods! Sharon–this Sharon saved our lives back on Caprica. Tell them! Tell them!

Boomer: I know how to find the tomb of athena! Do you? Kobol’s a big planet! You don’t find the tomb, you don’t find earth!

Helo: Listen to her, for gods’ sakes!

Boomer: Listen to me!

Boomer is caried off

Starbuck: Madame President.

Starbuck shows her the Arrow of Apollo

Roslin: Tell them to wait a minute.

Guard: Yes sir.

Roslin: Thank you. Mr. Zarek, is there some place where that… young woman and I can speak?

Zarek: I can arrange that.

Apollo: It’s great to see you again, kara. Thanks for bringing in the trash.

Starbuck: Looks like we missed all the fun.

Galactica – Adama’s Quaters

Tigh: Perry?

Adma: No.

Tigh: Mueller. Mueller’s not a bad choice. He did a tour as a squadron xo–

Adma: Mueller’s a malcontent.

Tigh: I know you don’t want to hear this, but there is not another Apollo in this bunch. And we do have to pick a new cag.

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Birch: Commander Adama.

Adma: Lieutenant birch, please come in. Thank you for coming on such short notice.

Birch: Of course, sir.

Adma: I’m sure you’re aware there’s been a change in the fleet. Several of our pilots departed. I was just thinking that we need a new cag to step up.

Birch: Absolutely, sir. Who’s it going to be?

Adana hands him a box with Captains Rank insignia

Adma: Congratulations, Captain. It’s you.

Birch: Thank you, sir.

Adma: Just want you to know you have total support of myself and this entire crew. Is that not right, Colonel?

Tigh: Absolutely.

Adma: Get your log book. Congratulations.

Birch: I’m honored, Commander. I won’t let you down. And, sir, I’d just like to say that I was a tremendous supporter of your son, Captain Adama. He was–he was a great leader, sir.

Adma: A ship is a family. It works on trust, understanding, and love. I love everyone on this ship as much as I love my s– my sons. Galactica is still a family. You’re an important part of that family. Do you understand?

Birch: Yes, sir.

Adma: Thank you, George. I’m sure you’ll do a fine job.

Tigh: What the hell? You got me in here jawing about picking a new cag, and you’ve already made your choice.

Adma: I just wanted to see if you and I were on the same page or not.

Tigh: I beg your pardon?

Adma: I guess we’re not.

Tigh: You guessed right. You’re telling me that kid is leadership material?

Adma: We have very few choices. He’s the best. He’s a good man, saul. He’s honest and he’s loyal. We need a little bit of that around here right now.

Tigh: Well, it’s your call. I’ll support it.

Galactica – Briefing Room

[Press clamoring]

Playa: Commander, will you be commenting today regarding the split of the fleet? Commander, will you be answering questions regarding the split of the fleet? Can you make any comments regarding laura roslin and how you feel about the split?

Adama: Does this thing work? Please be seated.

[Loud clamoring]

Adama: Allow me to make a statement, please. Please allow me to make a statement. Please be seated. Thank you very much. If you don’t already know, the fleet has been divided.

[Press clamoring]

Adama: Please! We share the grief of friends lost. And the resources we’ve sacrificed will present new challenges for all of us. But if we stay together, we will rise to the occasion as we have before. And? Questions.

[Press clamoring]

Adama: Yes.

Playa: Uh, you know the coordinates, the whereabouts of President roslin’s rebellion. Do you intend to put the fleet back together?

Adama: First of all, Laura Roslin is no longer President. She relinquished that role when she suborned mutiny aboard this ship. Next question.

Playa: But–but commander!

McManus: Commander! Commander!

Adama: Yes, go ahead.

McManus: Since the fleet has been divided–

Playa: Commander, you haven’t answered my question yet.

Adama: We have lost no one that cannot be replaced by someone loyal… who has chosen to remain with us. This is the fleet. Thank you.

Hamilton: Commander! Commander! Commander, is there any truth to the rumor that there is no earth, it doesn’t exist, and you just made it up?

Adama: What the hell kind of question is that?

Hamilton: It’s been all over talk wireless, newsletter circuit, hand mail.

Adama: Freedom of the press is not a license to slander. Broadcasting that kind of garbage is the quickest way to find yourself in a holding cell. And that goes for all of you.

Tigh: We’re done here.

[Press asking questions]

Playa: Are you a dictator? What happened to free speech, commander?

Adama and Tigh leave into the hall.

Adama: Get your hands off of me.

Tigh: Why don’t you calm down?

Adama: Remind me not to do that again. Always looked easy enough when Roslin did it.

Galatica – Baltar’s Lab Doorway

Baltar: There was an old footbridge… over the euclid river. I used to go there when I was a boy. Watch the fish try and swim upstream. They were mesmerizing. I envied them. Unaware as they were of the… wider complexities and challenges of life.

#6: You’re beginning to see human beings as we see them.

Baltar: What I am beginning to see are Cylon faces. Everywhere I look. Sharon told me there were eight Cylons left in the fleet. Why didn’t I ask her who they were? If that idiot hadn’t have shot her… and why is it when things go wrong, they go wrong so well?

#6: Gaius, you get yourself far, far too worked up about these things. Shh. They do have it easy, don’t they?

Baltar: They? Why are you talking to me like I’m not one of them?

#6: In some ways you never were. You have a path, you will be spared their fate. For once, gaius, you can stop manipulating the world and let destiny take its course. If there’s one thing we know about human beings with certainty… they are masters of self destruction.

Astral Queen – Brig

Boomer: Because I love him. And because I’m carrying his child.

Roslin: Oh, I see. That explains it. You’re not here because you mean us any harm or because you’re a programmed enemy of humanity. You’re here because you had an affair with one of our raptor pilots.

Boomer: Listen to me.

Roslin: I’m listening to you. That’s my mistake. I’m listening to a Cylon.

Boomer: I am here because i chose to come here. And I know you don’t believe me. But hear this… even if you find the tomb, even if you find the map, and even if you find earth, the price you pay will be too high.

Roslin: I’m not interested in your prophecies. I know that there is a Cylon force on Kobol. I know it’s dangerous. And I have little doubt that you are communicating everything I say even as we speak.

Boomer: It doesn’t work like that! I’m not wired in!

Roslin: Sharon, it’s simple. What I need to know, and what might keep you alive is exactly how to find the tomb of athena.

Boomer: Get me a map, and I will do my best to tell you how to get to the tomb.

Roslin: No, you’ll do better than your best. I want to know where it is. And you either know or you don’t.

Boomer: We all know about the tomb. I can show you the path. I don’t know how long the path is or exactly where it leads to, but I can tell you that you’re going to have to move very, very quickly.

Astral Queen – Command

Roslin: She claims to love Lieutenant Agathon. She says she loves the baby she’s carrying.

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Meier: Who cares what she says? You can’t believe a word any of them–

Elosha: The Scrolls of Pythia do speak of a lower demon who helped the people in a time of crisis.

Zarek: More superstition.

Roslin: I’ve told her that unless we return from Kobol with a map to earth that lieutenant agathon will be put out the airlock as a Cylon conspirator.

Meier: Is that true?

Roslin: Doesn’t matter if it’s true, she believed it. She saved them, both of them. She didn’t have to. She could have saved her child and let them die. Why didn’t she? Because I believe that she’s telling the truth about one thing. She thinks she’s in love. Even if it’s software instead of an emotion, it’s real to her. She wants her baby to live. She wants agathon to live. We used that.

Astral Queen – Brig

Helo: This is not the way that I thought things were going to go down.

Boomer: I knew they’d be suspicious, but… they’re human. It’s the way you are.

Astral Queen – Command

Meier: Has anyone stopped to consider that the reason sharon knows so much about Kobol is because it’s a Cylon trap?

Roslin: I’ve done more than consider it. It’s clearly possible we’re facing a trap. Captain Apollo has already warned us that Cylon encounter in the region is probable.

Meier: Has captain Apollo managed to tell us anything we don’t already know?

Apollo: He is in charge of this mission. He is second in command only to myself. I strongly encourage you to remember that, mr. Meier. Whatever the risks, whatever the consequences, I am going anyway. I am committed.

Space – Vipers and CIC

Dualla: Captain birch, Galactica. You are cleared for target exercise maneuvers, acknowledge.

Birch: Galactica, leader. Wilco. Cag to all vipers. We’re initiating our precision firing exercise as planned. Hotdog, you’re first up. Kat on deck.

Hotdog: Leader, Hotdog. Clear to target. Executing eyeball run on three, two, one! Away! Frak! Winged it!

Hotdog launches a missile at an asteroid and barely hits it.

Birch: Come on, people, I know this is just a drill, but let’s look sharp out there. Hotdog, I know you can do a lot better. Let’s try it again. See if you can put the next one in the x-ring.

Hotdog: Cleared hot! Ready for another pass.

Kat: Leader, Kat. I’m confirming that I’m cleared for my attack run. [Garbled transmission from Kat] Am I clear?

Hotdog: Leader, Hotdog. Executing eyeball run.

Birch: Affirmative, you’re clear.

Hotdog: Rolling in! Weapons hot.

Kat: Leader, Kat. Did you say all clear?

Birch: I said all clear.

Okay, roger that! [Garbled transmission from Kat] Let’s go, baby.

Hotdog: Here we go with three, two, one! Away!

Hotdog launches a missile at the asteriod.

Kat: Leader, beginning strafing run.

Kat starts strafing the same asteroid

Birch: Kat, what are you doing?

Kat: You said I’m clear for my attack run!

Birch: Hotdog is cleared for his attack run.

Kat: What? Hotdog?

Birch: Back off, Kat! Now now now now!

A missile destorys the aseroid in front of Kat, She has to do some fancy manuevers to avoid colliding with the debris.

Kat: Oh, my gods! Ugh! Oh! Oh, crap.

Hotdog: Damn, bang on! Did you see that? Whoo! Bang on?

Kat: Hotdog, you frakking idiot! You almost got me killed!

Hotdog: What are you talking about?

Kat: Birch, you said I was clear.

Birch: All vipers, this is leader. Repeat, all vipers, this is leader. Report back to Galactica. Report back to Galactica. Frak!

Astral Queen – Brig

Boomer: I know how you feel. I get it. But I didn’t shoot him. It wasn’t me.

Apollo: You’re all the same.

Boomer: You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

Apollo: Then maybe I’m done talking.

Apollo pulls out his guns to shoot her but Starbuck stoops him.

Starbuck: I think there’s been enough of that today.

Apollo: You are the last one who should be telling me what to do. After the stunt you pulled? Stealing the Cylon raider and then tearing ass back to caprica?

Starbuck:Yeah, ’cause you’re clearly the poster boy for military discipline, huh? You know what? You have no idea what happened to me on caprica. So while you’re standing here polishing off your halo, consider for a second that you may not have any damned idea what the hell you’re talking about. Captain.

Astral Queen – Zarek’s Office

Meier: What Roslin’s doing is reckless. We have our own fleet now. How much longer do we need to keep playing follow the leader?

Zarek: We have a fleet because people believe roslin’s going to lead them to earth.

Meier: She’s a fraud. You don’t believe her, do you?

Zarek: No, but I believe in the power of myth. I’m not interested in risking our lives any more than you are, but she’s clearly not gonna be talked out of this. And in the end, President or prophet, it doesn’t really matter. She still needs a commander. A man in charge of the fleet. The man with the guns makes the rules.

Meier: What if she decides you’re not the man to be in charge of the fleet? What if she has someone else in mind? Someone already close to her. Like a certain captain.

Zarek: Let’s say you’re right. That on some level… based on their belief in the scriptures,

Meier: The fleet needs Laura Roslin in order to stay in line. So we do what we must in order to keep roslin safe on the surface of Kobol. But…

Zarek: But… you’re right. You’re absolutely right. How could I not have seen that? I wanna set this fleet on a path to freedom.

Meier: Of course.

Zarek: I wanna deliver unto them the liberty we’ve promised.

Meier: We are far from daylight, my friend.

Zarek: The scriptures say some of us will die on Kobol.

Meier: One man in particular.

Space – Refueling Ships and Galactica

Striker: How’s our approach?

Birch: You’re a little left off the center line.

Emmit: Striker, reset your deltato .35, acknowledge.

Striker: How’s my approach speed?

Birch: Your angle vectors are too steep. Adjust.I repeat, your angle vectors are too steep. Adjust.

Tigh:What is he doing? Tell him to cut his speed.

Adama: What is it this time?

Tigh: I’m glad you’re here. Birch is coordinating the ship for refueling. But he’s making a mess out of what should be the simplest op in the book!

Adama: How long has he been at it?

Gaeta: About four hours now. Sir, he’s too green. He’s blowing the approach and the docking speeds. He’s missing the drogues. He’s bunching the lines. It’s a mess out there.

Tigh:As you know, this isn’t the first screw-up.

Adama: Yes, I know.

Tigh: I realize that he is your guy, but…

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Adama: But he’s no Apollo.

Astral Queen – Commons Room

Starbuck is bouncing a pyrimids ball off the wall. Apollo takes it from her

Apollo: I was wondering when we’d finally get a little R & R around here. Oh, boy.

Starbuck: Can I have my ball back?

Apollo: What, I can’t hold it?

Starbuck: Can I have my ball back, please?

Apollo: Where’d you get a pyramid ball, anyway?

Starbuck: Caprica. Can I have my ball back, Lee?

Apollo: Yeah, sure.

Starbuck: Lee?

Apollo teases her with the ball, he won’t give it back to her.

Starbuck: Keep it.

Apollo:Hey, come on, Kara. For frak’s sake, I’m just kidding around. All right, here, it’s all yours. You can take your ball and go home now.

Starbuck: [Fake laugh] The whole thing’s stupid anyway.

Apollo:What’s up with you, Kara? Anything you wanna talk about?

Starbuck: Nope.

Apollo: Hmm. It must have been hard, being back on caprica. Being home. Probably saw some tough things back there. Anyway, tomorrow this whole thing is gonna end, one way or another. We find the tomb or we don’t. We find a way to earth or we don’t. I just want you to know, kara, that I’m your friend. I love you. If there’s anything you wanna talk about, anything you wanna get off your chest, then I’m here for you. Anyway… whenever you wanna talk, just let me know.

Starbuck: What was that middle part again?

Apollo:Hmm? What do you mean?

Starbuck: Did you say you love me?

Apollo:[Laughs] Well, um–

Starbuck: Lee Adama loves me.

Apollo:No, all I meant was–

Starbuck: no, seriously, very sweet. You love me.

Apollo:[Laughs nervously]

Starbuck: No, you love me. You can’t take it back. There’s no take-backs.

Apollo:You’re dreaming it, Kara.

Starbuck: You love me.

Apollo:You’re dreaming it.

Starbuck: You love me.


Starbuck: Mm-hmm. Okay.

Space – Refueling Ships and Galactica

Striker: This is striker. I’m having trouble getting a visual on the fueling spar. Can you redirect?

Emmit: Gas station, striker’s coming in way too hot. You gotta back off your delta, like right now.

Striker: Roger that, keeping attack angle.

Emmit: Didn’t you hear us? Back off your delta. You’re too close! Are you listening?

Striker: We are not too close.

Adama: Okay. Abort! Abort the op. Recall the ships.

Dualla: Galactica to all shipsinvolved in fuel unrep. Abort mission. Say again, abort fuel unrep. Raptors return to base. Acknowledge.

Birch: Wilco, Galactica. Aborting mission. Damn it! Roger that. Galactica says abort approach. Adjusting angle vectors full reverse.

Emmit: Striker, you’re still on a collision course. Put your helm hard left, full reverse thrusters. Back off, back off. Look out! Galactica, emmitt. Tankers intact. No wireless contact, but it’s in a lateral spin. And there does appear to be some damage.

The two ships collided, causing some minor damage to each ship.

Adama:Away rescue team. Tell them to board the tanker, restore navigational control.

Announcement: Away rescue teams to sector 0-4-6.

Kobol – Galleon Meadow Forest

Apollo: Here. You never know when you might need to defend yourself.

Apollo hands Zarek a gun.

Elosha: Here we go. “And the blaze pursued them. And the people of Kobol had a choice, to board the great ship or take the high road through the rocky ridge– and the body of each tribe’s leader”

Boomer: “Was offered to the gods in the tomb of athena.”

Elosha: Yes, precisely.

Boomer: And the “great ship” was the galleon that departed from here, where we’re standing. “And it took the founders of the 13 colonies “to their destiny. “And those that didn’t board the galleon “took the high road… the rocky ridge that led to the tomb.”

Roslin: Let’s move.

Later along the path

Elosha: The path is supposed to be marked by gravestones. There’s something there.

Elosha spots a marker and moves closer to inverstigate, She accidently trips a landmine.

Boomer: Wait!

The landmine explodes, sending Elosha back a few meters. Centurions start shooting at the humans from above. The human fire back, a couple are shot.

Starbuck: Get back! Get back! Get back!

Helo: Sharon, Sharon take cover!

Helo shoots a centurion. Apollo also takes one out.

Starbuck: Switch. Nice one.

Apollo: Ammo!

Starbuck: Here.

Apollo sees Boomer running away, He takes chase.

Starbuck: Lee, no!

Apollo sees Boomer go for a gun, he tackles her, but she fights him off, takes one shot and nails the last centurion.

Apollo: You gotta be frakkin’ kidding me.

Starbuck: Not bad. Damn.

Galactica – Adama’s Quaters

Adama: It’s interesting. Betrayal has such a powerful grip on the mind. It’s almost like a python. It can squeeze out all other thought. Suffocate all other emotion until everything is dead except for the rage. I’m not talking about anger. I’m talking about rage. I can feel it. Right here. Like it’s gonna burst. Feel like I wanna scream. Right now, matter of fact.

Dualla: If I may say something?

Adama: Speak your mind, dee.

Dualla: I don’t think the problem is that you’ve been betrayed. I think it’s that you feel helpless. You were shot, you were injured. You couldn’t do anything.

Adama: Don’t make excuses for me.

Dualla: And when you finally had a chance to do something–

Adama: Sorry I did this.

Dualla: You let us down. You let us down. You made a promise to all of us… to find earth, to find us a home. Together. It doesn’t matter what the President did or even what Lee did, because every day that we remain apart is a day that you’ve broken your promise. The people aboard those ships made their own decision.

Adama: It was their decision, not mine. Thank you, petty officer. You may leave now.

Dualla: You asked to talk to me, sir… maybe because you think that I don’t have anything to say. But I do. It’s time to heal the wounds, commander.

Adama: That’ll be enough.

Dualla: People have been divided. I said, that’s enough. They’re separated from their parents.

Kobol – Galeon Meadow Trail

Roslin: A cost in blood.

Apollo: Let’s go, Madame President.

Galactica – CIC

Adama: Mr. Gaeta. I want to see all recon material on Kobol immediately in my quarters.

Gaeta: Aye, sir.

Tigh: Kobol?

Adama: Yes. I’m putting the fleet back together. I’m putting our family back together. This ends now.

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