Battlestar Galactica: Transcripts: S02E09: Flight of the Phoenix

Galactica – Hangar


Tyrol: Viper 289, how are we feeling today? Tyrol starts inspecting a raptor for damage, and sees a lot of problems.

Tyrol: Oh, great.

Galactica – Officers Mess

Helo comes into the officers mess to play cards with the other pilots.

Helo: (to Starbuck) Hey I thought I’d find you here. (Shakes her hand.) (to duck)Hey, Karl Agathon. He is ignored by the other pilots.

Starbuck: You want to sit in?

Helo: Maybe next time. Duck: So he’s the cylon lover.

Starbuck: You know what? I don’t care who or what he fraks. He saved my ass down there, all right? Duck: How could anyone fall in love with a toaster, though?

Starbuck: Same way I hear everyone was high-fiving our Sharon right before she put two in Adama’s chest. The bastards frak with your head.

Hotdog: Yeah. Just ask the chief.

Galactica – Hangar=========================================Tyrol continues his inspection. The scene is mixed with his memories of sensual moments with BoomerTyrol: I knew it. He finds a serious problems and labels the viper as scrap. Tyrol: I need a drink.   Galactica – Tool Room=========================================
Cally’s welcome back party, complete with pickel jar booze! [Applause] Seelix: Tan, rested, ready. Look at you. Cally: Rested, anyway. Nothing to do but eat and sleep in the can. Hey. Jammer: “Unauthorized discharge of a firearm”? What a bogus charge.
Cally: I know. Figurski: They should have given you a medal for popping that toaster. Hey, chief. Cally: Chief. I heard that you went to bat for me.  Tyrol: Forget it. Cally: I want you to know– Tyrol: Forget it. I need all the knuckledraggers I can get.    Galactica – Hangar (near and in a raptor)=========================================
Tyrol: Sharon flew 47 missions in this thing. Still couldn’t trap a landing worth a damn. Had to bend the undercarriage back into place after every landing.  Helo: Approaches made her nervous. She was afraid you’d be watching.  Tyrol: I usually was.    Galactica – Officers Mess========================================= Racetrack: Screw it. Starbuck: You’re folding with three up? Are you crazy?  Racetrack: Not when you’ve got me beat. Prince high red, right? Been playing with these cards for so long, I know every fold.  Starbuck: So life’s a bitch.  What do you want to do, cry about it?  Racetrack: No, I just want it to end, okay? The bad food, the endless rotations, pretending that a card game is the high point of our day.  Starbuck: It’s not going to last forever, all right? Earth is out there.  Racetrack: Right. We could all be chasing our tails over some half-assed planetarium show. Starbuck: And you guys can all go to hell. I’m going to go find Helo. Racetrack: Good idea. Maybe that cylon whore taught him a few tricks.  Starbuck politely turns around, walks over to Racetrack and grabs he by the neck and slams her into the card table.   Galactica – Hangar
========================================= Helo: Hey! Look, chief. I never intended for sharon and I to– You know, it just kind of evolved.  Tyrol: Just a couple lovesick kids, huh? Helo: I know how she felt about you, okay? She loves you.  Tyrol: Did she fill you in on the rest of the plan? She and I were going to muster out at the end of our service. You know, then we would get married. Maybe we would have children. I guess I’m just a big frakkin’ idiot, though, huh? Probably that goddamn toaster’s plan all along.  Helo: Don’t call her that.  Tyrol: Sucker some moron into giving her a kid. Hey, you know, but you know what? I should probably be grateful to you. Probably be grateful. You know why? Because that freak in her belly could have been mine.  Helo pushes Tyrol down the raptor wing. Helo: Hey, you okay? I’m sorry. Tyrol: Son of a–  Tyrol pucnhes him. Helo tries to end the fighting. Helo: That’s enough, Chief! Tyrol: You don’t get to call it. They continue brawling Helo: Enough! Tyrol: Come on, you damn toaster lover! Tyrol has Helo pinned on his back. He is about to slam his head in with a wrench, but comes to his senses Tyrol: I don’t even know why I’m mad at you. My Sharon’s dead. That thing in the brig, that isn’t Sharon.    Galactica – CIC=========================================
Dualla: Roger, blue leader. Say fuel state. Ah!  Nasty feedback noise into her earpiece. Tigh: What the hell is that? Gaeta: It was us, sir. But I can’t find a source for the transmission. Something’s triggering our com system to broadcast an automatic signal.  Tigh: Which the cylons could trace to get a fix on our position.  Adama: Let’s assume that for now. Update and distribute the emergency jump sites just in case they show up again. Dee, get me a– The control panel explodes in front of her. Dualla: I’m okay. I’m okay, sir.  Adama: Stay down. We’ll get you up to Doc Cottle, make sure everything’s okay.  Tigh: Mr. Gaeta, find out what happened.  Dualla: I’m okay. Adama: Mr. Gaeta.  Gaeta: A power surge energized the board. System’s been twitchy ever since the cylons infiltrated our network.  Adama: Mr. Gaeta, this is more than a glitch.  Tigh: Commander’s right. I don’t care if you have to go through this program line by line; fix it.  Gaeta: Excuse me? Tigh: You heard me. Gaeta: Sir, I’m running every diagnostic we’ve got. Checking each line of code could take days.  Tigh: I am not interested in excuses. Fix it! Gaeta: It’s not an excuse, sir. It’s a frakking fact! [Sighs] Adama: Mr. GaetaGaeta: Yes, sir. Adama: Pull yourself together. Gaeta: I’m sorry, sir. Tigh: What the hell is his problem? Adama: Months on the run, and what do we have to show for it? Casualties. Deteriorating conditions. This crew needs a rest. It’s finally hitting them, that’s all. Our old lives are gone. The only thing we have to look forward to is this.    Galactica – Hangar=========================================
Apollo: Hey, chief, where’s 289? I need her for drills today.  Tyrol: Ship’s grounded, sir.  Apollo: What? For how long?  Tyrol: Permanently. We’re salvaging what we can, but it’s gone.  Apollo: Damn it, I need that ship online.  Tyrol: What can I tell you, captain? Engine mounts are shot. Cockpits seals are cracked. If it was a horse, I’d shoot it.  Seelix: Got something, chief. Apollo: Chief Come on, Work with me here. I need your help. Tyrol: What do want me to do, work my crew to death?  Apollo: No, just do your best. Nobody’s expecting any miracles.  Tyrol: Maybe that’s the problem.    Galactica – Enlisted Quarters=========================================
Tyrol: (in his head) Frak it. Why not?   Galactica – Hangar Bay=========================================Tyrol starts assembling the frame for a new raptor. Jammer: What’s going on, chief?  Tyrol: All right, here’s the deal. We are going to build a new fighter.  Jammer: What about the rest of the ships? I’m three days backlogged on repairs as is.  Tyrol: This is strictly an off-duty project. Nobody takes one minute away from regular maintenance and repairs. You got it? You don’t think we can do this? Jammer: I wouldn’t even know how to begin.  Figurski: What else is new?  Jammer: Oh, screw you. Okay, he’s talking about fabricating a frame, avionics, life support. It’s frakkin’ impossible.  Tyrol: You know what, then? Forget you. I don’t need you.  Cally: Chief, wait. It’s not like that.  Tyrol: I said forget it. Get back to work. That’s an order.    Galactica – Medbay=========================================
Roslin: How much time do I have?  Cottle: Weeks. A month at the outside.  Roslin: Will I be able to work?  Cottle: Unless the cancer goes to your brain. That happens, you–    Galactica – Firing Range
=========================================Apollo, Starbuck and Hotdog are firing at target sheets with Boomer’s face as the head. Starbuck: Someone’s a tad aggressive.  Apollo: Just shut up and shoot. Starbuck: My gods, between you and Racetrack, it’s like– having a conversation is like walking through a minefield. Apollo: And you’re the last person who should be lecturing me about manners.  Starbuck: From what I hear, you’ve also been riding Chief Tyrol pretty good.  Apollo: Press it. I just reminded him that I expect viper maintenance to take precedence over his hobby project. Oxygen levels starts to drop Starbuck: Nice! I’m surprised he didn’t take a swing at you.  Apollo: Come on, Starbuck. You don’t actually think that piece of junk’s gonna actually fly, do you?  Starbuck: [Laughs] 50 cubits says he gets it in the air.  Apollo: Yeah? And who’s gonna fly it? It’s not gonna be me.  Hotdog: Don’t look at me.  Apollo: I wasn’t looking at you. What? Starbuck: I’ll fly it. I’ll fly it. Apollo: You? Starbuck: Me. Apollo: Why? Starbuck: Because… while everyone else is standing around whining–  Apollo: We’re whining?  Starbuck: The chief is doing something positive.  Apollo: I’m deeply moved. Really? Honestly, I am.  Hotdog collapses Starbuck: [laughs] Apollo: [Laughter] Starbuck: His lips are blue. You look like a blueberry.  Apollo: There’s no oxygen in here. There’s no oxygen in here. There’s no oxygen.  Starbuck finds her guns and starts firing at the hatch window, and misses Starbuck: I’m empty. Apollo loads an explosive round and fires at the window. It explodes allowing air into the room. Starbuck: Nice shot.   Galactica – CIC========================================= Gaeta: The environmental computer decided that the firing range was overpressurized and started bleeding out air to compensate.  Apollo: Two more minutes, and we’d have been dead.  Adama: Power fluctuations, equipment failures.  Gaeta: Sir, I think I’ve found what’s causing it.  Adama: What is that? Baltar: It’s a cylon logic bomb. A heuristic computer virus. It’s capable of learning, evolving, and probably running in parallel with every computer in the ship right now, just waiting to be activated. No doubt left behind when the cylons infiltrated the network Colonel Tigh set up the day you were shot, sir.  Adama: That was weeks ago. Why now? Gaeta: Most likely, sir, it took this long for it to crack our encrypted pass codes. And once that happened, it started  testing its ability to control our systems– electrical, environmental.  Adama: How do you kill it? Baltar: Well, that’s the tricky part. If it’s a cylon virus, it is extremely difficult to eradicate.  Adama: Well, I guess i’m pretty lucky, then, ’cause I have an expert on board. Tell helo to run this past our prisoner.    Galactica – Hangar Bay=========================================Tyrol trying to attach a heavy wing. Tyrol: Come on.  Come on. Son of a bitch. I got it; go back to work.  Figurski approaches to help Tryol. Figurski:  It’s a two-man job, chief. You want this wing up or not?  Tyrol: On three. one, two, three. Great, great. Hold it there.    Galactica – CIC
========================================= Dualla: Sir? We’re continuing to experience power spikes and equipment failures across the ship.  Adama: Thank you. Tigh: We’d better up our alert status and put our damage-control teams on stand-by.  Adama: Not yet. (beat) Have you seen this ship that the chief is building?  Tigh: His imaginary fighter? I don’t need to see it to know it’s a waste of time.  Adama: The deck crew doesn’t seem to think so. Tigh: We need to focus on the fleet we’ve got left, not get bogged down in some pipe dream. We should shut it down.  Adama: It may come to that. But this project, it’s giving them something. I’m not going to take that away… until I have to.    Galactica – Exercise Room=========================================
Dualla: Doc cottle cleared me. Feel like hitting something.  Apollo: Okay. Don’t square up. Don’t square up. Rotate. And just drop the knee.  Gaeta: (over P.A) Attention on Galactica. Power outage reported on deck 12.  Apollo: That’s nice. Now. If you want to throw them, I’ll be you. Head in a lock. Grab the wrist. Secure the arm. And I’m just going to drop the knee, rotate 45.  Dualla: Okay. Apollo drops her. Are you all right? Dualla: Yeah. Just like we did in basic.  Apollo: Let’s bring a live opponent into the mix.  Apollo brings out a fake knife. Dualla perfroms the manuever on Apollo. Apollo: And strip the knife. She strips the knife, then Apollo knocks out her arms, forcing her to fall on him.  Billy then enters the room to find Dualla and Apollo in a compromising position.
Billy: Um… Hey.  Dualla: Billy hey. How long have you been on board? Billy: I just arrived.   Galactica – Boomer’s Cell========================================= Helo: Do you have actual memories of being with the chief before the cylon attack?  Boomer: Yeah. I’m sorry. You asked. Helo: Do you still love him? Boomer: Helo. You’re the father of my child. You’re the first in my heart. And nothing is ever going to change that.  Helo: All right, we have to get to this. Dr. Baltar said it’s some sort of cylon logic bomb. Do you see anything? He shows her a clip board with lots of code. Boomer: Can you flip? He flips the page. Boomer is captivated by the code. Helo: Sharon? Sharon, what’s wrong? Sharon!  Boomer: I need to talk to Commander Adama. Right now. Helo: Why? Boomer: It’s a cylon virus, all right. It’s been learning your systems, testing, adapting, finding weak spots.  Helo: For what? Boomer: So they can turn Galactica’s systems against you. Crash you into other ships, detonate your weapons stores, suffocate the crews.  Helo: What about you, the baby? Boomer: I’m a liability to them, a mistake. Helo, this logic bomb will run its course in a matter of hours. once it does, the cylons will be on top of us. They’re gonna kill us all.    Galactica – Boomer’s Cell
========================================= Boomer: Commander Adama–  Adama: Whatever it is you have to say, make it quick.    Galactica – Hangar=========================================
Apollo: Well, I hate to say it, but you’ve got the cockpit too far back. You’re gonna run into cg problems when you maneuver.  Starbuck: We’re not going for maneuverability, Captain. We’re going for speed. Besides, you didn’t think this thing would fly anyway. Apollo: Well, it sure as hell won’t with the cockpit rammed up its a– Dee? Dualla: Hey. Apollo: What are you doing here? Dualla: Communications, I think. Chief’s great with the hydraulics, but this com system’s a mess.  Figurski: Ten hut. Tigh: Had to see this with my own eyes. Won’t be long before we have the whole CIC down here. You working on this class project too, Apollo?  Apollo: No, sir. Tigh: It’s good to see someone has a little sense. Where’s the chief, the tool room?  Starbuck: Ah, getting in some rack time, sir.    Galactica – Tool Room
========================================= Tigh: What’s this, chief? Tyrol: I’m making solvent, sir, to clean machine parts. Tigh: Solvent my ass. I know a still when I smell it. What the hell are you up to?  Tyrol: I need booze to trade for parts. I’m scrounging most of what I can from the fleet, but I need engines. I know I need Commander Adama’s permission to cannibalize one of the wrecks.  Tigh: Engines or not, we both know that piece of crap out there is never going to fly.  Tyrol: I gotta try, Colonel.  Tigh: What’s the point? Tyrol: Because that ship, the work, that’s all I’ve got left. I don’t have that, I– Tigh: I almost forgot. I promised the XO of the Baah Pakal I’d help him out.  Tyrol: Sir? Tigh: He’s got some obsolete DDG-62 engines taking up space on his flight deck. They’re probably crap, but I told him that I would have a crew in there to haul ’em out as soon as possible.  Tyrol: Glad to be of help, sir.  Tigh: Good.   Galactica – Adama’s Quarters=========================================
Adama: Madam President, your shuttle’s ready.  Roslin: Of course. Thank you again for letting me use your quarters.  Adama: Please. Roslin: I wanted to return this. (a book) Adama: This was a gift.  Roslin: “Never lend a book,” I know. But I’ve had it far too long. It belongs in your collection. I’m late for a Quorum meeting. Is there a problem?  Adama: Our computers have been infected by a cylon virus, corrupting systems throughout the entire ship. I’ve just been notified that this is a prelude to an all-out attack by the cylons.  Roslin: I assume you’ve tried to disable it.  Adama: Mr. Gaeta and the Vice President are handling that right now. I’m not hopeful.  Roslin: Commander, I’m not sure what I can offer you here besides my moral support.  Adama: Actually, Madam President, I could use your advice.    Galactica – CIC========================================= Tigh: You want to what?  Geata: Completely erase our computer drives, cold restart the entire ship’s system, then restore them using our prewar backups.  Tigh: Leaving us with our pants down until we’re back online. The commander will never go for this.  Geata: I’ve already spoken to him, sir.  Tigh: What did he say?  Geata: He’s considering it.  Baltar: It’s the only way to destroy the virus.  Tigh: I thought the commander told you to stay out of this.  Baltar: I’m sorry; do you want to survive this one or not, Colonel?  Tigh: All right, so we calculate a jump and get some distance on these cylon bastards–  Geata: No, sir, we can’t risk a jump. All of our systems are compromised, including navigation. The virus could drop us in the middle of a sun.  Baltar: We’re running out of time; our signal’s going to catch up with the cylon fleet. If have not come up with anything before then– Gaeta: They’ll take control of all of our systems, and then they’ll have a hundred ways to kill us.    Galactica – Adama’s Quarters
========================================= Adama: I’ve just come from seeing our cylon prisoner. She’s offering a possible solution to the problem.  Roslin: And you’re wondering if you can trust her. Adama: It took everything I have not to put my hands around her throat. I can’t believe i’m contemplating this.  Roslin: We both know the cylons are experts at manipulation. They will do anything to confuse you.  Adama: This is not the one who shot me.  Roslin: Can they really be that different from one another? Commander, if you’re asking me if it’s possible that your judgment’s been clouded by your history with this particular cylon model, well, I’d have to say yes. But… we created them. There’s always a chance we might find common ground.     Galactica – CIC=========================================
Boomer is led chained nto the CIC under heavy gaurd Boomer: We need to work quickly. We’re on borrowed time.  Adama: Let her go. Boomer is released Boomer: Dee, do you still carry your father’s pocket knife?  Adama: Give it to her. Boomer: Mr. Gaeta, can you set me up with a fiber-optic com link? I need broadcast to all frequencies and direct link to the  mainframe. Adama: Do it. Gaeta: Sir. Adama: Right here, Sharon. Boomer: Thanks.  Gaeta: Dradis. Here they come. Multiple targets. Bearing 371 carom 552. Cylon raiders.  Several hundred raiders jump near the Galactica Tigh: Bastards tracked us, all right.  Adama: Launch vipers.   Vipers ========================================= Hotdog: Hotdog: Apollo, the raiders are holding.  Apollo: Galactica, Apollo. Raiders are holding formation. Repeat, raiders are holding formation.  The raiders from a tight fence like formation and hold position.    Galactica – CIC========================================= Tigh: What the hell. Boomer: Okay, this is how it’s going to work. The raiders are going to send a signal to activate the virus. It could take a few seconds. on my mark, initiate the computer wipe. Miss the window…  Gaeta: The virus takes over every system in the ship.  Boomer: Yeah. Sometimes you gotta roll the hard six. Right, commander?  Boomer cut her hand and inserts the fiber optic cable deep it the wound and up her arm. Tigh: What the hell is she doing?  Dualla: They’ve made contact, sir.  Gaeta: It’s moving too fast; I can’t follow it.  Tigh: We gotta stop this. Adama: Stand by to execute computer wipe on my command.  Gaeta: Systems ready, sir.  Boomer: Wipe the hard drives now. Adama: Do it.   Vipers
=========================================Vipers are still in stationary tight formation. Starbuck; My gods what are they doing?   Galactica – CIC and Vipers========================================= Tigh: Weapons are still offline. No dradis. Systems down. We’re looking at a godsdamned bloodbath. We’re defenseless.  Hotdog: Apollo, Hotdog. Here they come!  Apollo: All right, copy, Hotdog.  Duck: Gods, there must be hundreds of them.   Tigh: Cylons are still moving in. She set us up!  Adama: Give me your sidearm.  Marine: Sir. Adama: If they’re coming for you, they’re gonna be very disappointed.  Adama holds a gun to Boomer’s head. Tigh: Do it. What are you waiting for? Boomer: This. All of the Galactica’s systems come back online. The raiders all go offline! Tigh: What the hell? Gaeta: We just transmitted a signal.   Apollo: Uh, Galactica? They–they seem to have lost power. They’re drifting out of control!   Tigh: What the hell? Adama: Cylons sent a computer virus. But we just sent one back.  Tigh: Apollo, this is Galactica. Kill the bastards.   Duck: Yeah! Come on, baby. Apollo: Roger that. Vipers, weapons free. Engage.  This–this is payback. They start blowing the cylons to hell. fish in a barrel style. Duck: Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!  Hotdog: Whoo! Duck: Yeah! How do you like that? You seeing this? Got this toaster padlocked. Come on! [Laughs] I got another where that one came from!  Starbuck: Guys, clean ’em up! Come on; let’s go.  Adama: Officers. Marine: Yes sir. Adama: Take this thing back to its cell.    Galactica – Hangar=========================================Tyrol is having trouble connecting a wire in a tight place. Cally helps him. Cally: There you go, chief.  Tyrol” Nice to be small, huh? Ship’s got more than one engine. Get to it. Starbuck: We are so damn close. There has got to be some extra metal lying around that we can use to skin this thing. Floorboards, extra bulkheads, something.  Tyrol: Most of it’s ticketed for viper repair.  Helo: Who says you need metal?    Galactica – Hangar=========================================The blackbird is completed. It’s black and angular much like a stealth fighter Apollo: Carbon composite.  Starbuck: Good call, Helo. Apollo: It’s going to be hard as hell to see on dradis, but the question is, will it fly?  Starbuck: Just watch me.   Galactica – Launch Bay=========================================
Starbuck: Instruments… in the green. Fuel pressure… nominal.  Dualla: Apollo, Starbuck. Blackbird flight is cleared for launch.  Starbuck: Run-up. Kelly: Maglock secure, initiate launch sequence. Starbuck: Oh, don’t blow up on me, you bastard. Kelly: You are clear for launch. The blackbird launches Dualla: Blackbird is away.   Space=========================================
Starbuck is having some difficulty keeping the blackbird flying straight. It looks like she’s showing off Apollo: Hey! Hey. Will you take it easy? Start slow. You’re testing the ship. It’s not about the pilot showing off. Starbuck: I’m not showing off. Apollo: Gods damn it, what is this? What are you trying to prove? Starbuck: I’m not trying to prove anything. You’ve got to be kidding me. Whoo! Oh, lords. Okay. Let’s see what this baby can do. Yaa-ha-ha-ha! Starbuck gains control of the ship. She presses the throttle and dissappears. Apollo: Starbuck, where are you? Starbuck, do you hear me? Starbuck! She’s gone. Galactica, Apollo, I’ve lost her. I’ve lost her. Dualla: No dradis contact. Apollo: Starbuck, Starbuck, where are you? Starbuck, come in. Starbuck, do you read? Kara, are you okay?  Starbuck: Of course you lost contact. It’s a damned stealth ship, remember? The blackbird appears directly in front of Apollo’s viper. Apollo: Oh, you–  Starbuck:  [laughs]   Galactica – Hangar=========================================Blackbird christening ceremony Figurski: Commander on deck.  Adama: As you were.  Roslin: Chief Tyrol? This is the blackbird? Tyrol: Yes, ma’am. Madam President, this is an honor.  Roslin: No, the honor’s mine. It’s remarkable.  Tyrol: Just a ship, ma’am. Roslin: Oh, you’re much too modest. After what we’ve been through, it would be very easy to give up, to lose hope. But not here. Not today. This is more than a ship, Chief. This is an act of faith. It is proof that despite all we’ve lost, we keep trying. And we will get through this, all of us, together. I promise.  Meanwhile the crew are signing the engine to show that they helped build the blackbrrd. Tyrol: Commander. Tyrol hands Adama a bottle of champagne Tyrol: Uh, Madam President. This was supposed to be a surprise, but, well–  Tyrol pulls a sheet revealing that the blackbird has been named “Laura” Roslin is in tears. Roslin: Thank you. Adama: If you’ll do us the honors, Madam President.  Roslin: Of Course, Oh. Okay. Tyrol: Whoa! Roslin: [Laughter] Kidding. Racetrack: Hell of an idea, using carbon composites. She shakes Helo’s hand. Other pilots and crew follow suit. Duck: It was a good job. Hotdog: Nice work. Roslin: That was lovely. Adama: They wanted to do that for you.  Roslin: Thank you. None of this would have been possible if you hadn’t trusted the cylon.  Adama: I took your advice, met on common ground.  Roslin: What was that? Adama: We both wanted to live.   The episode ends with Tyrol visiting Boomer’s cell. The both pick up a phone to talk to one another. We don’t see/hear the conversation.
Transcript taken by Ryan Bechtel

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