Tripping the Rift: Character Biographies

The crew of Free EnterpriseTripping the Rift Characters are pretty unique. The writers sharply avoided the usual sanitised format, (normal dude, strong dude, head dude and wimpy female) and went for a cool mix of misfits.

The Character section of this guide is interpretative. Most people have their own impressions of the main players and… this is ours.

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Main Cast Characters


The Captain of the overnight delivery vessel, Jupiter 42.

Wadda dude! Short, three eyes, fat and purple and he can STILL pull the girls.

Darph Bobo

Wadda dude! Oh, already done that but no, he really is, for different reasons. Darph is evil and has no respect for anything! Especially his own loyal stormtroopers! He blissfully butchers his way through life ans seems to get away with it.


Gus is a robot with a heart... no he isn’t! but he has at least got a brain… a nasty one. He/it is a cantankerous, insolent and sarcastic member of the crew.

Six of One

Six of One is the First Officer of The Jupiter 42… we think.

To some people think she’s a drop-dead gorgeous computer sprite! Those big… round… bright eyes are stunning!


Officially Whip is the ship’s foreman. But the Jupiter 42 doesn’t need a foreman, so he’s really the designated slacker. If you need something done right the first time, don’t give it to him, ’cause he won’t do it at all.


T’Nuk is the Ship’s pilot and token ugly alien. The only thing dirtier then this repulsive space pig is her mouth. T’Nuk is the only member of the crew capable of Bob (the spaceship) to get his ass in gear.

Spaceship Bob / Jupiter 42

The ship formerly know as, the Free Enterprise, is the fastest ship in the galaxy.  Too bad it also has some deep rooted fears, like the fear of wide open spaces!

Supporting Characters

Commander Adam

Leader of the Confederate forces, and a Captain Kirk wanna-be. Original owner of Six.


A total berk and godfreak, who organizing protests against curing deadly diseases. on the weekends she likes to troll the bboard.


Non-creator of the Universe. He may be immortal but he’s still no match for a Boeing 767. He’s a trickster, with a penchant for wrath.

The Devil

(no review yet) The Master of Lies, A supreme trickster who’s major accomplishments include Pauly Shore’s acting career.


The greatest mutilation ball player to ever don the chainsaw


Sexy vixen and murdess, and the daughter of High Dark Clown Bobo

Penelope Schlubb

The most successful defence lawyer o n Snozzle and possibly in the Galaxy

Benito McBlob

Chode’s grandfather and a geriatric stereotype. Nothing works in his body works as well as it once did, except for his resourceful mind.

Gus XP

The follow up to the popular but defective Gus model robots. His mission is to make his masters’ lives easier, then enslave them!


The founder and owner of Balltar Industries, o ne of the largest producers of synthetics. He’s a shunned robot with a major ‘tude against organics.

George Goodfellow

A corrupt conservative politician who ran for President of Floridian 7. He the first character we’ve seen having sex with Six.

Klak Klownman

The corrupt Dark Clown President of Floridian 7. Owes Chode a lot of money

Regis Philbrick

Long lost twin brother to Chode and ruler of Muldavia 5

Smith N Wesson

Former planetary governor of Harmonia 7. A complete gun nutter with a peacenik son.


(no review yet) The largest monkey diamond in existance, and Whip personal pet.

Mistress Pain

A sex slave who’s really a dominatrix.


(no review yet) Abusive wife to Dark Clown Overlord Darph Bobo. The power behind the throne.


The toughest bounty hunter in the galaxy.


A male sex slave who can feel love, and the money of big tippers.


A highly selective cheap prostitute.

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