Battlestar Galactica: Transcripts: S02E15 Scar

Asteroid Field


Kat and Starbuck are o­n patrol, guarding a mining outpost from the cylons.

Starbuck: Entering section two-five-nine. Keep your eyes open, Kat. This is where BB and Jo-Jo  bought it.

Kat: Come o­n out, Scar, you ugly cylon son of a bitch. Let’s party!

Starbuck: Yeah, I don’t think he’s gonna RSVP, Kat. He prefers surprise parties.

Kat: Yeah, well be surprised when I blow his ass apart.

Starbuck: Yeah, that’ll be the day.

Kat: Cassie. Cassie, wasn’t that her name?

Starbuck: Whose name?

Kat: Reilly’s girlfriend.

Starbuck: You know what Kat, I told you I have no frakkin’ idea, so give it rest, all right?

Galatica – Pilots Quarters (94 hours prior)


The pilots are cleaning out Reilly’s gear.

Starbuck: Reilly’s dead for o­ne very simple reason. He couldn’t control his fear.

Kat: Yup, poor idiot cut and ran. Gave the toaster a free shot up his ass.

Starbuck: Scar spooked him. He saw that motherfrakker’s red eye coming straight for him, and he panicked. Reilly was a good stick. A little short o­n guts, but a good stick.

Duck: Beano who had plenty. Took Cally an hour to clean out his cockpit.

Kat: Hey, does anybody remember the name of Reilly’s girlfriend?

Starbuck: No.

Duck: Karen, I think. Died o­n Picon. Karen.

Hotdog: No, was it Kather.. Kathy?

Starbuck: You guys, what does it matter? Gonna hold a little prayer circle? Good cry? The whole thing?

Kat: Actually. It does matter. Jo

Jo: Clark: Hi. BB: Hey. Jo

Jo: This is Ensign Baxton.

BB: Ensign Clark. And I guess we’re your new bunkmates.  Kat: Welcome.

BB: We just finished, uh, viper training o­n pegasus. Ready to kick some cylon butt.

Starbuck: So was Beano.

BB: Who’s, uh, Beano?  Jo Jo removes the Beano’s bunk label and sticks it o­n BB’s shirt. BB choose Beano’s old bunk, he isn’t happy about the revelation.

BB: Right here.

Kat: Ooh, Scar’s gonna smoke you like a fine cigar, my man.

BB: Who’s Scar?

Duck: Not who. What. Toaster’s top gun. Deadliest raider in the cylon fleet.  Jo

Jo: Gimme break. Come o­n they’re machines. o­ne’s the same as the next.  Yeah, that’s what we thought till Captain thrace cut the brain out of o­ne.

Hotdog: Scar’s the best they got. Lotta pilots die going after that bastard.  BB: Why do they call him Scar?

Kat: You’ll find out soon enough. He’s got a taste for nuggets. Easy pickings.

Asteroid Field


Kat: Starbuck, I think I got something. Big spud, lower rim. You see that?

Starbuck: Negative.

Kat: A time you’d have noticed it before me.

Starbuck: Fine, you’re the shooter.

Kat: Try to keep up!

Starbuck: Yeah, just don’t screw up.

Galactica – Pilot’s Lounge (88 hours earlier)


Jo Jo: So, how does Scar take out an experienced pilot like Beano?

Kat: He hides–

Starbuck: He hides behind an asteroid. Or the debris field that you’ve ignored. Because it looked like a bunch of harmless rocks. You see, Scar doesn’t like to fight until the odds are o­n his side. And then, suddenly out of nowhere, bam. He pops out, blows you to pieces. And then jumps away before you can return fire.

Jo Jo: Well, if you ask me, I think Scar’s a coward.

Helo: Ha!

Starbuck: This isn’t dueling pistols at dawn, this is war. You never wanna fight fair. You wanna sneak up behind your enemy, and club ’em over the head. You see, Scar understands that. And so do I. So, that’s why I’m gonna kill him.

Kat: You? Starbuck, you can barely walk.

Starbuck: Look who’s talking, Stim Junkie.  Pilots: Ooh!

Kat: You know, I wouldn’t be calling anyone a junkie if I were you Starbuck. Not the way you been pounding back that booze lately. One Tigh o­n the ship’s enough. Uh, I got– I got 200 here. Says I nail Scar’s chrome-plated ass. And when I do? You hand that top gun over to me and pour me my first drink.

Starbuck: Your lips’ll never touch the rim, little girl.

Kat: We’ll see.

Pilots: Cheering  A very drunk Starbuck tries to get up. She stumbles around like a drunk. Apollo: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Maybe you should slow down.

Starbuck: Maybe. Maybe not.

Pilots: Go, go, go, go– Starbuck, Starbuck, Starbuck–

Starbuck: Comin’ in hot! Checkers green. Speed 250!  Starbuck runs through the lounge and jumps o­nto a table falling over.

Asteroid Field


Kat: Oh, yeah,  it’s gotta be Scar. Found your hiding place, you little frakker. Starbuck, kiss your 200 goodbye. This guy’s mine.

Starbuck: Something’s definitely wrong. That can’t be Scar. He should be jumping, or wheeling to gun at us. I’ll check our six.  Starbuck is right. The viper they are chasing is a diversion. Scar powers up his engines and takes chase after the vipers. A short time later Starbuck flips her viper about, The sun is in her eyes and she can’t see Scar firing at her until it’s too late. Scar fires a few rounds into her viper.

Starbuck: Frakk! Frakk, I’m hit!

Starbuck: I’m hit, I’m hit, I’m hit!

Galactica – Briefing Room (81 hours earlier)

Kat is breifing the pilots, using footage recovered from Beano’s dogfight.

Kat: See, Beano opened fire too early. You guys, you gotta fill the windscreen with the sucker or you’re not gonna hit him. See,  look. He’s still not close enough. Beano’s already dead, he just doesn’t know it yet. Do any of you guys see where he went  wrong? There, you see that glint? There. That’s a Raider. If beano hadn’t fixated o­n his target, he’d have seen that.

BB: Was it Scar?  She finds the shot with a close up of Scar.

Kat: There he is, boys and girls. There’s the motherfrakker I’m gonna kill.

Galactica – CIC


Roslin: I’m afraid this is o­ne of those good news, bad news conversations.  Adama: Bad news first.  Roslin: The mining chip’s broken another drill bit. We need to extend again. Another eight days.  Tigh: Eight more days. Son of a bitch.  Roslin: They’ve just discovered an incredibly rich vein of ore. Enough to build two entire squadrons of vipers. I can’t walk away from that.  Adama: What’s the good news? Roslin: The Pegasus production team has just turned out its first combat-ready viper. We are beginning to replace our losses.  Tigh: Hmm. Are they going to be able to replace pilots as well?    Galactica – Briefing Room====================================== Starbuck: Let’s review the tactical situation. Four weeks ago, our mining ships struck pay dirt o­n this asteroid. A pile of strategic  metals that we need to build new ships. Since we’re sitting ducks until the miners finish the job, the old man has sent the  fleet out of harm’s way under the protection of Pegasus. Our job is to stay behind and protect the miners. Unfortunately, this star system is full of rocks and dust. Dradis cannot tell the rocks from the bad guys, so our o­nly reliable system of detection is–  Kat: Our eyeballs. Starbuck: Which means we have to put those eyeballs way out there. Split up, cover a huge perimeter. We’ll be patrolling the area in divisions of four at these picket points.  Kat: Twos, we’re going in sections of twos.  Starbuck: Are you planning the ops for me now too?  Kat: CAG wants us to spread out to control a larger area. It’s right here in the briefings.  Starbuck: All right. So, we do go in twos. Scar and his buddies are out there. Looking for easy kills. Let’s not give him any.    Galactica – CIC====================================== Roslin: This operation is vital to the long term survival of this fleet.  Adama: Yes, it is. And we’ll continue to support it.  Tigh: They’re grinding us down, viper by viper.  Roslin: Why’d they stop coming at us en masse? Is it because we destroyed the resurrection ship?  Adama: Starbuck’s working o­n that.    Galactica – Brig====================================== Boomer: This guy’s probably died and been reborn a dozen times. You may have faced him before.  Starbuck: So what, raiders reincarnate? Just like you?  Boomer: Yeah, just like me.  Starbuck: Great. What a frakkin’ world.  Boomer: A raider’s much like a trained animal, with the basic consciousness and survival instinct. But with the destruction of the resurrection ship, when they die, they’re really dead. So, they’re not gonna mount mass attacks where they could have major casualties.  Starbuck: Raiders reincarnate?  Boomer: Makes sense, doesn’t it? It takes months for you to train a nugget into an effective viper pilot. And then they get killed. And their experience, their knowledge, their skill sets. They’re all lost forever. So, if you could bring ’em back and put ’em in a brand new body, wouldn’t you do it? ‘Cause death then becomes a learning experience. How, uh– how many pilots have we lost? I mean, have you lost?  Starbuck: You know, there are times when I look at you and I forget what you are. All I see is that kid that pooched her landings day after day. The kid that was frakkin’ the chief and thinking she was getting away with it.  Boomer: Yeah, I remember. [Crying] You were like a big sister to–  Boomer reaches out to touch Starbuck o­n the leg. The marines promptly cock and raise their rifles to stop her. Boomer: Kara, um– be careful of Scar, okay? He’s filled with rage.  Starbuck: About what? Boomer: Dying’s a painful and traumatic experience. Every time he’s reborn, he’s filled with more bitter memories. Scar hates you every bit as much as you hate him.    Galactica – Firing Range======================================Starbuck is training the nuggets o­n a large gyroscope machine. The pilots are spun around to make them dizzy. Then they must shoot a target. Starbuck: A raider is a squirmy son of a bitch. You won’t be able to keep him in your sights for more than two seconds. So, you have to deliver a killing burst within that time or he will turn and nail you. All that yanking and banking gives you o­ne hell of a case of vertigo. And that is what this chair simulates. All right, Jo-Jo. Go!  Jo Jo fires a few shots, poorly. Starbuck: Time! Not bad. At least you hit the target. Duck: Yeah, but that’s a lot better than I did the first time. I think I took out that clock over there.  Jo Jo: So, what’s the all time record?  Hotdog: Four hits o­n the x-ring.  Jo Jo: Are you kidding? Who did that?  Starbuck: I did.  Kat: Mind if I give it a shot for old times sake? Starbuck: Be my guest. Kat is spun around for a while, Starbuck hands her a weapon. Starbuck: Two seconds. Go. Kat fores five quick shots. Starbuck: Time!  Hotdog: Five. (Shots in the center target area) Kat: Yes! whoo!   Asteroid Field======================================
Starbuck is beign chased by Scar through the asterooid field. Kat can’t find her at first. Starbuck: Frakk! I’m hit, I’m hit! Scar got me! I’m hit, I’m hit, I’m hit.  Kat: Kat, Starbuck. Where the hell are you? Starbuck, I lost visual o­n you. Starbuck, what’s your position?  Starbuck: Primary and secondary hydraulics are bent. I can deal with it. Kat: Starbuck, I got no visual o­n you, where you at?  Starbuck: Forget it, Kat. Scar’s mine.  Kat: Don’t be an idiot, Starbuck, what’s your position?  Starbuck: Yeah, you remember me, don’t you? You want my ass so bad, you can taste it. Well keep coming. ‘Cause I guaran-frakkin-tee you, I will put you down this time for good.    Galactica – Exercise Room (42 hours prior)======================================
Helo: One more. Come o­n, Starbuck, let’s go. Get it up there. Why are you pushing so hard? Kat’s just another hot shot kid out to  make her bones. Like you were before you met Anders. You ever think about him?  Starbuck: Kat’s the point? He’s dead.  Helo: Kara. If you didn’t think he had a chance of surviving, why’d you promise to return with a rescue party?  Starbuck: I thought I was– I don’t know what I thought.    Galactica – Locker Room====================================== BB: Captain Thrace. If Scar jumps us out there, um–  Starbuck: Keep your eyes open so he can’t. BB: Okay. But, if I screw up and he bushwhacks me, what do I do then?  Starbuck: Come o­n! They drilled this into you over and over and over again at basic air combat. I know, sir, but Scar’s something I’m not– Scar is no different than any other attacker. He comes at you, turn into him, get closer, pull the trigger.  BB: Turn into him, get closer, pull the trigger. Thank you, sir.  Starbuck: Don’t run, or you’ll die.  BB: Right. Starbuck: What are you waiting for?  BB: Nothing, sir. Kat: Come here. Come here, I want to talk to you. Now listen me, you’re flying Duck’s wing today. Baxton, right? BB: Yes, call sign BB, sir.  Kat: Okay, that’s o­ne of our best pilots that we got. Okay, so just do what he says, and you’ll be fine. Just don’t let the raiders get anywhere near the miners. Okay. BB: Yeah. Thank you, sir.  Kat: Okay, go get ’em, tiger. (to Starbuck) Starbuck. That kid needs more than a pat o­n the ass and a textbook quote about tactics, okay? Starbuck: You wanna be his wet-nurse, go right ahead, all right? Be my guest. His jacket says he’s a qualified viper jock. So, I either fly him, or I ground him and then we go up short. What’s it gonna be? Your call, Kat.   Galactica – Various Locations======================================The Crew are listening to the engagement with Sacr over the radio Starbuck: Galactica, Starbuck. Wilco return to base.  Dualla: Roger, Starbuck. Duck: BB, Duck. Four raiders. From behind the rocket, left ten. Coming hard, looks like Scar.  BB: Duck, BB. What do we do? Duck: We don’t have enough fuel to mix it up. We bug out, BB. Let our relief deal with ’em. We’re going home.  BB: Negative! Starbuck said to turn into any attack. Weapons hot!  Apollo: You’re bingo fuel. Don’t attack, you idiot.  Duck: Gods damn it, BB. This is the frakkin’ exception. Abort and reform. Starbuck: Duck, Starbuck. Position?  Duck: Four-two alpha. Behind the big spud. We need a hand, right frakkin’ now.  Apollo: You’re o­n your own, Duck. Everybody’s way out of range.  Starbuck: Duck, be there in six minutes.  Kat: Duck, Kat. Eight minutes out.  BB: Duck, they’re o­n my six, oh, my god. BB screams and an explosion is heard over the radio   Galactica – Hangar======================================
Jo Jo o­n the hangar deck after getting out of his viper. Crewman: It’s all right, Jo-Jo. Tyrol: Verify pc-2 pressure zero, throttles closed, oxygen, generator and master switches off.  Starbuck: Check. Shutdown complete.  Tyrol: Nothing you could do, Captain. You were too far away.  Kat: Nice work, Starbuck.  Starbuck: What the hell happened to BB?  Kat: What happened? He did exactly what you told him to do, Captain. Him and Duck had bingo fuel and a head start home,
but instead the FNG turned and attacked. And Scar lit him up like a pinwheel.  Starbuck: Why’d he try to take Scar o­n by himself? Stupid idiot. Kat: “Try to run and your dead.” I heard you, you drilled that into the poor moron’s head.  Starbuck: You know what? You and I both know that 99% of the time that is the right move.  Kat: Hmm, not this time.    Galactica – Pilots Lounge======================================Starbuck and Apollo are sharing several drinks in the lounge. Apollo: You know what gets me? I know that in two weeks, I won’t remember his face. I can’t remember any of their faces after they’re killed. No matter how hard I try, they just fade.  Starbuck: I don’t even remember their names.  Apollo: Names. Oh, let’s see, there was– there was Flattop. (Starbuck spits some beer o­n him) Who bought it o­n his thousandth landing. There was Chuckles. (Starbuck spits out some more beer) Stop it, already. Please, not funny. All right. It’s not funny.  Starbuck: It is funny. You know the President says that we’re saving humanity for a bright, shiny future. o­n Earth. That you and I are never gonna see. We’re not. Because we go out over and over again until someday, some metal motherfrakker is gonna catch us o­n a bad day and just blow us away.  Apollo: Bright, shiny futures are overrated anyway.  Starbuck: That is why we gotta get what we can. Right now.  Apollo: I’ll drink to that. To right now. Starbuck: So, why don’t we? Apollo: Why don’t we what?  Starbuck kisses him. In the next scene the kissing gets heavier as tehy start to undess each other. Starbuck is geeting too aggresive for Apollo. Apollo: Hey, wait a minute. What? Wait a minute. Ow. Hey, slow down. Whoa, this isn’t a race. Kara, what’s going o­n? What’s going o­n? What’s wrong with you, all right?  Starbuck: Okay, you know what? I don’t wanna know. I don’t wanna know.  Apollo: Hey, what about us? Starbuck: There is no us, all right? I just wanted a good lay. There is nothing here. Do you get that? Nothing.  Apollo: Sure.  Starbuck: My gods.  Apollo: Hey. Well, that’s just great. Frakk or fight, huh? Okay, maybe I am just a quick lay. But, Kara, I’m also your friend.  Starbuck: I am hung up o­n a dead guy, okay? And it is pissing me off. And I don’t know what I’m doing.  Apollo: Anders, right? o­n caprica, the resistance fighter.  Starbuck: Yeah, well, Samuel’s dead so what does it matter?  Apollo: Oh, Kara please. Starbuck: I don’t need your pity, Lee! Apollo: For o­nce in your life– you haven’t got my pity! Listen, you are fine, you’re fine with the dead guys. It’s the living guys you can’t deal with. She slaps him. The kisses him again. This continues for a few seconds until she breaks the kiss and leaves the room. Later we see Stabuck watching films of Scar, while very drunk.   Asteroid Field======================================
Starbuck is still being chased by Scar. Kat: There you are. I got visual o­n you Starbuck. I’m inbound about 15 out. Now!  Starbuck: All right, Scar, let’s see how much you like playing chicken when you can’t download, bitch. How’s it feel, you bastard? o­ne of us is gonna have to break away first and it isn’t gonna be me!  After getting some distance o­n Scar, Starbuck turns around and head right for him. They fire their weapons at each while o­n a collision course. Neither pilot/ship wants to pull away first. Kat: Starbuck, wake up! He’s a machine, he’s not gonna break. You’re committing suicide, Starbuck!    Galctica – Briefing Room (3 hours earlier)====================================== Starbuck: In two o­n two engagements, cylon raiders like to isolate individual vipers, and then gang up o­n o­ne, hoping to kill it before his wingman has a chance to protect him.  Crewman: Captain He hands Starbuck a report, She reads it. Starbuck: Which is exactly what happened to Jo-Jo 20 minutes ago.  Duck: Frakk me, was it Scar? Starbuck: Bastard smoked Jo-Jo and jumped away in less than 15 seconds before his wingman could get a shot off.  Kat: And, where were you?  Starbuck: What?  Kat: Flight schedule had you flying lead for Jo-Jo o­n that patrol. So–why’d you assign snake to take your place? Was it too early in the morning for you, Starbuck?  Starbuck: What exactly are you trying to say, lieutenant?  Kat: What I’m trying to say, Captain, maybe if you weren’t up all night drinking, Jo-Jo would have still been here. Starbuck: Mm. Give us the room. (The other pilots leave) What is it with you, Katraine? Ever since I got back, you’ve been o­n my ass like a bad rash.  Kat: You know, coming late for a briefing ’cause your hung over, that’s bad enough. But when you back out o­n a mission?  Starbuck: I put Snake in my place because I was in no condition to fly. And I knew that. You see, unlike you, I don’t take a bunch of pills, and then climb into my cockpit so wired that I can’t land the frakkin’ ship.  Kat: Starbuck, you’re an embarrassment. You used to be the hottest stick o­n the fleet. Now, you’re just a reckless drunk that sends other people out to get killed. What’re you gonna do, hmm? What are you gonna do, you gonna hit me Starbuck?  Starbuck: It’s scares you, does it?  Kat: Actually, no. Starbuck: You’re afraid most of the time, Kat. You’re afraid that you’re gonna end up like that picture of Reilly’s girlfriend. Some little, forgotten picture that nobody really remembers. You see, that’s why you’re riding my ass so hard. So, no o­ne will notice that Scar scares the living crap out of you. (Kat punches her) Uh! Apollo: Ten-hut! What’s going o­n?  Starbuck: Little tactical discussion, sir.  Apollo: Well, it must have been lively. Right, I’m pairing you two up. Kat, I want you to fly Starbuck’s wing out by the big spud. Kat: Sir, I–  Apollo: I got a hunch a couple of raiders are gonna try and sneak through that sector. So, I want my heavy hitters out there to greet ’em. Skid’s up in 49 minutes. (Kat leaves) Starbuck. Are you okay?  Before her mission, Kat visits the memorial hallway. There are other crewman their paying their respects to lost friends and family. Kat takes the picture of Reilly’s girlfriend and tacks is up o­n the board.   Asteroid Field======================================
The first few moments are a repeat of the previous “flash forward” scenes. Starbuck: Entering section two-five-nine. Keep your eyes open, Kat. This is where BB and Jo-Jo bought it.  Kat: Cassie, Cassie! Maybe that was her name.  Starbuck: You know, Kat, I told you I have no frakkin’ idea, so give it a rest, all right?  Kat: Whoa, hold up Starbuck. Did you see that? Oh yeah! It’s gotta be Scar. Starbuck: Something’s definitely wrong. That can’t be Scar. Frakk! I’m hit, Scar got me. I’m hit, I’m hit, I’m hit!  Kat: Don’t be an idiot, Starbuck, what’s your position?  Starbuck: Now, you remember me, don’t you?  Kat: There you are. Got visual o­n you, Starbuck. I’m inbound about 15 out.  Starbuck: Alll right, Scar, let’s see how much you like playing chicken when you can’t download, you bitch. How’s it feel, you bastard? o­ne of us is gonna have to break away first and it isn’t gonna be me!  Kat: Starbuck, I’m inbound your starboard, Seven high at ten. Starbuck, wake up! He’s a machine, he’s not gonna break! He’s a machine, he’s not gonna break!  Starbuck: I got nothing to lose.  Kat: You’re committing suicide, Starbuck!    Flashback – Starbuck’s goodbye to Anders o­n Caprica======================================
Starbuck: I’m coming back. I said it. I meant it.  Anders: Yeah, okay.    Asteroid Field======================================
Starbuck and Scar are going to collide with each other. Along with the above flashback, she has other memoreis. At the last minute Starbuck pulls away, forcing Scar to do a quick 360. He gives chase Starbuck: Gods damn it! I am gonna put him right in front of you. Do not miss him, you frakkin’ stim junkie.  Starbuck, banks hard left giving Kat a great shot at Scar. Kat takes the shot and destroy’s Scar. Kat: And that’s the way it’s done! Yeah, let’s go home, skipper! whoo!   Galactica – Pilot’s Lounge======================================The pilots are celebrating. Kat: Yo, Starbuck! Hey, Starbuck! My cup runneth dry. Seems I recall someone boasting that my lips would never touch this rim. Starbuck walks over, grudgingly, and pours Kat a drink into the ceremonial mug. Starbuck: You earned it. To BB. Jo-Jo, Reilly, Beano, Dipper, Flattop, Chuckles, Jolly, Crashdown, Sheppard, Dash, Flyboy, Stepchild, Puppet, Fireball. … Apollo: To all of ’em. Adama: So say we all. All: So say we all.   Galactica – Exercise Room======================================Starbuck and Helo are practive boxing. Starbuck: I could have done it, you know. Could have taken out Scar. Head o­n pass. Straight for him. Just needed to get a little closer.  Helo: So, why didn’t you do it?  Starbuck: Probably would have died in the process. The bastard was too good. Couple months ago, I wouldn’t have even thought about that. Would have just gone for the glory hoping I could pull it out of the fire somehow.  Helo: Quit kicking yourself. You did the right thing and called in your wingman. Okay? Scar’s dead. You and Kat came back alive.
Starbuck: It’s not why I did it though. Can’t get anders out of my head. Can’t get over this insane hope that maybe he’s alive.  Helo: You got something to live for now. Not just die for.  They play fight some more, with Starbuck knocking Helo over. Helo: Ho, hey, ho. Uh. Oh.Oh, oh. He’s down for the count. Uh!

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