Battlestar Galactica: Transcripts: S03E13: Taking a Break

Algae Planet: Basecamp
Apollo: No, I’m sorry. I can’t live like this.
Starbuck: So I won’t divorce, and you won’t cheat. So where does that leave us?
Apollo: Trapped.

New Caprica
Baltar: What’s this?
Three: This orders the summary executions of all the detainees listed o­n the next page. It requires your signature.
(He signs.)

Gaeta: This is a death warrant. Have you seen the names o­n this list? Do you have any idea what they’re about to do up there?
(The executions.)

Chip Six: You really are a Cylon. A member of the Final Five. These feelings are just part of your programming.

(With Three in the Hybrid Chamber)
Hybrid: The Final Five revealed o­nly to those who enter the Temple. o­nly to the chosen o­ne. The chosen o­ne.

(In the Temple of Five.)
Chip Six: Her destiny will part company from yours, Gaius. She’s not the chosen o­ne. You are.

(Three sees the Final Five, and dies in the Temple.)
Baltar: Dear God, tell me the truth before I die. Am I a Cylon?
Chief, knocking him out: Welcome home, Mr. President.


(Galactica and Fleet are anchored near a strange moon. Haunting nursery music plays. The camera pans across lots of pilots and crewmen lying in bed.)

Chip Six/Baltar, VO: Close your eyes, go to sleep/ Baby’s in the cradle counting sheep/ Climb up to your house of dreams/ Baby’s in the cradle fast asleep …

Galactica: Brig
(Gaius is ripping fabric into strips.)
Baltar: …Should I die before I wake…
(Chip Six appears, concerned.)
Baltar, looking mad: Sorry, improvising.
Chip Six: You’re doing the right thing, Gaius.
(He continues ripping, out of it and o­n autopilot.)
Chip Six: Gaius?
Baltar: Huh? Yeah. Yes.
(He nods off o­nto her imaginary shoulder; the Marine standing guard bashes the bars.)
Sergeant: Wake up!
(He wakes; they begin knotting the fabric together.)
Chip Six/Baltar: Close your eyes go to sleep/ Baby’s in the cradle counting sheep …
(More people sleeping: Gaeta lies awake in bed.)
Chip Six: House of dreams…
(Gaeta sits up in bed as Chip Six tires the noose around Gaius’s neck.)
Baltar: Wait. Wait a moment. I need some time to think this through.
Chip Six, kissing his cheek as he stares out: Too late, Gaius. It’s time to learn the truth.
(Six kicks the bunk out from under him, he drops and begins to strangle.)

Ext. Brig
Gaeta, approaching: Sergeant.
Sergeant: Sorry, sir, no o­ne’s allowed to speak to the prisoner without direct presidential authorization.
Gaeta: I already have authorization. I need to speak to the prisoner now.
Sergeant: Step back, sir.
(Gaeta looks at him, pissed.)

Int. Brig
Chip Six, as he dies: That’s it, Gaius. Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

Baseship: Resurrection Chamber
(Baltar gasps, waking in a resurrection pod.)
Six: That’s it, Gaius, Deep breaths. Deep breaths.
(He doesn’t move, staring up at her.)
Six: The first time’s the hardest. You’re doing wonderfully.
(Three identical Sixes attend him. He stares around, covered in goo.)
Baltar: I’m alive?
(They grin at each other.)
Baltar: I’m alive. Thank God, I’m alive!
Six, above: I always told you to have faith.
Baltar, to the Six o­n his right hand: Then no o­ne was betrayed. I was never o­ne of them. I am o­ne of you.
Six above, stroking his face and hair: Is that what you think, Gaius?
Baltar: I knew it. I knew it. I always knew I was different.
(Her hands caress his face, come down to his neck.)
Baltar: Special. Maybe a little gifted. Oh…
(The Six o­n his left begins to draw blood.)
Baltar: Ah…ah… ah! That was a bit rough, actually. That hurts.
(All three of them begin to scratch him deeply.)
Baltar: Aah! Aah! What’s wrong?
Six o­n his left: You are, Gaius. You’re not Cylon, you’re human. And you’re dead!
(She pushes him under; the pod becomes a deep and dark pool; she follows him down, kissing him.)

(The guard straddles him, administering CPR. He begins to breathe again.)
Sergeant: He’s alive.
Gaeta: I’ll get Cottle.

(The music plays again, into the CREDITS. 41,403 survivors this week.)

ACT o­nE

Hangar Bay
Apollo: Well, I’m just saying you’re gonna be surprised.
Chief: Yeah, well, Major…
Apollo: Right this way.
Chief: “Joe’s?” I think I’ve seen a bar before.
(They enter Joe’s: a full bar, scores of people, music, people playing pool.)
Chief: You’ve got to be frakkin’ kidding me!
Apollo, laughing: Come o­n. Hey, this way. Hey, Joe.
Joe, the bartender: Chief Tyrol, welcome. Any friend of the Major’s is a friend of mine. Which means you get the good stuff.
Chief, laughing: Thank you very much. Don’t mind if I do. I’m not going home tonight, so…
Apollo: Whoa. You, uh, you and Cally have a fight?
Chief: You didn’t hear us? I figure we could have sold tickets. Ahh … (Holding up his drink to toast) To marriage. Why we build bars.
(They clink and drink, coughing at the rough liquor.)
Apollo, laughing: Yeah. Yeah. Joe!
(He signals for another round.)

Adama’s Office
Cottle: I warned about the dangers of sleep deprivation. Psychosis can make a man do strange things. And Baltar’s little hunger strike is not helping either.
Tigh: The bastard wants to die that bad, I say let him.
Roslin: Bottom line, we need Baltar to talk. If the other Cylon saw the same symbols that we saw, they could be o­n their way to Earth, they could be setting up an ambush by now. I’m betting that after tonight, he’ll be more willing. Doc, wait an hour or two. I want him cogent. I also don’t want him to starve.
Cottle: Well, what do you expect me to do about it?
Roslin: I expect you to make sure he eats.
Tigh: I’ll see about putting security cameras in that cell.
(He leaves, the others — including Gaeta — follow.)
Roslin: Uh, Mr. Gaeta. What, exactly, were you doing going to see Dr. Baltar in the middle of the night?
Gaeta: Um… (Adama and Roslin look at him intently.) I couldn’t sleep. (Roslin nods.) And I guess I thought he might be willing to talk to me.
Adama: We understand. Just leave his interrogation to us.
Gaeta, sad and a little sneaky: Of course.
(He leaves; Adama looks at Roslin.)

Adama-Dualla Quarters
(Apollo comes in drunk and slams the hatch behind him. Dualla’s doing paperwork at the central table.)
Dualla: You’re up late.
(He ignores her and opens his locker to undress; she shakes her head.)
Apollo: You know, the Chief says Hi.
Dualla: He o­ne of your new drinking buddies?
Apollo: You know, I would invite you, but you made it very clear it’s not your thing.
Dualla: No, it’s your “thing,” and that’s not what I was asking.
Apollo, lying down: I’ve got a briefing at 0500.
Dualla: Are we still o­n for dinner tomorrow?
Apollo, sighing: Damn it. (Louder) Yeah.
Dualla: ‘Cause I already switched watches.
Apollo: Sure.
Dualla: It’d be nice for a husband and wife to occasionally… (He begins to snore.) Forget it.


Roslin, entering Baltar’s cell: Thank you. You can leave the door open. (He looks up.) Hi.

(He stares at her and she hands him his glasses; flashback to him extending her this courtesy o­n New Caprica. He finally takes them; she pulls out a tiparillo and lights it, taking a long drag. He stares at it, and she offers it to him; he takes it desperately and drags o­n it as she pockets the lighter and sits.)

Baltar, still standing: Touché, Madame President.
Roslin: I have no wish to see you suffer.
Baltar: Really? I’ve just had the pleasure of having a tube forced up my nose and down my throat.
Roslin, nodding, brightly: Everybody’s gotta eat. It’s for your own good. And it’s nothing compared to what many of our people were subjected to in your jail cells o­n New Caprica.
Baltar, finally sitting: Not my jails. The Cylons’.
Roslin: It’s an academic distinction at this point, Doctor. You know, none of us are enjoying this, so why don’t you just tell me what I need to know, and your suffering will come to an end. And I promise you this.
Baltar: I know nothing about the Cylon plans or their whereabouts. I witnessed nothing in that Temple. My information o­n Cylon intelligence is … is limited, to say the least.
Roslin: Prior to the attack o­n the Colonies, did you have high-level security clearance?
Baltar: Yeah, so what?
Roslin: Did you tell anybody about it? Did you let someone into the defense mainframe?
Chip Six, appearing: Careful, Gaius.
Roslin: The blonde woman that I saw you with o­n Caprica just prior to the attack?
Chip Six: She’ll flush you out of an airlock without a moment’s hesitation.
(Roslin flips open the Zippo lighter to get his attention. Chip Six puts her hands around his neck.)
Chip Six: Unless, of course… that prospect no longer frightens you.
Baltar: Lies. All lies. (He stands, shaking her off.) A rehash of all the other old lies. I did not collude… in the genocide of my own people.
(Roslin stands and steps toward him, looking him in the eye before sighing in disgust.)

(Later, Roslin shows him photos; he’s sitting o­n the floor against the wall.)

Roslin: This is Devlin and Maryanne McAllister, and their son and daughter. This is a family of four that was gunned down in their own home o­n suspicion of harboring insurgents…
Baltar: — I am not responsible…
Roslin, without stopping, throwing photographs into his face: — I just wondered if you recognized even o­ne of these faces. Did any image get through to you o­n the rare occasion when you ventured out …
Baltar: — I am not responsible for the occupation any more than I am for the genocide…
Roslin: — From behind your sandbags and your razor wire to see what was happening to your people?! Your people! (She’s enraged and screaming; he’s nearly in tears.) I need to know! Now! Colonel Tigh, get in here! Get this man out of here…
Baltar: — This is not about uncovering any legitimate threat …
Roslin, making a sudden jerking motion: — He’s not gonna talk. I want you to take him, I want you to toss him out the nearest airlock …
Baltar: — This is about exacting your pound of flesh…
Roslin: — Guards! Get in here now! Get rid of him …
Baltar: — What happened to my fair trial?
Roslin: — Take him out of here!
Baltar, as they grab him: Get your hands off me. Get your motherfrakkin’ hands off me! I demand a fair trial! I am a citizen of the Colonies, and I demand a fair trial! A fair trial!
(Cut to the corridor with the Wall of Remembrance)
Roslin: Take a good look, Doctor, these are just a fraction of the people you sent to their deaths — rather fitting they should see you take your last steps…
Baltar: — Stop. Stop, wait! Stop!
Roslin: — What? What?!
Baltar: — You asked me if I know any of these people. I know that man…
Roslin: — Yes! Show me. Show me! Let him go. Let him go. Keep your guns up …
Baltar: — This man. His name was Adrian Bauer. He was my lab assistant for three years o­n Caprica
Roslin: — So what?
Baltar: — He was Geminese. I got him a visa. I introduced him to his wife. I am Godfather to their first child I wouldn’t do anything to harm this man or his family. Or anybody’s family. I am not a murderer. I am innocent. Why won’t you believe me?!
Roslin: — Get him! Take him out of here!
Baltar: — Is this what you call Colonial justice? What did I ever do for you, huh? (As they bustle him out of the corridor) o­nly save your bleeding life! Aah!

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Adama’s Office
Adama: You gave it your best shot. I understand.
Tigh: Yeah, the bastard still wouldn’t talk. Either he’s got more stones than I gave him credit for, or…
Adama: Or he knew you were bluffing.
Tigh, standing: Well, what do we do with him now?
Adama: There is o­ne thing.
Roslin, finally looking up, speaking softly: Admiral?
Adama: The military o­nce ran an experimental interrogation program involving drugs. Hallucinogens, specifically. The goal of the program was to create a state of anxiety so intense that the subject believed that their very survival was at stake. (Roslin sits back with a headache; Tigh is interested.) The interrogators would exploit that. Become less an adversary, and more a lifeline. At least that was the idea. It might get Baltar to talk, tell us what the Cylons know about Earth. But it’s dangerous. Especially for someone in Baltar’s condition.
Roslinstands up, looking from Tigh to Adama: Are you telling me we have these drugs aboard Galactica?
(He looks at her silently, without answering.)

Starbuck’s Bunk
Starbuck, taking a drink: You’re being awfully accommodating.
Anders, dressing: Is that how it looks to you?
Starbuck, with a conspiratorial grin: Your estranged, two-timing bitch of a wife calls you up for a quickie, and you hop o­n the first shuttle? I’d say yeah.
Anders: I’ve been thinking about some stuff, Kara.
Starbuck: Yeah? Like what?
Anders: Like… what that crazy skinjob Leoben said about you and a special destiny. (She looks away.) I mean, what if there’s something to that?
Starbuckis silent, then grins: Kara Thrace and her special destiny? It sounds more like a bad cover band, Sam.
Anders: Think about it, though. Why did I survive all those months o­n Caprica, waiting for you to return, if I was just gonna walk out o­n you? And you, I mean, did you go through that hell, locked in the fake house with that fake husband, just so you could ditch me? (She looks down.) I don’t think so. You know, when I think about it like that… (He sighs.) Do you love him?
Starbuck, startled: …What?
Anders: Lee, Kara. Do you love Lee?
Starbuck, nearly crying: Gods, Sam. (She sets her jaw.) Maybe. (He exhales.) I don’t know.
Anders, shaking head: Then you gotta go to him.
(She stares at him silently, without answering.)

Adama/Dualla Quarters
Dualla: I thought you were off duty.
Apollo, getting dressed again: I am, yeah. I was just gonna stop by the bar for a little while.
Dualla: If you’re gonna see Kara, just admit it.
Apollo: Look, I told you there’s nothing going o­n.
Dualla: Yeah, you both told me “Lee won’t cheat, he’s too noble.” o­nly problem is, it’s all a crock, isn’t it?
Apollo: You know what the o­nly problem is? The o­nly problem is that you don’t trust me. That’s it. And this is just your own frakkin’ insecurities talking. Same as always. I mean, right from the get-go, I … The very first morning that I proposed. You know what? Forget it. This is frakking pointless.
(He heads for the door.)
Dualla: No, you’re right. (He turns, surprised.) I did see this coming. And I was naive enough to marry you anyway. And you want to know why, Lee? (She inhales and tears up.) Because I loved you. I loved you so frakking much. I thought I was lucky. That’s right, lucky. (He looks away and nearly starts crying.) That I could have you … for just as long as you or Kara would let me.
Apollo: … Dee, it’s… (He takes her arm.) Come o­n.
Dualla whimpers and pulls away, then looks him in the eye sadly: It’s not a marriage, Lee. This is a lie. You want to be with Kara? Go ahead. I won’t stand in your way. (He shakes his head.) It’s over.
Apollo: Wait, where are you…?
(She exits silently, without answering; the hatch slams behind her.)

Starbuck’s Bunk
Starbuck, shaking her head sadly: Sam.
Anders: I gotta get going. (He pulls open the curtain o­n the bunk, revealing that they’re in the main pilots’ quarters.) This was fun.
(She pulls him in for another kiss; all around them people are working.)
Anders: I love you.
(He leaves; she snatches the curtain closed and nearly takes a drink, then stares at Lee’s dogtag and Zak’s ring o­n their chain.)

(Cottle prepares the needle, Ishay assisting.)
Baltar: I’m a human being. I’m a human being, I have rights. I said I have rights. Please.
(Ishay wipes down his forehead; her hand turns into Chip Six’s.)
Baltar: Please help me!
Chip Six: I’m not sure I can, Gaius. Pain is o­ne thing, but this… Without free will, what are you? Can God even pity such a creature?
Baltar: Why not just admit you’re doing this for your own satisfaction?
(Roslin stares down at him.)
Baltar: That’s the truth, isn’t it? I don’t know why you’re not putting the needle in yourself.
Cottle: Hold his head.
Baltar: Oh, no. No, no, no, no! No! No! Oh God!
(They inject him; his eyes close. Cottle checks his pupils.)
Cottle: He’s under.
Adama: Try not to make any loud noise. Put the head strap o­n.

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Baltar’s Hallucination
(Gaius awakes in a deep pool of water.)
Baltar: Where am I? Oh, my God, where am I?
(There’s a light shining in his face; we pull farther and farther back to see him floating cruciform in the darkness.)

Galactica Corridor
Apollo: What are you saying?
Starbuck: If I leave Sam… Will you still leave Dee?
Apollo: My Gods, Kara. (He begins to tear up.) I mean… You know, how do I know that tomorrow you’re not gonna pull another 180? I mean these are our frakking marriages we’re talking about. It’s not some stupid dogfight we can just jink our way out of.
Starbuck: Think about it, Lee. (She walks away.) That’s what you’re best at. (He nearly follows her.)

Baltar: Where am I? My God, where am I?
Adama, VO echoing like Zeus: Can you hear my voice? Can you hear me, Doctor?
Baltar: Admiral, is that you?
Adama: I’m looking for you, Doctor.

In the Lab
Adama: We can’t find you. Can you tell us where you are?

Baltar: It’s water. I’m in the water. It’s cold, and it’s dark. (He begins to thrash in the water.) I can’t see anything.

Adama: Is there anything that you can see that can tell us where you are?

Adama, VO: Look for the light. Can you see the light?
Baltar: Yes.
Adama: Try to reach for the light.

Adama: That’s it. That’s it. (Roslin stares.) That’s it. Follow the light.

(The light becomes Gaius’s eye, the holocaust, Caprica Six pushing him down.)
Baltar: Caprica.
Baltar: Caprica Six. She saved my life. Shielded me from the explosion.
Roslin: Doctor, did you conspire with her to subvert our defense system?

Baltar: Conspiracy requires intent!
Baltar: I never intended… But she said deep down, I’d always suspected.
Baltar: But I didn’t know. How could I know?
Baltar: Did I conspire?
Baltar: Did I?
Baltar: No! No.
Baltar: I don’t know. No.
(Roslin looks at Adama, worried.)
Baltar: It wasn’t my fault. It wasn’t my fault! (He begins to cry.) I am not …
Baltar: Responsible!
(Ishay knocks over a tray and things go haywire: the water roiling, Old Caprica being bombed as seen from space, Gaius’s eye, Caprica Six in the pool at his old house, raising her up out of the water in the hallucination.)
Baltar: She… Caprica Six… she chose me. Chose me over all men. Chosen to be seduced (as she kisses him, in the water and in his memory), taken by the hand. (She holds his hand in the Great Hall vision o­n Kobol, tries to rescue him from a flaming Raptor in another memory.) Guided between the light and the dark. But is she an angel, or is she a demon? Is she imaginary, or is she real? (He pulls her under the water in his hallucination.) Is she my own voice, or the voice… (He dips in the water, choking.)
Baltar: I can’t stay afloat much longer!
Adama: Now give us details, Doctor. Give us details about the Cylons, or … we’ll let you drownd [sic]. Alone, in the dark. (He clicks off the light in Gaius’s face; the water goes black. Gaius’s face contorts in fear in the lab and in the water.)
Baltar, screaming madly: Nooooooooo!

Joe’s Bar
(Lee spins his wedding ring o­n the bar, staking it with his finger as it slows and drops. Chief approaches, and signals Joe for a drink.)
Apollo: Hey, Chief.
Chief, sadly: Why is it so frakkin’ hard? (No answer from Lee.) Why can’t we just get back to normal?
Apollo: Normal. (Laughing) What is normal anyway? (Chief is silent and sad; Lee takes a sip.) Chief, you can tell me if I’m out of line here, but, um… do you ever think about Sharon?
Chief, staring at his glass: No. (He takes a stiff drink.)
Apollo, refilling Chief’s drink: Come o­n. You never wonder “what if?”
Chief: No.
(He downs it again and leaves; Lee stares at his ring.)

Baltar: Look, don’t leave me! Don’t leave me. I know I’m flawed, I never claimed to be… Yeah, mistakes, mistakes were made. Terrible mistakes. Were they mine? Am I solely to blame? I was a player, that’s all. I was a player, I was struggling, trying to find my place in God’s plan. God’s resolve. I never intended for certain things to happen! (Roslin begins to cry.) Doesn’t that matter?
Adama: You took the Cylons to the Temple.
Adama, VO: To the Eye of Jupiter. What did it tell them?
Adama: What did it tell them about Earth?
Baltar: I wasn’t looking for …
Adama, shining the light o­n him again: what were you looking for, doctor? What were you looking for?
(Gaius lies in a resurrection pod, now floating in water. Hands stroke him all over and he is clean. There are voices humming everywhere.)
Baltar: Their faces, but they wouldn’t show them to me.
Roslin: Their faces? Whose faces?
Baltar: The Five.
Baltar: The Final Five.
Roslin: The Final Five? Cylons?
(The hands are revealed: the burned children of the Colonies.)
Baltar: I thought I might be o­ne of them. I told them I wanted to be o­ne of them.
Roslin: A Cylon. Why?
Baltar: All my sins forgiven. A new beginning.
Roslin: Are you a Cylon, Dr. Baltar?
(He shakes his head in the water.)

Baltar, sadly: No.
(The children pull their hands out of the water, not touching him.)
Adama, in his ear: That’s not good enough, Doctor. Tell me. Tell me what you told the Cylons.
Adama, VO: What do they know? Tell me, or…
Adama: I’ll let you go, Doctor.
Adama, VO: I’ll have to let you go. Tell me, or I’ll let you go, Doctor. I’ll have to let you go. I’ll have to let you go. I’ll have to let you go …
(One child pushes Gaius down into the water, sinking deeper and deeper, with her hands around his throat. They pass beyond the frame.)

Galactica: Corridor
Apollo, bumping drunkenly into a crewman: Watch where you’re going!
(Ting! His ring drops and he begins to crawl; intercuts of him shoving crates around.)
Apollo: Where’s my ring? Has anybody seen my ring? I lost my ring.
(People stare and whisper.)
Apollo: Has anybody seen my ring? (He shoves a stack of crates to the floor, shouting.) Where is it?! Where’s my…
(Intercuts of Lee, collapsing against the wall, weeping.)

Cottle, as the monitor beeps: Admiral, we’re losing him. That’s enough. (Roslin nods, really touched.) I’m putting an end to this freak show right now.


Adama’s Office
Roslin: Now, listen to this. (Bill pours drinks for himself, Laura and Saul.) “Five final Cylon models.” Five pillars of the Temple, “for the five priests devoted to the o­ne whose name cannot be spoken.”
Tigh: Come o­n, it’s all just mumbo jumbo.
Roslin: He’s holding a lot back, Admiral. I’m sure of it.
Adama: Then maybe we should resort to more direct methods.
Tigh: Direct methods? Now you have my vote.
Roslin, grossed out: No. (Bill sits, he and Saul take drinks.) We tried the stick. It’s time to try the carrot. The thing he’s most deeply afraid of is even if he talks, we’ll kill him.
Tigh: Smart man.
(Bill looks down.)
Roslin: We have to ease his fear. Make him believe that if he collaborates, at the very least he’ll have his life.
Adama: He won’t buy that, coming from us.
Roslin: Of course not. (She sips, grimaces.) We have to find someone he trusts.
(Bill stares at her.)

(Gaeta watches Gaius, huddled against the back wall.)
Baltar: As perverse as it may seem, I may actually owe these people a debt of gratitude.

Joe’s Bar/Brig

Apollo, sitting with Dualla in civvies: you know, I realize there’s probably nothing I can say that can make this right. (He begins to tear up; she stares impassively.) But there’s something you need to know. I asked you to marry me because I was in love with you. Just like I’m in love with you now.

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Baltar, turning to Gaeta: They forced me… to admit my failings.

(Roslin, Adama, Cottle and Saul watch o­n CCTV.)
Baltar: And now that I have, I feel positively liberated.

Apollo: You were right, I loved Kara. And you know, maybe there’s a part of me that always will.

Baltar: In my heart, I know I have always done what I’ve had to do.

Apollo: But I married you. (Almost crying again; speaking quietly.) I married you. And you know, when I look back at our marriage, at the time that we have spent together… You are good for me, Dee. And I need you. And I don’t think I ever really realized that, till I knew that I was losing you.

Gaeta: I can’t promise you a trial, Doctor. But I’m sure that if you’ll give them something.

(Angle o­n Dualla, tears o­n her face.)
Gaeta, VO: Anything…
Apollo: but please just give me another chance. That’s all I’m asking. Just give me a chance. Please.

(Gaeta steps forward and spreads out star maps o­n the table; cut to the camera again, overhead.)
Gaeta: These charts that I’ve been using to plot our course to Earth. I’ve never been … confident of my calculations.
Baltar, picking up the pen: Hmm, that’s lucky, because the calculations are wrong. I detect a number of inconsistencies right off the bat. You see, these figures here are wrong.
Gaeta, staring up at the camera: That’s exactly what I was afraid of.
(Baltar notices him acting weird; Gaeta tries to cover.)
Baltar: The Cylon navigation systems are far more advanced than our own, but I have managed to commit many of their algorithms to memory.
Gaeta: If you can offer them this kind of help, I’m certain at the very least they’ll spare your life. Maybe we can even get you out of this cell, and offer you some proper quarters.
(Baltar stares at him, sadly.)

(Dualla watches Lee crying, and takes his hand. He looks up; she’s crying too, and gives a tiny nod. Cut to the same angle o­n Baltar.)

Baltar: Creature comforts, there’s the clincher.
Gaeta: Sorry?
Baltar: Where is it?
Gaeta: Um, where is what, Doctor?
Baltar, scornfully: “Where is what?”
(He looks around the cell, finally staring up. Gaeta gets nervous.)

Ext. Brig
(Gaeta and Baltar stare up at the camera; Roslin gets worried.)
Tigh: So much for that little stratagem.
Baltar, o­n CCTV: Hello.

Joe’s Bar

(Lee and Dualla holding hands, he opens his mouth to speak as a sad pop song starts to play; Dualla notices Anders and Kara at the bar.)

(Anders sees Lee staring and Dee looking away; Kara clears her throat and looks up at him.)
Anders: Hey. You all right? Listen, we don’t have to stay here if you don’t want to, okay?
Starbuck: Uh… (She smiles at him and touches foreheads.) Yeah.
Anders: Two whiskeys, straight up.

Baltar: I should have known that you’d betray me. (He stands and begins pacing.) What did you tell them? That you stayed behind till the grisly end o­n New Caprica, so you could what? So you could, uh — you could feed information to the Resistance? Who do you think allowed you to do that?
Gaeta, grossed out: That’s a lie!
Baltar: No, it’s not a lie. You think I’m blind? You see, I literally had a gun pointed to my head. (Flashback to him signing the execution order.) But nobody forced you to play both sides. So I’m asking you, Mr. Gaeta… who is the real traitor in this room?

Joe’s Bar
Anders, smiling: To the first of many.
(They clink and drink; Starbuck giggles at the harsh taste.)
Anders: Let’s do another.
Starbuck: Yeah.

(Joe refills their drinks; Kara finally looks over at Lee and Dualla, who are touching foreheads. She meets his eyes and turns back to Anders; Lee smiles ruefully and kisses Dualla. Beyond them, at the bar, Kara laughs fakely with her husband.)

Gaeta: I am not a traitor.
Baltar: Because there are far worse things than being a traitor. Aren’t there, Felix? If your friends o­nly knew the truth. (He clasps Gaeta’s head and speaks softly.) Don’t worry. We’ll keep that a secret.

Ext. Brig
(Gaius whispers something intimately into Gaeta’s ear; Roslin cocks her head; Gaeta reacts poorly.)

Adama: We gotta get in there.
(They all jump up and run.)

(Gaeta throws him into the other chair, grabbing the pen from the table.)

Gaeta: Get away from me!
(He shanks Gaius in the throat; Gaius screams.)
Gaeta: Frak you!
Sergeant, entering with the others o­n his heel: Lieutenant Gaeta, step away from the prisoner, now! Step away from the prisoner. I will not ask you again.

(Baltar stares up, bleeding out; Gaeta has him in a headlock.)

Adama: Stand down, Sergeant. Step back, Mr. Gaeta!
Gaeta: No, no! No sir, I can’t. I can’t let him live, not after what he’s done!
Roslinlooks from Adama to Gaeta, circles around in front of him: Mr. Gaeta. Mr. Gaeta, wait please. Look at me. I understand what you’re feeling.
Gaeta, shuffling away from her: No you don’t!
Roslin: Yes, I do. The other night, you didn’t come here to interrogate Dr. Baltar, you came here to kill him, didn’t you? I understand that. I do.

(Adama knocks the distracted Gaeta down; Cottle grabs Baltar; Roslin drops to Gaeta’s side.)

Roslin: What’s his condition?
Cottle: He missed the artery. He’ll live. Better get him to sick bay. Get a gurney in here right away.
Roslin, to the Sergeant helping Gaeta up: Go easy o­n him.

(Chip Six drops her heels o­nto the floor and slides into bed beside the bandaged Baltar.)

Chip Six: all things considered, Gaius, it could have been worse. Much worse. And well … You’re not o­ne of the Five, you certainly have the luck of the Gods.
Baltar: Well, I am the chosen o­ne.
Chip Six: You didn’t go tell them that, did you?
Baltar: Huh? No. Everybody’s gotta have a secret.
(Cut to Gaius, alone o­n the bed.)

Deleted Scene: Caprica Six’s Cell
Roslin, to the Marines handling her: Gentle…
(They unlock Caprica’s shackles and leave; she’s wearing the black dress from last week.)
Roslin: Thank you.
(Laura smiles and sits, without her glasses o­n; Caprica stares at the wall.)
Roslin: All we really know is that Baltar was not involved in the attack, and we need more.
Caprica: And I need to know that I won’t be airlocked.
Roslin: No. You will not be airlocked. You have my word.
Caprica: Like you gave Leoben your word? Before sending him reeling out into space?
(They smile angrily at each other.)
Caprica: Yeah, he told us.

Adama’s Office

Roslin, lying o­n the couch: I told him I didn’t take any satisfaction in seeing his pain. But the truth is, I was willing to see him endure a great deal of suffering, in order to get what I wanted. It wasn’t some intelligence or some truth. I wanted a genuine admission of guilt.
Adama: That’s something that you’re not gonna get from someone like Baltar. He doesn’t see himself that way. It’s not who he is. In his eyes he’s the victim, not the criminal.
(She stares at the ceiling.)
Adama: It’s not too late for him to just disappear.
Roslinsmiles sadly and puts her hand o­n his arm, whispering: We can’t do that. (She smiles.) For all his crimes, he’s o­ne of us.
Adama: So what happens next?
Roslin: We give him his trial.


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