Battlestar Galactica: Transcripts: S03E18: The Son Also Rises

Roslin: Previously on Battlestar Galactica…

Baltar’s Cell
Roslin: Why don’t you do yourself a favor? Hand over your book. My Triumphs, My Mistakes, by Gaius Baltar.
Baltar: So the people are reading it, and now you’re sorry.

Colonial one
Zarek: Baltar will get his trial. And this is what you’ll get: a hurricane. You will have sectarian violence, you will have assassination attempts, you will have civil unrest on a scale we’ve never seen…

Adama’s Office
Adama: President wants to take the fast track on Baltar’s trial. She’s looking for someone to take charge of the preliminaries, help cobble together the legal framework. She wants me to assign you.

Adama’s Quarters
Apollo: These were my grandfather’s law books.
Dualla: It’s from your father.

The Maelstrom
Apollo: Starbuck, Apollo, I’ve lost you on dradis!
(Starbuck’s Viper explodes.)
Apollo: No! No!
Adama: Lee, we’re sending in the search and rescue birds right now. We’ll find her.
Apollo: No, Dad, it’s no use. Her ship’s in pieces… We lost her.


(Adama goes through Kara’s personnel file, weeping.)

Colonial one
(Tory and Laura draw lots from a fishbowl before a small group.)
Roslin: Here’s every captain from every ship in the fleet…
(Tory fishes out the name.)
Roslin: Captain Elias Meeker, Gideon.

(A citation for valor and bravery, pilot performance logs, a disciplinary notice for striking a superior officer. Another disciplinary notice. A third. It’s Kara’s file, all right.)

Roslin: And the last name for the tribunal is… (She stutters on it, surprised.)

(In the file: a birthday card from Kara. It reads, “You were always like a father to me… See the resemblance? Happy birthday, Young Man. Much love, Kara.” There’s a photograph of Kara with a moustache crudely drawn on.)

Adama: Yeah. Yeah, I see the resemblance.

Hangar Bay
(Sam tosses a cubit in the air, as the deckhands and pilots stare up.)
Anders: one more for heads, watch… Heads! Did you see that? Four in a row. It’s a frakkin’ miracle. Watch this, one more time. It’s gonna be — watch! — heads! Every time. You see that? It’s heads!
Man: Hey, why don’t you come down from there?
Anders: I’m just fine right here, man.

Hall of Remembrance
(Lee holds Kara’s picture, unable to pin it to the wall. When he hears Racetrack entering, he quickly puts it away.)
Racetrack: Major?
Apollo: Yeah.

Hangar Bay
Anders: Heads! You see that? My girl’s too lucky to check out.
Apollo: Hey, Sam.
Anders: Lee. (Laughs.) Apollo.
Apollo: Just stay there, buddy. You’re flying. Let’s just get down and get some sleep. Come on.
Anders: I — I’m fine, I’m just gonna sit down. Ow!
Apollo: You all right?
Anders: She wasn’t supposed to…
Apollo: Come on, Sam.
Anders: No, I gotta go.
(Sam falls off the Raptor, onto his face on the cement below.)
Apollo: Sam! Frak! Frak. Is he okay?
Anders, groaning: Ah… I think I fell.
Apollo: Sam. Sam?
Anders, gasping: She’s still alive, right?
Apollo: No, she’s gone, Sam. She’s gone.
Anders: I know.
Apollo: Yeah.

Hotdog, on wireless: “LSO, Viper 6. Request long approach.”
Kelly: Viper 6, LSO. Approved.
Tigh: I never thought I’d miss all Starbuck’s yakking.
Gaeta: Yes, sir.
(Adama enters.)
Tigh: Your honor. You haven’t heard? Where have you been? They just announced it, you won the lottery. You now own exactly one-fifth of Baltar’s skinny ass. You’re one of five captains picked to serve on the judge’s tribunal.
Adama: Hmm.

Hangar Bay: Racetrack’s Raptor
Racetrack: Ugh, here he comes. Frak. What a waste of my time and energy, flying Baltar’s lawyer back and forth from Zephyr.
Skulls: Yeah, tell me about it.
Racetrack: Wanna know what the worst part is? He sits back there and tries to whisper in my ear when he talks. I’ve got a helmet.
Hughes, whispering: Sorry.
Cally, helping him aboard: Mr. Hughes?
Racetrack: He takes his shoes off in my Raptor again, I might have to kill him.
Skulls: Client. Everybody knows he’s guilty. He gave the Cylons our location. Why even give the son of a bitch a trial?
Cally: Because he’s entitled. Even him. It’s called justice.
Skulls: Yeah, right. See, Baltar dead, Starbuck alive. That’d be justice.
PA: “Flight systems check…”
Racetrack: Initiating.
Skulls: There’s no justice. And drunk as he was.
(An explosion.)
Skulls: Racetrack!
Athena: Racetrack, are you okay? Medic! Yeah, yeah, I got him, I got him. Okay.
Skulls: Is he okay?
(Deckhand shakes his hand: Hughes is dead.)

41,399 survivors


Colonial one
Reporters: Madame President! Madame President!
Man: How do you intend to replace Gaius Baltar’s defense attorney? Will that be done by lottery as well?
Roslin: We’re confident we’ll replace him shortly. There are a number of candidates, we’re working our way down the list. Next.
Reporters: Madame President! Madame President!
Roslin: Karen.
Karen: Taken in the context of this explosion, which obviously was no accident, do you really think that it’s in the best interest of the Fleet to proceed with this trial?
Roslin: This administration will never bow to terrorism.
Reporters: Madame President! Madame President!
Roslin: Wait, you know, let me say something here to all of you. Let me get this clear, all right? As long as I am President, this administration will not allow terrorism to alter the framework of our legal system. We will proceed with the trial, rigorously. Thank you, all of you.
Reporters: one more question! Madame President!
(Adama escorts her out.)

Briefing Room
Apollo: Helo, I need you to set up a dradis picket with blue squadron in sector seven.
Helo: Uh, excuse me, sir. You mean sector nine, right?
Apollo: Uh… Right. Right, nine. Um, yeah, we scrubbed eight on the last picket. It’s been so quiet one picket just flows into the next. Okay, uh… 81 carom, 22 degrees. Keep your ears open. Any Cylon contact, just shut down and bug out. Red Squadron, you’ll be riding first CAP with me. And uh, from here on, double shifts.
(Pilots groaning; Narcho not happy.)
Apollo: Athena, I’m going to need you exclusively on shuttle runs.
Racetrack: Yeah, don’t forget to check under your back seat.
Apollo: Hey, hey, you got lucky, Starbuck. If I were you, I would seriously consider buying a…
(Pilots murmuring; he’s called her the wrong name.)
Apollo: …Racetrack, I’m sorry.
(Everybody worries.)
Apollo: Dismissed. dismissed.

Colonial one
Roslin: Well, it’s so comforting to know that you’re not afraid. You’re not afraid to represent the most hated man alive. The question is why?
Lampkin: For the fame. The glory.
Adama: You worked in the public litigation office on Caprica. You think you have the qualifications to handle a case of this magnitude?
Lampkin: I was born for this. That, and the fact that I have a pulse.
(Cat jumps on the desk.)
Lampkin: Lance belonged to my wife. Don’t worry, he doesn’t scratch or bite like she did. If it’s of any comfort, I despise him as much as you do having to hire me. So… there it is. Shall we get started?

Adama’s Office
Adama: I’m gonna ? you to handle the security detail on the new attorney.
Apollo: Me. So that’s it, you’re grounding me.
Adama: If whoever set that charge is one of our own, then you’re the only one I can trust.
Apollo: You know, just say it: you’re pulling me.
Adama: Keeping Lampkin alive is an important job. I need your help.
Apollo: Dad, I’m fine.
Adama: No, you’re not.
Apollo, smiling: Why?
Adama: Because I’m not.
Apollo, whiny: Yeah, well then maybe you should take a rest.
Adama: Helo will be stepping in as CAG. I want you on this ship. Not up there, not until you can…work this out.
Apollo: Right. I understand. Work it out. Okay.

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Lampkin’s Quarters
Apollo: I’ll be handling security for you. Where do you want your bags? You’ll have two Marines stationed outside the door. Ms. Cassidy, the prosecuting attorney, she’s just down the hall. There’s a head, showers that way. Sorry, co-ed. Now, if there’s anything else?
Lampkin: I’d like to see my client.
Apollo: Now?
Lampkin: Pilot.
Apollo: Yeah.
Lampkin: King of the pilots. We could stand around here and discuss why you got stuck with me, if you want.
Apollo: I’ll take you to his cell.
Lampkin: No, no not there. Half the ship’s probably listening in.
Apollo: Fine, whatever, have an interrogation room.
Lampkin: Interrogation rooms give me stage fright.
Apollo: I can’t bring him here.
Lampkin: I was thinking your quarters.
Apollo: What?
Lampkin: Yeah, before it gets wired for sound like this place probably is. What’s the problem? Forgot to make your bed?
Apollo: Look, I don’t care where you see him, I just can’t leave you alone.
Lampkin: Major. It is Major, isn’t it? I have the right to consult with my client in private, without anybody eavesdropping or looking in. “Whoever cares the most, wins.” Says so in there.
(He produces a copy of Law & Mind: The Psychology Of Legal Practice, by Joseph Adama.)
Apollo: So?
Lampkin: I wanna see my client, you don’t care. I win. You know, you look like him.
Apollo: You knew my grandfather?
Lampkin: Hated his guts. He taught me everything I know.

(Hands, putting together a bomb, in white plastic gloves.)


Brig: Interrogation Room
(Gaius is brought to Lee and Romo in chains and a bullet-proof vest.)
Baltar, to Apollo: What are you doing here, anyway?
Lampkin: You can speak freely. He signed confidentiality papers.
Baltar: Look, this whole charade’s pathetic. Pathetic! Security? Security’s already toasting my other attorney’s, uh, untimely demise. About one thing that bloke ever did, apart from napping, was, you know, manage to… smuggle out my papers. Papers. Do you have any papers?
(Romo produces a pad of paper.)
Baltar, beginning to write: Thank you. “The nature of modern life is… obsession.” So tell me, do you honestly think that I’m gonna get a fair trial?
Lampkin: Doubtful.
Baltar: Yes.
Lampkin: But you haven’t exactly been helping yourself, now, have you?
Baltar: You object to my writing.
Lampkin: on the contrary, keep it coming. This new manifesto of yours shows a great change in you. This little uh … operating manual of yours, well… Keeps them all guessing.
Baltar: Right, okay. Okay. (Quieter now.) Caprica Six. I’m worried about her. She’s the key. They can use her to completely destroy me. (Romo nods.) We need to get to her. We need to know what she’s thinking. We need to… I mean, talk to her. Tell her, uh… tell her that I love her very much. And I’m thinking about her a lot.
Lampkin: I can sense that, yes.
Baltar, darting glances at Lee: You need to, you need to find out where we’re all … Where we’re all standing.
Lampkin: “To listen requires a voice. For what needs to known, requires us to ask.” My Triumphs, My Mistakes, by Gaius Baltar.
Baltar, with a giant smile: But you say it very well.
Lampkin: I’ve done the reading. once those papers arrive, I suggest you do yours.

Corridor Outside
Lampkin: Fly me to Colonial one.
Apollo: Me?
Lampkin: Yeah, you’re a pilot, aren’t you?
Apollo: You don’t understand, you can’t just jump in a Raptor. These are things have to be coordinated.
Lampkin: Where would you rather be, Major? Here, as the parade float for the bereaved?
Apollo: What are you talking about?
Lampkin: Everybody looking at you like you’re bleeding out of your side.
Apollo: You wanna see some real blood? Keep going.
Lampkin, looking over his glasses: Oh, there is someone home. Look, I need those files you come with me, they might just give them to me. I wait, they’re gonna discover that Baltar’s pregnant before I get them. What is your job, anyway? Keep me alive, or keep me from doing mine?

Hangar Deck
Kelly: Sorry, sir, you know your status. You’re to remain shipside. Those are the Admiral’s orders.
Lampkin: Father factor.
Apollo: Come on, Kelly. Give me a break, I’m along for the ride.
Kelly: Don’t do this to me, all right? I’m in enough dung already.
(Lee steps around him and onto the wing of Sharon’s Raptor, boarding.)
Apollo, in the cockpit: All right.
Chief: All right, let’s get the bird a tow!
(The cat escapes the cabin and runs out onto the deck.)
Chief: Ho, hold … Hold up, open the door, open the door! What the frak was that thing? Did you see that? What? What the… I think it was a cat!
Lampkin: That’s my cat!
Chief: There’s a frakkin’ cat in there! Who the hell let a cat in here? He’s t the other side, push him over here. There it is! It’s over there! It’s over there! There it is! Kitty, kitty, kitty! No, no, come here! Come here, here, come here… Bomb. Bomb! Everybody out!

Adama’s Office
Adama: What the hell were you doing out there? I gave you an order to do a job.
Apollo: Excuse me, I was doing my job.
Adama: Yeah, being led around by the nose? This bastard yanked your chain, and you jump?
Apollo: He wanted files from Colonial one.
Adama: It was the middle of the night.
Apollo: You assigned me to security.
Adama: Yeah, and there was a bomb on that ship, and you missed it. Security. I gave you explicit orders.
Apollo: Athena was piloting.
Adama: You could’ve died. Plain and simple. You’re a soldier. Live like one. Start acting like one. Apollo: She’s been gone two weeks. I didn’t realize the clock was running.
Adama: Stop.
Apollo: No, I’m sorry, because maybe we’re just built differently.
Adama: You stop. Don’t you dare quantify my loss.
Apollo: You have no idea. You have no frakking idea!
Adama: What, you think yours is deeper?
Apollo: Well.
Adama: Yours is greater? In two weeks, there’s going to be a trial, and I’m going to do what I was chosen to do, and so are you. You build a frakkin’ nest around that man, and you protect his ass.


Tool Room
Chief: Frakker meant business this time. That thing had gone off, we’d be picking up Raptor and people parts with tweezers.
Kelly: Every day I wave jocks out there. A lot of them are my friends. People I care for and love. It’s hard enough watching them die in battle, but rickshawing Baltar’s frakkin’ attorney around? Frak that.
Cally: I believe that the Cylons want us to destroy ourselves and this is how they’re doing it.
(Athena gives a look.)
Cally: By planting bombs, making suspicious of each other. You know what’s funny? By the time the Cylons catch up with us they won’t even have to attack. They’ll just clean up the mess we made. I think they’re here.
Athena: I think you’re wrong.
Cally: Okay, all I know is I kissed Nicky this morning and it could’ve been the last time.
Chief: Cally, that’s enough.
Cally: What, I kissed you too! Some of us don’t get a second chance. Or a third.
(Athena leaves.)
Chief: I’m going to the Admiral.

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Lampkin’s Quarters
Apollo: All right, take a good look at this room. Every time you leave, check it. If anything changes, don’t touch it. Uh, a book moves, shoes in the wrong place, something smells different, you get the frak out. Someone knocks, don’t answer the door. Don’t open the door! Look, you have to do what I say.
Lampkin: If they wanna kill me, they”ll find a way. Now, who do I have to bribe to see the Cylon woman?

Baltar’s Cell
Baltar, whispering: “The nature of modern life is obsession…”
(He can’t find his pen in his pants, or anywhere.)

Colonial one
Roslin: Damn, I can’t find my glasses. It’s like they’ve got feet. Um, the Six. Yes, okay. Lampkin can interview Six immediately. As long as it’s conducted under the same conditions accorded to the chief prosecutor, all right?
Adama: Meaning in the interrogation room. Not where you sleep.
Apollo: But since you’ve been selected to serve on the tribunal, I’m assuming that you won’t be present at those interviews in the interest of fairness.
Roslin: Major has a point, Bill.
Adama: The Major’s mistaken. I monitored the chief prosecutor’s interview. Therefore, same conditions apply. In the interest of fairness.
Apollo: Mr. Lampkin is still entitled to those documents that he requested from Colonial one.
Tory: Yes, right, I apologize. We’ve had trouble locating the files. We’ll have them delivered to you on the next run?
Roslin: I’m sorry, Major, we’ll get them right away. Thank you.
Apollo: Thank you.

Caprica’s Cell
(Romo and Lee enter; Laura and Tory watch from outside, with Adama.)
Lampkin: I understand that you had a romantic relationship with my client.
Caprica: Gaius Baltar is a brilliant, gifted human being. In the time I’ve known him, he’s made a sport out of mendacity and deception. He was narcissistic, self-centered, feckless, and vain. I’m the one who should have stabbed him.
Roslin: Things are looking up.
Lampkin: Love. Precocious evolutionary move, fashioning Cylons to be capable of experiencing it. I don’t know if it was engineered as a tactical imperative, but… It’s not for the faint-hearted, is it?
Caprica: No, it’s not.
Lampkin: Maybe you should’ve been nicer to your mechanic. Well. Perhaps Cylon love is not the same as human love. Perhaps it’s designed to hurt a little less.
Caprica: How would you know?
Lampkin: I loved a woman. Beautiful, beautiful woman. But so serious. This frowning face, trapped in the middle of a daisy. She had a way of walking, processional. As if she were on her way to her own execution. We had ten years. Then it fell apart under its own weight.
Caprica: Is that what you wanted?
Lampkin: I thought if I could get over her, I could get over anything. I could endure. Conquer. Be a man, stand up to any and all kinds of punishment. I clung to an empty, spinning bed for months. And that… that was when I finally realized how much I loved her. If I needed all that strength, what was the point? I needed to be with her.
Caprica: Did he… Ask about me? Gaius?
Lampkin, removing his shades for the first time: He wanted to know if you were well. He wanted you to know that he misses you. Loves you. Because he can’t be here to tell you, he gave me this, to give to you. He uses that at the risk of grave reprisal to express his feelings, to put his world into some kind of recognizable order. To be heard. He kept it hidden because he knows he will not get another. He wants you to have it. Because without you it has no meaning. He wants you to have it because he would do anything, anything to be with you again.
Caprica, with a sad smile: Well, that’s a shame, isn’t it? Since they’ll never let me keep it.
Lampkin: You understand that your days are owned and tallied by these people, the ones out there watching us. I think you realize what’s likely to become of you. I couldn’t help you if they paid me ten times what they offered me for Baltar. You won’t get a trial, not even a bad one. So… I have to ask you. Does your love hurt as much as mine?
Caprica, staring at the pen: Yes.
Roslin: I feel like part of that world just fell down.
(Romo puts the glasses back on. Adama notices he’s missing a button from his uniform.)

Pilot’s Rec Room
Apollo: Hey, guys.
(They leave Lee and Romo alone.)
Apollo: Why encourage the man to write and then take his pen?
Lampkin: It’ll curry more sympathy when we get the word out that he’s been silenced. Tyranny, gag orders. Very sexy.
Apollo: Okay, alright. So you steal his pen, then you lie to him, then you lie to the Six.
Lampkin: The horror of the age. The great ugly material. The cloak of deceit.
Apollo: The truth. Hmph. Kind of overrated, I guess. You know, when I was nine, maybe ten, my grandfather… he would wave me over. And he’d do this all the time. And then he’d say, uh, “Lee, be a good boy. Just don’t be too good.”
Lampkin: Everybody has demons. Them, Baltar, you, me. Even the machines. The law is just a way of exorcising them. That’s what your father’s father told me. You want to know why I hated him? Because he was right.
Apollo: So you hated him because he was right, and I hated the law because it was wrong. Because of what… Of what it put him through. I mean, he defended the worst of the worst. I remember reading about him. The outrage. Helping murderers go free. What I don’t understand is why he put himself through all that abuse.
Lampkin: You think he gave a flying frak? Joe Adama cared about one thing. Understanding why people do what they do. Why we cheat our friends, why we reward our enemies. Why we go to war, sacrificing our lives for lost causes. Why we build machines in the hope of correcting our flaws and our shortcomings. Why we forgive, defying logic and the laws of nature with one stupid little act of compassion. We’re flawed. All of us. I wanted to know why, so I did what he did. I spend my life with the fallen. The corrupt. The damaged. Look at you, you were so ready to get on that Raptor with me today. The bad boy, the prodigal son.
Apollo: No, I was just doing my job, protecting you.
Lampkin: What are you doing in my business? Suddenly I’m handcuffed to a serial contrarian?
Apollo: No, I am not… Oh. Okay.
Lampkin: My bed is made. I suggest you toil on your own. Now, if this cross-examination is over, I’d like to take a crap.
(Romo stands to leave.)
Apollo: Romo, that story that you told about the girl, the woman that you loved. Getting over her. Is it true? Hey, was it true?
Lampkin: Yes.

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Outside Lampkin’s Quarters
Figurski, carrying a box: For him. Files from Colonial one.
Lampkin: Finally. I thought I’d get all these after the trial was over.
Marine: Hold it. Put them on the floor, now.
Figurski: Oh, for frak’s sake. I was there when Kelly x-rayed them, it’s papers.
Lampkin: Here you go. Good?
Marine: Yes. Looks good.
(The Marine finds a screw on the floor and notices Lampkin’s keypad is missing a screw: it’s rigged.)
Marine: No!
(He shoves Romo out of the way and takes the blast.)


(Romo in bed with an oxygen tube.)
Med Staffer: You have five minutes, Major.
Lampkin: Thank you. Before the hounds got to it… Open it.
(Lee opens the bag, and glances at him.)
Lampkin: The President’s glasses. She looks better without them. (They chuckle.) They’re serious. Serious catches on, in the courtroom.
Lampkin, on the button: Your father’s.
Apollo: When?
Lampkin: From the deck. Right after you found the bomb underneath the Raptor. Here, kitty, kitty. Heh. Ow. It was hanging by a thread.
Apollo: They tarnish so fast.
Lampkin: It was like that when I plucked it. Everybody else… Tigh, the others, you… All shiny. The soldier in him has had enough for a while. He’ll be glad to sit in that courtroom and fire his missiles there.
(Next item: a sandal.)
Lampkin: Miss prosecuting attorney down the hall. It’s not what you think. (They laugh.) They were appropriated with the noblest of intentions. See the soles, see how the soles are worn.
Apollo: She drags her feet.
Lampkin: You’re catching on!
Apollo: And the rest? What’s all this?
Lampkin: My demons. I borrow things. My parents disappeared when I was nine years old. They were kidnapped. Murdered for… for the money they had on them, which wasn’t enough. I went to live with an uncle, stole from him until I could run away.
Apollo: So what did you take from me?
Lampkin: Hmm. I was thinking. The photograph that you carry. The girl, the pilot. The one you’re carrying. But you’ve had enough stolen from you already.
Apollo, holding up the glasses: I’ll try and get these back to her…?
Lampkin: The other pocket. At the back.
Apollo: Oh.
Lampkin: The guards took it from her, I borrowed it from them.
(He pulls out an envelope and seals it.)
Lampkin: We still have a case pending. If you want to help, if you dare help … get this to my client.
Apollo: A case?
Lampkin: I have a calling. Eh, it’s all the ringing in my ears tells me.
Apollo: Okay, you better explain this.
(A detonator, as found in the previous bombs.)
Lampkin: I don’t even know what it is.
Apollo: Well, I do. Where’d you get it?
Lampkin: The one that scolded you like a schoolboy, frakkin’ with your head. What’s-his-name, Mr. Serious. Uh, Kelly.
Apollo: Kell… Kelly?
Lampkin: Yeah.

Pilot’s Bunks
(Apollo puts the disc down near Kelly’s hand.)
Kelly: I never would’ve let Athena go airborne with you on the Raptor. I would’ve stopped it, you know that.
Apollo: Yeah, I know that.
Kelly: You better lock me up. And I don’t want any trial. I won’t stop, I will keep trying. I’ll keep at it, I will. I did my job, sir. And I have done my job for two years now. Every day I sent people out to fight. I cleared them all to die. So many people… I just got tired of living with that. You ask that man if you had to choose between giving his life up for a Cylon or a human, what do you think he’d say? I had to do something.

Adama’s Office
Adama, on phone: XO, reinstate Major Adama as Commander of the Air Group. Effective immediately.
Adama, to Apollo: It’s good to have you back.
Apollo: Thank you.
Adama: I’m sorry. Because I was wrong, and…I made it worse.
Apollo: No, no…
Adama: You know, you should be in your…
Apollo: I think I should be with Lampkin.
Adama: Well, now that we know that it was Kelly, an ease up a little bit on security.
Apollo: In his condition, I think Lampkin needs help preparing the trial, presenting his case.
Adama: The President has a few possibilities. She’s looking.
Apollo: Dad, why not me? I’m close to the case, I’ve read the documents. I understand Lampkin’s strategy…
Adama: We have things under control. Lampkin will have help.
Apollo: I want to do this.
Adama: You’re a CAG, you’re not a lawyer. Far from it.
Apollo: What, and you’re a judge?
Adama: No, but like the four other men picked, I’m capable of listening to the evidence and making an ethical decision.
Apollo: And I’m capable of helping Lampkin.
Adama: Forget it. I need you as CAG.
Apollo: Why did you give me those books, huh? I mean, you gave me your father’s law books.
Adama: I made a mistake.
Apollo: Why? Why is it a mistake? Are you afraid that I’ll be like him?
Adama: You’re a pilot.
Apollo: And with Zak gone, and Kara gone, you needed someone to carry the flag, is that it?
Adama: You’re a pilot. You’re a pilot and you’re my son. And I will not look across that court and see you sitting on the other side.
Apollo: See me? Or see someone else.
Adama: Report for duty.
Apollo: Is that an order?
Adama: You’re in way over your head. Report for duty.
Apollo: Is that an order?
(He stands and takes his glasses off.)
Adama: I’m through giving you orders.

Adama, entering: Remove Apollo from the board, inform Helo he’s to remain as CAG. My son has more important things to tend to.

Hall of Remembrance
(Lee puts up Kara’s picture. Sam joins him, on crutches, and sees the photo.)
Apollo: Hey, how’s the leg?
Anders: You mean my lucky break? It gave me a reason not to come up here. Sooner or later, you run out of excuses.
Apollo: It’s hard to let her go.
Anders: Lee… I’ll see you around.
(Lee smiles and leaves; Sam looks at her picture next to Kat’s, touching it.)

(Gaius notices the envelope on the floor. Inside is his pen, slightly the worse for wear, and a note from Lampkin.)

Lampkin, voiceover: “There is no great ally, no force more powerful, no enemy more resolved than a son who chooses to step from his father’s shadow.” Romo Lampki

Transcript taken by Ryan Bechtel

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