Battlestar Galactica: Character Biographies

This is for the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica characters as there are some striking differences between characters from the re-imagined Galactica saga than the original 1978 version – Boomer for instance, was a black male!

Commander William “Husker” Adama
Strong and Silient.

The Commander of the Battlestar Galactica, and one of the few remaining humans with combat experience against the Cylons.

 Captain Lee “Apollo” Adama
The Boyscout.

Commander Adama’s son, and the CAG aboard the Galactica. Apollo is a bouscout who always tries to do the right thing, no matter how wrong it is!

Dr. Gaius Baltar
Mad Scientist.

A womanizing, self serving, egotistical computer super genius. Baltar now serves as the Ragtag Fleet’s Cylon expert. He indirectly allowed the Cylons to attack the Colonies.

Billy Keikeya (no review)
Parental, spiritual.

The presidents majordomo. Billy could use some help when it comes to dating women.

 – Balti’s other half.

The strange, sexy, imaginary, real, nemesis and saviour of the mad scientist, Baltar.  Probably the main reason most male SadGeezers watch the show.

Lt. JG Sharon “Boomer” Valerii 
Insecure but Deadly.

The rook of the ship, Boomer is a raptor pilot, trying to fight her secret Cylon programming.

Petty Officer Second Class Dualla
Seductive and Efficient

One of people people who actually run the Galactica. Has a thing for Billy.

  Lt. Gaeta
Thourough and Mechanical!

A very thorough and orderly officer. He’s responsible for plotting all FTL jumps for the fleet. HE IS NOT A BIOCYLON.

 Lt. Karl C. “Helo” Agathon
The Other Boyscout.

Stranded on Caprica, Helo shows just how heroic a human being can be in the face of unstoppable enemy.

 President Laura Roslin
Experienced Politician.

Thrust into the role of President of the Colonies, Roslin tries desperately to keep humanity alive.

  Colonel Saul Tigh
Functional Drunk.

The Galactica’s executive officer and famous tactician. He likes to drink a lot, but knows how to make the difficult decisions.

Chief Petty Officer Galen Tyrol
Charismatic Chief of the Boat.

Tyrol is the highest ranking enlisted officer aboard the Galactica. He’s a mechanical expert who commands the respect of all the enlisted men and women.

Tom Zarek
Terrorist Turned Politician.

A power hungry former leader of the Sagittaron Freedom Movement, Zarek spent 20 years in prison before gaining his freedom and a position as Sagiattaron’s representative to the Quorum of the Twelve.

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