Battlestar Galactica: Transcripts: S01E12: Kobol’s Last Gleaming pt.1

Opening Act is a scramble of quick scenes featuring Adama and Apollo Boxing, Starbuck in bed with Baltar, Helo and Boomer on Caprica, and Boomer contemplating suicide

Galactica – Workout Room
Adama and Apollo boxing
Adama and Apollo: (grunts)
Apollo hits Adama hard in the face.
Apollo: You all right?


a later cut
Adama: ( grunts )
Apollo: ( grunting ) Adama punches the hell outta Apollo
Adama: You all right?

Caprica – Delphi
Helo is running from Caprica Boomer
Helo: Stop, don’t come any closer!
He later shoots Caprica Boomer
Caprica Boomer: Just do it.

Galactica – Baltar’s Quarters
Baltar and Starbuck: ( Moaning )
Starbuck: Ahh, Lee… ahh, Lee… ( sobbing )

Galactica – Pilots Quarters
Boomer puts a gun in her mouth, comtemplates suicide and quickly pulls it out.
Boomer: Oh, god…
Dualla (on intercom): Attention: Pass the word for Lt. Valerii. Lt. Valerii, report to the ready room for pre-flight briefing.

Galactrica – Workout Room
Adama: you don’t lose control.
Apollo: Thanks.
Adama: No. You gotta lose control. Let your instincts take over.
Apollo: I thought we were just sparring.
Adama: That’s why you don’t win.

Caprica – Delphi
Helo stands over a wounded Boomer with his gun pointed at her.
Caprica Boomer: ( panting )

Colonial one
Roslin: The doctor said I have six months, at the outside. He said the cancer’s moved into my lymphatic system… aggressively moved in.
Elosha: I want you to hear me on this.
Roslin: Hmm?
Elosha: You made a true believer out of me. Strange as that sounds, considering. And I believe. I know you’re the one to lead us to our salvation. You are going to guide us to Earth.
Roslin: Then we’d better find it soon.

Galactica – Officers Mess
Playing Poker
Gaeta: I’m out.
Apollo: It’s not your turn.
Gaeta: Frankly, I don’t care– no, no, thank you, doctor, I have a launch later. So, crashdown, ensign davis…?
Crashdwon: What? Y’know, little bit of this, little bit of that…
Apollo: C’mon, you guys always play this slow–
Crashdown: Wait, what did you say?
Gaeta: Are they real?
Crashdown: Don’t distract me about the ensign davis…
Apollo: Uncanny, uncanny, I know. All right, 20 I call and I raise you another 30.
Baltar: You can’t compete with me! I always win.
Apollo: Well, I’m sorry.
#6: Never seen you like this, Gaius. It’s disappointing, somehow. Common.
Baltar: So sorry to disappoint you. Disappoint you all. 30… and I call it, so.
Gaeta: All right, what you got, boys?
Dualla: What do we got?
Crashdown: Absolutely nothing.
Gaeta: Not good, compared to that.
Dualla: Oh!
Crashdown: Ahh! No! Everytime you win!
Dualla: Everytime!
Baltar: Sorry, I have to do it, I– sorry! Very sorry to disappoint you.
Starbuck: What, there’s a card game and no one told me?
Crashdown: She’s back on her feet, ladies and gentlemen!
Starbuck: Gaius… how you feeling?
Baltar: Good. Mr. Vice President, if you don’t mind, Lt. Thrace. Some level of decorum has to be maintained, after all or is it a pirate ship you’re running?
Starbuck: No, just a Battlestar, sir.
Gaeta: Right, let’s play.
Baltar: Would you like to play? Maybe you’d like to sit next to Captain Adama.
Apollo: Sure, Kara, why don’t you pull up a pew?
Starbuck: No, it’s okay, Lee, I got things to do.

Colonial one
Roslin: All right, currency. While bartering will continue for the foreseeable future, we do have a system in place now to take the economy back to a currency-based standard.
#6: Do you love her?
Baltar: Did you, um…
Roslin: Dr. Baltar… if something should happen to me, it is vital that you comprehend and are familiar with the political structures that are just beginning to fall into place here. Do you understand this?
#6: Answer me!
Baltar: Yes, of course, I understand. My answer is no. No, I don’t think that I can handle this right now the– the intricacies of the bureaucracy, I can’t get my head around, uh, this, which, with all due respect, Madam President you have spent your entire political career uh, learning to understand. More to the point, how you could think that my head could be turned so quickly by– by a new thing is, uh, it just– it astounds me. How did you– how did you seriously think that I was gonna be able to cope with this kind of responsibility?
#6: I don’t believe you.
Roslin: You’re a genius, are you not?
Baltar: Well, quite frankly, I don’t give a flying frak whether you believe me or not, all right? Because I’ve had it, I am… I’m tired of being pushed and prodded around like I’m some kind of toy. I’m not your plaything!
#6 and Roslin: Plaything?
Baltar: I don’t work for you and uh, quite frankly, I don’t have to sit any more and take this kind of abuse from either of you! You either– either in here, either in there, wherever it is, I don’t need to take it.
#6: I love you, Gaius.
Baltar: Oh, do me a favor…
Roslin: I think perhaps, you need a break from this.
Baltar: You’re right. We need a break.

Colonial One – Bathroom
Baltar: I’d like to be alone, if you don’t mind. Ahhh!
#6: How can you love her, Gaius? I don’t! You can’t lie to me, I know everything you know.
Baltar: Oh, that’s lovely. Oh, thank you. Did you, uh… did you want something in particular this time?
#6: I thought you should know that it’s not safe to remain on Galactica.
Baltar: What are you talking about?
#6: It’s a surprise.
Baltar: Tell me, what is it? What is it?! Is it a bomb, another cylon bomb, right? Is it an agent? Is a cylon agent about to be activated? Tell me!

Raptor – Space
Boomer: Galactica, this is raptor one, preparing to jump to sector 728. Let’s hope we find some supplies out there.
Gaeta (on radio): Roger that, good hunting out there.
Boomer: Crash, count our spinner.
Crashdown: F.T.L. Drive spun up and ready… jumping. Five, four, three, two, one.
Raptor jumps and appears very near to a planet (kobol) and gets caught in its gravity well
Crashdown: Whoa, baby!
( Alarm beeping )
Boomer: Frak me! ( Panting ) Gaeta, that fraking idiot. She pilots the raptor out of danger
Crashdown: ( Laughing )
Boomer: You can’t plan a jump that close to a planet what if we jumped into the damn thing?
Crashdown: Oh, that was great, it’s fine, we made it, we’re cool. Are you seeing this?
Boomer: Yeah.
Crashdown: Oceans… continents. Let me at this thing. Okay, atmosphere reads as… nitrogen/oxygen. Looks like enough CO2 for green leafy things, too, I’m starting to get excited here, Boomer. Boomer, this could it, this could be the big one this is the little planet that solves all of our problems. Boomer… do you think this is Earth?
Boomer: No, it’s not Earth. It’s more important than that.

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Caprica – Delphi – Alleyway
Caprica Boomer: Doesn’t really work as well as before, huh? You know, I do get cold. There are some things you should know, Helo.
Helo: Don’t call me that. You’re not even Sharon, you’re not even human. So don’t start acting like you know me, because you don’t!
Caprica Boomer: But I am Sharon and that’s part of what you need to understand.
Helo: Sharon was a friend of mine. Whatever twisted thing you are, you are not Sharon, you got that? The only thing I want from you is a way off this fraked-up world, that’s it!

Galactica – Hanger
Apollo: Going hunting?
Starbuck: I’m adding a gunnery run to the jump test tomorrow, see if our boy here can shoot anything with our ammo.
Apollo: So it’s a boy now.
Starbuck: Changed my mind.
Apollo: You ever wonder why everyone calls it a she but to you it’s a he?
Starbuck: It’s fascinating, Lee, you should write a paper.
Apollo: Well, it’s not really my scene. I’m not as smart as, say, um, Dr. Baltar. How is the Vice President, by the way?
Starbuck: I don’t know, haven’t seen him.
Apollo: So he’s a love ’em and leave ’em kinda guy, I guess.
Starbuck: I guess.
Apollo: Ships that just pass in the night.
Starbuck: Yup.
Apollo: Didn’t mean a thing?
Starbuck: Nope.
Apollo: Just bored, something to do. So fraking the vice President of the colonies just seemed like a great way to waste some time.
Starbuck: You want something from me?
Apollo: Not a thing.
Starbuck: ‘Cause I don’t owe you anything.
Apollo: No, you don’t owe me anything ’cause I’m just a C.A.G. And you’re just a pilot.
Starbuck: Right.
Apollo: Pilot who can’t keep her pants on.
Starbuck: Right.
Apollo: Oh, it is just like old times, Kara. Like when you got drunk and you couldn’t keep your hands off that major from wherever–
Starbuck tries to punch Apollo, Apollos ducks and punches her back.
Apollo: Why’d you do it, Kara? Just tell me why.
Starbuck: ‘Cause I’m a screw-up, Lee, try and keep that in mind.

Colonial One
Billy: So commander Adama is sending out another raptor to conduct an aerial survey of this planet. Uh, it appears to have suffered some sort of a calamity, but it could actually be inhabitable. The aerial survey shows evidence of at least one city on the surface. It was obviously abandoned a long time ago.
Roslin: How old are the ruins?
Billy: Uh, well, we won’t know for sure until they send a ground team but the initial estimates have it, uh, on the order of approximately 2,000 years.
Elosha: That’s around the time the 13 tribes first left Kobol.
Roslin: Let me see. Ruins, what ruins? This is an inhabited city. Look at the buildings.
Elosha: Buildings?
Roslin: Look…
Elosha: What did you see? Tell me, Laura.
Roslin: A dome-like structure with six roads leading out of it, like spokes. With something around it like columns, like a forum like the forum on Caprica, actually.
Elosha: The forum and the opera house in the city of the gods. on Kobol. This planet is Kobol.
Billy: Kobol, like… Kobol?
Elosha: Birthplace of mankind. Where the gods and men lived in paradise until the exodus of the 13 tribes.
Billy: Madam President, what’s going on?
Roslin: It’s real. The scriptures, the myths, the prophecies, they’re all real.
Elosha: So say we all.

Galactica – Pilots Quarters
Boomer has the gun in her mouth… again.
( Gun cocking )
Baltar: Hello, lieutenant?
Boomer: Hey, doc.
Baltar: This is a bad time, right?
Boomer: No, uh, I’m just cleaning my gun. What’s going on?
Baltar: Well, I was gonna ask you the same question. Actually, I was looking for Lt. Thrace but, uh… sometimes it’s good to talk these things over.
#6: Deep down she knows she’s a cylon. But her conscious mind won’t accept it.
Boomer: Sometimes I have these dark thoughts.
Baltar: What kind of dark thoughts?
#6: Her model is weak. Always has been. But, in the end, she’ll carry out her mission.
Baltar: I don’t know. But I’m afraid I’m gonna hurt someone. Feel like I have to be stopped.
#6: She can’t be stopped, she’s a cylon. You can’t help her, Gaius. But you could probably sleep with her. That’s what you want, right?
Baltar: I’m not sure what– sometimes, uh, we must embrace that which opens up for us.
Boomer: Embrace?
Baltar: Life can be a curse, as well as a blessing. You will believe me when I tell you, there are far worse things than death, in this world.
Boomer: So you’re saying–
Baltar: No, no, no, uh… what I say is meaningless. Listen to your heart. Embrace that which you know to be the right decision.
Baltar leaves the room, and hears a gunshot after he leaves.

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Galactica – Briefing Room
Adama: You might be right, this may be Kobol. I think we should seriously consider permanent settlement on this planet.
Roslin: The scriptures tell us that Kobol points the way to Earth.
Adama: Organize a ground survey team, three raptors. I want a complete survey of the ruins immediately.
Apollo: Yes, sir.
#6: You should go. Remember what I said, Gaius. You don’t wanna be here when it happens.
Baltar: When what happens– what would happen if I go? Uh, in fact, I think I’m going to volunteer for the survey party.
Adama: Your presence won’t be necessary, Doctor, thank you.
Baltar: I am the vice President of the colonies, elected in my own right and I feel that my presence on the planet will be necessary, Commander. As your chief science advisor, I’m expected to analyze all of the samples the team bring back and quite frankly, it’ll be far more efficient if I can gather the samples by myself. Unless you have any objection, Madam President.
Roslin: No objections, thank you. (to Adama:) We need to talk.
Adama: Sure.

Galactica – Med Bay
Tyrol: You okay?
Boomer: What do you think?
Tyrol: I think it’s hard to imagine that you forgot to check the chamber.
Boomer: I didn’t forget.
Tyrol: Sharon… what’s going on? I know things haven’t been so great lately but–
Boomer: I wake up in the morning and I wonder who I am. I wake up and wonder if I’m gonna hurt someone.
Tyrol: Sharon, you need help.
Boomer: Not from you, you made that clear. I’m on my own.
Tyrol: No, you’re not.
Boomer: Thanks for coming out, Chief. You’re dismissed.

Galactica – Breifing Room
Roslin: So, according to the scriptures, if we had the Arrow of Apollo we could take it down to Kobol and we could use it to open the tomb of Athena and find our way to Earth.
Adama: I didn’t know you were that religious.
Roslin: Neither did I. Something wrong with that?
Adama: No. It’s just new. There is no Earth, you understand that.
Roslin: It would seem that we were wrong. Commander, just because you and I don’t know where it is doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
Adama: Madam President, I’m not trying to mock your faith, so please understand me. These stories about Kobol, gods, the Arrow of Apollo… they’re just stories, legends, myths. Don’t let it blind you to the reality that we face.
Roslin: Reality is that the cylon raider has been successfully jump-tested. Reality is that cylon technology obviously outstrips our own, and reality is, there is a good chance the raider can jump all the way back to Caprica and retrieve that arrow and find our way to Earth, the real Earth.
Adama: The raider’s a military asset. I’m not gonna use it to go chasing some mythical arrow. I’m sorry.

Raptors – Space
Raptor 1
Raptor 2 Pilot (on radio): I say we find Kobol, we count our blessings and stay there.
Raptor 3 Pilot (on radio): Yeah, but the sacred scrolls tell us that this could guide us to Earth, right, l-t?
Raptor 1 pilot: Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah, cut the chatter. Raptors two and three, on me…
Crashdown: F.L.T. Spun up and ready.
Tyrol: Cally, hold onto your lunch.
Crashdown: Jump in ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one… (raiders jump) jump complete, gentlemen.

Raptor 3
Raptor 3 ECO: Bring the nose down, we should see the planet directly ahead.
Raptor 3 Pilot: What the hell is that? Oh, my gods!
Raptor collides with a Radier, and we see a bunch of raiders and Basestar in orbit. All hellbreaks loose.

Raptor 1
Crashdown: They’re everywhere–
Tyrol: Get us out of here!
Crashdown: C’mon, we got a fire in the turbine!
Raptor 1 Pilot: Shutting it down!
Baltar: Pilot down, pilot down!
Crashdown: Out of the way, c’mon doc out of the way!
( All yelling )
Crashdown: everybody, hang on… hang on, hang on!
Tyrol: Can you jump us out?
Crashdown: No, F.T.L. Drive’s been hit.
Tyrol: Socinus, get on the horn now and tell raptor two to jump back to Galactica! Like, right now! Get us out of here!
( All yelling )
Socinus: Raptor two, Raptor two… you are ordered to jump back to Galactica, over. You are ordered to jump back to Galactica!

Galactica – CIC
Gaeta: Whenever they’re within a certain proximity to one another, they send off a short I.F.F. Burst. Essentially, they’re cylon transponders programmed to identify themselves as any other cylon transponder.
Tigh: Damn nice work, lieutenant.
Adama: That’s very good. Now that we know what they are, I wanna test one in the raider.
Dualla: Dradis contact, Raptor 275, sir.
Tigh: Back early.
Adama: Something’s wrong.

Raptor 1 – Kobol Orbit
Tyrol: What the hell are you doing?!
Baltar: Oh, god!
Crashdown: Hang on, hang on…
Baltar: oh, my god… god, god, god, god…
Tyrol: Look!
Crashdown: Everybody hit the deck!
( Screaming )
Crashdown: I can’t see!
Tyrol: Pull it up, pull it up!
Cally: ( screaming )
Tyrol: Watch the hill! Watch it!
Crashdown: Thanks Cheif! Wooooo!!!

Galactica – Adama’s Quarters
Roslin: How many did we lose?
Apollo: Ten souls aboard aptor three. Raptor one, last visual contact was seen under powered flight, heading toward the surface. Adama: We need a way to take out the baseship before we can attempt a rescue.
Tigh: Starbuck’s already working on a plan using the captured raider to get a nuke into the baseship.
Roslin: The raider?
Apollo: When– when did this happen?
Tigh: About ten minutes ago. She said she’s working on the details and will have a report at 14:00.
Adama: Go talk to Starbuck right away.
Apollo: My pleasure.
Adama: And report back to me.
Apollo: Yes, sir.

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Galactica – Hallway
Billy: Is there something I should be worried about, Madam President?
Roslin: Why do you ask that?
Billy: That look on your face.
Roslin: Not now.

Galactica – Hangar
Starbuck: Hey, guys, take that out. I know the chief said we need it but I don’t need it–
Apollo: Lt. Thrace, atten-tion. (she ignores him) Lt. Thrace, I gave you a command you will obey it. Atten… tion! You do not take your harebrained ideas to the X.O. Without going through me first, do you understand?
Starbuck: Yes, sir.
Apollo: At ease, so what’s the plan?
Starbuck: I’m putting an autopilot in the raider. Jump him to the baseship, engage the autopilot, punch out get picked up by a raptor. The raider heads to the baseship. Picks up the transponder, allows the raider to approach, nuke goes off. Boom, sir.
Apollo: Might work. Might get you killed.
Starbuck: Would you miss me, sir?
Apollo: I need every pilot I have. Even the screw-ups.
Starbuck: Captain… I’m really sorry.

Galactica – Briefing Room
Billy: If you do this, it could threaten everything that we’ve accomplished. It will probably bring down the government and you don’t have a right to risk that for a…
Roslin: Go on.
Billy: For a drug-induced vision of prophecy.
Roslin: I am well aware of that. But it would seem that the gods have a different plan. Would you please get me Lt. Thrace?
Billy: Can I get you some more water?
Roslin: Yes, thanks.

Starbuck: You can’t be serious.
Roslin: All of this has happened before and all of this will happen again. The cylon you interrogated, he quoted that bit of scripture. He also said that we would find Kobol and Kobol would show us the way, did he not?
Starbuck: Yes, he did.
Roslin: Well, we have found Kobol. Do you believe in the gods, Lieutenant?
Starbuck: Not that it’s any of your business, but, yes, I believe.
Roslin: Lieutenant, I’m not trying to put you on the defensive, I just– I would like you to think this through with me. If you believe in the gods, then you believe in the cycle of time, that we are all playing our parts in a story that is told again, and again, and again, throughout eternity.
Starbuck: That’s the way I was raised. But that doesn’t mean that my part in the story is to go off on some crazy-ass mission against orders.
Roslin: May I tell you the part of the story that it would seem, I am playing? I am dying.
Starbuck: What?
Roslin: I have terminal breast cancer. I have six months at the outside to live and I’ve only told three people so I would appreciate it if you kept it to yourself.
Starbuck: Of course. Are you saying that you’re–
Roslin: The scriptures tell us that a dying leader led humanity to the promised land. If you go back to Caprica and bring me the arrow, I will show us the way.
Starbuck: This is crazy.
Roslin: You keep using that word. It is crazy, perhaps. But it doesn’t mean it isn’t true. And it may be our only chance, our only chance to find Earth.
Starbuck: The old man is our last chance to find Earth. He knows where it is, he said so, you were there. The location is a secret but he is going to take us there.
Roslin: Commander Adama has no idea where Earth is. He never did, he made it up in order to give people hope.
Starbuck: You’re lying.
Roslin: Go ask him.
Starbuck: I will.

Galactica – Hangar
Starbuck: I’m gonna need one more in-flight test for the autopilot and nav systems before we jump for Kobol.
Adama: Right.
Starbuck: Can I ask you a question, boss?
Adama: Shoot.
Starbuck: How much longer ’til we reach Earth?
Adama: It’s hard to say.
Starbuck: You got a guess?
Adama: You know I don’t like to guess.
Starbuck: We getting closer?
Adama: I’m sure we are. Good luck on the next test.

Raider and Viper – Space
Starbuck: Apollo/Starbuck, I’m ready over here.
Apollo: Okay, Starbuck, the board is green.
Starbuck: Copy that. Powering up for the autopilot test. This is Starbuck, request permission to speak with Galactica actual.

Galactica – CIC
Dualla: Starbuck wants to speak to you, sir. She’s– she’s on a scrambled channel.
Adama: Go ahead.

Raider – Space
Starbuck: I believed you, believed in Earth.

Galactica – CIC
Adama: What are you doing, starbuck?

Raider – Space
Starbuck: Bringing home the cat, sir.

Galactica – CIC
Adama: We can talk about this.

Raider – Space
Starbuck: No, I don’t think so.

Galactica – CIC
Adama: I want you to, remember one thing. I do not regret anything that I did. Be sure that whatever you’re gonna do, you don’t regret it later, do you understand me?

Raider – Space
Starbuck: I guess we’ll find out.

Galactica – CIC
Gaeta: Commander, she’s spinning up the raider’s F.T.L. Drive.
Tigh: What? This is an autopilot test, what the hell is she doing?

Viper – Space
Apollo: What are you doing, Kara?
The raider jumps away
Apollo: Galactica/Apollo, she just jumped away. Repeat, Starbuck and the raider just jumped away.

Galactica – CIC
Tigh: She wasn’t scheduled for a jump test. Where the hell did she go?
Adama: Home.

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