Battlestar Galactica: Transcripts: S01E01: 33

Viper – Space
Apollo: and one minute to mark.

Baltar’s Daydream – His House on Caprica
#6: God has a plan for you, Gaius. He has a plan for everything and everyone. Gaius… are you even listening to me?

Colonial one
Pilot: (O.S.) Passengers, 30 seconds to mark.
Roslin: Men, women, age… You know what?, do this after the jump, it’s all right. Go ahead, sit down.

#6: You have to believe in something.
Baltar: I believe in a world I can and do understand. A rational universe, explained through rational means.
#6: I love you. That’s not rational.
Baltar: No. No, but… you’re not rational. You’re also not really here. Neither am I.

Colonial one
Pilot: (O.S.) Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, our 33 minutes are almost up once again. Please prepare for our faster-than-light jump. Thank you.
Roslin: Cutting it a little close this time, aren’t we, Billy?
Billy: The pilot says they’ve had to reboot the F.T.L. computer again.

Galactica – Hangars
Cally: Why do the Cylons come every 33 minutes? Why isn’t it 34 or 35 or…?
Tyrol: Cally…
Cally: What?
Tyrol: Shut up.

Galactica – Command
Gaeta: 15 seconds.
Duella: Sir?, jump 237 underway. 53 ships have jumped, ten still reporting trouble with their F.T.L. Drives, including Colonial one.
Adama: We’re getting slower.
Tigh: Maybe this time…
Gaeta: Dradis contact. It’s the Cylons.
Tigh: Dammit.
Adama: Not this time, maybe the next. I got another idea for the next cycle.

Colonial one
Pilot: (O.S.) Ladies and gentlemen, I’m afraid the Cylons have appeared again. However, our F.T.L. drive is now working and we will jump momentarily.
Baltar: Five days now. There are limits… to the human body, the human mind. Tolerances that you can’t push beyond. All those are facts. Provable facts. Everyone has their limit.

Viper – Space
Apollo: All right, you know the drill, people: scatter formation. Keep ’em off the civvies, and don’t stray beyond the recovery line.

Galactica – Command
Tigh: Watch the ammo hoists on the main guns. You’ve got a red light right there!
Duella: We have a hit on the starboard bow. Away the damage control parties.
Gaeta: Basestar’s launching raiders.
Duella: Colonial one is ready to jump.
Gaeta: All civilian ships away, including Colonial one.
Adama: Recover fighters, stand by to jump.

Viper – Space
Apollo: Combat landings.

Galactica – Command
Duella: All fighters aboard, sir.
Adama: Execute jump.
Gaeta: Jump 2-3-7 complete.
Duella: All civilian ships present and accounted for, sir.
Tigh: Start the clock. And let’s start prepping for the next jump.
Gaeta: Clock is running. 33 minutes… mark.

Galactica – Hangars
Tyrol: You got 32 minutes, people.

#6: You know you’re not safe.
Baltar: No, of course not. The Cylons will follow us again, as they have the last 237 times.
#6: You’re right, you know?, there are limits. Eventually you’ll make a mistake.
Baltar: And then they’ll kill us all. Yes. Yes, I know, but… not for another 33 minutes.

Galactica – Adama’s quarters
Adama: (in the bathroom, shaving) I wanna try something new this time. Divide the fleet into six groups… and the j– (cuts himself) and then jump two more times, and on the fourth jump, we rendezvous at a common set of coordinates.
Tigh: (sitting in the small living-room) 24 jumps to plot. We’re breaking our humps calculating one jump every 33 minutes.
Adama: (coming out of the bathroom) Get off my jacket.
Tigh: (re: some food on the table, which he tries) Are you eating this?
Adama: Not anymore.

Galactica – Ready Room
Apollo: Combat landings expected again to be the order of the day, so double-check your undercarriage before… Look, you’ve all done this 237 times. You know what to do. No mistakes, and let’s make it to 2-3-8. And good luck, and be careful out there.

Galactica – Hangars
Tyrol: Hey, can you do me a favor? Tell Captain Apollo he owes me one wing.
Deckhand: You got it, Chief.
Tyrol: No, Cally, there’s three. I know there’s three. Can you check it again for me, please?
Cally: Yeah.
Tyrol: At least get some starting to work? Hey, we’ll sleep when we’re dead, come on.

Galactica – Viper in Hangar
Crashdown: Boomer, heard the latest?: these Cylons look like us now. Primary fuel?
Boomer: Primary fuel 2-8-9-3 K.R.G.
Crashdown: A marine told one of the pilots that we marooned some guy back on Ragnar because the X.O. thought that he was a cyclon.
Boomer: You know what?: I don’t give a frak. Red light on the number-four thruster. Go make a visual I.D., see if it’s blocked.
Crashdown: Right.
Tyrol: A little rough on the new E.C.O. Don’t you think?
Boomer: He’s not my E.C.O. He’s some refugee from Triton that I’ve been saddled with, and I didn’t ask you.
Tyrol: Helo’s gone, Sharon.
Boomer: I didn’t ask you that, either! (as he leaves) Sorry…

Galactica – Non-descript Room
Socinus: Colony?
Duella: Saggitaron. How many have you got?
Socinus: 5,251 survivors from Saggitaron, last count. (she holds out a picture for him) We can’t transmit photos yet. So if you want, you could leave ’em here with us, or you can put ’em on the board outside. I’m sorry.
Duella: Thanks.
Socinus: Next? (someone else steps up) Colony?
Duella goes out to a hallway and stares at the hundreds of pictures of missing people on the walls.

Colonial one
Billy: Update on the head count… Madam President.
Rolsin: (looking at the new count) How did we lose 300?
Billy: There were some overcounts, a few deaths from wounds, and a few missing, during the last attack.

#6: Do you want children, Gaius?
Baltar: Let me think about that for a minute. No.
#6: Procreation is one of God’s commandments.
Baltar: Really? Well, I’m sure someday, if you’re a good cyclon, he’ll reward you with a lovely little walking toaster of your very own.
#6: I want us to have a child, Gaius.
Baltar: You can’t be serious.

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Colonial one
Billy: It’s Dr. Amarak…?
Baltar: What was that? So sorry for interrupting you while you were speaking. You were just saying?
Billy: Oh, I was just saying that a Dr. Amarak had requested to speak with the President.
Baltar: Dr. Amarak, I see.
Roslin: You know him?
#6: Have you always been able to multitask like this?
Baltar: Yes… yes. I used to work with him at the Ministry of Defense.
Billy: It says here that he’s uncovered important information, regarding how the Cylons were able to defeat colonial defenses.
#6: I was always a little worried he was on to us.
Baltar: Were you? Going to speak to him? Perhaps I should speak to him, if you’re busy.
Billy: I think he wanted to speak directly with the President. Sounded urgent.
#6: Must be very, very important. Maybe something about a certain traitor in the President’s inner circle.
Roslin: There’s not enough time before we jump. I want him on board first thing during the next cycle. Oh, thank you, Doctor.
#6: I’d say you have a serious problem.
Baltar: If I can help. (leaves)
Roslin: He’s a strange one, isn’t he?
Billy: Cuckoo.

We see Helo running through the woods from two Cylons. He lures the Cylons into a trap, involving a claymore mine. The mine leaves one of the Cylons partially active, he pulls out a handgun and shoots it with an angry cry. Afterwards he seeks shelter behind a big tree and treats himself for radiation sickness. It’s not long however before Helo spots #6, in a white leather raincoat. He points his gun at her but as she remains still, he turns to run away… but is confronted by a Cylon who takes him captive.

Galactica – Command
Duella: DC.
Tigh: 12 more cases of nervous exhaustion, that makes 61.
Adama: Have the doc start pumping ’em up with stimulants. Get ’em back on the line. Pilots too. one out of every three, every other cycle.
Tight: That’s gonna come back and bite us in the ass.
Adama: Yeah, well, we have too much work and not enough people to do it.
Duella: Fuel report.
Adama: I already signed one of these.
Duella: Yes, sir, sorry, sir. Com traffic too, from the President.
Adama: Is this my ten minutes or is this yours?
Tigh: Yours. I took ten last time.
Adama: See you guys in combat.
Duella: I believe it was your ten minutes, sir.
Tigh: The old man’s so tired, he can’t remember that it’s his turn.

Galactica – Hangars
Apollo: Hey, you see the note from the X.O.?
Starbuck: Yeah, I saw it. No way.
Apollo: Kara, everyone else-
Starbuck: I don’t fly with stims. They blunt your reflexes, your reaction time…
Apollo: Come on, kara, gimme a break. Just-
Starbuck: Why are we arguing about this?
Apollo: I have no idea.
Starbuck: Neither do I. You’re the CAG, act like one.
Apollo: What the hell does that mean?
Starbuck: It means that you’re still acting like you’re everyone’s best friend. We’re not friends, you’re the CAG. “Be careful out there”? Our job isn’t to be careful, it’s to shoot Cylons out of the frakkin’ sky. “Good hunting” is what you say. And now one of your idiot pilots is acting like a child and refusing to take her pills. So she either says “Yes, sir” and obeys a direct order, or you smack her in the mouth, and you drag her sorry ass down to sick bay, and you make her take those pills.
(Pause, then she snickers. He follows.)
Apollo: Well, I’m glad I’m not working for you.
Starbuck: Damn right you’re glad.
Apollo: So do I have to smack you in the mouth, lieutenant?
Starbuck: No, sir, I’ll take my pills. Oh, perfect. (takes them)
Apollo: Carry on.
Starbuck: Yes, sir.
Intercom: Pilots to Ready Room, pre-flight briefing. Pilots to ready room.
Starbuck: (to a watching Tyrol) What?

Galactica – Command
Gaeta: Jump 2-3-8 complete.
Tigh: Start the clock.
Gaeta: 33 minutes… mark.
Duella: All civilian ships present and… strike my last. one civilian ship missing and unaccounted for, sir.
Tigh: Which one?
Duella: The Olympic Carrier, commercial passenger vessel.
Adama: Were they left behind?
Duella: I think I accounted for all civilian ships before we left-
Tigh: You think. Did you or didn’t you?
Duella: They’re… they’re not logged in, sir. I think they may have been left behind.
Adama: How many people aboard ship?
Duella: 1,345 souls, sir.
Tigh: You’re telling me we left over 1,300 people to die at the hands of the Cylons?
Gaeta: It may not have been her fault, sir. It may have simply been a navigational error and they jumped to the wrong coordinates, or the Cylons may have destroyed the ship before they jumped-
Tigh: Or 50 other things may have happened. The point is: we don’t know what the hell did happen! Yes, we’re tired. Yes, there’s no relief. Yes, the Cylons keep coming after us, time after time, after time. And yes, we are still expected to do our jobs!
Adama: We make mistakes, people die. There aren’t many of us left. Carry on.

Colonial one
Rolsin: Okay… next crisis.
Billy: Uh, list of calls.
Rolsin: Yes. But first, where’s the doctor that’s supposed to be onboard, what’s his name?
Billy: Dr. Amarak.
Roslin: Yes… Dr. Amarak.
Billy: Well… he was on the Olympic Carrier.

#6: God is watching out for you, Gaius.
Baltar: The universe is a vast and complex system; coincidental, serendipitous events are bound to occur. Indeed, they’re to be expected. They’re part of the pattern, part of the plan.
#6: Dr. Amarak posed a threat to you. Now he’s gone. Logic says there’s a connection.
Baltar: A connection, maybe, but not God. There is no God, or gods, singular or plural. There are no large, invisible men -or women, for that matter- in the sky, taking a personal interest in the fortunes of Gaius Baltar.
#6: Be careful: that which God gives he can also take away.

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Galactica – Command
Gaeta: 15 seconds.
Tigh: Maybe this time.
Adama: Dradis?
Gaeta: No enemy contacts.
Adama: Keep the clock running.
Tigh: What do you think?
Adama: I think we wait.

Galactica – Command / Colonial one
Adama: Get me the President.
Roslin: (on the “phone”) Why this time? Was it something that you did?
Adama: (also on the “phone”) We had a new plan, but we didn’t have time to implement it yet.
Roslin: Well, we lost that ship during the last cycle, the Olympic Carrier. Did that have something to do with it?
Adama: Possibly. (long pause)
Roslin: Are you there?
Adama: Yeah, I’m here.
Rolsin: What do we do now, Commander? I’ve got people on the verge over here.
Adama: We’re gonna go to Condition Two. We have to take advantage of this time, let our people get some rest.
Roslin: All right. And how long do we, um, stay at condition two?
Adama: Until I’m satisfied they’re not gonna return. It’s a military decision. Adama: Until I’m satisfied they’re not gonna return. It’s a military decision.
Roslin: Yes, it is, I know that, you’re right. I defer to your decision and, Commander… let your men and women know how grateful I am for the job that they are doing. Please… thank them for me.
Adama: Thank you, madam President. Thank you. (hangs up) Contact Apollo. Tell him to set up a combat patrol around the fleet. Order his other pilots to land immediately.

Vipers – Space
Apollo: All right, people, you heard the order. Boomer, Starbuck, form up with me. We’ll fly the first cab. I want everyone else back on Galactica and in their racks. Three-hour rotation.
Starbuck: Hey, Apollo, not that I’m not honored by being chosen to sit in my cockpit for the next three hours, but-
Apollo: But why you?
Starbuck: Mmm.
Apollo: Take a guess.
Starbuck: ‘Cause I’m on drugs?
Apollo: (chuckling) You got it, this patrol is 100% stimulated. (Starbuck laughs)
Crashdown: Does anyone else feel like they have frakkin’ ants crawling behind their eyeballs? (Starbuck laughs some more)
Apollo: Hey, how about you, Boomer? Doc tells me you’re holding up better than anybody in the squadron.
Boomer: I’m tired, like everybody else.
Apollo: You never seem it.
Starbuck: ‘Cause she’s a cyclon.
Boomer: You’re just gonna make me come over there and kick your ass, aren’t you?
Apollo: Okay, okay, let’s set up a patrol here before somebody gets hurt. Follow me.
Strabuck: Copy that, Apollo.

Galactica – Command
Tigh: Oh, couple’a hours rack time does sounds awfully sweet right about now.
Adama: You deserve it.
Tigh: Like hell. Truth is, all this has me feeling… well, more alive than I have in years.
Adama: You look that way too. It’s good to see you without the cup in your hand.
Tigh: Ehh, don’t start.
Adama: But I know there’s a whole lot of people aboard this ship that wish you weren’t feeling as good as you are.
Tigh: If the crew doesn’t hate the X.O. Then he’s not doing his job. Besides, gotta make the old man look good.
Adama: I always look good.
Tigh: Look in the mirror. Seriously… sir.
Adama: It’s one thing to push the crew, it’s another thing to break ’em.
Gaeta: Dradis contact! Bearing 3-4-8, Carom 1-2-0. one ship. Getting recognition signal… it’s the Olympic Carrier, sir.
Tigh: Is that confirmed?
Duella: It’s confirmed, sir.
Tigh: Thank the gods.
Adama: Action stations. (surprised, Tight looks at him) Put the fleet into Condition one. I want all Vipers manned and ready, but keep ’em in the tubes. Mr. Gaeta!
Gaeta: Sir!
Adama: Restart the clock, 33 minutes.
Tigh: I hope you’re wrong.
Adama: So do I. So do I.

Baltar: No, no, no… it’s all wrong. If they were left behind, why didn’t the Cylons destroy them? Why are they showing up now?
#6: It’s God’s punishment for your lack of faith.
Baltar: Oh, that’s just great, that is. A more logical and useful explanation, please?
#6: All right: the Olympic Carrier’s been infiltrated by cyclon agents. They’ve been tracking the ship all along.
Baltar: No… then that means…
#6: Logically, in order for you to survive, the Olympic Carrier should be destroyed.

Vipers – Space
Boomer: Olympic Carrier, Olympic Carrier this is Raptor 478, call sign “Boomer”. I have you in visual contact. Please respond on this channel, over.
OC Pilot: (O.S.) Raptor 478, this is the Olympic Carrier. We have you in visual contact. Thank the Lords of Kobol. You don’t know how relieved we are to see you.
Boomer: Roger that, Olympic Carrier. Can I ask about your whereabouts?
OC Pilot: (O.S.) We had trouble with our F.T.L. drive, took us almost three hours to fix.
Adama: Have Boomer ask them how they escaped the Cylons.
Boomer: Olympic Carrier, Boomer. I’ve been directed to ask you how you escaped from the Cylons.
OC Pilot: (O.S.) You got me. They were closing in on us when the rest of you were jumping. I thought we were goners, and they just broke off. Someone must’ve been watching out for us.
Boomer: Roger that.
OC Pilot: (O.S.) one other thing, Boomer: I’ve got a Dr. Amarak onboard. He claims he has an urgent matter to discuss with the President. He’s been driving me crazy.
Boomer: Olympic Carrier, can you be more specific?
OC Pilot: (O.S.) I’m afraid I can’t. He says he knows something about a traitor in our midst, and he’s unwilling to share any more than that.

Colonial one
Baltar: Madam President, I strongly recommend that we cut off all wireless communication with that ship right away.
Roslin: W-what- why, why?
Baltar: Look, forgive me for being rude, (slaps the table) but wake up, all right?! The only reason the Olympic Carrier is still flying is because the Cylons let them survive. They’ve been tracking that ship all along. There’s probably a cyclon agent aboard right now!
Roslin: Calm down! Start over.
Baltar: Please, Madam President, I implore you, listen to me. Cut off radio communication with that ship before they send, via broadcast signal, another computer virus to infect our ship, shortly before they blow us all up.
Roslin: Commander Adama, are you on the line?
Adama: Cut off the speakers, put it through the line. (picks up the phone) Yes, Madam President, and I’m inclined to agree with Dr. Baltar.
Roslin: Good, so do I.
Billy: Thank the gods you’re with us.
Baltar: God’s got nothing to do with this.

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Galactica – Command
Duella: Boomer, Galactica. Your orders are to jam all transmissions from the Oympic Carrier. No further voice contact is authorized.
Boomer: Roger that, Galactica.
Duella: Boomer, Galactica. Orders are to send the Olympic Carrier the following message by signal light: Message begins. “Maintain present position. Do not, repeat, do not approach the fleet, until further notice.” Message ends.
Rolsin: I’m getting a bad feeling about where this is headed.
Adama: So am I. If the ship poses a threat to us, we have to eliminate that threat.

Vipers – Space
Starbuck: I don’t think they got the message, Apollo.
Apollo: Yeah, I see it. Boomer, break wireless silence on my authority. Warn them to stop their engines immediately.

Galactica – Command
Adama: I suggest that that we evacuate the passengers and destroy the ship.
Roslin: That solves the problem if they’re tracking the ship. What if they’re tracking one of the passengers?

Vipers – Space
Boomer: Olympic Carrier, Olympic Carrier, you are ordered to stop your engines immediately. Acknowledge. Apollo, they’re not responding.
Apollo: You’re using the same channel?
Boomer: Yeah, but suddenly nobody’s home.
Apollo: Starbuck, fire a burst across their bow.
Starbuck: Copy that.
Apollo: Boomer? Let Galactica know we have a problem out here.

Galactica – Command
Duella: Commander? Message from Boomer. The Olympic Carrier is heading directly for us, sir. They’re refusing all orders to stop.

Vipers – Space
Boomer: Galactica, they’re still not responding and continue to head towards the fleet. Request instructions.

Galactica – Command
Adama: Order the fleet to execute jump 240. Get us between that ship and the fleet…
Gaeta: Commander, Dradis contact. Strike that, multiple Dradis contacts. It’s the Cylons.

Crashdown: Cylons on intercept course. They’ll be in weapons range, within… two minutes. , radiological alarm!

Galactica – Command
Duella: Radiological alarm!
Tigh: From where?
Duella: The Olympic Carrier, sir. They’ve got nukes onboard.
Adama: Madam President, we have to eliminate the Olympic Carrier immediately.
Roslin: There are 1,300 people on that ship.
Adama: We don’t know that. The Cylons may have captured them already.

Colonial one – Hallway
Baltar: She’s not gonna do it. She has to do it.
#6: It’s not her decision, Gaius.
Baltar: No?
#6: It’s God’s choice. He wants you to repent.

Galactica – Command
Adama: Look, at this point there’s no choice. It’s either them or us.

Colonial one – Hallway
#6: Repent of your sins. Accept His true love and you’ll be saved.
Baltar: I repent. Leta, I repent. I… repent.

Colonial one
Roslin: Do it.

Vipers – Space
Boomer: we have new orders. We are directed to… destroy the Olympic Carrier and return to Galactica.
Starbuck: It’s a civilian ship.
Crashdown: A civilian ship with nukes. I don’t see anybody in there, do you?
Apollo: The Cylons’ll be here any second. If we’re gonna do this, let’s just do it. Starbuck, form up with me, we’ll make one pass from astern.
Starbuck: What if you’re wrong? Lee, come on… Lee!
Apollo: Okay, fire on my mark.
Starbuck: No frakkin’ way, Lee. Lee… Come on!
Apollo: Mark.
He fires and, moment later, she does too. The Olympic Carrier goes boom.

#6: Are you alive?
Helo: Agathon, Carl C. Lieutenant Junior Grade, Colonial Fleet, P.K. 789934…
#6: I know who you are, Helo. It’s all right, I’m a friend.
She kisses him and a gunshot is heard. #6 has been shot in the back an “dies”. “Boomer” runs up to Helo.
Helo: Sharon? What are you doing here?
Boomer: Can you walk?
Helo: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I think so. What are you doing here?
Boomer: Just move, mister.
As they walk away another #6 appears flanked by a Cylon, and they just watch the “humans” go.

Galactica – Ready Room
Apollo: Sir.
Adama: Son… I gave the order. It was my responsibility.
Apollo: I pulled the trigger. That’s mine.

Colonial one
Billy: Madam President. Madam President.
Roslin: I’m sorry, were you saying something?
Billy: 24 hours, no Cylons. At least you know it was the right choice.
Roslin: The right choice? I’m sorry, Billy, I think I’d like some time alone, please.
Billy: Of course.
Roslin: What is it?
Billy: Update on the head count.
Roslin: Subtract how many?
Billy: Actually, you can add one. A baby was born this morning on the Rising Star. A boy.
Roslin: A baby?
Billy: Yep.
Roslin: Thank you.
She goes to the board and writes the new figure: 47,973. And smiles a little…

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