Battlestar Galactica: Transcripts: S03E15: A Day in the Life

Adama: Previously on Battlestar Galactica

Galactica Decommissioning Ceremony (Miniseries)
Adama: Congratulations on making Captain. Sorry I wasn’t there.
Apollo: Thank you, sir. How’s my mother?
Adama: Getting married.

New Caprica Groundbreaking Ceremony
Roslin: In the mountains north of here there’s this little stream. The water is so clear, it’s like looking through glass. I am thinking of building a cabin.

Galactica: Joe’s Bar
Lee: You and Cally have a fight?
Chief: you didn’t hear us? I figured we should have sold tickets. (Raising a toast)

Galactica: Adama’s Quarters
Adama: It’s not too late for Baltar to just disappear.
Roslin: We can’t do that. For all his crimes, he’s one of us.
Adama: So what happens next?
Roslin: We give him his trial.

(Adama, younger, looks out a window in his peaceful home on Caprica.)

(Adama wakes up on Galactica, Carolanne asleep in bed beside him.)

Intercom: Colonel Tigh to see you, Admiral.
Adama: Enter.
Adama: You’re up early.
Tigh: Couldn’t sleep, thought I’d make myself useful. Happy anniversary, Bill.

Galactica: Tyrol Quarters
(Chief climbs up from the corridor with a bottle for Nicky, who is crying wildly.)
Cally: Hey, it’s okay. It’s okay.
Chief: I don’t know where, just double-check it for me.
Cally: Daddy’s getting good at this.
Chief: Daddy’s tired of burning his wrists. I’m gonna get ready. We got morning watch.
Cally: I thought we were spending the day with Nicky.
Chief: Yeah, so did I, until Laskin and Perry called in sick.
Cally: It’s okay. Shh, shh. So you volunteered in their place? We barely get a moment off as it is.
Chief: Cally, you know the deck is short-handed.
Cally: The deck has been short-handed since we got here. All I know is the frakking daycare workers see more of Nick than we do.
Chief: Yeah well until the daycare workers figure out how to strip a Viper, this is the way it’s gonna be. Hey, buddy, come here. Oh, oh, oh, I know. I know, I know. You just laid down too, didn’t you? Come here, I got you. There you go. I’ll take him to daycare.
Cally, grabbing diaper bag: Hey! forgetting something?

Adama: What’s on the duty schedule?
Tigh: Nothing sexy. A CO2 scrubber’s out near sickbay. Broken water line in the galley. Oh, now that most of our Vipers are out of dry-dock Chief’s gonna have us look at the servos in airlock 12.
(Carolanne smiling in a blur.)
Tigh, offering something for Adama to sign: Would you please…
Adama: Is that it?
Tigh, sighing: The Fleet’s quiet. You could use some time for yourself. I can handle first watch.
Adama: I’ll be keeping my schedule. This is just another day.
Carolanne, voiceover: Just another day? Maybe I should have married him instead of you.
Adama, voiceover: I could have sold tickets to that.

Caprica House/Adama’s Quarters
(Adama looking at their wedding photo, Carolanne looking over his shoulder.)
Carolanne: We had some good times. But more bad. But you keep bringing me back anyway, just this one day, year after year. only thing I can’t understand is… Why?
Adama: Neither do I.
Jaffee: Excuse me, sir.
Adama: Put it on the table, Private…?
Jaffee: Jaffee, sir.
(Touching Carolanne’s face.)
Jaffee: Will there be anything else, Admiral?
Adama: That’ll be all, Jaffee.
Carolanne, voiceover: It’s going to be a long day.
Adama, voiceover: It always is.

Deck Head
Seelix: Morning, Chief.
Cally: Is Nicky okay?
Chief: Yeah, he’s fine. First time he didn’t cry when I dropped him off at daycare. So, Figurski, you gonna at least pretend to do something today?
Figurski: Frakking scrubber. It takes Adama two seconds to sign off on an order that’s gonna take us all day to finish.
Chief: Well, take you all day anyhow. Seelix, Cally, you’re with me. Airlock 12.

Airlock 12
Cally: Seelix, can you get the door?
Seelix: Yeah.
Cally: This place is a frakking mess!
Chief: Yeah, the Cylons blew the hell out of it. Nobody’s been down here since damage control plugged the holes. Seelix, can you hear me in there?
Seelix: Yeah.
Chief: You want to see if I can find the electrical diagrams for the airlock?
Seelix: You bet. Ew, I did find somebody’s year-old lunch.
Cally: He didn’t even cry?
Chief: Cal, I told you. Nicky is fine.
Cally: Yeah, and anybody could have dragged a toolbag down here. It didn’t have to be me.
Chief: Yeah, well, it had to be somebody. You know these gearing systems better than anybody. What do you want me to do, give you special treatment because you’re my wife? How would that look?
Cally: I don’t care!
Cally: We keep trying to pretend like nothing’s changed, that our lives are exactly like they were before we went to New Caprica. But it is different. We’re married, we have a son.
Chief: Yeah, it’s just a little rough patch.
Cally: What if rough patches are all we have left? We said we were gonna raise Nicky ourselves, remember?
Chief: Yeah, well. We swore a lot of things. The Cylons didn’t exactly cooperate, did they? You want to give me those wire cutters?
(Everything locks up and the doors start closing.)
Cally: What the hell?
Chief: Oh, for frak’s sake. Seelix, what are you doing? Open the door.
Seelix: I didn’t do anything. Chief, I’m picking up a pressure differential in there. I mean, it’s nothing drastic, but you guys are definitely losing air.
Chief: Well, it doesn’t take much. once the airflow sensors detect a big enough leak, all the doors are designed to drop automatically. It’s just a safety precaution.
Cally: I feel safer already.
Seelix, voiceover: Wait a second, are you saying that the hull’s been breached?
Chief: Well, “breached” is a bit dramatic, but the air’s going somewhere. one of these patches must have cracked when we came in. As soon as we plug it and restore the pressure, the door should open.
Cally: Then we can pull the work orders on whoever made these frakking walls and kick their asses.
Chief: Yeah, well, the most important thing is to keep breathing. So let’s just find the leak. This is it over here, this one.

41,398 Survivors

Caprica House/Galactica Corridor
Adama: Leeson takes first watch. Leeson takes first watch. Kinsey checks the roster. Kinsey checks the roster. Jaffee brings me coffee. Jaffee brings me coffee.
Carolanne: Are you still doing that? The memory exercises? Do you really think they expect you to know all of their names?
Adama: You never change, do you?
Carolanne, chuckling: one of the joys of being long dead. I suppose. Now hurry, you’re going to be late meeting Laura. Maybe she’s got a thing for bad boys. She wouldn’t be the first.
Adama: She’s the President of the Twelve Colonies.
Carolanne: Oh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, of course. Since you’ve created one godlike facade for yourself, why not invent another one for her?
Carolanne, voiceover: It’s another excuse to keep your distance.

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Galactica: Roslin’s Office
Roslin: Admiral.
Adama: Madame President.
Roslin: How are you?
Adama: Very good.
Roslin: I’m sorry, I’m sure this all could have been done over the wireless, but very frankly, I was going a little stir-crazy on Colonial one, and had to get out.
Adama: Deep space pilots call it OBE.
Roslin: What’s OBE?
Adama: Overcome By Events. (Roslin laughs)
Roslin: Well, you may not feel that way after you finish this. Tory actually drew up an agenda.
Adama: Baltar again. Hmm. Can’t we just give him back to the Cylons?
Roslin: Oh, you know how much I love that idea. Unfortunately, given what little I was able to glean from the Caprica Six, I don’t think the Cylons would take him back. So we’re stuck.
Adama: Fine. Then try the son of a bitch and be done with it.
Roslin: We have give him a trial, but under what law? Caprican? Picon? Tauron? Do we give him a jury trial, do we set up a tribunal? We don’t even have anything closely resembling a comprehensive law library, and this Fleet is not exact brimming with legal talent.
Adama: You bring lawyers into this, they’re gonna drag you around for months.
Roslin: Wasn’t your father an attorney, on Caprica?
Adama: Yes. And I told you that I didn’t get along with him very well.
Roslin: Oh, right. Okay, I need to set up an organizing committee, though frankly, trying to get a room full of legal scholars to stay on task is like herding cats. And so I need to set up a chairman of this committee, somebody who can make a hard decision and who won’t get seduced and bogged down by all the legalese.
Adama: Do you have a candidate?
Roslin: As a matter fact I do. I was thinking Lee… Like grandfather, like grandson, perhaps. What do you think?
Adama: I’m not gonna say he’s incapable of handling it, but he’s never shown any type of interest in law.
Roslin: I know, but here’s the thing. We need the lawyers to parse the law, but we really need people who actually know the difference between right and wrong. That’s Lee.
Adama: I’ll talk to him.
Roslin: Good. Admiral, I was wondering if you’d mind if I stayed on your ship for the rest of the day.
Adama: Please. By all means.
Roslin: This is very difficult for me to say, but I’m going to go to the gym.
Adama: Prepare yourself. on its best day it smells like the inside of a shoe.

Airlock 12
Chief: See if there’s another patch in there. I want to double up on this one, make sure it holds. Come on, Cal, faster’s better. The sooner we do this, the sooner we get out.
Cally: I heard you the first time.

Caprica House/Galactica Corridor
(Adama notices pilots and people chatting, then getting quiet as he passes.)
Randoms: Sir. Sir. Admiral.
Carolanne, voiceover: You’re getting better at ignoring all of that. That sudden hush, those sidelong glances. That really used to get to you.
Adama: I don’t ever recall being able to intimidate you.
Carolanne: That’s right. But I knew you long before you were the Admiral. Back when you were just Bill, the husband who wasn’t there. The father who left. Just Bill. Who is Bill Adama anyway? Still a good question.
Carolanne, voiceover: I wonder if I’ll get an answer.

Galactica: Briefing Room
Narcho: 49 days without a sighting. Maybe we finally scared the toasters off.
Starbuck: Oh yeah, Nacho, your crap flying’s putting the fear of the Gods in them.
Helo: What’s up, buddy?
(Hotdog scratches his crotch as they sit.)
Helo: What’s the matter with you?
Hotdog: Sorry. I’ve got the weirdest rash…
Helo, moving over away from him: Really? Hope she was worth it, buddy.
Apollo, entering: Ten-hut! …At ease. Before we get started, I want a show of hands. How many of you boneheads know how to count? Because I keep hearing numbers being thrown around the hangar deck. 47, and then 48. Now 49 days since our last enemy contact. Now, I realize that any higher math’s probably beyond most of you, so I’m gonna make this real simple for you. one is the only number you need to remember. Because all it takes is one pilot to let his guard down, one ECO to miss a dradis contact, and suddenly the Cylons are on top of us. That’s when people die.
Adama, voiceover: He’s like both of us.

Caprica House/Briefing Room
Adama: Proud, stubborn, and angry. But he’s coming into his own. Especially in the last few months.
Carolanne: Don’t tell me. Tell him!
Adama: He knows.
Carolanne: Knows what? That the Admiral’s going to give him a good performance review? Or that his father loves him? Don’t tell me the Admiral’s facade extends to Lee too.

Galactica: Briefing Room
Apollo: Formation flying. Deflection shooting. Tactics. Doing touch and goes until every last one of you hits an okay three. Red and blue sections will go first, yellow and green will follow. Skids up in ten minutes. Dismissed.
(Starbuck scoffs as everybody leaves.)
Apollo: Starbuck, if you’ve got a problem, I don’t want to hear about it.
Starbuck, proudly: Mm. My only problem is that you didn’t preach that sermon a week ago. You might want to find some new material though — the old man’s been using that “one fatal mistake” line since we got here.
Apollo: Well, if you’re gonna steal, steal from the best.
Starbuck, leaving: Sir.
Adama: Pretty tough on them today.
Apollo: Well, a kick in the butt is worth a thousand words. Gods know you kicked mine enough. Everything okay?
Adama: Yeah, it’s been one of those mornings. President wants to take the fast track on Baltar’s trial. She’s looking for someone to take charge of the preliminaries, help cobble together the legal framework. She wants me to assign you.
Apollo: You’re kidding.
Adama: Interested?
Apollo: Uh, more surprised. Did she say why she asked for me?
Adama: Well, she’s gonna need someone she can trust, you definitely fit that. I remember when you were younger, you’d go visit your grandfather’s house, and you were fascinated with his papers and his law books.
Apollo: And there was me thinking I was being sly, sneaking off into his office all by myself. Yeah, I guess it’s a pipe dream now, but for five minutes there I really did consider “lawyer” as one of a dozen careers that I could go into, before I joined the service.
Adama: Hmm. I never knew that.
Apollo: Well, it was probably during one of my, um, “angry at dad” phases. Anyway, it’s impossible.
Apollo: Even if I wanted to help out, there’s no way. The CAG’s duty is already 24/7, even on a light week.
Adama: Yeah, I assumed that.
Narcho: Major, we’re ready for you.
Apollo: Excuse me…

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Airlock 12
Chief: Okay, well, one’s gonna have to do. Seelix, check the pressure. If that patch holds, we’re gonna equalize in a few minutes. This door’s gonna open.
Seelix, voiceover: Okay.
(The patch blows and starts whistling.)
Cally: Oh, for frak’s sakes.
Chief: Gods.

Galactica: Corridor
(Tigh Adama and Apollo come running down the hall.)
Adama: How they doing?
Apollo: Still alive.
Public Address: This is a Condition Three alert. Hull breach on Deck 14.

Adama: Chief!
Chief: Admiral. I seem to have turned this into a full-blown fubar. You’d be doing us a hell of a favor getting those doors open.
Adama: We gotta get them out of there.
Chief: Keep moving. Keep moving.

Galactica: CIC
Apollo: The airlock’s designed to lock down if the pressure increases unexpectedly, so as soon as the patch…
Adama: — I know the system. We have redundancies. We have…
Apollo: The manual override is down, there’s no way of getting those inner doors to open. The thing must’ve taken heavy damage on the way out of New Caprica.
Tigh: Whole ship’s take a pounding. We need six weeks in dry-dock just to hammer out the dings, let alone tackle the structural damage.
Adama: How much time do they have?
Apollo: With a leak that size, they’ll be out of air in half an hour, maybe less. Those are blast doors. It would take at least an hour to cut through them.
Tigh: Why don’t we put explosives in the observation booth? Blow the glass, pull them out.
Apollo: No, the glass is strong enough to withstand a tylium explosion. Anything strong enough to take out the glass will take out Tyrol and Cally at the same time.
Adama: I need a rescue plan. Not excuses.

Galactica: Hangar Bay
(Sharon, Kara and Lee watch Sharon’s Raptor door closing.)
Apollo: Seven seconds.
Starbuck: Then another ten to re-pressurize since we’ll doing this in open space. That’s pushing it.
Sharon: All right, this might be a stupid question, but has anyone ever tried a rescue like this before?
Starbuck: No one’s ever been crazy enough.
Apollo: Doesn’t matter, we’re out of time. Prep for launch. We’ve only got 18 minutes left.
Sharon: All right, let’s go, we’re on.

Airlock 12
Cally, gesturing Chief to the window: Galen.
Adama: Airlock’s still jammed, Chief. Overrides are not responding.
Chief: Guys, we’re kind of running out of options.
Adama: I’m going to take you out through the front door.
Chief: You’ll put a ship out there and rig up some kind of docking collar?
Adama: You’ll be out of air in a few minutes. There’s no time for a collar.
Cally: Sir, if you’re talking about an EVA, we don’t have pressure suits.
Adama: We don’t have a choice.
Adama: Athena’s gonna position her Raptor in front of the airlock, hatch open. We’re gonna blow the bolts right off of that door, and when it opens, you’re gonna have to jump for it. Now, listen to me, both of you. You can do this. People have been able to live up to a minute in exposure to vacuum without a suit.
Chief: Admiral, I don’t know.
Adama: We’ll talk later. Get ready.

(Sharon’s Raptor is away.)
Operator: Athena, Galactica. You have priority clearance. All other traffic is being waved away.

Airlock 12
Cally: Wait. What about Nicky?
Chief, flagging: Admiral’s right, we have to prep. Gotta move everything away from here to the door.
Cally: Galen… we both know what happens to kids in the Fleet when their parents aren’t there for them.
Chief: Apollo and Dee. They’d take care of him.
Cally: No. No pilots. He’s not going through this twice. Sir? There’s a civilian family, the mother’s name is Susan Deckler. She has a little girl. If anything happens to us…
Adama, voiceover: I’ll see to it.
Chief: I was being selfish. I wanted you with me, like old times. I didn’t think about Nick. I’m sorry.
Cally: Hey. Hey. Admiral’s gonna get us out of here, okay? We’re gonna take care of Nicky.
Tigh: More than a few seconds out there, we’re talking severe exposure. Decompression sickness. At the very least, hypothermia. They could freeze to death.
Adama: Make sure Cottle’s got his hyperbaric chamber ready.
Cally: I’m sorry.

(Sharon’s Raptor comes around, Kara and Lee inside with Sharon.)
Apollo: Galactica, Apollo. Bringing raptor into position at Airlock 12.

Airlock 12
Chief: Put your mask on.

Sharon’s Raptor/Airlock 12
Apollo: All right, listen up. We don’t have time to hang back until the airlock doors blow, so we’re liable to experience some turbulence from the residual oxygen, maybe even some shrapnel hits. Athena, you’re gonna have to be ready to compensate.
Athena: I’m on it, Major. We’ll hold position until Chief and Cally are secured.
Starbuck: Let’s just get this done.
Apollo: Galactica, Apollo. Raptor door is open, we’re standing by ready to execute.
Adama: Chief, Cally, Raptor’s in position. We gotta go now. Get ready to blow the hatch on my mark.
Chief: Okay. No matter what, you hang onto me. Don’t let go.
Adama: Three! Two! one. Do it.
Apollo: Whoa, watch out! Bank right, bank right!
Sharon: I’m in position!
Apollo: Pull up your nose! Pull up!
Sharon: Got it!
Apollo: Hold it right there!
(Sharon closes the door.)
Apollo: Galactica, Apollo. Raptor secured and pressurized. They’re in rough shape, we gotta get ’em to sickbay right away.

Galactica: Adama’s Office
Adama: Come in. So any word on Chief and Cally?
Apollo: They’re alive. But Doc Cottle’s still evaluating their condition. So are you gonna tell me what’s going on with you?
Adama, showing the picture: It’s this day.
Apollo: My Gods, your wedding anniversary. I had … totally forgotten.
Adama: Probably seems foolish. Especially the way that it all ended up, but… Still. It still means something to me. We’ve never talked about it. The divorce. Your mother… It was a bad time for all of us. Your mother gave you and your brother a home. Stability.
Apollo: Dad, I know you want to believe that, but um… You know what? Forget it. It was a long time ago.
Adama: You have something to say son, just say it.
Apollo: Well Dad, we had four walls. But stability? My Gods, you knew what mom was like. I mean, the mood swings? It’s why you left her.
Adama: We had problems, but she cared deeply for you and your brother.
Apollo: Well, then things changed after you left. I mean, there were times when she lost control.

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Caprica House/Galactica
Carolanne: Don’t listen to him, Bill.
Apollo: And she would try and apologize She would promise she would make things better. But then she would just start drinking, and then all of her good intentions would just go out the frakkin’…
Adama: Is it true?
Carolanne: I can’t believe you’d even ask me that.
Adama: Damn it, is it true?
Apollo: And then one day, finally the apologies even stopped.
Adama: That’s enough.
Carolanne: You walked out on me! You walked on me! The brilliant Commander! Who could lead all of his men into combat, but he couldn’t find a way to live with his own family! Never lived anywhere for more than six months. Just following you around from one base to another. Waiting for you to come home. But you weren’t here for any of us! Whatever was easiest for the great Adama!
Adama: They needed you. They were our children
Carolanne: They needed a father. All through your glorious career, you have prided yourself on being a leader of men, judging people. Always making the hard call. But when it came to the biggest decision of your life. Oh, Bill, you blew it. We were wrong for each other from ? but you just couldn’t accept that. That’s it. That’s why you keep calling me back. Because if you had made that mistake, it would just call into question all of your other decisions.
(Adama stands on CIC, freaking out; touching her face the old house.)
Adama: She was still your mother, Lee. I loved her.
Apollo: I believe you. I just don’t think she ever loved you.

Galactica: Sickbay
(Seelix brings Nicky to the Chief.)
Random: He’s right here…
Seelix: Hey, I dropped by daycare. Somebody wanted to see you. Who’s that?
Chief: Hey, little man.
Seelix: How’s she doing?
Chief: Doc Cottle says she’s gonna be okay, but it’s gonna be a while before she’s 100%.
Seelix, helping him stand: Careful. …Yeah?
Chief: Yeah, I’m fine. Oh, I know. Come here. ! I got you buddy. you want to go see mommy? Go see mommy. Hey, yeah. Let’s go see mommy. Come on. She’s over here, yeah. Heh!
(She’s inside the hyperbaric tube.)
Chief: Cal. Cal, sweetie. Look who’s here. Look who’s here.
Adama, entering: Seelix.
Chief: No matter what, I don’t know how, we will manage, find a balance. You and me. We will take care of Nick, okay. I love you.
(She holds her hand to the glass.)
Chief: Oh, look. There’s mommy’s hand. There. There.

Galactica: Adama/Dualla Quarters
Apollo: Hey.
Dualla, waking: Hey. How are you?
Apollo: Good. So what’s this?
Dualla: Oh, it was here when I got in. It’s from your father.
Apollo: Is it ticking?
Dualla: Heh. He left you a note.
Apollo: Caprican criminal codes. These are my grandfather’s law books.
Dualla: Your dad must’ve had these in storage all this time. Why’s he giving them to you now?

Inscription: For that day when we all have the time.

Galactica: Roslin’s Office
Roslin: I’m glad you stopped by. I have something for you. This was given to me by one of the colonists down on New Caprica. And I forgot about it, but Tory found it in a pile old clothes.
(Blood Runs At Midnight is the title of the pulp novel she’s giving him.)
Roslin: Don’t let the title fool you. It’s a pretty good mystery. I think you’ll like it. And it’s not a loan, it’s a gift.
Adama: You u ever think about the times much on New Caprica?
Roslin: I try to think about the good times, yes I do.
Adama: one particular stands out in my mind. You were wearing your really bright red dress. Said you wanted to build a cabin.
Roslin: It was Baltar’s Groundbreaking ceremony. I got a little silly that night.
Adama: You ever wonder what would’ve happened if the Cylons hadn’t have come back?
Roslin: I think given Baltar and the terrain we couldn’t have made a go of it. What about you? Do you think you would have stayed on Galactica? Or do you think you would have settled?
Adama: It’s pretty hypothetical, isn’t it?
Roslin: It is. Until it isn’t. (Laughing.) Did I just say that?
Adama: It’s worth it just seeing you laugh like that. We’ve been at war so long sometimes we forget what we’ fighting for. Raise our kids in peace, enjoy one another’s company. Live life as people again.
Roslin: Like that night on New Caprica, that’s really what we are talking about here now, isn’t it?
Adama: That, and… Other times…
Roslin: So if the Cylons hadn’t come back?
Adama: But they did. We have certain responsibilities.
Roslin: Yes, we do, sir. And uh, I will be back in a few days, and if you’d like, we can… talk more about that night.
(About to leave, she turns back.)
Roslin: Bill? The answer’s yes. I absolutely would’ve built the cabin.

Adama’s Quarters
Carolanne: Go ahead. Put it away, like you have after every anniversary. Promise me you won’t take it out again.
Adama: It’d be easier to hate you. But that would be a lie, Carolanne. And there’s been enough of that through our lives.
Carolanne, regretful: We had something, didn’t we.
Adama: Yeah. We had something.
(She kisses him sweetly; he takes another drink.)
Adama: See you next year.

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