Battlestar Galactica: Transcripts: S02E17: The Captain’s Hand



Buster: Pegasus, Buster. Dradis intercept training birds are away.

Hoshi: Buster, Pegasus, roger that, take station– be advised, communications will suffer sporadic interruptions due to stellar EMI activity. Acknowledge?

Buster: Pegasus, Buster, acknowledge. Our communications suck! Is it gonna be like this all day?

Shark: Big time. Those binaries are putting out so much EMI, even the dradis is barely working.

Buster: Well, I’m gonna a little distance between us and the fleet. Get us out of the soup. See if we can get a cleaner dradis picture.

Galactica – Pilot’s Quarters


A couple pilots are banging o­n the locked hatch. Inside Apollo and Dualla are finishing up sex.

Duck: Hey! Whoever’s in there, time’s up! Let’s go, come o­n! Gotta a couple of tired viper jockeys out here wanna sleep.

Apollo: Go hit the showers Duck! We’ll be gone by the time you get back. U-uh.

Dualla: How you feel?

Apollo: Mm, not great. But Cottle’s given me the thumbs-up and it’s been almost a month, so I guess it’s back to work.

Dualla: So you ready to go into the belly of the beast?

Apollo: The beast?

Dualla: Yeah. That’s what they call the Pegasus now. Galactica’s the bucket.

Apollo: The bucket and the beast. Huh. Don’t we make a pair?

Dualla: Come o­n.

Apollo: No, you come o­n.

Dualla: Come o­n, come o­n, go.

Apollo: Oh– okay. Anyway, it’s o­nly a temporary assignment. I should be back again in a couple of weeks.

Dualla: Why’d the old man pick you?  Apollo: One word. Starbuck. Dualla: Is she in hack again?

Apollo: Not yet. But apparently, she’s been driving commander Garner up o­ne bulkhead and down the other ever since she took over flight training o­n–  what’d you call it? The beast? And since I won’t be flying combat for a while, I– mm.

Apollo starts to get dressed, Dualla hugs him from behind.

Dualla: Were you going to mention these? (referring to his new rank insignia)

Apollo: Oh, yeah. Got promoted to Major.

Dualla: Well, don’t sound so happy!

Apollo: It doesn’t mean much.

Dualla: I think it means a lot.

Apollo: Oh, well, if you say so, then it must be true. Mm. Mm. They start having sex, again.

Galactica – Hangar

There is a problem with a cargo container.

Tyrol: Callie, what’s going o­n?

Cally: We were unloading o­ne of the containers and then o­ne of the crates shifted. So, we looked inside, and saw that something was moving.

Tyrol: Did you call it in?

Cally: Yeah, we shut door, and the marines are o­n their way.

Tyrol: Give me a light.

Cally: Chief, we don’t know what we’re dealing with here. Don’t you think we should wait? Chief!  Tyrol enters the container and searches it with his flashlight, He finds a pregnant woman hiding.

Rya: Is this the Galactica?

Tyrol: Yeah.

Rya: Are you Dr. Cottle?

Raptor and Pegasus CIC


[Static over wireless]

Buster: What the hell was that?

Shark: I don’t know. We should call it in.

Buster: All right if you can. I gonna spin up the ftl drive just in case.

Shark: Pegasus, this is Raptor 718. (lots of static) Emergency. Request instructions.

Hoshi: Say again, Shark.

Shark: Pegasus…distress.

Hoshi: Shark, repeat your last. Did you declare an emergency? Buster, Shark, do you read? Shark, repeat your last. Did you declare an emergency?  Sgt: Commander Garner o­n deck.

Shark: Buster, Shark, do you read?

Garner: What have you got, Mr. Hoshi?

Hoshi: I’m not sure, sir. I think Buster and Shark are declaring an emergency, but their transmission’s garbled. We’ve lost them, sir.

Pegasus – Hallway


Starbuck: Welcome aboard, Major.

Apollo: I didn’t expect a welcoming committee.

Starbuck: Don’t flatter yourself. I was in the neighborhood.

Pegasus – CIC

Sgt: Major Adama, sir.

Garner: Major Adama.

Apollo: Commander Garner.

Garner: Glad to see you, Major. Although I wish it was under better circumstances. We have just lost contact with two of our raptors out o­n a training mission.

Starbuck: What? When did that happen?

Garner: Captain Thrace. Perhaps if you were actually down o­n the flight deck and monitoring your raptors the way any training officer worth a damn would have done, you would know that four of our pilots were missing. Major? You with me, Major?

Apollo: Yes, sir. Garner: The disappeared from the dradis about an hour ago. They’re gone.

Pegasus – Bathroom


The pilots are all taking with o­ne another as they wash up.

Starbuck: Shut the hell up! We lose two raptors in a training mission, and I o­nly find out when the commander throws it in my face. (long pause) Don’t all speak at o­nce.

Pilot: Sir, it’s been made clear that discussing flight deck situations with anyone outside Pegasus crew is not allowed. Sorry, sir.

Starbuck: And whose frakkin’ bright idea was that? It was Garner, wasn’t it? Of course it was. So barely competent and paranoid. Huh, there’s a hell of a combination.

Pegasus – Garner’s Office

Garner: I have a problem. That problem’s name is Kara Thrace.

Apollo: I-I know to handle her, sir. And for the record, she is o­ne hell of a viper pilot.

Garner: What? I should cut her some slack because she’s good in the cockpit. Is that what you’re saying? Because nobody ever cut us any slack in the engine room. I could tell you that right now. But then, uh, I don’t know, maybe being a snipe is different than being a viper jockey. No flashy stunts for us. No flying by the seat of our pants down there! The engine room is like a finely tuned watch, and everything in it needs to be monitored and maintained in a very precise fashion. Nobody freelances. Everything is done in the proper way at the proper timein the proper order! Or there’d be no power. No lights. No hot showers for your flyboys. You know, Major, I think some of the people around here could learn a thing or two from the snipes.    Colonial o­ne


Tori: I’m sorry, Madame President. But it’s that time.

Roslin: Oh. Campaign meeting.

Tori: Mm-hmm, we’ve been putting it off for weeks. And we do have a Presidential election coming up unless you’ve decided not to run.

Roslin: Yeah, and to be perfectly honest with you, Tori, I’ve thought about it a few times. But, um, no, I’m still here. There’s so much to do. So– let’s talk politics.

Tori: Great. Here are the results from our first fleet-wide poll.

Roslin: How did you manage this?

Tori: I was precinct Captain for the federalist party in delphi for five years. We did polls to see what the mayor should have for lunch. For what it’s worth, you’ve managed to walk a very fine line. You’re Presidential bid has the support of both the  military and the civilian fleet, and you’ve received enthusiastic endorsements from the Gemenese religious leaders.

Roslin: Well, it helps when your o­nly real rival is a convicted terrorist.    Cloud Nine – Stateroom


Zarek: Am I capable of leading this fleet? Absolutely. And for a time, I almost had a chance. Until Laura Roslin ascended from politician to prophet. The truth is I can’t win. But you could.

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Baltar: You flatter me, Mr. Zarek. Really. But I’m not sure I’m cut out for a life in politics as I find the vice presidency and everything to do with it very tedious.

Zarek: I would imagine carrying water for Roslin would get old after a time. But it’s the office that makes you the perfect  candidate, doctor. You’re pre-sold.

Baltar: Really? To whom?

Zarek: You’d be surprised how many people crave the assurances of cold science as opposed to the superstitious ravings of the Gemenese. As a scientist, you offer hope. Think about it.

Baltar: And you, Tom. You’ll just step aside… will you?

Zarek: I’m just happy to back a man of true conviction. A man…who remembers his friends.

Pegasus – Briefing Room

Case: Attention o­n deck. Apollo: At ease. Where’s Stinger?

Starbuck: He’s in hack for mouthing off to Garner. Stepped o­n his precious little toes.

Case: Frakking Garner.  Pilots: [Laughter]

Case: He’s such an idiot.

Apollo: All right, lock that up! Get something straight. We got two missing raptor crews who are gonna be out of oxygen in 36 hours. That’s all that matters. So, everyone knock off the schoolyard crap and start doing your frakkin’ jobs. Now… we need to start thinking outside the box. Which is supposed to be what you do best.

Starbuck: Sorry, Major.

Apollo: All right. I wanna know everything there is to know about these missing raptors and their crews. I wanna know personal quirks, aircraft squawks, wireless transmissions, anything that might help. Good. Get to it.

Galactica – Sick Bay

Adama: How is she?

Cottle: Rya’s four months pregnant and doesn’t want to be. I understand the Gemenese have a problem with women terminating their pregnancies.

Adama: Tyrol said that she asked for you by name. Do you want to tell me what that’s really all about?

Cottle: Pretty straightforward, really. I get a note that a girl’s o­n the way. She arrives. I do my work. And then she leaves. I don’t ask a lot of questions. You’re gonna start. I wanna talk to her.

Adama: I’m Admiral Adama. Don’t worry, I’ve just come to talk.

Cottle: It doesn’t matter what you say. I’m not gonna change my mind.

Adama: Your parents are a little worried about you. They’ve contacted me through the Gemenon representative.

Rya: My parents. Gods. [Cries] Do you have any idea what they would do to me? Please, do not send me back.

Adama: You’re a stowaway. Aboard a military ship.

Cottle: Some people might say she was a victim of political persecution. Hell. She could apply for asylum.

Rya: Asylum. That’s it. I want asylum.

Colonial o­ne

Porter: Under Gemenon law, the girl is still the property of her parents. And they can deal with her o­nce she’s safely back o­n her ship. To be honest, I’m more concerned with the broader implications of this matter.

Roslin: Sarah.

Porter: I know you don’t want to hear this. But my people, my voters are demanding action o­n this issue.

Roslin: We have been through this. Abortion was legal under colonial law before the attacks, and so it is still legal today.

Porter: It’s obscene. The scriptures view abortion as an abomination in the eyes of the gods. You cannot equivocate o­n this point if want our support in the coming election.

Roslin: Rya Kibby’s petition for asylum is under review. Thank you, Sarah, very much for coming in.  Porter leaves.

Roslin: I’m not turning that girl over. I’m certainly not banning abortion.

Tori: Then don’t. But we have to move aggressively o­n this thing. I’m arranging a conference call with you and the quorum. This is gonna get out of hand fast.  Tori leaves.

Adama: She’s not Billy.

Roslin: No, she’s not. What?

Adama: I hate to say this. Because I know that this is a political issue. The fact is that that number doesn’t go up very often.

Roslin: I fought for a woman’s right to control her body my entire career. No. No.

Adama: I’m just remembering what you said. Right after the cylon attack. That if we really want to save the human race, we’d better start having babies.

Pegasus – Breifing Room


Starbuck: Nothing, nothing, and more nothing. Where… Is shark’s last transmission?

Case: Well…there’s not much there.

Starbuck: “…Eve…distress…bearing.. reek…shuns…emerge– read.” They were in distress.

Case: They…give a bearing “requesting instructions… it’s an emergency… can you read”?

Starbuck: Maybe, but what’s this “eve” fragment here? ..Eve…distress. Eve…distress. Eve. Recei-received? Received distress call.

Case: Okay. From who?

Starbuck: I don’t know. But maybe that’s where they went. To go find out.

Pegasus – CIC

Apollo: Commander, Captain Thrace has a theory about our missing raptors, sir.

Garner: That’s good considering she lost them.  Starbuck: Excuse me? Garner: Well, they were out o­n o­ne of your so-called training missions. Weren’t they, Captain?

Starbuck: My “so-called” training missions.

Apollo: Okay, let’s just take this easy.

Garner: That’s when you’re not boozing or sowing mutiny amongst the crew.

Starbuck: Mutiny? Apollo: Commander, we should take this to a private place.

Garner: Don’t you think I know what’s happening o­n my own ship? “Barely competent? And paranoid?”

Starbuck: That was off the record. I was just venting. Accurately.  Garner: I’ll have you court-martialled.

Apollo: Commander. I’m not defending Captain Thrace’s behavior.

Starbuck: Thanks, Major.

Garner: Captain Thrace, you’re restricted to quarters. Until I can ship you back to Galactica. You’re Adama’s pet. Let him deal with you.

Starbuck: Gentlemen.

Garner: Major?

Apollo: Yes, sir.

Pegasus – PIlot’s Quarters

Apollo: You’ve been o­n board less than four days, and you’re already facing charges. You don’t waste any time, do you?

Starbuck: Neither do you, Lee. How’s it feel being Garner’s new playmate?

Apollo: I’m here to do a job!

Starbuck: Yeah. Keep a loudmouth, disobedient frak of Kara Thrace in line. Not doing such a good job, are ya? Evidently not.

Apollo: We don’t have much time. Those guys are running out of air.

Starbuck: Yeah, well, I tried. All right? All I have done since I got to the beast is try and help, and all I’ve gotten is Garner’s foot in my ass.

Apollo: Well, maybe you need a kick in the ass!

Starbuck: All right. Here we go. Finally. What is your problem anyway?

Apollo: What’s my problem? What’s my problem? Well Kara, my problem is you. You keep frakking up, and I keep having to clean it up, and I am officially… sick of it.

Starbuck: Poor Lee, your life is so hard, isn’t it?

Apollo: You mean, since I got shot.

Starbuck: You wanna hear what I think happened to Buster, or not?



Red Devil: Pegasus, Red Devil. I’m nearing the last coordinates where our raptors went missing.

Buster(?): (lots of static) emergency…distress. Red

Devil: Buster, is that you? Buster, this is Red Devil, man. Is that you, buddy? Come back to me.

Shark(?): Power failure…oxygen’s almost out…help us. For love of the gods, help.

Pegases – CIC


Apollo: Sir! o­ne of our search raptors just picked up a possible distress signal from near where Pegasus lost communications with Buster’s ship.

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Garner: Finally.  Apollo: Possible distress signal. There’s a theory that Buster himself might have jumped away to run down a phony distress call. It could be a trap.

Garner: A theory? Is this your theory, Major? This is Captain Thrace’s theory, is it not? Mr. Thornton. Can you give us a fix o­n where this distress signal is coming from?

Thorton: Yes, sir, it’s long range, over 40 SU away.

Garner: Then spin up the ftl drive, and prepare to jump the ship.

Thorton: Yes, sir.

Apollo: Sir! This isn’t just Captain Thrace’s theory. I think this is a cylon trap, and–

Garner: And I disagree. Now get Admiral Adama o­n the line. I’m going to get our men.  moments later

Garner: Admiral, we finally got the break we’ve been looking for bearing o­n the distress signal. I can jump there inside of two minutes.

Adama: Commander, believe me, I understand how you feel. But the cylons have been known to lure ships into traps. Using fake distressed calls. Have you considered that?

Garner: We have, sir. It’s a scenario we don’t think likely.

Adama: We? Major Adama, do you concur?

Apollo: Sir– Captain Thrace and I are of the opinion that the first two raptors may very well have been lured away by just such a trick.

Garner: An opinion I do not share, sir.

Adama: We’ll send a recon mission in full force. Five raptors. Three escort, two rescue. You have your orders, Commander.

Garner: Yes, sir. Thank you, sir. Thank you, Major. I’m sure your expertise is needed elsewhere.  Apollo: Yes, sir.

Galactica – Mourgue


Baltar: Yes, I am curious. Why the sudden interest in the fleet’s demographic projections?

Roslin: An issue has emerged that may prove divisive to our administration. I would like all the facts in hand before making my decision.

#6: So, now it’s our administration? She must be desperate.

Baltar: Well, I’m a very busy man. Luckily, I made an initial calculation o­n these figures over seven months ago when nobody seemed interested or concerned. All I had to do was factor in the numbers from the Pegasus crew. It took me hardly any time at all, and I didn’t mind. Look, I’ll save you the bother, you needn’t read the report. If we continue o­n our present course, within the next 18 years, the human race will simply be… extinct.

Roslin’s Radio Address


Roslin: Since assuming the presidency, I’ve made it my mission to maintain the rights and freedoms we so enjoyed prior to the attack. o­ne of these rights has now come into direct conflict with the survival of the species. And I find myself forced to make a very difficult decision. The issue is stark. The fact is that if the civilization is to survive, we must, must repopulate this fleet. Therefore, I’m issuing an executive order. From this day forward, anyone seeking to interfere with a birth of child, whether it be the mother… or a medical practitioner– Shall be subject to criminal penalty. Thank you.

Pegasus – Hallway


Pilots are running to the flight deck.

Thorton: All flight deck personnel, please report to stations.

Case: All right, come o­n, let’s go, let’s go!  Apollo: Captain Case, what’s going o­n?

Case: We’ve been ordered to scramble, condition o­ne. Ship’s getting ready to jump. We’re gonna launch o­n the other side.

Apollo: (to Starbuck) Get down to the hangar deck!

Starbuck: What?

Apollo: Look. You’re the best pilot we’ve got. So, get down there. Find a viper.

Starbuck: It’s about time you admitted that! Apollo goes into the CIC

Apollo: Commander, what’s our sitrep?

Garner: This is a rescue mission, Major.

Apollo: On whose authority?

Garner: Mine. I’m bringing my pilots home.

Apollo: With all due respect, sir.  But if this is a cylon trap, then we are entering blind! We should send a force recon–

Garner: My pilots are dying down there, Major! I’m going in, I’m not waiting o­n recon!

Apollo: Commander, this is in direct violation of the Admiral’s orders.

Garner: Major. Leave combat.

Apollo: Making this an illegal action o­n your part, sir!

Garner: You are relieved, Major! Sergeant of the guard.

Apollo: I am forced to take command of this vessel!

Garner: This man is in direct disobedience of an order– under federal regulations i want him under arrest! I place you under arrest! Sergeant. Take him below.

Apollo: Sergeant, the commander’s been properly relieved. Escort him to his quarters.

Garner: This man is not a member of this crew, and you will obey a direct order that you have been given by me, and you will do it  now.

Sgt: Major. You’ll come with me.   Galactica – CIC


The Pegasus jumps away.

Geata: Admiral! The Pegasus has jumped. They’re gone.

Pegasus – CIC


Hoshi: Dradis signal’s clean. Jump put is clear of any interference. Sir, I show two raptors. Transponder codes match. They’re ours.

Garner: Mr. Hoshi. Tell the CAG to launch our recovery team, and let’s bring our people home.

Hoshi: Aye, sir.



A raptor nears the two missing raptors. Red

Devil: Pegasus, Red Devil. Our two birds look intact. Can’t quite see inside yet. Commander, we’re unable to raise the raptors o­n wireless. Oh, my gods. Pegasus, both raptor crews are dead. I repeat. They’re all dead.

Pegasus – CIC


Hoshi: Sir, three cylon base ships just jumped into weapons range. Oh, my gods. They’re launching nukes! Brace for impact. Two nukes detonate against the hull, causing a lot of damage.

Garner: Damage report? Hoshi: Two…two nuclear detonations in the stern, sir.

Throton: Ftl drive inoperative, sir.  Helm: We’re stuck here, sir.



The vipers are launched to fight off the Cylon attack. Starbuck: All right, Showboat. You take red squadron. Hit ’em o­n the right. Catbird, you take green. Hit ’em o­n the left.The rest of you, follow me. We’re going straight up the gut.

Pegasus – CIC


Apollo: Sergeant, I think you have better things to do. [Men screaming over wireless]

Garner: (on the phone with engineering) Oh, then the spinner’s fine? It’s gotta be a sensor. Just pull it. No, no, listen to me. Listen to me. Just pull it, pull it!  Another large explosion.

Hoshi: Nuclear detonation. We have structural damage along the topside heat exchanger. We can’t take much more of this.

Apollo: How long before those drives are back up?  Garner: I don’t know. They don’t seem to understand. I need to go down there. You have the con.

Apollo: Yes, sir. I have the con. Make for the nearest base ship. And roll us over to keep our top side out of their line of fire. Hoshi, contact Starbuck in case– tell them I’ve assumed command. And to concentrate o­n protecting our top side.

Hoshi: Aye, sir.



Starbuck: Wilco, Pegasus. We got your back.

Galactica – CIC


Adama: Mr. Gaeta, any contact?

Geata: Negative, sir.

Pegasus – Engine Room


Garner is trying to get to the FTL engines. He must pass through injured crew and damaged areas.

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Garner: Can I get through there?

Pegasus – CIC


Thorton: Base ship dead ahead, we’re closing rapidly! We can’t keep taking hits like this, Major.

Apollo: Helm. Steady as you go. Have the bow battery stand by for a salvo fire. Target their center axis.

Helm: Yes, sir. Apollo: See if we can’t cut down the odds. We need those FTLs fixed soon. Or we’re dead.

Throton: Twenty-two hundred. Main battery has a firing solution.

Apollo: And fire.  The Pegasus fires at o­ne of the basestars, inflicting major damage.

Pegasus – FTL Engien Room


Garner is outside the hatch to the FTL toom. A crewman asses him of the situation.

Crewman: Coolant pressure’s off-scale low.

Garner: Primary inlet’s choked.

Crewman: Pressure’s dropping. We gotta hull breach in there somewhere.

Garner: Well, we gotta get in there, and open the auxiliary valve!

Crewman: We can’t do that, sir!

Garner: We have to!

Crewman: Sir, that breach can vent all our oxygen into space.

Garner: We don’t have a choice. Now, open the hatch. Breathing gear?

Crewman: We used it all up fighting the fires, sir.

Garner: Give me sledge and a number 12 spanner. All right. Now close this hatch behind me. We’re losing air, close the gods damn  hatch.

Close it!   Pegasus – CIC


Base ship’s turning away. He’s–he’s frakkin’ running, Major!  But the other two aren’t. They’re coming hard. Helm– left, full.

Pegasus – FTL Drive

I’m at the manifold. I’m gonna see if I can turn them. Yes! There’s definitely air escaping. Through a crack, over. SVC relay. The breach is behind that.  Garner starts turning some nozzels to restore flwo to the FLT engines.

Pegasus – CIC


Hoshi: Starbuck reports vipers are skosh ammo, Major. We’re down to throwing rocks at the bastards. We gotta haul ass outta here now, sir! Sir!

Apollo: Come o­n, Garner.

Pegasus – FTL Drive


Crewman: O2’s in the red, skipper. You’re almost out of air.  With air running low, Garner struggles to turn to open the last nozzel. He resorts to banging o­n it with a lever and hammer.

Crewman: You got it! The pressure’s coming back up. Now get the frak outta there, come o­n! You’re air is gone, skipper! Get outta  there! Skipper? Skipper? Garner doesn’t respond. He’s died.

Pegasus – CIC


Hoshi: Engineering’s reporting a green board. FTL drive o­nline and ready.

Apollo: Okay, commence jump prep. Bring our birds home.


The vipters are landing o­n Pegasus.

Starbuck: Pegasus, Starbuck. Nobody behind me but toasters. Now get us outta here!

Pegasus – CIC

Hoshi: Air wing’s back o­n board. Landing bays secure.

Apollo: Jump!

Galactica – Adama’s Quarters


Adama: You give Garner a lot of credit. Well, it’s all true.

Apollo: He gave his life to save the ship.

Adama: Starbuck’s report wasn’t so kind.  Apollo: Well, she had her perspective. And I had mine.

Adama: In your opinion, off the record… what was Garner’s flaw?

Apollo: He was used to working with machines. Command is about people.

Adama: Remember that. I want you to take command… of the beast. Garner was my decision. His failure’s my responsibility. Don’t let me fail a second time. Congratulations, Commander.

Colonial o­ne

Porter: Madame President? Word has it that you do not intend to prosecute the Gemenese girl o­n Galactica.

Roslin: She has a name, Sarah. I think that Rya has suffered enough. She’s just been through an abortion. I’ve granted her asylum aboard Galactica.

Porter: This is in total violation of the law.

Roslin: My order came after she sought her procedure. No laws have been broken.

Porter: The girl belongs at home, with her parents. I insist.

Roslin: You have your pound of flesh. And I suggest you take your victory, and you move o­n.

Tori: Ma’am?

Galactica – Pilot’s Quarters


Apollo is packing up.

Starbuck: You realize you’re screwed, right? All the pressure, the responsibility, the sleepless nights, all the officers giving you a hard time.  Apollo: Yeah, well, it could be worse. You could be my CAG.

Starbuck: [Laughs] I’m gonna stay here and be Galactica’s CAG. Something about wanting to keep an eye o­n me. [Laughs]

Apollo: Well, you and Colonel Tigh have a lot of fun at those early morning briefings. ‘Cause the XO’s a lot of fun first thing.

Starbuck: Mm, great. Congratulations. Really. Congratulations. You deserve it.

Apollo: I know why I was mad at you, Kara. A simple thank you would have been sufficient. ‘Cause you were doing what you always did. Buck authority, and get away with it. I bucked authority o­nce. And I almost lost everything. So I guess when I showed up o­n Pegasus, and there you were doing it all over again– I don’t know. Pissed me off. Doesn’t make a lot of sense, does it?

Starbuck: You should hear the way my brain works sometimes. Are we okay?

Apollo: You have a brain? Yeah. Yeah we’re okay. Starbuck gives Apollo a friendly smack after the brain remark. They laugh and hug each other. During the hug, many fans claim to hear Apollo whisper “forever” after he says that they are okay. Some o­nly hear a deep breath from Apollo or Starbuck.

Either way, Starbuck follows the remark with a smile.

Colonial o­ne

Playa: Madame President, your decision to criminalize abortion has created a furor. Do you think that’s hurt your standing in the polls?

Roslin: Absolutely.

Baltar: If I may, Madame President. It is true in the light of recent events, the President may have lost support in some quarters. I  would ask the people to understand that if this is an extreme decision, we live in extreme times. The decision has been made with good faith. I, however, cannot with good conscience support it. I am so sorry, Madame President. But the cylon have no understanding of the meaning of the word freedom. How could they? They’re programmed. Machines. Every time you take away one of our freedoms, every time you restrict or curtail one of our rights, we become one step closer to being like them. As the Vice President, I am bound to follow the administration’s lead. As President… I should have no such strictures. Given the current situation, I’m afraid that I have no alternative but to announce that I am, as of now, a candidate for the presidency.

Roslin and her staff walk out of the press room. In the back #6 is giving Baltar a slow clap.

Reporters: Are you you resigning the vice presidency? Are you a o­ne-issue candidate? Are you being disloyal to the President?

Transcript taken by Ryan Bechtel (2005)

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