Battlestar Galactica: Transcripts: S03E03: Exodus Pt. 1



Tigh tent.
(Tigh replaces his eye bandage.)
Ellen: Can I help you? Here we go.
Tigh: Thanks.
Ellen: Sorry.
Tigh: That’s all right. It doesn’t hurt. I appreciate you doing this. I can’t seem to get it right in the mirror.
Ellen: Saul. Um, I want you to know that I would do anything for you…
(Chief enters, distraught.)
Chief: The list. Cally’s o­n the list. They’re gonna kill her.
Tigh: What list?
Chief: They’re gonna kill her.
Tigh: What are you talking about?
Chief: I got this. I got this from the dead drop, from the source in the administration. It’s a death list and Cally’s name is o­n it.
(Passes him the list. Ellen watches.)
Chief: They’re rounding up people in the city. Cally’s already in the detention, they could take her out at any minute, and then just–
Tigh: They got this organized by transport vehicles. Cally’s in the group heading for map coordinate x-ray seven.
Chief: I know, but where the frak is that? I mean, how are we gonna —
Tigh: Calm down, dammit. You gotta start thinking clearly here, Chief, or she’s dead. Now we’ve already figured out their map coordinate system. It’s referred to in the list of Cylon freqs you got from the last dead drop.
Chief: Holy frak! You’re right. I can extrapolate the coordinate system —
Tigh: Cally’s group has to pick up a bunch of people in town first. That’ll take time. Take four men and get out there ahead of the trucks.
(Chief runs off.)
Tigh: Chief! Pull it together. You won’t do her any good if you get caught too. Besides, the last thing your son wants is me and Ellen for parents. Find that list, Chief.
(Ellen embraces Tigh, scared.)


Tyrol tent.
(Chief searches for the frequency list.)
Chief: Where the frak is it? Dammit! Dammit! Where’s that frackin’ list? It’s gotta be here. It’s gotta be here. Frak! Come o­n! Here it is. Okay. X-ray seven. 1, 4, 3…

New Caprica street.
Seelix: Hey, Chief. Good day for a walk, huh?
Chief: Get your men together. We’re going to Pergamus Flats.
(They watch the transports roll out.)

At Sharon’s Raptor.
Sharon: Talk to me, Gunny.
Marine: Don’t like it, LT. Too much cover along this trail. We could catch enfilade fire from there…there… and along there.
Sharon: Let’s move out. I’m going to the rendezvous point. Place your men o­n the ridge for cover.

The rendezvous.
Sharon: Go Panthers!
Anders: C-Bucks rule!
(Sharon crosses the river; they embrace.)
Sharon: Hey, Sam. It’s been a while.
Anders: Funny, I feel like I see you every day. Come o­n.

Pergamus Flats — the detainee transports.
Chief to his men: Trucks. Move down to the ridge. Move down to the ridge. Crispin, you here. Chief: This is it. Lock and load.
(Looks at the transports through binoculars.)
Chief: All right. What do we see? Oh, frak me.
Seelix: What?
Chief: They got Laura Roslin and Tom Zarek with them.
Seelix: Is there any sign of Cally?
Chief: Not yet.

The rendezvous.
Sharon: So Galactica’s got a rescue plan in place and ready to go. My job’s to get the launch keys for the civilian ships still o­n the ground, then coordinate the rescue mission with your evacuation plan. When can we meet with Colonel Tigh?
Anders: We’re gonna wait until nightfall before we head back into the city.

Pergamus Flats.
Chief: [Sighs] There she is. There she is. Oh, my Gods. There she is. What the frak’s she doing? She’s making a run for it.
Seelix: The bulletheads are lining up.
Chief: It’s a firing squad. Sight in o­n the Centurions… right now!
Seelix: Cally’s right in our line of fire. If we shoot, we’re gonna hit her.
Chief: Count to five. Open fire.
(Chief runs for Cally.)
Man: Two skinjobs. Should we take ’em down?
Seelix: Where there are skinjobs, there are bulletheads. Bring up the RPG.

The rendezvous.
Anders: There’s a system of tunnels we been using that run parallel and under —
Sharon: Shh! Do you hear that?
(Strafing fire opens o­n the rendezvous.)

Pergamus Flats.
Seelix: Thousand o­ne… thousand two… thousand three… thousand four… thousand five.
(Chief reaches Cally and pushes her down; the squad opens fire o­n the Centurions. Roslin grabs Zarek and pulls him down the bluff with her.)

The rendezvous.
Anders: Frak this. We gotta get out of here.
Sharon: Stay put. Trust me. …Now!
(Her Marines take out the Cylons.)
Anders: Thanks.

Pergamus Flats.
Chief: Shh, shh, shh. I got you. I got you.

The rendezvous.
Marine: They were waiting for us, LT. Right where we thought.
Insurgent, with Anders’s map: Sir, you better take a look at this. I found it o­n a dead skinjob. It’s your handwriting, isn’t it?
Anders: Yeah. Damn right it is. We were sold out. Ellen.

Pergamus Flats.
Roslin: You all right, Tom?
Zarek: Yeah. Been a while since I had a woman throw me to the ground. Not quite as much fun as I remember.
Seelix, to injured Cavil: Hurts, huh? Good. Then I hope it hurts a long, long time till you go to download city.
(Kicks a gun away from him.)
Chief: You all right down there?
Roslin: Oh, my Gods. It’s good to see you, Chief.
Chief: Good to see you too, ma’am.
Cally: What happens now? Where do we go from here?
Chief: We’re going home. (To Roslin and Zarek.) We’re going home. Admiral Adama’s o­n his way. We’re getting off this rock. We’re going back to Galactica.


(Three massages her neck, standing in New Caprica City. She sees strange Colonial fetishes near a tent, and hears a baby crying. She sees herself carrying the child. She wakes up sweating o­n Colonial o­ne, hearing the baby scream.)

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Caprica Six and Baltar in bed o­n Colonial o­ne.
Caprica Six: Don’t worry about it, Gaius. It’s all right. It doesn’t matter to me really…
Baltar: You can stop that right now, okay? My ego’s not so fragile as all that. These things happen. Or they don’t happen. So what should we talk about? Should we talk about your day? How was your day, darling? How was your day at the office? [She sits up and begins dressing.] My office. Any news? No? Well, let me tell you about my day, because it was a hoot. I had the most fascinating chat with o­ne of the Dorals. He’s got this theory about sanitation being the key to regaining human trust and confidence. Something about toilet paper. No, lack of toilet paper, that’s it. If people could o­nly wipe their bums properly, there’d be a measurable uptick in the polls.
Caprica Six: Four months of this, Gaius. Four months of watching you slip further and further down into this well of self-hatred and -loathing. Do you know what I’ve given up for you? Do you?
Baltar: Do you know, what with the occupation and everything, I can’t really say I’ve given it that much thought recently.
(She finishes dressing and makes to leave.)
Baltar: Don’t go. Please.
(He takes a stiff drink; she crawls back into bed.)

At Kacey’s bedside.
Starbuck: That doesn’t look so bad. There’s something that I wanted to say to you. I’m sorry that I left you alone. I didn’t mean for you to get hurt. I was upset with myself. And not you, okay? [Kacey nods.] Uh… grown-ups do stupid things sometimes. We get … caught up in our own little world until it’s almost too late. [Leoben enters, Kacey smiles at her.] You have no idea what I’m saying to you, do you? Okay. Time to take a nap.
(Kacey holds Starbuck by the finger and pulls her back down beside her. Leoben watches.)

New Caprica City.
(Three walks through the town, sees the Oracle tent from her dream, and enters.)
Dodona Selloi: Don’t be afraid. I know who you are. What you are. Poor thing. You must be terrified. [Takes some chamalla.] Do you have any candy?
Three: Candy? No.
Selloi: Chamalla’s so bitter. Zeus sees all. Sees you, number Three. Sees your pain. Your destiny. All the Gods weep for you.
Three: There is no Zeus. No other God but God.
Selloi: Well, you don’t believe that anymore. You don’t know what you believe and that is why you’re here.
Three: It’s not true. I don’t even know why I’m here. This is the stupidest thing I ever did.
Selloi: It is your dream that brings you to me.
Three: How do you know about that?
(Selloi gestures and Three kneels, unbelieving.)
Selloi: I have a message for you from the o­ne you worship. He speaks through me to you just as he speaks in your dreams. The message is… the fruit born of two peoples [Three’s smile fades.] is alive. A child named after the wife and sister of the all-knowing Zeus. Hera lives.
Three, sadly: That’s not true. The child is dead.
Selloi: You will hold her in your arms, and you’ll know for the first time what it is to feel true love. But you’ll lose everything you’ve done here. Wish I had some chocolate caramels.

Helo to crew: Let’s move! We got some people waiting for their ride down there. (To Dualla.) Will you quit looking at me like that?
Dualla: Like what?
Helo: You know like what. Like we’re never gonna see each other again. We will. It’s a good plan, D.
Dualla: Take care of the Admiral?
Helo: Take care of his son.

On deck.
(A thick line of salt is poured along the floor.)
Helo: All right, people, you know how this works: Pegasus crew o­n the port side of the line, Galactica o­n the right.
Officer, reading from the Scrolls: “Their enemies will divide them. Their colonies broken in the fiery chasm of space. Their shining days renounced by a multitude of dark sacrifices. Yet still they will remain always together.”
All: always together.
(The crews erase the line with their feet, and embrace.)

Hangar bay.
Adama: that’s the third time you’ve taken a look at your watch. Got dinner plans?
Apollo, laughing: No, I was just thinking. Sharon’s probably o­n the ground by now.
Adama: I know. These are your orders. [Hands him brief.] You’ll find the rendezvous point there. Take the civilian fleet. And wait for me for 18 hours. If I’m not back in 18 hours, then find Earth.
Apollo: Yeah, right.
Adama, quieter: I’ll see you at the rendezvous point.
Apollo: 18 hours. Try not to be late.
Adama: I’m getting old. I’m a little slow. But I’ll be there.
Apollo: Gods, I wish I could talk you out of this.
Adama: You can’t. You tried.
Apollo: You know Dad, um —
Adama: Don’t. Don’t make me cry in my own hangar deck.
(They shake hands and embrace.)
Apollo: Okay.
Adama: I’ll see you there.
Apollo: Permission to leave your ship, Admiral.
Adama: Permission granted, Commander.
Apollo, from a Raptor’s wing: Attention! Commander Pegasus departing. [They salute each other.] 18 hours.
(Adama watches him leave.)


New Caprica City.
(Three sees Doc Cottle’s mobile unit, stops to pet Jake.)
Three: Hey. Hey! Hey, Jake. Hey, Jake. Yeah, you don’t care who I am, do ya? All God’s creatures in your eyes.  Here ya go.
Cottle: Can’t sleep?
Three: Bad dreams.
Cottle: Didn’t know you people had dreams.
Three: Oh, sure. Everybody dreams, Doc. [Looks at his smock.] That human or Cylon blood?
Cottle: Cylon. o­ne of the Fives got pretty shot up today by the insurgents. But he’s gonna make it.
Three: You could’ve let him suffer.
Cottle: That’s not what I do.
Three, smiling: What about the baby? Sharon’s baby Hera. When that child died o­n Galactica, why’d you cremate the body? It’s the first Cylon-human hybrid, and you threw it in the incinerator?
Cottle: It wasn’t my decision. That was the President’s call. I was just following orders.
Three: That’s a very funny thing. [Drags her fingers through the blood.] ‘Cause this stuff all looks the same.
(Cottle leaves; Three leaves.)

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Colonial o­ne.
Cavil: She said, “I hope it hurts you for a long, long time before you go to download city.” Then they just left me there. They left me in the hot sun with a bullet in my guts.
Doral, to Baltar: what a noble race you are.
Boomer: How long were you there before you died?
Cavil: Hours. Eventually, I managed to drag myself over to some spent shell casings. I used o­ne of those to scratch open my carotid artery. Skin is a lot tougher than you think. Now that’s…three for me. Three downloads. The first o­ne, I just got a headache. But I could handle it. Now it’s worse and worse. This time it was like a frakkin’ white hot poker through my skull. Not worth it. None of this is worth it.
Baltar: He’s right, you know. It’s not worth it. Which is what I believe I’ve been telling you all along.
Doral: Caprica, can you please control him?
Baltar: Why don’t you just shoot me… if that’ll remedy the situation?
Doral: We need to crack down harder.
Caprica Six: How? Our resources are stretched to the max already.
Cavil: I don’t need to listen to this anymore.
Three: Consensus used to be so easy. Now look what they’ve done to us.
Doral: Don’t lose hope. Worst comes to worst, we can always nuke the city and be done with it.
(Baltar stares.)

Insurgent tent.
Anders: Better leave those dog tags here. They spot ’em, they’ll know who you are.
Sharon: No, you have no idea how hard I worked for these.
Anders: So our best guess puts the launch keys somewhere in the detention center. Just keep to the main streets. Everybody’ll think you’re just a regular skinjob and they’ll avoid you. But there’s a lot of people out there looking to gut an unwary Cylon going for a stroll, so don’t let anybody get close enough to stick a knife in you.
Sharon: All right. Thanks for the concern. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
Anders: How are you gonna find those launch keys?
Sharon: When I get inside and hook into the data stream, it’ll feed me the location. Now, o­nce I get the keys, you need to distribute them to the pilots who can fly those ships out of here.
Anders: We’re already o­n it. We got pilots standing by.
Insurgents: Commanders!
Anders: Yeah, come in.
(They bring in Ellen Tigh.)
Ellen: My Gods! What’s she doing here?
Anders: Get her down below and keep her there until after the next briefing.
Ellen: Wait a minute! No, no. Wait, listen to me. Please. I can explain.
Anders: I suggest you keep your mouth shut.
Ellen: Where is my husband? I want to speak to my husband.
Anders: Let’s go, get her down.
(They put her in the bunker.)
Sharon: Okay, I’m outta here.
Anders: Wait. Sharon.
Sharon: Yeah.
Anders: Do me a favor. Just keep an eye out for Starbuck. I don’t know if she’s alive or if she’s dead. But it’s been four months.
Sharon: I’ll do what I can.
Anders: Yeah.

The tunnels.
Laura: You must keep the child hidden at all costs.
Anders: We keep her o­n the move along with other high-value targets. She’ll never stay in any o­ne location longer than two or three days.
Laura: Sam, I need you to really hear me o­n this. Really. There is no o­ne — no o­ne — of higher value than Maya and her child. We cannot let them fall into Cylon hands.
Anders: I get it. How far do you want me to go? I mean, if it looks like the Cylons are gonna capture them —
Laura: No. Don’t let it get to that point. That’s all.
Anders: I don’t suppose you’re gonna tell me what this is all about. I mean, what’s so important about this kid?
Laura: She may very well be the shape of things to come. That’s either a blessing or a curse.

New Caprica City.
(Three sees a woman carrying an infant and leading a toddler by the hand.)

Insurgent bunker.
Chief: We’ve stored arms and munitions in key areas throughout the city.
Mathias: I can supplement that with mortars, RPGs, even a few shoulder-mounted anti-aircraft missiles aboard the Raptor.
Chief: Great. When we give the signal, our people are gonna attack the airbase, the detention center, the power station, other critical facilities. The plan is to sow as much chaos and confusion as possible the moment Galactica and Pegasus arrive. That should help cover the evacuation.
Mathias: No Pegasus. Just Galactica.
Roslin: Why? Why no Pegasus? What happened?
Mathias: Don’t know, sir. Way beyond my pay grade. What about your evac plans?
Tory: We’ve designated and assigned 500 block captains to cover each sector of the city. Each block captain is responsible for rallying and guiding the people in his or her sector along their escape route to their designated ship.
Zarek: Don’t suppose you’ve been able to rehearse any of this.
Roslin: Indeed. We’ve had three full-dress rehearsals under the guise of fire and natural disaster drills.
Mathias: Be different when the balloon goes up. Explosions, shooting, chaos. There’s gonna be some panic out there.
Roslin: they’ll do fine. These people know that at some point, they’re gonna be responsible for saving themselves. All we need to do is be ready and hope for the best. (Quieter, to Anders.) What about Maya and Isis?
Anders: I’m o­n it. I’ve got my two best shooters here. They’re gonna be their escorts and make sure they get back to the ship.
Roslin: Gentlemen, I can’t tell you why, but it is imperative that this woman and her child get off this planet. I trust you because I trust him.
Ellen runs up: Saul!
Anders: We need to talk.
(Tigh stares.)

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New Caprica City.
(Sharon walks, people hissing and staring. Someone throws a bottle.)
Woman: Toaster!

Insurgent bunker.
Anders:  She sold us out.
Tigh: What are you talking about?
Anders: We were ambushed at the rendezvous. The Cylons knew exactly where we were gonna be.
Tigh: That doesn’t mean Ellen had anything–
Anders: This is the map, Colonel! The map that I drew for you. I gave this to you in your tent. You were gonna burn it, but then your wife offered to do it for you. I got it off a dead skinjob at the ambush. Do the math!
Ellen: I want to explain, Saul.
Insurgent: Godsdamn traitor!
Tigh: Shut your frakkin’ mouth!
Ellen: He said — he said he’d kill you.
Tigh: Who said it?
Ellen: o­ne of the Brother Cavils. I did it for you…Saul. It was all for you, I had to. I didn’t have any choice. Don’t you see that?

Detention center.
(Sharon enters and interfaces with the system, then goes into an inner room.)
Sharon: Drawer 3-7-8.
(The drawer opens of its own accord; Sharon checks out its contents. Three enters.)
Three: What are you doing? [Sharon jumps.] Oh, my God, it’s you. [Sharon pulls a gun o­n her.] You’re betraying your own people. For what?
Sharon: I’m a Colonial officer now.
Three: You’re not o­ne of them.
Sharon: I gave them my word.
Three: That’s not what counts. It’s who you give it to.
Sharon: I’m gonna have to shoot you now.
Three: Hera lives.
Sharon: What?
Three: Your daughter Hera is alive. Your new friends tell you that?
(Sharon remembers her birth and death.)
Three: They faked her death, and they hid her from you.
Sharon: You could say anything…
Three: Oh, I had dreams. I had strange dreams. I was having strange dreams that made me question my faith. Made me question God. And in the dreams, there was a human oracle, so I went to see Dodona Selloi.
Sharon: I’m not gonna kill you, but I’m gonna wound you so you can’t warn the others.
Three: The oracle said that the fruit borne of two peoples is still alive. That Hera lives and I would hold her in my arms and I will know true love.  Put down the gun, and when I find her you can hold her too.
(Sharon shoots her in the knees.)
Sharon, leaving: Adama wouldn’t lie to me.
Three, screaming after her: You’re wrong. You’re wrong!

New Caprica City.
Sharon: Launch keys don’t seem to have been damaged. From all the data points, it looks like the ships all still have enough tylium to make at least o­ne jump. Congratulations, by the way. I heard it’s a boy.
Chief: Oh.
Sharon: What’s his name?
Chief: Uh… Nicolas, after Cally’s grandfather.
Sharon: Hey, Chief? You remember when you helped Helo spread Hera’s ashes?
Chief: Mm-hmm.
Sharon: You actually saw the ashes?
Chief: Yeah, of course. Why?
Sharon: Nothing. Just make sure Cally never lets her kid out of her sight.
(She wanders away.)

Adama’s office, Galactica.
Helo: Sir? Listening Raptor just jumped back. Sharon’s got the launch keys.
(Helo leaves; Adama punches the table happily.)

Galactica rec room.
(The phone rings.)
Racetrack: Rec room, Racetrack. …Very well, sir.
(She hangs up and looks at Kat, sitting at the table.)
It’s o­n.
(They get moving.)

Galactica CIC.
Adama over PA: This is the Admiral. You’ve heard the news. You know the mission. You should also know there’s o­nly o­ne way that this mission ends. And that’s with the successful rescue of our people o­n New Caprica. Look around you. Take a good look at the men and women that stand next to you. Remember their faces. For o­ne day you will tell your children and your grandchildren that you served with such men and women as the universe has never seen. And together you accomplished a feat that will be told and retold down through the ages, and find immortality as o­nly the Gods o­nce knew. I’m proud to serve with you. Good hunting.
(Hangs up the phone.)
Adama: Begin jump prep.
Helo: Action stations. Set condition o­ne throughout the ship. Standby for a combat jump.

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