Cop Craft Episode 7 Review – Awesome Episode!

Cop Craft Episode 07 Review - really good story
Cop Craft Episode 07 Review

This episode started a new story arc. If you need to see any reviews of the previous episodes, Click the titles: 1. Cop Show, Witch Craft, 2. Dragnet Mirage, 3. Midnight Train, 4. In the Air Tonight, 5. Lonesome Vampire and 6. Need for Speed. 

This weeks episode is called Girls on Ice

Cop Craft: Quick recap of the Saga so far:

The saga concerns the relationship between a young female Semani (alien elf) knight called Tilarna and her room-mate and cop partner, Kei Matoba. Tilarna has traveled to Earth through a portal that was opened up between her world (a place of magical and mystical creatures such as elves and fairies etc.) to work with the police on Earth and battle the bad people and some of the injustice that they (and humans) carry out.  Some are people are being used and abused for Semanian and human profit although as the saga develops, much of the badness is portrayed as Semani.

A developing premise

Indeed, it makes the story (and it’s premise) even more interesting and enticing.  It’s as though Semanians are kids in a candy shop.  All of a sudden they can experience all the bad (and good) stuff they want and many get hooked on the dark side (prostitution, racketeering, drugs etc.) – humanity are mainly bystanders or suppliers or simply trying to make money off of the crazy aliens.  This isn’t explicitly stated, but it’s interesting the way the story is developing.

Semani people are technologically backwards by all accounts (they don’t have photographs and cameras and computers aren’t used in their world) – but they do of course, have magic. New technology in an alien world may be enticing and it may be that they are simply here to experience the limits of it’s use.

One of the back-plots of the saga is a about a dastardly dude called Zelada and Tilarna is after him for causing the death of her fairy friend, she believes he is still alive and carrying out illegal activities on Earth.

Her partner in justice is Sergeant Kei Matoba who works for the Special Vice Squad.  He is not the friendliest of people and he suffered the loss of a younger sister a few years earlier and he misses her.  It seems that Tilarna helps fill the void of that loss and their peculiar relationship is very similar to the relationship between siblings. He accepts her petulant antics and the sisterly-unfairness that younger siblings would normally demonstrate.   Although, to be honest, we all like Tilarna not matter how petulant she is  ๐Ÿ™‚


Cop Craft Episode Review – 07 – Girls on Ice

This great episode opens with a bunch of cute Semani girls in a room waiting for their clients.

Cop Craft 07-01 - Undercover Tilarna sits with the hookers - her turn next
Undercover Tilarna sits with the hookers – her turn next


Talana is among them she looks a little glum.  One of the girls is called Zoe and she tries to make her welcome by giving her some tips on how to behave.  Some of the other girls explain that some of the clients aren’t so nice and some are weirdos or masochists.

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Zoe tells Tilarna that she has a client in room 304.  When Tilarna arrives, she sees a Semani ‘gentleman’ is waiting for her. She introduces herself as Tirana Elnebara.

The guy looks a bit of a sleazebag and sure enough if man-handles her onto the bed. He is about to start undressing her when there’s a knock at the door – he’s annoyed at being interrupted,  but gets up to answer.


The Bust – Everyone is arrested

Kai Matoba, her police partner, along with other police officers  burst in and arrest the ‘gentleman’. In fact, they arrest everyone and take them to the station.

Cop Craft 07-01a - Tilarna looks-on impassionately after the arrest
Tilarna looks-on impassionately after the arrest


Kai laughs and jokes with the ‘gentleman’ about why he feels wrongfully arrested.  Tirana on the other hand, is annoyed that Kai arrived so late – he actually touched her hair.  It turns out that the gentleman is a Semani politician running for office and he is called Cole Mozeleemay.

Cop Craft 07-01b The pretty Semani hookers are taken away by the police
The pretty Semani hookers are taken away by the police


Then we see and hear the excellent opening theme (the tune for which as recently been released).  I’m totally going to buy and download this it’s great.


Press Conference – Not me ‘gov!

Sure enough Mozeleemay is asked by the media if he was using a Dating Club. He categorically denies this and ends the press conference confidently.  Later,  in the car however, we see him looking sheepish and despondent.  His tells him that she believes he was setup and that she will support him – she seems a very focused individual but when he tries to embrace she brushes his hand away and tells him not to touch her.  She doesn’t look angry,m she just looks like someone who has no feelings for him and doesn’t care for his affection.

Kai and Tirana listen to the police reports back at the station and the press interview that Cole Mozeleemay gave to reporters.  Tilarna gets very angry.  She is concerned that he may not be prosecuted because the case may not hold up in court. Kei explains that sometimes powerful people are not prosecuted it’s more difficult to raise a winnable case. Tilarna leaves in disgust.

Outside she meets one of her friends from the brothel, Zoey who had been released on bail.  She agrees to help Zoe move to a new apartment it’s in a nice area of town and Zoe doesn’t have too many belongings.

Cop Craft 07-03 - Tilarna meets the friend from the brothel, Zoey
Tilarna meets the friend from the brothel, Zoey


Fast Friends

Tilarna clearly enjoys Zoey’s company and the two become fast friends. They laugh and joke and Tilarna notices that Zoey is a keen photographer. At the flat, Tilarna is impressed with Zoey’s photographs as she unpacks and Zoe agrees to make a photograph print for Tilarna. Tilarna isn’t used to seeing photographs as they don’t have such pictorial media on her world. Tilarna is very grateful and can’t wait to see her finished framed photograph.

Meanwhile, back at the station, the Chief Inspector, Kei and Assistant Prosecutor Gardner meet to discuss the case against Mozeleemay. The assistant prosecutor tells the officers that they are having difficulty prosecuting the case because of the encrypted files concerning the customers of the Dating Club (brothel).  They believe they are the only ones with the client information data from the Date Club and that they can bluff their way to prosecution.

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As Kei drives home, he meets Tilarna on the road and gives her a lift. They talk about Tilarna’s new friend Zoey from the Date Club (not sure why they keep calling it a date club – it was a brothel and was illegal).  Kei explains that it’s wrong to have a friend who she may need to prosecute as part of the case.  Tilarna does not believe Zoe will be involved in the prosecution and tells Kei that she will continue to be her friend. She is angry at Kei for suggesting that there is any impropriety.

Cop Craft 07-05 - Kei tells Tilarna "Dont get involved with people you are investigating"
Don’t get involved with people you are investigating


Kei believes he is simply trying to point out the problems that may occur with such a relationship and can’t understand her reluctance to take him at his word.


Faster Friends

Sure enough, Zoey and Tirana become very good friends and meet regularly.  They regularly go out drinking and eating together.

Cop Craft 07-06 - Tilarna and Zoey become fast friends

A few days later back at the police station it becomes apparent that the list of customers from the date club has been leaked to the press and this has caused difficulty in prosecuting the case against Moseleemay.

Later that evening we see that Zoey meets up with with Cole Moseleemay and is paid for her work in getting and leaking the information about the client list from the date club. Apparently this list had been tampered with and some of the names were fictitious he pays her some extra money tries to get her to sleep with him but she he records the conversation and uploads it to the cloud telling him that if he continues his advances she will release that information too.

As she leaves his car we see the view from another car across the street was Mozeleemay’s wife is looking on with a very Stern expression on her face


Things don’t look good for Zoey

Back at the police Precinct next day, Kei and Tilarna discuss the leak and if it’s possible for one of the hookers to have been able to secure the list, tamper with it and then leek it to the Press? One of Kei’s colleagues, the pretty blonde, has done some research and notices that one of the girls from the ‘Date Club’ in has accessed the files on a regular basis and it is none other than Zoey!

Cop Craft 07-09 - Checking out he PC drives
Checking out he PC drives


They realise that at this rate they will not be able to prosecute because she keeps accessing information and leaking it to the Press which is ruining their case.  Tilarna decides to confront Zoe and she goes into her apartment.

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Zoey learns that Timarna is a police officer and is very annoyed.  She believes that her friend has deceived her and admits to helping Moseleemay – then she is shot by a gunman outside who fires a rifle bullet through the window!

Tilarna confesses to Zoey that she is a cop - Zoey is shot!


Zoey Regrets Nothing Except Their Friendship

In a really well put together scene, as Kei runs after the gunman, Tirana listens to Zoe’s confession and learns that she regrets nothing.  Zoey had assumed that Tilarna was a stuck-up rich girl and that she doesn’t understand what it’s like to try and go straight in this city.  She continues, even though seriously injured, to resent Tilarna for their relationship.  She reiterates that she doesn’t feel guilty or bad about what happened.  Then she passes out.

Zoey is rushed to hospital. It seems that without the evidence and their star witness Zoey, that Moseleemay will actually not be prosecuted.

At Cole Moseleemay’s house, he and his wife discuss the situation.  It becomes very apparent, very quickly, that it was his wife who organised the killing to protect her husband. Although the dude is a womanising baddie, the wife is a cold-hearted killer!

At the hospital to Lana learns that the surgeons were unable to save Zoe’s life and the little Semani girl is very upset.  She feels she has lost a good friend.  Kei tries to explain that the case against Moseleemay is now in tatters.

Back at Zoe’s apartment Tilarna tidies continues her investigation she notices a picture of her and Zoey’s camera.  She takes the camera and in the final scene, she walks onto the balcony and takes a picture.


This episode is one of my favourites so far, it had a lot of heart and was much more mature than the previous episodes (all of which were good too). Tilarna is a stranger is a strange land and learning the hard way about the relationships are influenced by being a cop and how they change if she doesn’t follow some basic but not necessarily obvious rules. 

I’d still rate this a more serious 9.2 out of 10.  What did you think?  

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If you need to see any of the previous episodes, Click the titles: 1. Cop Show, Witch Craft, 2. Dragnet Mirage, 3. Midnight Train, 4. In the Air Tonight, 5. Lonesome Vampire and 6. Need for Speed 

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