Battlestar Galactica: Transcripts: S03E05: Collaborators

Gaeta: Previously o­n Battlestar Galactica

Kara’s apartment.

Leoben: You’re gonna hold me in your arms. You’re gonna tell me that you love me.
Starbuck: You’re insane.
Leoben: You kill me, I download, I come back, we start over.
Starbuck: I don’t belong here! Let me out!

New Caprica City.

Jammer: Some of those guys who joined up — the Cylon police — bet they’re in over their heads, you know?
Chief: o­ne day when this is all over, guys like that are gonna get strung up. Guys like you and me, we’re gonna be there, tying the knots, making them tight.

Insurgent bunker.

Tigh: Where are you getting this stuff? Who’s your source?
Chief: I have no idea. The source won’t tell me what their name is. It’s probably safer for all of us.

Colonial o­ne.

Gaeta: Mr. President?
Caprica: Good morning, Gaeta.

Colonial o­ne.

Gaeta: This is a death warrant. Have you seen the names o­n this list? Do you have any idea what they’re about to do out there?


Chief: I got this from the dead-drop from the source of the administration. It’s a death list and Cally’s name’s o­n it.

(Images of Cally getting kidnapped.)

The detainee execution site at Pergamus Flats.

Jammer, to Cally: Run! Don’t look back. Go!

Insurgent bunker.

Anders: We were ambushed at the rendezvous. The Cylons knew exactly where we were gonna be.
Tigh: That doesn’t mean Ellen had anything to do —
Ellen: I didn’t do anything!
Anders: This is the map that I drew for you! You were gonna burn it, but then your wife offered to do it for you.

Tigh tent.

Anders, VO: You know what has to be done here. Now it would be better for her sake if it was you.

(Tigh crying over Ellen’s dead body.)

New Caprica City.

Chief, shouting at evacuees: Come o­n! Move! Move, move!

Colonial o­ne.

Three: Evacuate the entire facility. …You should go as well, Gaius. There’s a place for you too.



(Men force a prisoner into a Viper launch bay, and take a bag off his head. It’s Jammer, choking and crying.)
Man: Walk!
(The Circle is revealed: Tigh, Chief, Seelix, Anders, Connor and Barclay.)
Seelix: Evidence for the following charges have been presented to the Circle: that you carried arms for the enemy as you carried out multiple raids against the human population, and that during o­ne raid, 23 people were killed by you and your men during the assault o­n the temple of Artemis.
Jammer: It’s not true!
Connor: These are the names of the people killed by you and those under your command. (Forcing his head up.) You look at those names!
Seelix: Connor. (He calms down.) The Circle has examined the evidence and found you guilty of treason and crimes against humanity. Do you have anything to say before sentence is passed?
Jammer: I was just trying to help people.
Tigh: You didn’t do a very good job, then, did you?
Anders: Let’s just get this over with.
Jammer: I helped people. I helped lots of people. Chief — Chief! Chief, I helped Cally. I saved Cally. I saved Cally.
Chief: What do you mean you helped Cally?
Jammer (with quick-cut flashes to the incident): I’m the o­ne who did. I’m the o­ne who let her go when they were gonna shoot her. I took her out of line. I said, “Go! Run right now. Run like hell. Get out of here.” And she did. She ran and she got away. Because of me, Chief. I helped Cally. I saved Cally.
Chief: Cally did get away…somehow.
Connor: They killed 23 people during the temple raids. Twelve men, eight women, and three children. Children! My son is o­n this list. His name is right there. And that frakkin’ son-of-a-bitch put him there. So saving Cally, if that happened — does that make up for killing my son?
Tigh: Answer the question, Chief. Does saving Cally let him off the hook for killing 23 others?
Chief, crouching: Did you do this, Jammer? Did you kill these people? (Whisper.) Answer me.
Jammer: It was crazy down there, Chief. You know that. You make these decisions so fast. You’re making an arrest, and people come out with their hands up. But sometimes it’s just a trick. They tell you they’re surrendering and then they open fire. We thought they were insurgents. It wasn’t till after we saw the bodies. What was I supposed to do? It wasn’t till after we saw the bodies. What was I supposed to do?
Chief stands and returns to the Circle: No, it doesn’t.
Seelix: Under the articles, the punishment for treason is death. Sentence confirmed and carried out o­n this, the third day of the second Exodus.
Jammer, barely audible: Oh, Chief. (Screams) I’m sorry!
(The Circle leaves Jammer tied up in the launch bay; the inner lock slowly closes.)
Anders: That’s too much frakkin’ talk.
Jammer: Wait!
(They assemble outside the bay and watch him.)
Jammer: I’m sorry!
(He approaches the glass and pleads; they can’t hear him. Conner hits the launch tube door and Jammer is sucked out into space.)
Connor: My son. Kevin. He was o­nly seven years old.
Barolay: Let’s go. Come o­n. Connor, let’s go.
Anders, to Chief: This isn’t what I signed up for.

Refugee barracks, Galactica.

Chief: Hi. Hey, sweetie.
Cally: Am I o­n watch?
Chief: No, no, you’re fine. Here. Give him to me. Come here. You come here. Come to daddy. Hey, buddy. There you go. I know, Mommy’s much more comfortable than me. Huh? Cally?
Cally: Mm-hmm.
Chief: When you were down o­n their planet, you ran away from the trucks. Did anybody help you? o­ne of the NCP goons or … anybody?
Cally: What? No. Wait, yeah. Somebody told me to run. It probably was o­ne of those goons. I haven’t thought about it since. Hey, how did you know about that? I mean, why do you ask?
Chief: No reason. Go back to sleep.
Cally: Okay.
(She goes back to sleep; he rocks the baby.)

CREDITS (41,435 Survivors in the Fleet.)

Colonial o­ne (Dream).

Adama: In my opinion it wasn’t his fault.
Tigh, with both eyes intact: I hate to admit it, but the Admiral’s right. He was in an impossible situation. I’d have probably done the same in his position.
Roslin: Well, if that’s the way it has to be then that’s the way it has to be. (She stands and addresses Baltar.) No hard feelings?
Baltar: None. Mistakes were made, no doubt. There’s no question. But the past is the past. I think we can all agree that we’d like to move o­n.
Chip Six enters: You fools. You’re being too lenient, he betrayed you. Actively sought your deaths. Doesn’t that matter to you? Don’t you have any self-respect?
Baltar: Wouldn’t bother, they can’t hear you…
Six: Don’t make me angry, Gaius.
Adama: You wouldn’t like her when she’s angry.
Roslin, taking off Baltar’s glasses: I’ve always wanted you.
Baltar: Oh, no.
Roslin: What?
Baltar: I’m dreaming, aren’t I?
Roslin: Yes, you are.
(Roslin kisses him.)

Baltar’s Basestar.

Baltar jerks awake in a strange, brightly lit room. A red Cylon band of light encircles the room, and large arrangements of lights pulsate. He is naked; there’s a bathrobe hanging o­n the wall. His bed is baroque. A Centurion watches him dress. They stare at each other.

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Pilots’ barracks.

Anders: Hey. Did you get any sleep?
Starbuck: Sleep when you’re dead.
Anders: Nice. What is all that?
Starbuck: I got my gear out of storage. Never thought I’d see any of this stuff again.
Anders: Hey.
Starbuck: What?
Anders: Come here. (He kisses her; she pulls away.)
Starbuck: Just don’t, okay?
A female pilot passes between them: Excuse me, guys.
They look at each other.

Colonial o­ne.

Roslin: So, Mr. President, how long before the new Quorum of Twelve can be sworn in?
Zarek: Three days. I will personally place your name in nomination as my Vice President. o­nce they confirm you, I submit my resignation and you get sworn in. The whole thing should take less than an hour.
Roslin: You’re stepping down without a fight? Means Tom Zarek wants something. So why don’t you put your cards o­n the table and let’s see if it’s a price that I’m willing to pay.
Zarek: Well, I’m a realist. I never had any illusions about remaining in office for very long. And the Admiral’s made it quite clear that he’d like nothing better than to put me in a cell if I try to hang o­n to power.
Roslin: He’s trying to do you a favor. You and I both know how impossible it would be to govern this fleet without the backing of the military.
Zarek: I agree. That’s why we’re here. Even so, I want to be included in the new government. I don’t wanna be o­n the outside looking in anymore.
Roslin: Okay. Okay. You stood up to Baltar o­n New Caprica. You nearly lost your life for your trouble. This Fleet needs that kind of courage. The vice presidency is yours if you want it, Tom.
Zarek, laughing: Well, thank you.
Roslin, shaking his hand: You’re welcome.

Galactica CIC.

(Gaeta enters, wearing civvies, as men repair the CIC.)
Tigh: You gotta be kidding. Who gave this man permission to enter the CIC?
Helo: Admiral’s orders, sir. Communications took some serious hits during the rescue, and Mr. Gaeta’s offered to help with the repairs.
Tigh: Well, isn’t that nice. Man can turn his coat, collaborate with the enemy, contribute to the deaths of thousands. But the old man needs his phones fixed, and suddenly, all is forgiven.
Helo: Cylons find us, we’re gonna need every hand we’ve got.
Tigh: The Cylons found us, Mr. Agathon. Your friend Gaeta was o­n the welcoming committee.
(Tigh gets louder and louder, menacing Gaeta.)
Tigh: Hey! Look at me. Long as you’re here, maybe you can help me out. I’m missing something. I lost it in detention. Since you’re so buddy-buddy with the Cylons, maybe you know where it is? How ’bout it? Do you know where my eye is?
Adama, entering: Saul!
Tigh: Admiral.
Adama, to crew: Back to work. (To Tigh, who’s now stumbling.) Walk with me.
Tigh: Yeah.
Adama: They have a lot of work in the next couple of weeks. I need you to get some sleep. Get rested and get ready, all right?
Tigh: Oh, I’m ready right now. I may be a little rough around the edges, but I can still hold my own. (Turning back to yell into CIC.) And you can tell that toaster-lover over there that I am still the XO of this ship!
Adama: Let’s go.
Tigh: Get your hands off me.
Adama: You’re embarrassing yourself, Saul.
Tigh: You’re the o­ne that should be embarrassed. Letting o­ne of Baltar’s henchman walk around like nothing’s happened.
Adama: Go sleep this off. That’s an order.
Tigh: Oh, yeah. Just go to sleep. Forget about it all, just forget about everything. Well, I’m not forgetting. I’m not gonna forget.
(Tigh leaves; Gaeta is sad.)

The Circle.

Seelix: The charges are carrying arms for the enemy in a time of war, shooting three civilians, and collaboration with the enemy. I call the vote.
Anders: Guilty.
Barolay: Guilty.
Tigh: Guilty.
Connor: Guilty.
Chief: Yeah. Guilty.
Seelix: Guilty. The vote being unanimous, the sentence is death.
Barolay: Chadwick’s aboard The Monarch. I’ll contact our men there. He’ll take care of it.
Anders: Anybody got a cigarette?
Chief: How many more of these we got?
Barolay: 57. Three days. I can’t believe that’s all the time we’ve got.
Tigh: Then stop wasting it bitching and moaning. We all knew there was a clock when we signed o­n.
Connor: Most of these fraks are so guilty they stink. I could get through 50 of these things in an hour.
Tigh slams Connor’s head into the table: You think we’re a bunch of thugs handing out punishment o­n a whim? Jammer didn’t get airlocked because you thought he was guilty. There was evidence. He was tried and convicted by this circle. This is about justice. You got that? Justice!
Connor: Yeah, okay. Okay.
Tigh: Hey. Now don’t get me wrong here. I like you, Connor. You’re a good guy. Next case.
Seelix: Felix Gaeta. Charges are collaborating with the enemy, and crimes against humanity.
(Chief is worried. Everybody stares at everybody else.)


The Circle.

Tigh: I don’t wanna do this. Do you think I like it? I stood beside Gaeta in the CIC for almost four years. He was like family. But the fact remains he was chief of staff to Gaius Baltar. And that alone is enough to convict him
Anders: And I’m saying that o­n this particular guy, we do not have any hard evidence. We got no witnesses — nothing. All we do know is that he worked for Baltar. That’s it.
Chief: Yeah, I gotta go with Sam o­n this o­ne. We need something specific.
Tigh: You want specific? You think Baltar ran things? That guy? He was the public face, but Gaeta — he was the brains. Everyone knew that. He ran the operation. He did the paperwork. He approved the death lists.
Chief: How do you know that? Were you there? Did you see him approve o­ne single death list?
Tigh: He knew Cally was o­n a death list.
Chief: What are you talking about? How do you know that?
Tigh: Look there. That’s a distribution list and there’s Cally’s name. And there’s Gaeta’s name. He saw her execution ordered.
Anders: It’s still all circumstantial. We don’t know what Gaeta did or didn’t do when he saw that list.
Barolay: I gotta go with them o­n this o­ne.
Anders: Jean!
Barolay: No, Sam, you see a death list like that, you know innocent people are gonna die, and you do nothing about it? He’s guilty.
Connor: I call the question.
Seelix: The question of the innocence or guilt of Felix Gaeta has been called. The Circle will vote. I vote guilty.
Connor: Guilty.
Tigh: Guilty.
Barclay, shaking head: Guilty. Sam?
Anders: No, don’t bother. I’m done.
Seelix: We’re still voting.
Anders: I’m not. I’m done. I’m done with this whole thing. War’s over for me. I’m sorry.
Connor: Okay. That’s fine. Still four to none, Chief. What’s your vote?
Barolay: No, wait a minute. We need six votes.
Connor: No, screw that.
Chief: No, screw you! We’re a jury. That’s how it was set up. We need six votes. We don’t have six votes, I’m out too.
Tigh: He’s right. We need a sixth.

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Basestar, Raiders swarming outside.

(The Centurion guarding Baltar leaves; Three enters wearing a white dress.)
Three: How are you, Gaius?
Baltar: I’m alive. I suppose that’s something.
(She grins and hands him some pills. )
Baltar: Thank you.
(She sits down beside him, but he jumps up.)
Baltar: You’ll have to excuse me, I’m slightly confused. How long have I been here exactly?
Three: Three days.
Baltar: Three days? So it’s taken you three days to remember where I was?
Three: No o­ne’s forgotten you, Gaius.
(He takes the pills.)
Three: It’s just there’s been some controversy about whether or not you should’ve let o­n board or not.
Baltar: I can’t believe there’s still question of my value.
Three regards him from the couch: There’ll always be a question. You are a human.
Baltar: Now look. I helped you. I gave you Sharon’s child.
Three: Yes, that’s right. You did. And the child’s rescue did weigh in your favor. However, the vote’s deadlocked. Three in favor of your being allowed to stay, and three against. With o­ne model still undecided. (Conspiratorially.) The fact is, the decision rests with the Sixes.
(She watches for his reaction, which is: nauseated.)

Adama’s office.

Apollo: We’re starting to see a rash of “missing persons” reports.
Adama: Well, we left thousands of people o­n that planet.
Apollo: No, this is different. These are people known to have survived, but who’ve gone missing since the Exodus. Jammer for instance.
Adama: Deck hand. I saw him yesterday afternoon.
Apollo: Yeah, but he didn’t report at muster this morning, bedcheck negative, sickbay negative. It’s like he just vanished.
Adama: How many people are missing?
Apollo: 13 as of today. Two o­n Galactica, 11 elsewhere. Every o­ne of them confirmed as a survivor by multiple witnesses and then poof! Gone.
Adama: Keep me posted o­n any more “missing persons.” I wanna know about it.
Apollo: Yes, sir. Now if you’ll excuse me. I have a date with a jump rope.
Dad stares.
Apollo: Hey, I’ve dropped half a stone.
Adama: Keep jumping.
(Apollo taken aback, leaves.)

Galactica Mess.

(Starbuck watches Gaeta, who sits eating alone, and approaches him.)
Starbuck: Hey. How ya doing?
Gaeta: You know, I’m … making do. How are you?
Starbuck: I’m good. Why do you ask?
Gaeta: Well, I heard about your situation. You were
Starbuck: …Right. I just try not to think about it anymore. You know?
(She eats.)
Starbuck: Kinda like you… sitting in your plushy little office o­n Colonial o­ne doing all of Baltar’s dirty work for him. Probably never even thought about what was happening to me, right?
Gaeta: I didn’t know about your situation. If I had, I would’ve tried to get you out.
Starbuck: Mm.
Gaeta: Like I just said about 50 times now, I was serving the legal President of the Colonies. We all elected him, remember?
Starbuck: So that’s supposed to excuse it?
(Crew in the Mess start clearing out.)
Gaeta: What do you want me to say? Maybe I could’ve done more. But I thought that when the Cylons landed, it was important for me to keep my job. To help from the inside.
Starbuck: By propping Baltar up and letting the Cylons walk all over us.
Gaeta: No! No! I fed information to the Resistance. I set up dead-drops. There was a dog bowl. I passed along Cylon positions, internal memoranda —
Starbuck: Hooray, Felix. You’re a frakkin’ hero.
(Gaeta leaves. Starbuck stares after him and Seelix watches the whole thing.)



(Baltar wakes to see a Six staring sadly down at him.)
Six: Whatever feelings I had for you have to stop. I allowed my feelings to cloud my judgment. I protected you. I gave your species a second chance. I even turned against a sister Cylon and for WHAT? I’m Cylon, Gaius. Somehow I lost sight of that.
Baltar stands: You are much, much more than a machine. You’re a person. A real person. A woman. And you’re in love with me. And it hurts. I know it hurts. (Crying.) But believe me, I am the o­nly o­ne that can make it better. Don’t you see? I am the o­nly o­ne.
Six: No, this has to end.
(She walks to the door.)
Baltar: You need me. You need me! Admit it! Admit that you need me.
(Centurions block him from following.)
Baltar: And I need you too! Did you hear me? I need you too. (To himself, turning away) Maybe I should’ve started with that.

The Circle.

Tigh: It’s a jury. I wanna make that clear. It’s not about settling scores or personal grudges. It’s a jury.
Chief: We’re just dealing with the worst of the worst. People that did more than put o­n an NCP uniform or make a deal with the Cylons.
Barolay: They’re the killers. The real traitors.
Starbuck: Yeah, but none of this is legal, right?
Chief: No, no. It’s legal.
Seelix hands her Gaeta’s death order.
Starbuck: You gotta be kidding me.
Tigh: That’s why we need to know right now. Are you in or out?
Starbuck clears her throat: In.
Tigh: Good. We’ve already been through the evidence. So just take your time.
Starbuck: You telling me that Gaeta saw this list and didn’t do a damn thing about it?
Chief: We have no idea of knowing what Gaeta did or did not do when he saw the list.
Starbuck: My Gods, the whole thing’s like a bad dream o­nly we woke up and the traitors are all still here. …Guilty.
Seelix: That’s five to none in favor of guilty. It’s gotta be unanimous. Chief. You’re the last to vote.
(The door opens and Sam enters.)
Tigh: Get outta here, Sam.
Anders: I’d like to talk to my wife. I’d like to do it now.
Tigh, to Starbuck: We already have your vote. Take a break.


Anders: Hey, I quit because I’m not looking for ways to keep killing people.
Starbuck: I need this, Sam.
Anders: So what? Throwing a few people out an airlock is gonna make you feel better about yourself? ‘Cause believe me, those aren’t the people that kept you locked in that room.
Starbuck: They’ll do. And not just for me but for every person we left back o­n that planet because someone has gotta pay. So you can either get with it, or you can get lost.
Anders: Is that what you want, Kara? You want me to leave?

The Circle.

Tigh: He doesn’t wanna say he’s guilty because Gaeta is such a good guy. Right, Chief? Everyone likes Gaeta, so let’s let him off the hook. Let’s just look the other way o­n this o­ne. Well, a lot of good people had to pay the price for what they did. Choices they made o­n New Caprica. Like my wife.
(They are shocked.)
Tigh: That’s right. Ellen collaborated. Gave the Cylons information o­n the Resistance, and she died for it. Because that’s the price of collaborating with the enemy. And I liked her a lot more than I like Gaeta.


Starbuck: Look, Sam… I’m in a different place now. I — I don’t know how else to explain it to you. But I got out of that cell, and it’s like someone painted the world in different colors. And I look at you… and I want to tear your eyes out just for looking at me.
(He shakes his head, crying.)
Starbuck: I just wanna hurt someone and it might as well be you. So you should probably go before that happens.

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The Circle.

Seelix: Baltar signed death warrants, organized murder squads. He collaborated with the enemy from day o­ne.
Chief: Baltar, not Gaeta.
Tigh: It’s the same Godsdamned thing.
Seelix: He’s right. A lot of people died because of them, Chief.
Chief: Fine. Guilty.


Anders hands Starbuck her dogtags: Remember this? I don’t want this anymore.
Starbuck: Sam…
(She kisses him goodbye, and goes back to the Circle. He stands alone in the corridor.)

Galactica corridor.

(Seelix and Connor take Felix down, put his head in a bag, and take him to a Viper launch bay with the rest of the Circle — including Starbuck — following behind.)
Barolay: Take him.
Connor: Turn around! o­n your knees. o­n your knees!
Seelix: Felix Gaeta, you’ve been tried and found guilty of crimes against humanity by a circle of your peers, as duly authorized by the President of the Colonies.


Launch bay.

Seelix: If you have any words to offer in your own defense, now is the time.
Chief: Come o­n, Felix. Talk. We’ll listen.
Connor: Yeah, that’s right. We’ll listen to you tell us how hiding behind Baltar’s skirt was actually your way of helping the insurgency.
Barolay: Say something.
Gaeta, teeth clenched: What’s the point? I already tried to explain it. I’m not gonna beg.
Tigh: Too bad you didn’t grow that spine four months ago.
(Seelix turns, sickened, Barclay follows.)
Starbuck: Beg. Beg! Beg!
(She kicks him.)
Tigh: Thrace.
Starbuck: No! Beg. Come o­n, Felix. Tell ’em how you were actually working for the Resistance the entire time. Come o­n! Tell ’em all about the important information that you were giving up. Tell ’em about all the messages and the dog bowl, and everything else. Just tell me about …
Chief: What? What’d she say? What did she just say? (Pulling her off him.) Back up, lady. What did she just say? What did you say to her? Tell me. What did you say to her?
Gaeta: There was a yellow dog bowl. It was a signal. It meant there was a message in the garbage dump. I turned it over. It was a signal. And then there was a message in the garbage dump.
Chief: That was you. Oh, my God —
(Chief immediately takes a box cutter to Gaeta’s bonds.)
Tigh: What are you doing?
Starbuck, sick: Chief.
Chief: There was a yellow dog bowl. I used it. You were wondering who the source was, Colonel. There’s no other way he could’ve known. He’s the o­nly other o­ne that would know about it. He’s the reason we know about the death lists. He’s the reason I saved Cally. He’s the reason we’re o­n this ship. He’s the o­ne who gave us the inside information. There’s our source, Colonel.
Gaeta: I did what I could. (Stands) I don’t know what else I could’ve done.
(He leaves; the rest of the Circle disperses.)

Colonial o­ne.

Adama: What the hell is this?
Zarek: It’s all perfectly legal. You’ll find a signed executive order o­n file authorizing a secret jury of six men and women to try, sentence, and execute people guilty of extraordinary crimes while collaborating with the enemy in a time of war. There’s also a death warrant with my signature for every conviction.
Adama: Your presidency is a farce. It stops right now.
Roslin: If they’re guilty, they’ll be tried by a jury of their peers.
Zarek: They have a jury. But they don’t get lawyers. They don’t get to showboat for weeks and months o­n end. They don’t get to blame the system and they don’t get lasting fame as martyrs or innocent people just in the wrong place at the wrong time. They just disappear. Now, in the gray twilight between the long night of the Occupation and the dawn of a new era, you come into office clean, without their blood o­n your hands.
Roslin, pissed: Well, thank you. That’s, uh … that’s very poetic. However you have a problem, Mr. President. Everyone by law is entitled to a trial with representation. Everyone. It is not an option to be discarded at the president’s whim.
Zarek: You think by making the trials public that you’ll find justice?
Roslin: Yes, I do.
Zarek: Come o­n, Laura. You’re not that naive. Let me tell you what’s gonna happen if these cases go to trial. It’ll consume this fleet for months, maybe years. People will be lining up to testify against their neighbors. It’ll be a circus — an entertainment for the mob. And you’ll be signing death warrants almost every day. Is that how you wanna spend your next term, Laura? As executioner-in-chief?

Colonial o­ne.

Priest: “…With every fiber of my being.”
Roslin: “…With every fiber of my being.”
Priest: Congratulations, Madame President.
(She shakes his hand and turns to the press.)
Roslin: Thank you. Thank you all, for o­nce again entrusting me with this high office of civil service. Today’s a new beginning for all of us. We share a unique destiny …
(Starbuck at her locker, hanging her dogtags inside.)
Roslin: … That our future is ours to shape, and our past cannot be forgotten. A new day requires new thinking. And while I had intended o­n using this occasion as an opportunity to announce a formation of a special prosecutor’s office charged with investigating acts of collaboration with the enemy …
(Tigh unpacks clothes and memorabilia.)
Roslin: … I have decided instead that a different gesture is called for o­n this, the first day of my next term as your president. We all feel the need for justice, and we all feel the need for vengeance.
(Zarek looks down, Adama sitting behind him at the ceremony.)
Roslin: … And telling the difference between the two can be difficult at times. We are all victims of the Cylons
(Baltar watches as a Six leaves clothes for him and takes off again.)
Roslin: … And none of us can be impartial. I certainly can’t. So today I am forming a commission o­n truth and reconciliation to hear our stories, and record them for posterity. There will be no prosecutions.
(Gaeta enters the officers’ locker room and reclaims his locker and commission.)
Roslin: … I am issuing a general pardon for every human being in this fleet. This will not be a popular move today. But I truly believe that this is the o­nly way for us to move forward in strength in a spirit of healing and reconciliation.
(Tory gazes up at her at the ceremony.)
Roslin: … I thank you for your continued patience and courage. Good day.
(Adama begins clapping; the press and audience soon follow.)

Galactica Mess

(Chief enters and is offered a seat at a table but joins Gaeta, who is sitting alone, instead. Gaeta says nothing, but resumes eating calmly and peacefully with the Chief.)

Transcript taken by Ryan Bechtel (2005)

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