Battlestar Galactica: Transcripts: Season 4.02: Six of One

Baltar: Previously, on Battlestar Galactica.

Galactica Corridor

Adama: The Goddess Aurora.

Starbuck: I thought that it would be a nice figurehead for your model ship. A fresh start.

Adama: Thank you.


Apollo: Starbuck, you’re heading too low!

Adama: Come on, Lee, get her out of there.

Apollo: You come back!

Starbuck: Just let me go.


Apollo: No!

Galactica Tactics

Apollo: Baltar’s trial may have been the trigger, but this is a feeling I’ve been having for a while. It’s time for a change.

Cult HQ

Baltar: Please, God, don’t let this child die. How can you take him and let me live?

After Baltar’s Attack

Jeanne: God answered your prayers. You have to see. Look at him.

Baltar: And no trace of a fever.

Jeanne: It’s a miracle.

The Final Four

Roslin: I need to know about the other five. The types we’ve never seen.

Chief: It’s true. We’re Cylons. And we have been from the start.

Tigh’s Quarters

Anders: Even after that Raider scanned me with that red light, damn thing just cut and ran.

Chief: You think it recognized you as a Cylon?

Anders: Maybe that’s why it didn’t shoot me. More important, why didn’t I shoot him?

Hangar Deck

Starbuck: Okay, what the hell’s going on? I’m off the ship for a few hours, and everybody’s acting…

Anders: — A few hours? Kara, you were gone for over two months.

Starbuck: That’s impossible.

Adama’s Office

Roslin: How did you get here?

Starbuck: I told you, I don’t know exactly.

Hall of Remembrance

Starbuck: Damn it, they’re still going in the wrong direction. Another jump and I’m gonna lose my way all together. It’s Roslin. The old man’s not gonna listen to me. I gotta get to her.

(Kara attacking the Marines, and then Sam.)

Anders: No, no, wait!

Adama’s Quarters

(Kara cocks her gun at Laura.)


Galactica Corridor

(Tigh and Helo lead a Marine squad toward Kara and Laura.)

Tigh: Look alive! And for frak’s sake, don’t shoot the Godsdamned President!

Helo: Just let me talk to her.

Tigh: Talk all you want, but it ends with the first bang.

Galactica CIC

Tigh, on PA: “We’re rollin’ down here. Starbuck’s got the President!”

Adama, leaving the bridge: Gaeta, take the comm [sic].

Adama’s Quarters

(Laura stares at Kara, scared.)

Starbuck, gesturing with her head toward the sitting area: Move. Move! Come on. Move, come on! Over by the couch. Now!

(Laura is moving slow. Kara closes the hatch with the unconscious Marine outside.)

Starbuck: I want to hate you so much. So much.

Galactica Corridor

(Tigh and Helo getting closer.)

Adama’s Quarters

Starbuck, coming closer: You had a vision. Remember? The Arrow, the Temple. I went down to that planet with you, and it was a frakkin’ toaster party. A lot of good people died. Remember?

Roslin: Yes I do.

Starbuck: I trusted you. On a vision. That’s it. A vision. I saw Earth. I saw it with my own eyes. And it’s calling me back. We’re going the wrong way. Why can’t you trust me?

(Starbuck uncocks the gun and hands it over, handle first.)

Starbuck: Shoot me. If you think I’m a Cylon then I’m your enemy. Shoot your enemy.

(Starbuck slams the gun onto the table, near Laura’s hand.)

Starbuck: Take it!

Galactica Corridor

(Tigh and Helo approaching.)

Adama’s Quarters

Starbuck: I’m no more a Cylon than you are. And you know it.

Roslin: I wish I did.

Starbuck: I’ve put my life on the line for this frakkin’ ship. I have ate [sic], slept, and fought next to the people that I love. I have pissed off my friends, I have broken more rules than I’ve followed! I fracked up, okay, I messed up. But it’s all that I have. Those people are my family. And none of us belong here.

Galactica Corridor

Tigh, spotting the Marines: Two down. We’ve got two down!

(Helo worried.)

Adama’s Quarters

Starbuck: Shoot me. if I’m a Cylon, shoot me!

Roslin: They made you perfect, didn’t they?

(Roslin grabs the gun and fires, suddenly. Outside, Tigh hears the discharge and the squad comes running, entering the suite.)

Matthias: Down on the floor. Down on the floor now! Now!

Starbuck, as the marines take her down: What are you doing? Let go of me! What are — get off me! Get off me! What are you doing? I am not a Cylon, Matthias!

Tigh, taking the gun: Madam President.

Starbuck: Mathias! Gods!

Adama, arriving: What the frak’s going on here? I thought you were on the move.

Tigh: We were! She’s out of her frakkin’ mind!

Starbuck: Gods!

Adama, to Roslin: You all right?

Starbuck: Get off me! Get off!

(They stand her up and she looks around at all of them, hyperventilating.)

Starbuck: Listen to me, please. I’m losing it. The ringing… the way to Earth… it’s getting weaker. Don’t you understand? Don’t any of you understand? It was so… it was so clear. Like it was coming from the next room. Stop looking at me like that. I can feel it slipping away. Even without jumping! As we move… it’s half of what it was when I got here. Half. If we keep jumping it’ll be gone, and we’ll never find it again. I thought that’s what we wanted. A way to earth. Do you hear me?

Tigh, shaking: Get her out of here.

Starbuck, being dragged away: You better work on your aim, because I’m not gonna stop! You’re gonna have to kill me! One more jump and it’ll be gone! Admiral! Admiral!

CREDITS: 39, 676 survivors



(As the Hybrid speaks, Boomer dances for Cavil, shirtless.)

Hybrid: …the excited state decays by vibrational relaxation into the first excited singlet state yes yes and merrily we go reduce atmospheric nitrogen by 0.03% it is not much consolation that society will pick up the bits leaving us at eight modern where punishment rather than interdiction is paramount please cut the fuse they will not harm their own end of line. Limiting diffusions to two dimensions increases the number of evolutionary jumps within the species rise and measure the temple of the Five transformation is the goal they will not harm their own data/font synchronization complete…

Basestar Conference Room

Natalie: The Hybrid is clearly telling us something.

Cavil: The Hybrid is always telling us something. They’re supposed to maintain operations on each ship, not vomit metaphysics.

(Leoben, Natalie and an Eight stare, excited, finishing each other’s sentences.)

Cavil: All right, I give up. What. What is she trying to tell us?

Eight: They’re in the Colonial Fleet. With the humans.

Cavil: “They”? They who?

Leoben: The … Final Five.

Natalie: The Raiders refuse to fight because they sense the Final Five might be in the Colonial Fleet…

Leoben: — They could’ve … could’ve been caught, they could be in hiding…

Cavil: No, stop. Stop right now. Turn around, go and take a cleansing walk, and I am gonna try and forget what I just heard.

Natalie: The Final Five, Cavil, they’re near. This is far too important….

Leoben: — What their eyes must have seen, witnessed over time…

Eight, grinning hugely: — Think they look anything like us?

Cavil: — That’s enough! Don’t you realize what you’re doing? You’re openly discussing the Final Five! That’s forbidden! You’re toying with our survival. Look at yourselves. Look, there’s millions of Twos have that nose. Millions of Sixes possess that mouth. Eights share those breasts, and Ones have this brain. We’re mechanized copies. There’s a reason the original programmers clearly felt that it’s a mistake for us to contact the Final Five!

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Natalie: No!

Cavil: Violating that programming threatens our survival.

Natalie: Something has changed.

Cavil: Thoughts have changed. Yes, they change. The Raiders changed. That’s where all this started, with them. Somehow they exceeded their programming, and unlike us, they can’t correct themselves. So we’re gonna have to do it for them.

Natalie: Do what?

Cavil: We’ll reconfigure their neural architecture, and shave down their heuristic responses.

Leoben: Dumb them down? Lobotomize them?

Cavil: They’re tools, not pets. But in any case, it has to be done.

Natalie: Says who?

Cavil: Says God Almighty the voice of reason, that’s who. When are you gonna hear it?

Natalie, getting close to him: You don’t have the authority to make any change without a majority vote.

Cavil: Well, we’ll vote. The Fours and Fives will be on my side.

Natalie: There will be a vote. The Raiders hear what we hear.

Cavil: The Raiders are simple machines.

Natalie: No. Something extraordinary has happened. Something is calling to us. Pushing us to discover our origins, to understand our place in the universe. The Raiders are part of that, and the Final Five…

Cavil: — Are anywhere but with the humans.

(Natalie crosses her arms, frustrated.)

Tigh’s Quarters

(Chief comes in.)

Tigh: You’re late.

Chief: I had to wait for Cally to nod off, okay? She’s having trouble sleeping.

Anders: Did you see Kara?

Tigh: I saw her. She’s crazy as a latrine rat. If anything, she’s more like Starbuck than ever.

Anders: She’s my wife.

Tigh: And the President nearly put a bullet in her skull because she suspected her of being a Cylon. You are one! We bring attention to ourselves, we’re fracked! If Starbuck is one of us, she’s playing it big the other way.

Tory, sadly: The four of us heard the music and sought each other out. She hasn’t. We’re still missing one.

Chief: Baltar. Not Baltar, but when I found him in the temple on the algae planet, he was with one of those skin jobs, the one they call D’Anna. She saw something in there. I don’t know what it is. But they talked. He might know something. He’s got those one-God nut cases believing he’s some kind of healer, he brought some boy out from a coma.

Tigh: Maybe he knows who the fifth is.

Tory: Yeah, maybe he knows who we are.

Tigh: Then we gotta get in close and find out.

Chief, chuckling: How do you propose we do that? Take him out for drinks?

Tigh: Well, he is accomplished at two things. Lying in his cell, and lying in a woman. He’d poke a skin job. He racked up a Six, that’s a given…

Tory: — There is no way.

Tigh: You don’t have to get on your back for him, but…

Tory: Oh gee. Thanks.

Kara’s Cell

Adama, pissed: What were you doing? What were you thinking? What happened to you?!

Starbuck, sobbing: I saw Earth. The shape of it, the smell of it. The feel of it on my skin in my pores. And I swear to you, it was like I’d been there before. Like I never left.

Adama: You’re too stupid to figure out you just screwed over the one ally you had. You didn’t have the guts to hold on. Tell me. Who’s gonna help you?

Starbuck, nodding: Yeah, frak me, huh? It sure as hell isn’t gonna be you. (hurting and pissing him off.) You’ve gotta remind yourself that you’re somebody else. You’re the president’s wet nurse. (he’s almost crying) You’re the one who doesn’t have the guts.

(The Admiral attacks, dropping her to the floor and choking her.)

Starbuck: Nice to know you still care, Admiral.

(He slams her head down and leaves, slamming the cell door begind him. Starbuck laughs and cries, hysterical. He slams the brig door behind him.)

Starbuck, screaming: We’re going the wrong way!


Basestar Conference Room

Cavil: We have all conferred with our models, and the results are in. The Fours and the Fives have joined us Ones, and they voted to reconfigure the Raiders.

Natalie: Gee, what a surprise. Well, the Twos, Sixes and Eights voted against it, so we’re deadlocked.

Cavil: Hopelessly. But you were right. And I’m machine enough to admit that I was wrong.

Natalie: What are you talking about?

Cavil: Well, something extraordinary has happened. …Eight!

Natalie: What’s going on?

(Boomer enters.)

Natalie: Boomer.

Cavil: I’m not going to sugarcoat this. I’ll just say that this Eight has voted to reconfigure.

Natalie: What?

Cavil: Shocked? I was shocked too.

(The Eight is sad, Boomer stares her down.)

Natalie: But no one has ever voted against their model. No one. Is this true?

Boomer: We have to be able to defend ourselves.

Natalie: No, this is unconscionable. This is wrong. She can’t. You had something to do with this.

Cavil: No, it was her decision totally.

Natalie, to Leoben: You cannot allow this.

Leoben: There is no law. There’s no edict. There’s nothing that forbids it. It’s just– it’s never happened before.

Natalie, quietly: Yeah, try and remember you said that when he boxes your line.

Cavil: Now, don’t be a sore loser.

Natalie: If you do this, we all lose.

Simon: We think it’s for the best.

Natalie: The best. Have you lost your mind? Our identities are determined by our models. Each model is unique. We belong together. You know this better than anyone. “Mechanized copies, ” those are your very words.

Cavil: “Something has changed.” Those are your very words. And I wholeheartedly agree.

Natalie: The Raiders are sentient, just as we are. There was a plan, a divine plan in our design. You’re butchering them.

Cavil: We’re reconfiguring them.

Natalie: You are not God.

Cavil: No, I’m a mechanic. The Raiders were designed to do a specific job. They stopped doing it, I’m fixing that. And when the cutting’s all done, they’ll go back to being happy warriors. So let’s move on, all right?

Natalie, breathing loudly and coming in close before taking off: I’ll pray for you. I’ll pray hard.

Officers’ Mess

(Helo enters with an old wooden box; Racetrack and Hotdog are playing strip Triad; Sam’s joking at another table; the Adamas are standing in the corner. Helo removes some old glass shot glasses from his box and starts setting up ambrosia shots.)

Narcho: All right, you hooch hounds! Lock it up! It’s time! Shut the frak up! Pay attention. Pay attention. Hey! We’re saying good-bye… to the best damn jock you pink-ass cones will ever hope to see.

Apollo, as Athena laughs: Oh, shut up.

Narcho: Major?

Officer: Come on!

Apollo: I have a drink.

Narcho: Let’s do this, come on now.

Apollo: I’m not thirsty.

Apollo, finally accepting the first shot: To Galactica!

All: To Galactica!

Apollo: To the men and women of Galactica! To the Admiral.

All, As Bill nods and smiles at his son: To the Admiral!

Apollo, taking the third and fourth shot: …Who commands the men and women of Galactica. And to our sweethearts, husbands, and wives.

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All: Sweethearts. To our sweethearts!

Apollo, more quietly, taking a final shot: To absent friends.

All: To absent friends!

(Adama stares at the pucture of Kara on the wall of the mess.)

Adama’s Quarters

(Adama wipes his hands, and removes the Aurora fetish from the reconstructed antique boat. He stares at it.)

Galactica Mess

A cult member murmurs to Gaius.

Baltar: Thank you. Oh–oh, that’s very sweet. Thank you. Thank you.

(Tory stares over at Gaius from another table. He rises to join her eventually, and nearly gets into a fight with a non-follower on his way across the room.)

Baltar: Please… I don’t know what to say. Um… excuse me, will you? Excuse me.

(Gaius sits down opposite Tory; the cult members watch them talking..)

Baltar: You’re spying on me, Tory. I’ve seen you here.

Tory: No, no. I heard about the miracle.

Baltar: The child?

Tory: Yes.

Baltar: You mean Laura Roslin has heard about it.

Tory: All right, I have been spying on you.

Baltar: Well, it’s lucky I was sitting down, isn’t it?

Tory: Mm. I’ve been watching these people. The way they look at you.

Baltar: Of course, if you go screaming to the president that my newfound popularity borders on the phenomenal, then she should be very worried.

Tory: I came here on my own.

Baltar: And I slept with your boss last night.

Chip Gaius, appearing next to Tory at the table: Oh, come on, be nice. What’s it gonna cost you?

Baltar: Oh, my God. Oh, my giddy aunt!

Chip Gaius: Get a grip, Gaius. If she’s not lying she really could be a wonderful source of information. Why don’t you feel her out?

Baltar: Feel her what?

Tory: What?

Baltar: I’m not talking to you.

Chip Gaius: Actually … Try and forget me for a moment. Ask her what she’s doing here.

Baltar, changing course cutely: I am talking to you. Why did you come here?

Tory: Maybe it was a mistake. Well, I can’t stop thinking about what’s happened. You were found innocent when everyone hated you. I hated you. And this healed boy, the return of Kara Thrace? I mean, everyone thought she was dead. So perhaps there are miracles.

Baltar: Perhaps.

Tory: Thing is, somehow you seem to be at the center of them.

Baltar: Yes, I do, don’t I? I don’t understand myself, to be honest. Just, uh… well, it seems that God has chosen me to sing his song.

Tory: A song?

Baltar: Music. Did you say music?

Tory: No.

Baltar: Yeah, you know, it’s funny. It’s a lot like that. It’s like the distant chaos of an orchestra tuning up. And then somebody waves a magic wand, and all of those notes start to slide into place. A grotesque, screeching cacophony becomes a single melody.

Tory, leaving suddenly: I really shouldn’t be seen here.

Baltar, to Chip Gaius: Who the frak are you?! What, am I supposed to be impressed? I mean, you’re me. Obviously you’re me, so… Unless you’re not me.

Chip Gaius: Huh?

Baltar: Six? Is it you, Six? …In disguise?

Chip Gaius: Now, why would she need to disguise herself from you?

Baltar: Well, you’ve got a very good point.

Chip Gaius: Let’s talk about Tory.

Baltar: Where is she?

Chip Gaius: Let’s talk about Tory. ‘Cause we both know where this is heading. You like her, don’t you?

Baltar: Yeah, well, you know, she’s, uh– she’s a sexy lady.

Chip Gaius: Yeah, yeah.

Baltar: You know… Hot?

Chip Gaius: You slay me. You really do, Gaius.

Baltar: Why?

Chip Gaius: She’s more than all these things. She’s special. And you feel it.

Both: Fragile.

Baltar: Yeah, I sense that too. You’re very observant. Fragile.

Chip Gaius: Handle with care.

Baltar: Oh, I’d love to…


Adama’s Quarters

(Adama, coughing on his ambrosia, drains and pours.)

Roslin: You’re enjoying that more than usual.

Adama: Hair of the dog. Lee’s party.

Roslin, snorting: What do we do now? Put her on trial? Find Romo Lampkin? Take a show of hands?

Adama: I don’t know.

Roslin: Follow her into an ambush?

Adama: She is driven.

Roslin: Yeah. You gonna keep waltzing, or are you gonna sit down and talk? What’s going on? Sit.

(She stares at him.)

Adama, taking a drink: What if she’s telling the truth? She was supposed to die out there. She didn’t, I can’t explain it. What if she was meant to help us? And this was a…

Roslin: A what? A miracle? Is that what you want to call this? Go ahead, say it. Grab your piece of the Golden Arrow, I want to hear Admiral Atheist say that a miracle happened.

Adama: You shot at her and missed at close range.

Roslin: Huh. Doloxan fraks with your aim.

Adama, taking a drink: So does doubt.

Roslin, scary and unblinking: I pulled the trigger and I’d do it again. She put her life in front of a bullet as if it had no meaning. You drop an egg, you reach for another.

Adama: Maybe convincing you meant more to her than her own life.

Roslin: Is that your miracle? You want to talk about miracles? The very same day that a very pale doctor informed me that I had terminal cancer , most of humanity was annihilated, and I survived. And by some mathematical absurdity, I became President. And then my cancer disappeared. Long enough for us to find a way to Earth. You can call it whatever you want. And now I’m dying.

Adama, sighing: Don’t talk that way.

Roslin: Bill. You’ve gotta face this. My life is coming to an end soon enough, and I am not going to apologize to you for not trusting her. And I am not… I am not going to trust her with the fate of this Fleet. You are so buckled up inside. You can’t take any more loss. Your son’s leaving. This — me… I know it.

Adama, drinking: No one’s going anywhere.

Roslin: Okay. Here’s the truth. This is what’s going on. You want to believe Kara. You would rather be wrong about her and face your own demise, than risk losing her again.

Adama, stares and then quietly: You can stay in the room, but get out of my head.

Roslin: You’re so afraid to live alone.

Adama, pouring yet another drink: And you’re afraid to die that way.

Roslin, grinning bitterly: Hmm.

Adama: You’re afraid that you may not be the Dying Leader you thought you were. Or that your death may be as meaningless as everyone else’s.

(Adama leaves, and Laura puts on her glasses to return to work, weeping. She runs her hands through her hair — it’s falling out. She takes off her glasses again and starts to weep.)

Kara’s Cell

Apollo, entering cell: Um… Zarek nominated me for the vacant Quorum spot, so I…

Starbuck: You’re Zarek’s wingman.

Apollo, so easy and natural: All right, all right, you know, stow it, okay. I’ve heard it all before. The guy’s a piece of work, I know. His head’s as big as the house I grew up in. But I’m pretty new to all this, I could use the help. Besides, I never really could say no to anything.

Starbuck: Except me.

Apollo: Especially you. You know, I think I finally understand what you meant about having a destiny. I’ve got to do this. And the fact that I don’t have an explanation why doesn’t… Doesn’t really seem to matter anymore.

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Starbuck, smiling with sadness in her eyes: So say we all.

Apollo: So say we all.

Starbuck, standing at a loss and holds out a hand: Good luck on your journey, Lee Adama.

Apollo, shaking with jaw tight: You too, Kara Thrace.

Starbuck, without letting go: Okay.

Apollo, clasping her hand: All right.

Starbuck, as he turns to go: Lee?

Apollo, turning to kiss her again, first with passion and then in comfort, and whispering: I believe you.

Galactica Briefing Room

(Apollo stands alone, remembering.)

Apollo: “Red and blue sections will go first, yellow and green will follow. Skid’s up in ten minutes…” “Starbuck, if you’ve got a problem, I don’t want to hear about it…”

Starbuck: “My only problem is that you didn’t preach that sermon a week ago…”

Apollo: “…Keep your ears open…” “Any Cylon contact has shut down and bugged out…” “Questions?”

Man: “Yeah, uh, when are you coming back to the card game?”

Apollo: “We’re on tomorrow night!” “Hey, all right, all right.” “Good luck. And be careful out there.”

Galactica Hangar Deck

(Athena escorts Lee into the hangar, with his bags.)

Helo, out of sight: “Attention to order!”

(Lee looks at Sharon, who shrugs and grins. It’s a surprise party: all the pilots and engineers, the Admiral, even Laura and Tory are there.)

Tigh: In recognition of honorable, loyal, and faithful service, Madam President, Admiral of the Colonial Rleet, ladies and gentlemen: Major Lee Adama. Salute!

(Lee, almost crying, returns their salute. Helo smiles and starts the applause. Lee shakes people’s hands one by one, hugging Helo.)

Helo: Good luck.

(Dee hands Lee a framed plaque of his Major’s insignia. He nearly cries again, and hugs her.)

Apollo: Thank you. (Wry smile.) Well, it looks like you got the house. I’ll miss you.

Dualla, finally smiling: Goodbye, Lee.

Apollo: Look after yourself.

(Everyone shouts and claps, louder and louder; Adama embraces his son; Helo cheers.)


(Fours drill into the Raider’s brains.)

Basestar Conference Room

Natalie: We want you to stop lobotomizing the Raiders, Cavil.

Cavil: Raiders with free will? Not going to happen… Do you know what just really rankles my ass? You’ve been pointing fingers, falsely accusing me of manipulation just short of tyranny, when you’re the one that’s been leading the charge here.

Natalie, arms crossed: We want you to stop.

Cavil: You’re not in charge. We had a vote.

Natalie: For the last time: Will you stop lobotomizing the Raiders?

Cavil, to Simon: It’s unbelievable, isn’t it? Unbelievable. (To Natalie) For the last time, no.

Natalie: I was afraid you’d say that. Come in.

Cavil, as Centurions enter the room: This is cute. Centurions can’t vote, Six.

Natalie: Oh, they’re not here to vote, Cavil.

(The Centurions convert their arm guns, scaring Cavil and his brothers. Natalie is sad but determined, and doesn’t break eye contact with Cavil.)


Cult HQ

(Tory moans as Baltar makes love to her.)

Baltar: Am I hurting you?

Tory: No.

Baltar: What’s wrong?

Tory: Nothing.

Baltar, pulling back: What do you mean nothing? You’re crying.

Tory: It’s just something I do during sex.

Baltar: All… All the time?

Tory: Yeah. I’m really sorry.

(Gaius strokes the tears from Tory’s cheeks.)

Baltar: Don’t be sorry. Why should you apologize? You should be thankful. You have an abundance of feeling.

Tory: I’ve never really thought of it like that.

Baltar: Well I mean, you’re blessed, aren’t you?

Tory: I don’t know, I guess… I suppose I could be a Cylon

Baltar, sweetly stroking her arm: Well, I don’t know about that. Human beings don’t exclusively hold the patent on suffering. Cylons can feel.

Tory: You believe that?

Baltar: Yeah, I do, actually. Yeah. I’ve spent time amongst them. (she strokes his face.) Man may have made them, but God’s at the beginning of the string, isn’t he? It’s God who made the soul — the One True God.

Tory: One God?

Baltar: Yeah, the One True God. You know, I’m becoming increasingly tired of holding that in. Of denying that essential truth.

Basestar Conference Room

(Still in the standoff with Natalie’s Centurions.)

Cavil: Now, this, uh… this isn’t funny. Leave. …I said, leave! …Why don’t they leave?

Natalie, producing an inhibitor: The telencephalic inhibitor that restricts higher functions in the Centurions… we had them removed.

Cavil: Say what?

Natalie: You dumbed down the Raiders. We, the Leobens, the Sharons, gave the Centurions the gift of reason.

Cavil: You have no authority to do this. None. You can’t do anything without a vote!

Natalie: No, we can’t do anything with one. So we’re finished voting.

(The Centurions step forward menacingly. Outside the conference room, there’s loud gunfire and screams.)

Cavil: What have you done?

Natalie: First thing they learned is what you were doing to the Raiders. You can imagine how they felt.

Doral: Oh, no.

(The Centurions gun down the Ones, Fours and Fives as Natalie averts her gaze. When it’s done, she stands in the smoke and the Centurions look to her. She wipes the horror from her face.)

Galactica, from space

Gaeta: “Sir, the fleet is prepped and ready for jump.”

Adama: “Execute jump.”

Kara’s Cell

Starbuck, alone in her cell, unaware that Adama’s watching, crying and screaming until she chokes: Go back! Go back.

The Brig

(Some time later, Helo and a Marine squad enter the cell. Kara makes a hateful face and stands, meeting Helo’s eyes.)

Helo: Cuff her.

(They escort her out.)

Galactica Hangar Deck

Starbuck: So… you quietly cut me loose in deep space. I’m not afraid to die.

Adama: Little easier after you’ve been through it once.

Starbuck: Harder. Especially now that I’m seeing things so clearly. You’re making a mistake.

Adama: Maybe I am. But I can’t take the chance that you’re right and not do something about it.

(Adama looks at a Marine, who unlocks her cuffs; the squad leaves her alone with Helo and the Admiral.)

Adama: Helo hand-picked a crew for you. I’m giving you a ship. I hope you can stand the smell.

Helo: Liberated the Demetrius. It’s a sewage recycling ship. The party line will be that we’re going for a scouting mission. Looking for food.

Starbuck, looking from helo to adama: So you think I’m right.

Adama: Maybe. Maybe not. But I know she is. The President. She’s been right all along. I’m tired of losing. I’m tired of turning away from the things that I want to believe in. And I believe you when you say that you’ll die before you stop trying. And I won’t lose you again. Now go. Find a way to Earth.

(She nods and nearly starts crying, then tenderly puts her arms around him, and they hold each other for a while.)


Transcript taken by Ryan Bechtel

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