Cop Craft Episode 6 Review – Terrific!

Cop Craft Review Episode 6 - Paradise City Theme by Masayoshi Oishi has just been released
The excellent “Paradise City” Opening Theme by Masayoshi Oishi has just been released.

This sixth episode started without a cliff hanger from the previous week (which was unusual).   If you need to see any reviews of the previous episodes, Click the titles: 1. Cop Show, Witch Craft, 2. Dragnet Mirage, 3. Midnight Train, 4. In the Air Tonight and 5, Lonesome Vampire.

Cop Craft: Quick recap of the Saga so far:

The show is about a young female Semanian (alien elf) knight called Tilarna who has traveled to Earth through the portal that has opened up between her world (a place of magical and mystical creatures such as elves and fairies etc.) to work with the police on Earth to battle injustice and some of the wrongdoings of her people (and humans), some of whom are being used and abused for Semanian profit.  The knight is called Tilarna and she suspects that the person who was responsible for the death of a friend of hers, an unscrupulous dude called Zelada, is still alive and heading up some illegal operations on Earth.

She is partnering a policeman called Sargeant Kei Matoba who works for the Special Vice Squad.  He is not the friendliest of people but he did suffer the loss of a younger sister a few years ago and he misses her.  It seems that Tilarna helps fill the void a little. He certainly puts up with her petulant antics and the sisterly-unfairness that younger siblings demonstrate.   Although, to be honest, we all like Tilarna  🙂

Tonight’s Episode is called Need For Speed

Cop Craft Episode 6 Review

The show opens with Kei waking up next to his nemesis, Kuroi the cat – as you may remember, Kei is allergic to his cat.  He screams for Tilarna who enters his room to ask what is wrong with the.  When Kei comes to his senses a little, Tilarna tells him that when she was able to cure him of his wounds on the roof where her fairy friend died, she was also able to cure him of other illnesses such as his allergy to his cat. The reason why she didn’t tell him was that she thought it was funny that he wore the allergy mask every night.  A little mean don’t you think?

Cop Craft Episode 6 Review -06-01 Tilarna tells Kei that she cured his Cat Allergy
Tilarna tells Kei that she cured his Cat Allergy

Later that day, they are driving when a speeding car clips Kei’s wing mirror.  The villain is closely pursued by a patrol car.  An all points bulletin then comes on the police radio to say that a car has sped off after being stopped by the police and that they should give assistance.

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Kei gives chase and frightens Tilarna to the point where she turns blue (I guess that’s normal for an elf in a fast car).  Kei gradually gets the better of the truck driver and forces it to swerve and tumble over.  The perpetrator manages to escape by running off but the truck is pretty much a write-off.  It’s cargo isn’t however, the truck was carrying pornography magazines.

The Patrol Officer and Kei talk about the incident and Kei explains to the patrolman that the perpetrator ran off and that the cargo is just normal porn, nothing illegal.  The Patrolman however disagrees, he points out that he wouldn’t be able to get his girlfriend to do anything like the situations in the pictures.  Kei tells him that his girlfriend isn’t normal.  The officer disagrees, etc. etc.

To be honest, Kei is probably right.  The Japanese are well known for coming up with lots of very pervy stuff and it would be really obvious if the material was illegal or not – see for yourself, with headings like “Special Issue, Beyond Politics” and “Pickup Secret Service Secrets” lol, I think the patrolman has a bit of a prudish girlfriend.  Hey, that’s ok, I’m very shy myself…… nothing wrong with that…. erm… back to the show….

The truck overturns and spills it's cargo of Pornography
The truck overturns and spills it’s cargo of relatively tame (for some) pornography

Tilarna Kills Kei’s Car

Things take a turn for the worse when Tilarna points out that she has moved Kei’s car for him.  Alas, she forgot to put on the hadn break and when Kei turns around to see where his car has been parked he sees it slipping back into the path of an oncoming truck.  The truck hits the car and Kei’s cool ride bursts into flames.

Back at the station, the boss asks (read shouts) at Kei and Tilarna.  He insists that they guess what he is feeling right now.  Tilarna volunteers that she thinks, by the look on his face, that he is feeling sick.  But we can all guess that his is simply very annoyed that a lorry and a flaming car are the result of Kei’s over-the-top pursuit tactics.

They argue, it’s quite a good argument, sad and funny and irritating all at the same time (just like all good arguments). Kei even brings Tilarna into the heated discussion – he calls her the alien that killed his beloved car, his partner that was always there for him (not Tilarna, the car!). Eventually, the police chief accepts that Kei lost his own car and says that he will try and get him a police replacement.  He also instructs Tilarna to get driving lessons and a driving license.

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As they leave the chief’s office, Tilarna drops the bombshell, “Kei,” she asks, “What is porn?”

Cop Craft Episode 6 Review - 06-03 Tilarna asks Kei to explain what porn means. Everyone's ears prick up
Everyone is surprised when Tilarna asks Kei to explain what porn means.

Tilarna hasn’t seen pornography – ever!

Kei hands over a porn magazine so that she can check it out for herself.  She is of course, appalled.  Kei innocently (yeah right) tries to explain that her parents did that stuff and Tilarna vehemently denies that they would.  Kei mischievously concludes that they must have had to procreate in the same way as bacteria.

Tilarna checks out some porn to see what all the fuss is about - she is in disbelief!
Tilarna checks out some porn – She is far too innocent to be believable

As comedy goes, it was a pretty funny sketch even if there were quite a few cheap shots at the innocent kid.  The comic timing from the voice actors and the director were particularly good.

Kei goes to ask Tony for help.  His colleague agrees but is unhappy about being asked to help search for the porn thief. He suspects (sarcastically) that the thieves are a bunch of 12 year olds. His partner suggests that the pornography magazines were probably targeted for smuggling into Leto Semani (the alien homeworld) where a small fortune could be made.

Tony Gets the Low-down from O’Neil

O’Neil contacts them and they go to meet. Tony needs (for some reason) to change into a disguise and the one he needs to be is once he doesn’t much care for. This character must be a little ‘harder’ and rougher around the edges.

In the nightclub, O’Neil chastises Tony by asking what character he s pretending to be. Tony gets annoyed and asked ‘where the little thief is hiding’.  O’Neil looks to the bar.

Tony gets O'Neil to tell him where the pon thief is

A young Semanian male is sat there alone and when Tony and his partner join him he seems timid and frightened. Tony, if a consummate actor and plays the villain fence very convincingly. The Semanian man explains that his world doesn’t have many photographs and the concept of pornography is alien to them.

Tony and the young Semanian arrange to do some business and Tony later phones tell Kei to talk about the plan to bring them into police custody. Tilarna tells Kai him that she is going to meet with Cecile Keis Ex). Then the Chief enters and gives him the keys to a new car, a sports car no less.

Tilarna goes to visit Cecile who helps her by providing driving lessons. Tilarna admits that she asked Cecile because she was a trusted friend of Kei. She also learns what ‘Ex’ means (as in ex-girlfriend). Tilarna is surprised and Cecile asks her if she ‘likes’ Kei.

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Tilarna replies that she doesn’t think so, it’s more about wanting to feel that she is his equal. Cecile says that theirs is more of a brother sister relationship which. Kei’s beloved sister died 10 years ago and that may be why the two of them get along so well.

It’s a Fair Cop – until it goes wrong

Next day, the whole team are at the meeting site – Kei is late.

Next day, the team are assembled to begin the job of capturing the Porn thieves
The team are assembled to begin the job of capturing the Porn thieves

He has been out driving all night in his new car. They all prepare for the arrival of the thieves and get ready for action – each will play a support role. However, the plan goes wrong.

The deal with the thieves goes sour and Tony is kidnapped
The deal with the thieves goes sour and Tony is kidnapped

Tony is kidnapped and the thieves drive off. Tilarna takes Kei’s sports car and gives chase – Kei is suffering some flash burns and can’t see properly. When he does regain his sight, he sees Tilarna’s lunatic driving style and suffers as she drives his car into the thieves getaway vehicle.

His car is again, a write-off.

Kei's second bruning car - Killed by Tilarna
Kei’s second bruning car – Killed by Tilarna

Conclusion and Rating

And the the show ends. Yes, Tilarna is lovely, but I’m not sure she is going to get away with such antics much more in the future.  She sure is high maintenance and she and Kei aren’t even bonking!

This episode had much more comedy than the last and it was really pleasant to watch.  I’m not sure how the character of Tilarna will develop, she surely can’t keep going on as she is, entertaining though that is.  Im looking forward to the next review which will be a little grittier – Tilarna makes a friend!  

I’d still rate this a comedic 8.7 out of 10.  What did you think?  

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If you need to see any of the previous episodes, Click the titles: 1. Cop Show, Witch Craft, 2. Dragnet Mirage, 3. Midnight Train, 4. In the Air Tonight and 5, Lonesome Vampire.

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