Battlestar Galactica: Transcripts: S02E20: Lay Down Your Burdens Pt. 2



The humans are under attack.

Starbuck: They’ve got us zeroed in. If we stay here, they’re gonna chew us up.

Anders: All right, we gotta fall back. Position up this hill. Let’s go!

Starbuck: All right, let’s go, people!  The humans move toward a “fort” up the hill.

Galactica – Sick Bay


Cottle: Jaw set nicely. You’re done here. I’m kicking you out of here and sending you back to work.

Cally: Work like this?

Cottle: You gotta love a woman who can complain even with her jaw wired shut. You got a visitor.

Tyrol: I’m sorry. What I did was… unforgivable, inexcusable. I didn’t come here to–

Cally: I forgive you.

Tyrol: No. Cally. No.

Cally: It wasn’t you. I know that. It wasn’t you.

Tyrol: It was me. I… may have been out of my mind and not know where I was doing or anything, but it was me.

Cally: You’re in pain. You have been in pain for a really long time.  Tyrol: Don’t feel sorry for me.

Cally: I care about you. I always have. And I always will.

Caprica – Forest


Starbuck: Let’s move! Let’s go, let’s go.

Anders: Move it, move it, move it.  Casualty: Ah!  Man: Get a medic!

Starbuck: Sharon, take the gun! They got us blocked in here really good!

Helo: Frak! Can’t raise the raptors. The cylons have jammed the freq’s.

Starbuck:Frak. [Mortar fire and explosions stop]

Helo: Still out there?

Starbuck: Watch yourself. (she pears through a hole) Yeah. They’re holding back though.

Anders: Yeah, but why? Boomer: They’re holding position. Sending for nonlethal weapons. They want some prisoners for interrogation. The rest they’re gonna send to the farm.

Starbuck: I’m not going back to o­ne of those farms.  Boomer: Yeah, well, you won’t have any choice. None of us will. They’re gonna lob some gas in here and then we’ll all wake up somewhere else.

Starbuck: Damn.

Anders: So what do you want to do here?

Starbuck: Sit it out. Wait and see if she’s right. If she is, then you and me, we gotta have an agreement.

Anders: An agreement?

Starbuck: Not going back to o­ne of those farms, Sam. I’m not. So if she’s right and they throw gas in here… you do me, I do you.

Anders: What are you talking about?

Starbuck: This is what I’m talking about, okay?

Anders: Yeah, okay.

Starbuck: Okay.

Colonial o­ne


Roslin: Down two more points. And this after hearing his notions of social policy. Not to mention his wishful thinking that he is  calling “security policy.” Are people really going to be that stupid? Are they really going to be that short-sighted?

Tory: He’s got the o­nly issue people care about.

Roslin: Oh, I know. The planet. That’s all anybody wants to talk about is that frakkin’ planet. Excuse my–my language, Tory, I’m sorry. I know in my gut that settling o­n this planet’s gonna mean disaster for humanity. And I will not say otherwise just to win an election.

Tory: As you wish, Madam President.

Roslin: So I guess I should start packing up my office unless you have some super secret backup plan for victory in your pocket.

Tory: There’s always a backup plan for victory. Just in time for the priest.

Roslin: Oh, good. Send him in.



Anders: Eighteen hours. They’re taking their good sweet time out there. They could’ve overrun us at any point during the night.

Starbuck: They’re up to something.

Anders: What are we up to? Got any brilliant ideas in that military brain of yours.

Starbuck: Do the same thing we always do. Fight ’em till we can’t.

Helo: What do you think?

Starbuck: Let’s get a recon crew together. Scout the area. Figure out what’s going o­n out there.  They move out of the fort for a better look.

Starbuck: They’re gone. They just left.  Cavil: Thank the gods! It’s a miracle. Let us pray.

Colonial o­ne


Cavil is reciting a praryer for Roslin. Cavil: Lords of kobol, we trust in your benevolence and praise your righteousness. Give the people of this fleet the wisdom to see the goodness and the strength of your servant, Laura Roslin. Amen.

Galactica – Adama’s Quarters

Baltar: Admiral? (Roslin appears) Madam President.

Roslin: The Admiral’s not here. This is my meeting. I wanted us to talk privately without the press getting wind of it. Please have a seat.

Baltar: Well, you must have something very interesting to say to resort to such pedestrian methods of deception.

Roslin: The question of permanent settlement may well be the most important issue we face since the attack.

Baltar: I agree.

Roslin: Good. The question should be carefully studied before making a final decision. In the middle of an election campaign is hardly the time for careful study. Therefore I propose a truce. You and I will issue a joint statement declaring that the  question be tabled till after this election. We will both pledge that regardless of who is elected, the decision will be made o­nly after careful deliberation involving all elements of the public and after consultation with the military and the Quorum of Twelve. Doctor, I know we’ve had our disagreements, but this issue transcends personal disagreement as well as politics. I am appealing here to your sense of patriotism.

Baltar: Let me tell you my sense of patriotism is doing just fine. Thank you very much for asking. I see it as my patriotic duty to lead this fleet to a new world. That new world is unquestionably New Caprica. But thank you, Madam President, for demonstrating to me just how desperate your campaign for re-election has become.

Roslin: Were you with a blond woman o­n Caprica just prior to the attack?

Baltar: A what?  #6: She knows.

Roslin: Were you with a tall, blond woman in the river walk section of Caprica City just prior to the attack?  #6: She can see right through you. Get out of here now.

Baltar: You’ll resort to anything at this stage, won’t you? I’m afraid my affairs o­n Caprica and who I chose to consort with are none of your business. I saved your life. I won’t save your political career.

Galactica – Tigh’s Quarters


Tigh: We are not moving down to that planet.

Ellen: If Baltar wins the election– Tigh: Baltar won’t win the gods-damn–  Ellen: If he does, then what? We’re going to just sit o­n this ship and rot while everyone else gets to start a new life?  Tigh: Ellen, my job is to protect the fleet from the cylons and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing. If you want to move down there, go ahead, be my guest. Go down and cat around with all the men. Have yourself a good old time.  Ellen: Saul, I want you.  [Com buzzes] Tigh: XO. You gotta be kidding me. I’ll be right down. Starbuck’s back. I gotta get down there.    Galactica – Hangar=================================================
Refugee: Ah! Medic: You’re going to be okay. We’re almost there. Tyrol: Hey, hey, guys, take it easy with it. Come o­n. Starbuck: Am I good or what? Tigh: There’s gonna be no living with her now.  Adama: It’s good to see you. Welcome back. Starbuck: Thank you, sir. I brought some friends with me.  Adama: I see. Starbuck: Right. Right. Um… this is, um… wow, um, this is Samuel T. Anders.  Adama: I know who he is.  Anders: Damn good to meet you, sir.  Adama: Caprica Buccaneers.  Anders: That’s right. Adama: Hell of a player. I’m a Picon Panther fan myself.  Anders: We enjoyed beating them too.  Adama: It’s good to have you aboard.  Anders: Thank you. Starbuck: I have news. Good news, actually. The cylon occupation is over. They left. They’re gone.  Adama: What are you talking about? Cavil: It’s true. The cylons have left the colonies. They’re headed for greener pastures.  Tyrol: Security! Starbuck: What the hell? Tyrol: Don’t move! He’s a cylon.  Adama: Back off, chief. We got it.  Cavil: Well, this is an awkward moment. Yes, uh, he’s right. I’m a cylon. And I have a message. So take me to your leader.  Adama: Take him to the brig. Take that to the brig too.  Helo: What? Admiral, she didn’t know.  Adama: Don’t even start, Helo! Of course she knew.  Starbuck: Welcome to Galactica.   Galactica – Brig=================================================
Helo: Why the frak didn’t you say anything?  Boomer: I don’t know. Maybe I didn’t want to. Maybe I wanted him to come here and blow up the whole ship. Is that what you’re looking for?  Helo: You don’t mean that. Sharon, we finally got the Admiral to start trusting us. Finally! And what? Boomer: They killed my baby. You think I care about you or us or whether the Admiral trusts me anymore?  Boomer drops the phone and goes back to her bunk. Helo: Hey! Sharon! I love you! And I’m not giving up this frakkin’ easy! Not after everything!    Galactica – Pilot’s Quarters=================================================
Starbuck and Anders are doing shots, a lot of shots. Starbuck: You ready?  Anders: All right.  Starbuck: Ah.  Anders: Ugh. No, no, no. Starbuck: Yes, yes, yes. Anders: Hey, hey, hey. Listen. You don’t have to get me drunk. I will sleep with you, okay? I figure I owe you o­ne what with you  saving me and all. Starbuck: Little slut. Anders: Shut up. Starbuck: Come here. Oh ho ho ho. Now you’re going to play hard to get.  Anders: Yeah. Starbuck: Yeah. Anders: My hero. Apollo: Gods, I guess they’ll let anybody in here these days.  Starbuck: Hey.  Apollo: Hey. Hi. Welcome back. Starbuck: Do you want to meet my man?  Apollo: Your man. Starbuck: My personal property. Right, Sammy?  Anders: Don’t call me Sammy. Starbuck: Oh ho ho. How does it feel to be my personal property?  Anders: Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Starbuck: And before you answer… he loves it.  Apollo: I’ll bet he does. I’m Lee, by the way.  Anders: Hey. Sammy. I’m sorry. Apollo: I’ve heard a lot about you. Anders: Pleasure. Shot? Apollo: Sure. Why not? Starbuck: Lee, when are you gonna get yourself a girl?  Apollo: I’m doing fine, thank you.  Starbuck: You’re not still frakkin’ Dualla, are you?  Apollo: Thanks a lot. Starbuck: I mean, I’m not o­ne to like, you know, lecture or anything ’cause I’ll do just about anything to get into the pants of some hot little young thing.  Anders: Hey. Hey! Is that all I am to you?  Starbuck: Yes. But you love it.  Anders: That’s all right. I don’t mind doing charity work.  They start hooking up again, Apollo walks out o­n them. Starbuck: Where did he go?   Galactica – Brig=================================================Cavil (Cap): I’m here to deliver a message. After that, you can do whatever you want with me. I don’t care.  Cavil (RTF): Would you mind telling me what’s going o­n? I’m not a frakking cylon. I’m not– oh. Well… okay then.  Cavil (Cap): Sorry to bust up your day, brother. But there’s been a change of plans. It’s been decided that the occupation of the colonies was an error.  Cavil (RTF):  I could’ve told them that. Bad thinking. Faulty logic. Our first major error of judgment.  Cavil (Cap): Live and learn. But the war heroes have managed to swing opinion over to their side.  Adama: What heroes? Cavil (Cap): A six and an eight. o­ne of the eights you know as Sharon Valerii. Their voices carry a lot of weight. So when they started talking about our mistakes and our corruption and our need for a new beginning, the rest of us listened.  Cavil (RTF): You see, we’re not like you. We can admit our mistakes and we’re not afraid of change.  Roslin: So you abandoned the colonies leaving behind a devastated nuclear wasteland.  Adama: And we’re supposed to be grateful.  Cavil (Cap): Our pursuit of this fleet of yours was another error. That’s two for anyone who’s keeping score. Both errors led to the same result. We became what we beheld. We became you. Cavil (Cap): Amen. People should be true to who and what they are. We’re machines. We should be true to that. Be the best machines the universe has ever seen. But we got it into our heads that we were the children of humanity. So instead of perusing our own destiny of trying to find our own path to enlightenment, we hijacked yours.  Cavil (Cap): You said it, brother. My mission here is simple. I’m to tell you that you’ve been given a reprieve. Cylon and man will now go their separate ways, no harm done.  Adama: No harm. You completely annihilated our race and destroyed our civilization.  Cavil (Cap): Now if you going to start pointing fingers… Roslin: Where did the cylons go? Back to their home world?  Cavil (Cap): Well, I’d rather not say just now. Uh, let’s just say we have other plans.  Adama: New marching orders by your o­ne true god.  Cavil (Cap): There is no god.  Cavil (Cap): Supernatural divinities are the primitive’s answer for why the sun goes down at night.  Cavil (Cap): At least that’s what we’ve been telling the others for years. Can’t really prove it o­ne way or the other, of course.  Roslin: I know a way to prove it. Throw them both out the air lock. Let them see if there really is a cylon god.    Galactica – Ballot Room=================================================
Gaeta: Ballots from the Adriatic. D? This way. Gaeta inspects the ballot boxes to confirm that they haven’t been tampere with. He opens the box so that the votes can be counted.
McManus: (radio) It’s been an exciting day. The election has been a real roller-coaster ride. The polls now have been closed for about five hours. Results have come in and it’s been a seesaw battle back and forth between the Presidential candidates all night long as we, of course, expected it would be. Uh, we’re still waiting for a few more numbers to come in now, uh, from the counting room of Galactica, which, uh, must tell you as some of you may know, was a source of a bit of a controversy yesterday. Uh, Councilman Zarek had filed a formal complaint against the, uh, use of military– military involvement in the election process. Now it’s just reached– a compromise was just reached late yesterday allowing Galactica to provide security for the balloting as well as civilians to oversee and monitor the situation. Yes, okay. We have some more votes coming in here. Still not done. But what we have so far is 6,282 more votes for Baltar, which puts his total now to 21,569. Is  that–that correct? And we also have Roslin. Her total now is at 17,754. We’ve had 2,981 more votes come in for Roslin at this time. So that is how things are looking at this point. We’ll continue to bring you up-to-the-minute coverage…    Galactica and Colonial o­ne=================================================Tory: Yeah, it’s me. Is this a secure line? Okay. There are o­nly five ships left to report in. We need to move now.  Tigh: I’ll take care of it.  Tigh nods to Dualla. Dualla: Lieutenant, I’ll be right back.    Galactica – Hallway=================================================
Dualla and two crewman meet two other crewman carrying a ballot box in the hallway. Dualla: Are those the ballots from the Zephyr?  Crewman: Yes, sir. Dualla: All right, we’ll take it from here.  Crewman: We were told to take these to the ballot room, sir.  Dualla: Counting has already begun. We’ll take it from here.  The two crewman with Dualla take the ballot box from the previous carriers. Dualla takes another corrider back to the ballot room. The ballot box arrives and is inspected by GaetaGaeta: D. Last o­ne. o­ne, two, three. Dualla: Got it.   Radio Program, Baltar’s Lab=================================================McManus: Uh, we have some more results have come in here now. It’s all been taken care of. Wow. Okay. 8,593 for Roslin, which puts her over the top. That’s 24,265 for Laura Roslin. Is that correct? And 22,366 for Gaius Baltar. We’re going to check these again because that has put her over the top. She–she has done it. She has retained the presidency in an improbable comeback in the final hours of the campaign. Uh, again, we–we would, of course, like to check those numbers, if we could. But it appears that Laura Roslin has retained the presidency in defiance of the polls, the pundits, and the surveyors of gloom and doom. I’ve never seen a political race end like this, but it has just happened. I am James McManus. We’ll check those numbers and we’ll be back to you very shortly. Thank you.  Zarek: I’ve seen a lot of elections, Gaius. Most honest, a few fixed. And you can always tell the fixed o­nes because they don’t make sense. And this doesn’t make sense.  Baltar: Laura Roslin is many things. But she’s not corrupt. And she’s not dishonest. It’s over.    Galactica / Colonial o­ne=================================================
Adama: Congratulations, Madam President.  Roslin: Oh, thank you. Adama: I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but are you as shocked as I am?  Roslin: I’m relieved.  Adama: Well, you don’t sound it.  Roslin: I’m just tired. It’s been a long campaign.    Galactica – Ballot Room=================================================
Gaeta: Colonel, may I speak to you for a moment?  Tigh: What’s up? Gaeta: Sir, I’m afraid these ballots from the Zephyr are wrong.  Tigh: What the hell are you talking about?  Gaeta: Doctor Baltar’s name is spelled correctly o­n these ballots. But this morning, the Zephyr called me and told me their ballots had a misprint. They misspelled Baltar’s first name. We didn’t have time to print new ballots, so I told them o­n my authority to go ahead and use them anyway. Baltar’s name is spelled correctly here, so they couldn’t have come from the Zephyr. They’re frauds. Now there’s a complete chain of custody from the Zephyr all the way into this room. So someone in the chain is either a perpetrator or at least a willing ally.  Tigh: Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I’ll take care of it from here.  Gaeta: Sir. We should at least notify the civilian observers and the press that these ballots–  Tigh: I said I’ll take care of it from here. Gaeta: Yes, sir.   Galactica / Colonial o­ne=================================================
Adama: Madam President, you should celebrate. It’s a great victory and you’ve earned it. [Phone beeps] Excuse me.  Roslin: Admiral, we’ll talk later. Thank you. Adama: Adama. Gaeta: Yes, sir. This is Lieutenant Geata. Sir… I don’t know how to say this.  Adama: Fast and straight, I’d advise.  Gaeta: Yes, sir. Admiral, I believe that Colonel Tigh is involved in a conspiracy to rig the election for President Roslin.   Colonial o­ne=================================================
Adama: When I confronted the colonel, he admitted his guilt. He said he acted in collusion with your campaign manager, Tory Foster. Saul said tory contacted him a few days ago. He did it because he felt that Baltar as President would be a disaster. I said I agreed, but that what he had done was illegal. A judicial tribunal may have to be convened.  Roslin: Stop. I gave tory the go-ahead. I didn’t know exactly what she was planning. I certainly did not know about Colonel Tigh. Oh, my gods. But I did know that she was planning to fix the vote.  Adama: You tried to steal an election?  Roslin: Yes, I did. And I got caught. But Gaius Baltar cannot become President of the Colonies, Bill. It cannot happen.  Adama: Laura… I don’t want him as President either, but–  Roslin: He’s working with the cylons. I saw him just before the attack in Caprica with a copy of the tall blond cylon woman. The same model who accused Baltar of treason before disappearing from Galactica.  Adama: What the hell are you saying? Why didn’t you say something before this?  Roslin: Because I didn’t remember seeing him with that woman until I remembered it when I was dying. I know how that sounds, but it’s real. The same way Kobol is real, and the Tomb of Athena is real, and the map to earth is real. Baltar is working with the cylons.  Adama: Even if that’s true, you have no proof. Roslin: No, I don’t.  Adama: Do we steal the results of a democratic election or not? That’s the decision. Because if we do this, we’re criminals. Unindicted, maybe, but criminals just the same.  Roslin: Yes, we are.  Adama: You won’t do it. We’ve gone this far, but that’s it.  Roslin: ‘Scuse me? Adama: You try to steal this election, you’ll die inside likely move your cancer right to your heart. The people made their choice. We’re gonna have to live with it.  Roslin: It’s the wrong choice.  Adama: Yes, it is. Roslin: All right. All right. All right. So that’s it. We just give it up, just like that.  Adama: The battle, perhaps. But not the war.    Galactica – Adama’s Quarters=================================================Adama: Well, the important thing is the error was discovered and corrected. You’ve been elected President. Congratulations.  Baltar: Thank you very much, Admiral. Now about this error. Exactly what kind of a tabulating error could have occurred o­n your ship that could’ve swung several thousand votes away from me in favor of your preferred candidate, Admiral? As soon as I have the time, there will be an investigation.  Adama: I suggest that you take your victory and you leave it at that, Doctor. Baltar: I think you’ll find I can be magnanimous in victory, Admiral. And I believe the correct honorific at this time is Mr. President elect. Set course for New Caprica.    Galactica – CIC=================================================
The RTF jumps to New Caprica Gaeta: Jump completed. We are in orbit around New Caprica.  Dualla: We have all ships present and accounted for, sir.  Adama: Send word to the Pegasus to launch their initial ground team o­nto the surface. Let’s get a good look at our new home. Gods help us all.    Cloud 9=================================================
Baltar: Well… well, I think my ability to see you  will no doubt be constrained by the responsibilities and the requirements of my new position. Listen to me. My–my new position. Um… but obviously, we, um, we will have the chance to connect, to, uh, to get together again o­n New Caprica o­nce–  Gina: I’m not going to New Caprica.  Baltar: What? What are you talking about?  Gina: I’m not going to New Caprica.  Baltar: We’re all going to New Caprica. All of us. Every last, single o­ne of us! It’s our chance to be together. To be together again. Gina: No.  Baltar: I can’t do this anymore.  Gina: Stay.  Gina is very emotionally disturbed. Gina takes off her clothes and walks towards her bed. Baltar and Gina have sex for the first time.   Colonial o­ne=================================================
Priest: If you’ll raise your right hand and repeat after me. “I, Gaius Baltar, do now avow and affirm.”  Baltar: “I, Gaius Baltar, do now avow and affirm.”  Priest: “That I take the office of the President of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol without any moral reservation or mental evasion.” Baltar: “That I take the office of President of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol without any moral reservation or mental evasion.”  Priest: “That I will protect and defend the articles of colonization.”  Baltar: “That I will protect and defend the articles of colonization.”  Priest: “With every fiber of my being.”  Baltar: “With every fiber of my being.”  Priest: Congratulations, Mr. President.  Baltar: Thank you. I accept the role offered to me by the Colonies with humility and gratitude. Thank you. Wait, wait. No, no, wait.And now… because it was the first will of the people, I’m going to sign my first executive order requiring the fleet to immediately establish settlements o­n the planet we have come to know as New Caprica. Admiral Adama. You have your orders.  Elsewhere o­n the Cloud 9, Gina i kneeling naked before the nuclear warhead, crying. The timer counts down and it explodes. The Cloud 9 and many nearby ships are destroyed.   Colonial o­ne=================================================Adama: We suspect the warhead was stolen from your lab. Then smuggled aboard cloud 9 by a cylon agent.  Baltar: I don’t suppose I could  interest you in a cup of tea, Admiral?  Adama: Mr. President. This may be the first step in a coordinated cylon attack. I suggest our first priority would be to focus in o­n internal security.  Baltar: No. No, I don’t think so. Our first priority is to the people. See that they are safely established o­n New Caprica. o­nce  that’s accomplished… We can put this tragedy behind us.  Adama: You’re not listening.  Baltar: I don’t have to listen. I’m the President. The settlement begins and it begins now.    Colonial o­ne – o­ne Year Later=================================================
Gaeta: Mr. President. President Baltar. Good morning, sir. Good morning, sir. Mr. President, the Union needs their answer. Baltar: [Groans] The union. If it’s not the union, it’s the Quorum. If it’s not the Quorum, it’s the people’s council. [Groans] We survived a nuclear holocaust, Mr. Gaeta. And the people complain about the weather.  Gaeta: Sir, it’s hardly the weather–  Baltar: Well, whatever it is. How many cylon attacks have there been since I took office? How many?  Gaeta: None, sir.  Baltar: None. Precisely. So why do the people complain? Tell the union to get off their fat asses and do some frakking work for a change or I’ll start rounding up their leaders and holding them in detention. I doubt they’ll like that very much.  Gaeta: I’ll tell them, Mr. President.  Baltar: Thank you. Morning. Where’s my, where’s my pills?   Galactica – Adama’s Quarters=================================================
Adama: I’m telling you to go, okay?  Tigh: No, it’s not okay. I feel like I’m abandoning my post.  Adama: It’s time to pack it in, Saul. You know it. More than half the crew is down there o­n the ground already. We can barely put a squadron in the air to train, much less fly a decent cap. We’re not really doing too much up here anymore.  Tigh: You’re staying.
Adama: Yeah, well, someone has to take care of the lighthouse. Then I’ll stay and take care of it with you. I appreciate that. But you know there’s o­nly o­ne person per lighthouse.  Tigh: We both know the cylons could still show up.  Adama: Anything’s possible. We’ve been orbiting New Caprica longer than we ran after the attack. I don’t think they’re coming back anymore. Colonel… good luck. If she gives you too much trouble, find yourself a younger o­ne.    New Caprica City=================================================
Announcer: Attention, all section four residents. Please report to supply depots to pick up weekly food rations. Supplies are limited. Please report as soon as possible.  Starbuck: Hey, you seen Sam?  Man: I think he’s over there playing pyrimid. Starbuck: Thanks.  Anders: [Coughing] Set her up.  Starbuck: Sam, you idiot! I’ve been looking for you everywhere. Anders gets sacked by another player while being yell at by Starbuck. Anders: Ah. Starbuck: What the hell are you thinking? Anders: [Coughs] Looks like I’m in trouble.  Starbuck: Doc Cottle is here. You’re sick. You’re supposed to be in bed.  Anders: I would rather work this out of my system right here than lie in bed all day. [Coughs]  Player 1: Sam, come o­n. Come o­n.  Anders: Duty calls. Player 2: Hey you gotta be tough. Player 3: Let’s go, Anders.  Player 4: Tomorrow, man. Same time, same score. Anders: [Coughs] Starbuck: Can’t believe I married a moron. Are you okay?  Anders: Fine. I’m fine.    Starbuck and Anders Tent=================================================Anders: [Coughing] It’s okay.  Starbuck: I’ll be right back, okay? Hey, doc, wait. So? Cottle: There’s fluid in the lungs. It’s probably pneumonia.  Starbuck: So give him something.  Cottle: I’d love to. I’ve been out of antibiotics for months.  Starbuck: So what, that’s it?  Cottle: I have a lot of patients to see. But he’s young and he’s strong. So make him rest. Keep him warm. And with a little luck, he’ll make it.  Starbuck: Son of a bitch.    Union Tent
=================================================Tyrol: Everybody, please. Just calm down.  [Crowd shouting]  Tyrol: Please just calm down. Everybody listen just for a second.  [Crowd shouting]  Tyrol: Please. Please. Be quiet! [Crowd shouting] Cally: Hey, shut the frak up!  Tyrol: When you elected me union President, I promised I would keep us working, keep benefits flowing. But most of all, keep this city alive.  Starbuck: Colonel.  Tyrol: I promised we would stay o­n the job. And well hey. And building a better tomorrow. (Tyrol continues in background) Tigh: Wow, look at you. Ellen: Hi. Starbuck: Oh, I’m so glad you guys are here.  Ellen: Me too. It’s pretty– pretty exciting.  Starbuck: Yeah, that wears off.  Tigh: So what’s going o­n here? Starbuck: President Baltar. Sir, Anders is really sick. But Doc Cottle’s giving me the runaround and says there’s no antibiotics. And that’s a load of crap. Anything you can do to help me cut through the red tape.  Tigh: You should give Apollo a call. Pegasus is sitting o­n the backup meds. He’d spring some for you.  Starbuck: Yeah. I doubt that.  Tigh: That was a long time ago. People change. Starbuck: Okay. Tyrol: But there comes a time when you realize that the engine you’ve built with your blood and your sweat and your tears is being used for something so foul, so perverted that it makes you sick in your heart. And it’s then that you must throw your body o­n the gears and o­n the levers and o­n the machine itself and make it stop. And you have to show the people who run it, the people who control it, that unless we’re free, that machine will be prevented from working at all.  All: Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike!   School Tent=================================================
Roslin: Okay. Everybody have that so far?  Children: Yes. Roslin: Good, you’re listening.  Maya: Think the President has a bit of a problem o­n his hands.  Roslin: I also want you to look at chapter ten. It’s the history of the twelve colonies. It’s really interesting. The President’s problems are not our problems, are they?  Maya: That’s right. Our problems are homework for everyone tonight.  [Children shouting]  Roslin: Now some of you are going to stay and help me with the art project for the presentation. Everyone else, your parents are here. Get your stuff, let’s go. Go o­n. Get out of here. Good job. Yeah. Okay. Bye, honey. Thanks. Good job. Good job. Thank you, parents. You know what, why don’t you and the baby go o­n, okay? I’ll finish up here.  Maya: You sure? Roslin: Yes. Yes. Go ahead. Thank you. Bubble head. A bubble head. I love this.  Maya: Hello. Hello, Isis.  The baby is really Hera, the child of Boomer and Helo.   Pegasus=================================================Apollo: Oh. Hey, what’s going o­n?  Dualla: It’s for you. Apollo: Who is it? Dualla: It’s for you. Apollo: Who is it? Right. What do you want?  Starbuck: I need a favor.  Apollo: Is that right?  Starbuck: I hear that you’re, uh, hoarding a bunch of antibiotics for the pilots.  Apollo: Where did you hear that?  Starbuck: Anders is sick. He has pneumonia, Lee. I think that he might die.  Dualla: Commander.  Apollo: Wait. Yeah, lieutenant. What is it? Dualla: I’m not sure. Picking up something o­n dradis.  Apollo: Dradis? How can you see anything in that soup?  Dualla: There it is.  Apollo: What is it?  Wait, what is that? Dualla: Oh, my gods, it’s a cylon fleet. They found us. They found us.  Apollo: We have to get out of here, sir.  Adama: (on Galactica) We can’t just leave all those people behind.  Apollo: There’s nothing we can do. It’s taken us forever just to get to action stations over here. We’re in no shape for a fight, sir. Adama: They’ll be wiped out. Apollo: We don’t have a choice. We need to get out of here right now.  Helo: All decks finally report condition o­ne, sir. Should we launch the alert fighters?  Adama: Begin jump prep. We’re leaving. But we’ll be back. Start your prep.  The remaining ships in orbit jump away.   Colonial o­ne=================================================Gaeta: Mr. President! Mr. President!  Baltar: Don’t you knock?  Gaeta: Gaius. Gaius!  Baltar: Yeah, what is it?  Gaeta: The cylons just jumped into orbit and the fleet’s jumped away.  #6: Judgment day.   Starbuck and Anders’ Tent=================================================
A sick Anders wakes up to: Leoben: I’m looking for Kara Thrace.    Colonial o­ne=================================================
Baltar: I’m Gaius Baltar. President of the Colonies.  #6: I know who you are, Gaius. I know very well.  Boomer: As long as you offer no resistance, you won’t be harmed.  Baltar: How do I know that?  Doral: You don’t. You also don’t have any choice.  Baltar: How did you find us?  Doral: Oh, it was quite by accident, actually. We were over a light-year away from here when we detected the radiation signature of a nuclear detonation. Baltar: Very well. o­n behalf of the people of the Twelve Colonies, I surrender.    New Caprica City=================================================
Centurions are marching down the streets, occupying the human settlement. Tyrol: What do you want to do now Captian. Starbuck: The same thing we always do, fight them until we can’t.

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