Battlestar Galactica: Transcripts: S02E19: Lay Down Your Burdens Pt. 1

The episode begins with a gruff Tyrol rolling o­n the hangar deck having a bad nightmare.


Galactica – Baltar’s Lab


Baltar is in his lab nervous about his upcoming presidential debate with Roslin. Campaign fliers are scattered about.

Baltar: I’m going to lose.

Galactica – Adama’s Quarters


Roslin is preparing for the debate my memorizing index cards and then tearign them up and tossing them in front of her. There is a knock at the door.

Roslin: Come in, please.

Tory: nute, Madam President.

Roslin: Thank you, Tory.

Pegasus – Briefing Room


Starbuck: No o­ne should be under any illusions about what we’re going to face here. Our final jump will take us intra-atmosphere less than two klicks above the surface. We’re also expecting to take heavy fire. Simulations indicate losses of up to 20% can be expected. That’s why this mission has been designated as 2-alpha by the command authority. It’s volunteer o­nly. You want out, now’s the time.

Galactica – Baltar’s Lab


#6: I know it’s hard to believe right now, but if you have faith, everything will turn out exactly as it should.

Baltar: I don’t like to lose.

#6: Have faith.

Baltar: I am about to face public humiliation. And you are singing the same old song. I’m a little tired of the melody.

Galactica – Adama’s Quarters


Roslin: Um…sorry about the mess. It’s, um… bit of a ritual– superstition, really. I used to do this before testifying at committee hearings. This is what I do. I take o­ne, memorize a talking point, then tear the card, and let the pieces fall as they may. It helps.

Adama: Yeah, my father used to break pencils before he went into court, then borrow o­ne from the clerk. Break preconceptions, work with what you have.

Roslin takes a pencil off Adama’s desk, breaks it in half and tosses the peices.

Roslin: You know, I like that. Let me see. I like it. It’s good.

Adama: Feel better?

Roslin: Yeah. But what happens if the, uh, moderator doesn’t have a pencil?

Adama: Then you’re pretty screwed.

Roslin: [Choking back laughter] Oh, no. I used to get the giggles before debating in high school. Oh, yes.

It’s time, Madam President.

Roslin: Thank you, Tory. [Laughing]

Pegasus – Briefing Room


Gaeta: What many of you don’t know is that the captured cylon heavy raider is capable of much longer jumps than our raptors. In fact, we realized early o­n that if we could install a heavy raider navigational system aboard o­ne of our raptors, a strike team could make the entire trip back to Caprica in less than ten jumps. Now, the limiting factor up until now has been our inability in install the cylon computer with our computer. That obstacle has now been overcome.

Boomer is escorted into the room.

Pilots: [Murmurs]

Starbuck: She’s here to help us. She’s gonna lay out our navigational markers and update our jump coordinates. Does anyone have a problem with that?

Galactica – Baltar’s Lab


#6: You’ve been chosen to lead these people by almighty god. It will happen.

Baltar: Like the baby happened? The o­ne I was destined to protect?

#6: Don’t let your anger drive you into blasphemy, Gaius. The election’s still two weeks away. Get your act together.

She slams his head into the table.

Zarek: You ready?

Baltar: Yeah, I was just taking a little nap.

Galactica – Hangar


Cally is looking for Tyrol. She can’t find him becuase he’s still asleep.

Cally: Chief.

Pegasus – Briefing Room


Starbuck: This is our mission. It’s our duty to the people we left behind. And if we need to use a cylon to get them back, then so be it. This is about trying to get as many survivors off Caprica as we can. Even so, it’s still 2-alpha. Anyone want to eject?

Helo: Commander o­n deck.

Apollo: Don’t worry. I won’t be long. I want to hear it too.

Galactica – Hallway


Adama: You just have to really try to think about something serious. That always helps. Right?

Roslin: Like what?

Adama: Well, like, uh…

Roslin and Adama: [Laughing]

Tory: Great.

Pegasus – Briefing Room


Apollo: No o­ne has ever attempted a rescue mission from this distance, much less behind enemy lines. You’ll be making history just by making the attempt. But bring these people back from Caprica… and you’ll be making part of the future. Questions.

Racetrack: If you guys find earth before we get back, will you save us a few seats?

Apollo: Earth? Hell, if we find any rock with food and water, I’ll build you guys a bar. All right. See, I told you i wouldn’t be long. Mr. Gaeta, turn o­n the wireless. Let’s give these people a chance to hear what kind of fun they’ll be missing for the next five days.

Jim: (on radio) We are just minutes from the start of the first Presidential debate… you okay? Between President Laura Roslin and her oppenent Vice President Giaus Baltar…

Boomer: Can I go now?

Starbuck: Yeah. Coporal Masters

Jim: ….All questions that will be asked have been submitted by members of the civilian fleet covering a wide range of topics. So please stay tuned as we get set for the first of two Presidential debates. The atmosphere in the auditorium is tense as we await the arival of the two candidates and their aides. The real pressure will be o­n Vice President Baltar tonight.

Galactica – Hangar


Cally is still looking for Tyrol

Cally: Chief.

Galactica – Briefing Room


Jim: Now here comes Vice President Gaius Baltar into the room, uh, as we, uh, we await Madam President. Laura Roslin is very much ahead in the polls at this point. We believe that, uh… she’s entering the room shortly, but still–still, of course, waiting for her. Vice President Blatar blindsighted her by announcing his candidacy a month ago. Dr. Baltar of course is o­ne of the most admired and brilliant scientistific minds of our generation and played a critical role in saving the human race from the cylon threat. Yes, here comes the President now. Laura Roslin, the President, has entered the room.

Roslin: I’m going to wipe the floor with you, Gaius.

Baltar: You must be losing your mind again.

Roslin: If that’s the best you can come up with, you’re in a lot of trouble. Good luck.

Pegasus – Hallway


Helo: How you doing? You okay? Sharon. Don’t shut me out. Not now.

Boomer: Something dark is coming, Helo. I can feel it. I can feel it lurking out there, waiting.

Helo: What do you mean? Back o­n Caprica?

Boomer: No. Not o­n the mission. Not any specific thing. It’s more like a dark time.

Galactica – Hangar


Cally: Chief. Chief.

Cally finds Tyrol o­n the floor, asleep and in pain. She touches him to wake him. He awakens but attacks her.

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Tyrol: Ah!

Cally: [screaming]

Tyrol pummels her. He comes to enough to realize what hes done.

Tyrol: Help!

Galactica – Room


Cavill: Chief Tyrol, I am Brother Cavill. I understand you’ve asked for religious counseling.

Tyrol: I never really believed in psych therapy. My father was a priest.

Cavill: I see. You thought you’d have an easier time with a priest than a real doctor.

Tyrol: Okay. I pray to gods every night. But I don’t think they listen to me.

Cavill: Do you know how useless prayer is? Chanting and singing and mucking about with old half-remembered lines of bad poetry. And you know what it gets you? Exactly nothing.

Tyrol: Are you sure you’re a priest?

Cavill: I’ve been preaching longer than you’ve been sucking down oxygen. And in that time, I’ve learned enough to know that the gods don’t answer prayers. We’re here o­n our own. That’s the way they set things up. We have to find our own answers, our own way out of the wilderness without a nice little sunny path all laid out in front of us in advance.

Tyrol: That’s what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to find my way.

Cavill: Well, it’s not going to get better until you see what the problem is. And the problem is, you’re screwed up, heart and mind. You. Not the–not the gods or fate or the universe. You.

Tyrol: Thanks for the pep talk.

Pegasus – Apollo’s Quarters


Apollo: Hey.

Starbuck: Hey.

Apollo: Um… I just wanted to say, um… uh… good hunting.

Starbuck: Thank you, sir.

Apollo: Yeah, it’s a good plan. It’s a good plan. Sharon should be able to jump you into the atmosphere a couple of klicks above the surface. Down below the cylon dradis.

Starbuck: I know the plan, Lee. I wrote it. I-I gotta go.

Apollo: I hope you find him, Kara. I really do.

Starbuck: So do I.

Colonial o­ne


Tory: From the Colonial Dispatch. “Last night’s debate o­nly solidified the perception–”

Roslin: (to an aid) I’ll do that later.

Tory: “That doctor baltar, for all his charm, “is essentially an empty suit when it comes to matters of substantial policy.”

Roslin: It’s nice to see the press is getting it right for a change.

Tory: Don’t forget, the radical religious charge is dangerous. It may be a low blow from a desperate man, but it’s the o­nly issue he’s managed to get any traction o­n. He will keep exploiting it.

Roslin: He’s gotta come up with something much, much bigger than that. If he wants to make it the central issue of his campaign, it’s not going to work.

Galactica – Baltar’s Lab


Zarek: You gotta keep hitting her o­n the religious thing. Every time we go there, you score points and we move the polls in our direction.

Baltar: I’m not sure if you’re aware, Tom, but the mob isn’t usually in the habit of electing ungodly apostates who denigrate people of faith.

Zarek: Things are going to turn around. You’ll see.

#6: He’s right. Listen to him.

Baltar: Of course. Of course, how blind i’m being. Thank you. Yes. Um, things are going to turn around, you’ll see. What is that, advice? Well, thank you. Thank for your keen nsight, your astounding political acumen. You know, I’m so assured right now, Tom, I’m just going to sit right back and wait for the hand of god to reach down and change

my political fortunes. How about that?



Starbuck: Galactica, Starbuck. Sar squadron confirms readiness check. And we are spun up out here and ready for the first jump.

Dualla: You are go for the jump, Starbuck.

Starbuck: Roger that. Jump in ten minutes. Mark. Galactica, I’d like to speak with actual.

Dualla: Sir.

Adma: Actual. Go.

Starbuck: Did I ever say “thank you”?

Adma: No. Then again, that would be a first, wouldn’t it?

Starbuck: Thank you.

Adma: Just come back in o­ne piece. That’ll be thank you enough. Good hunting. Actual out.

Starbuck: Sar team, Starbuck. Set navcon inputs to coordinate recheck. Standby for bounce back and stabilization routines. Let’s do a final check, people.

The following pilots check in, in the background : Headcase, Swordman, Shoestrap Scumball, Milko, Skylar, Ronin, Brake, Boulion, Steaker, Hamster, Bo, Chaser, Godama, Charlieman, Starlcoud

Boomer: I still can’t believe you talked me into this.

Helo: It’s important. And I’ll be with you there and back. It’s you and me from now o­n, no matter what. Just like we agreed.

Boomer: I know. I know. I really appreciate it, Helo, I really do. I just can’t get her out of my head. Our little girl.

The marine guards are starring at them.

Helo: Is there a problem?

Racetrack: Racetrack, check.

Callon: Callon Chedk.

Starbuck: Wireless check complete. Board is green and we are set. Sharon, you’re o­n.

Boomer: Ready.

Starbuck: Sar team, Starbuck. Standby to jump o­n my mark. Five…

Racetrack: Here we go.

Starbuck: Four, three, two, o­ne. Commence the first jump.

The raptors jump away.

Racetrack’s Raptor


The raptor appears alone in some nebula.

Racetrack: This doesn’t look right.

Skulls: No other contacts o­n dradis.

Racetrack: What?

Skulls: Oh, man. We’re at the wrong jump coordinates.

Starbuck’s Rapor


The other raptors arrived together safely.

Starbuck: Frak. Helo, we’ve lost someone already. It’s Racetrack.

Helo: So do we go back?

Starbuck: Mission rules say we keep going unless we lose three. So we keep going. Racetrack will just have to find her way back to base. It’s a hell of a way to start, though.

Galactica – Room


Cavill: Let’s, uh, let’s talk about what happened.

Tyrol: I can’t really believe it. Cally. I-I-I don’t understand how I could do that to Cally. It’s like it’s a nightmare.

Cavill: She said you were asleep when she found you. Were you having a nightmare when she woke you up?

Tyrol: I don’t remember.

Cavill: Oh. Been having any recurring dreams lately?

Tyrol: No.

Cavill: Okay. That’s what we in the pray trade call a lie. And lies aren’t going to get you anywhere, my friend. So skip over the denials and the deceptions and let’s get right down to it, shall we? You’re having dreams. What are they? Tell me about your dream, Chief.

We see a dream sequence where Tyrol climbs up to the hangar balcony. Climbs over the leadge and falls over to his doom.

Tyrol: Every night–every night, it’s the same.

Cavill: For how long?

Tyrol: Couple weeks.

Cavill: And you were having the same dream when Cally woke you up, weren’t you?

Tyrol: I don’t know. I don’t remember. Maybe. It doesn’t matter, does it? All I remember is Cally o­n the ground and the blood.

Cavill: She stopped you. By waking you up, she prevented you from carrying out your secret desire to kill yourself.

Tyrol: I don’t have a secret desire to kill myself.

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Cavill: Well, actually, you’re right. It’s not a secret. You obviously want to kill yourself. Question is why.

Racetrack’s Raptor


Skull: I think there was some kind of glitch in the navcon firmware. Hey botTom line, we’re to hell and gone from where we’re supposed to be, skipper.

Racetrack: Okay, um, any chance that we can still catch up with them?

Skull: Not a chance. Mission rules say we head back.

Racetrack: Frak me! It was the first jump!

Skull: Hey, look, you gave me these coordinates.

Racetrack: Back to the barn.

Skull: Hey. I am picking up a large planetary body. It’s frakkin’ close.

Racetrack: Where’d that come from?

Skull: Hell if I know. So much dradis interference here, it didn’t even register.

Racetrack: Hey, check this out. Atmosphere is nitrogen/oxygen. Organic molecular spectra. Fresh water? Hey, you know what this is? It’s habitable. We may have just found a world that can support human life. Maybe we’re not just a bunch of frak-ups after all.

Galactica – Adama’s Quarters


Gaeta: Climate readings overall are within human norms. Uh, there’s some extremes at the poles that we couldn’t withstand but that’s not unusual.

Adama: Well done.

Skull and Racetrack: Thank you, sir.

Pegasus – Briefing Room


Apollo: We got a mottled area here at the river mouth. So it’s probably a delta. And the chances are, we’ve got significant plant and animal life. So I want a lot of nice, low passes across here.

Galactica – Washroom


Dualla: Heard the Pegasus survey mission found wildlife. Fruit trees. Rivers of milk and honey.

Geata: Yeah. You forgot the lakes of ambrosia. Most of the planet’s actually pretty barren. Plant and animal life located in a temperate belt around the equator. But the best part is with all the dradis interference from the nebula the cylons will probably never find it.

Galactica – Baltar’s Lab


Baltar: Who cares about this stupid planet anyway? Song and dance over nothing. Less than 20% of that place actually supports human life so…

#6: You’re not seeing the big picture. This is your new home. The place where you will lead a new life. This is the future, Gaius.

Baltar: Now there’s a difference in thought.

Zarek: What’s that?

Blatar: Oh, nothing, Tom. Just, uh… can you imagine if we actually had to live o­n that thing.

Zarek: You… are a genius.

Baltar: And?

#6: Pay attention. You’re about to win the election.

Baltar: I’m sorry. What were you saying, Tom?

Zarek: We needed an issue. Something to set us apart from Roslin. Something to put her clearly o­n the wrong side of a major issue that people care passionately about. This is it. Permanent settlement o­n this planet.

Baltar: Permanent settlement here. Have you lost your marbles?

Zarek: It may look dreary, it may be dreary, but it’s solid ground under your feet and a real sky over your head. You’d be surprised what a powerful idea that is to people cooped up in metal boxes for nine months.

#6: You should listen to him, Gaius. He’s a smart, sexy man, just like you.

Baltar: Oh, give up.

Zarek: What?

Baltar: Give up o­n earth.

Zarek: Yes.

Baltar: So we’d settle here.

Zarek: Yes.

Baltar: Yeah, it’s starting to look like a lovely little planet after all.

Colonial o­ne


Roslin: This is a rest stop. A place to load up o­n food and water. We’re not settling here, obviously.

Tory: You’ve heard the captain’s reports. Every ship in the fleet has people begging, pleading, demanding they get time down o­n the surface. Even if it’s o­nly for a few hours.

Roslin: Well, a few hours is o­ne thing. But permanent settlement’s quite another.

Tory: Suddenly Baltar’s holding out hope for breathing real air, growing real food, sleeping in a bed instead of a bunk. Living in a house instead of a ship.

Roslin: It’s a fantasy. Look at the mission reports. All the data indicate that life o­n this planet would be hard. It would be a struggle to even eke a living out for a few years.

Tory: Today’s polls show that he’s also making headway with the idea that because the planet is hidden in a nebula, it will provide a refuge from the cylons.

Roslin: What, are we now assuming that cylon technology is not sufficient enough to find this planet? We just found it.

Tory: Madam President, in my opinion, people vote their hopes, not their fears. Baltar is offering them what they want to hear, and you’re offering them a bitter reality.

Roslin: I’m offering them the truth.

Tory: They don’t want to hear the truth. They’re tried, exhausted. The idea of stopping, laying down their burdens, and starting a new life right now is what is resonating with the voters.

Roslin: How well is it resonating?

Tory: It could turn the entire election around.

Galactica – Room


Cavill: Why are you running?

Tyrol: I’m not.

Cavill: How long are you going to do this? How long are you going to refuse to see what’s right in front of your face? Forget it. I’m done.

Tyrol: What, you’re– you’re leaving?

Cavill: That’s right. I’m done. I’m done dancing around the truth with you. You know what’s going o­n. But you can’t or you won’t face it, so… I’m not a therapist. I’m not going to hold your hand and help you along. I’m just trying to get you right with yourself and with your gods, but you’re not willing to do it.

Tyrol: I don’t even know what you’re talking about.

Cavill: Oh for gods’ sake, chief! Come o­n! You think you’re a cylon.

Tyrol: I am not a cylon.

Cavill: Well, of course you’re not. But that’s what you’re afraid of, isn’t it? That you might be a cylon and not even know it just–just like Boomer, right? Right? That’s the thought that’s torturing your dreams and crippling your soul. I’m a cylon, just like Sharon, and I deserve to die.

Tyrol: Sharon didn’t know what she was. She just kept thinking– feeling that she was going to do this terrible thing. But she knew that she had to stop herself before she did.

Cavill: And you think that’s what you’re going to do. Some terrible thing. Well, the truth is, you might. But not because you’re a cylon. Because you’re a human being, and human beings do terrible things all the time.

Tyrol: But how do you know I’m human?

Cavill: Oh, well, maybe because T’m a cylon, and I’ve never seen you at any of the meetings. There’s not much more I can do for you. You’re going to have to go back to work and try and leave all of this behind you.

Tyrol: No. I– I can’t. I can’t go back and face the deck people again. And Cally?

Cavill: Well, you’d better. That’s the o­nly family you’ve got. Just know that that’s your family and that they love you. Even Cally. Especially Cally. If you doubt your humanity and your essential nature as a human being, all you need to do is look to them for the salvation you’ve been seeking from the gods. The gods lift up those who lift each other, Chief.

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Starbuck: Sar team, Starbuck. We are set here. Stand by for final jump to Caprica. Remember, we are going very low to the surface. Be prepared for wind shear, rain, storms… anything.

Scumball: Roger that, Starbuck.

Boomer: Ready. Ready.

Starbuck: Here we go. Jump.

The raptors jump away. For the first time we follow a ship as it makes a jumps. The ship jumps from emprty space into atmosphere over Caprica. The rapotrs descend very quickly.

Starbuck: Sar team, Starbuck. Form up o­n me.

Scumball: Roger that skipper.

Starbuck: Any cylons, Helo?

Helo: Nothing o­n dradis. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Missing a raptor. I’m o­nly reading 17 out there. We’re missing raptor 6-12. That’s toughguy and carousel.

Starbuck: What, they jumped to the wrong coordinates?

Helo: No. No, no. I’m picking up their transponder, so they made it. Bearing 827, carom 443. About half a klick from here. That would put them…oh, my gods.

Starbuck: Where, Helo? Talk to me.

Helo: They jumped inside the mountain.

Starbuck: Damn. Sar team, Starbuck. We’ve lost raptor 6-12. We are proceeding without them. Follow me.

Scumball: Roger that Starbuck.

Galactica – Briefing Room


Baltar: I would think that my position and the position of my campaign is abundantly clear.

Jim: Madam President, you have 30 seconds to respond.

Roslin: Well, my initial response is there he goes again. o­nce again, ladies and gentlemen, Doctor Baltar is distorting the real issues before us. The issue here– the real question– is not allowing the scriptures to dictate the policy of this government. The question is do the scriptures contain real world relevance? Do they contain the information necessary to guide us to a safer home than some completely unknown planet that we’ve just now discovered? Obviously, my answer to that question is yes. I have always and will continue to feel the scriptures hold real world relevance.

Jim: Mr. Vice President, the next question is for you. Uh, how do you respond to the charges that you seized the idea of permanent settlement o­n this planet as an opportunistic gamble, um, some would say as to be construed as a desperate move from a campaign, uh, that was falling behind o­n every poll?

Baltar: Well, you know that is, um, that is an excellent question, in fact, Jim. Thank you. And I’m o­nly too glad to have the opportunity to respond to it. You see, I have long been a proponent in the search for earth. The promise of perhaps finding not o­nly a new home, but also the prospect of discovering our long lost brothers and sisters of the 13th colony is a powerful o­ne and o­ne I have believed in heart and soul. But the trouble is, the cylons continue to follow us as they have done every step of the way since the destruction of the colonies. And if we have a chance to change this dynamic, to stop this deadly chase, should we take it? My answer is yes.

Jim: Thank you. Madam President, 30 seconds.

Roslin: There’s no assurance– none whatsoever– that the cylons don’t already know about this planet, that they don’t make regular stops here looking for us, and that in fact they aren’t simply waiting for us to settle o­n the surface so they can–

Baltar: I have to respond to that. I simply have to respond to that.

Jim: I’ll give you 15 seconds.

Baltar: What you’ve seen right now, ladies and gentlemen, is another example of the President using fear to drive her campaign. Fear. Fear of the gods. Fear of the cylon. Fear of fear itself. Is it not time to stop being afraid? I’m asking all of us to stop running from our lives and start living them. Thank you.

Jim: Thank you. That is all we have time for today. I’d like to thank, uh, both the candidates for their frankness today. Very lively debate. Very exciting debate. This concludes the cycle of the debates for the presidency. The polls will be open in three days. Please vote. Thank you and good night.

Baltar: Not your night, I guess.

Roslin: Why don’t you go frak yourself.

Galactica – Adam’s Quarters


Adama and Roslin are listening to a radio program.

Jim: With me now is campaign manager for Doctor Baltar, Mr. Tom Zarek. Tom, welcome. Uh, you were in there with us today. What was your impression?

Zarek: Well, I thought Doctor Baltar did exceptionally well. Laid out his vision of the future and offered the people a way to end the suffering and terror that defines so many of their lives. o­n the other hand, I found myself wondering how Roslin’s arguments against settlement could possibly win.

Caprica – Forest


Starbuck: Let’s figure out where we are, Karl.

Helo: Resistance base camp. We’re still another klick ahead.

Boomer: Movement. 11:00.

The resuce team get down and seek cover. In the distance is a lot of movement.

Starbuck: Friendlies?

Helo: You got a Samuel T. Anders there?

Hilliard: Is there a Kara Thrace there?

Anders: If there is, you tell her she took her good, sweet time getting here.

Helo: Friendlies.

The rescue team and the Capricans meet up and greet o­ne another. Starbuck and Anders hug.

Anders: What took you so long?

Starbuck: We have marines in raptors. We’re gonna get you and your people out of here, okay?

Anders: As good as your word, huh?

Starbuck: Yeah, good as my frakkin’ word. What, did you think I was going to leave you here? Now you feel like a big frakkin’ idiot, don’t you?

Anders: All right, just shut up and save us already, okay?

Hilliard: People, this is nice, but we have toasters o­n our ass.

Starbuck: Where are the rest of your people?

Anders: This is it. Toasters hit our base camp this morning. I lost half my crew.

Boomer: Incoming!

The humans are being shelled. All hell breaks loose.

Starbuck: Back to the raptors!

Boomer: No!

Helo: Shell trajectories are coming between us and the raptors. We’re cut off!

The humans are trapped. “To be continued” appears at the bottom of the sceen.

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