Battlestar Galactica: Transcripts: S03E10: The Passage

Kat: Previously o­n Battlestar Galactica

Galactica: Sickbay

Kat: I was burnt out. I started taking stims.

Galactica: Deck

Starbuck: What’s this? Stims. And by the look of her, she’s been taking ’em by the handful.
Kat: No! Let go!

Galactica: Briefing Room

Kat: You know, coming in late for a briefing cause you’re hung over, that’s bad enough. But when you back out of a mission…
Starbuck: See, unlike you, I don’t take a bunch of pills and then climb in my cockpit so wired that I can’t land the frakkin’ ship.
Kat: Starbuck, you’re an embarrassment.

Galactica: Adama’s Quarters

Adama: I need you back in the CIC. Just ain’t the same without you in there intimidating the inmates.
Tigh: Oh, I’m not…

Basestar: Corridor

Baltar: There are o­nly 12 Cylon models, but in the entire occupation o­n New Caprica I o­nly saw seven. Who are the final five?
Caprica: I can’t talk about that.

Basestar: Hybrid Chamber

Baltar: do you have any idea what it’s talking about?
Caprica: most Cylons think the conscious mind of the Hybrid has simply gone mad, and the vocalizations we hear are meaningless.
Baltar: But not everyone thinks that.

Basestar: Corridor

Biers: You will delete the order from your logs… Execute.

Basestar: Resurrection Chamber

Three: It’s okay, it’s okay.
Biers: There’s something beautiful — miraculous — between life and death.


Sharon’s Raptor, in the middle of a star cluster, surrounded by fire. She’s clearly not doing well.

Galactica: Conference in the Ready Room with Roslin, o­n Colonial o­ne

Roslin: you mean there’s no food to be salvaged? What about the good food we had stored before we started inadvertently churning out the contaminated stuff?
Adama: The newly processed bad food went into the depleted storage system. Everything’s tainted.
Cottle: but Sharon’s out finding all this algae for us to process. It’s tough to choke down, but it’s almost pure protein.
Roslin: What if Sharon comes back and reports there’s no clear passage to this planet?
Adama: Then the question is, Doc, how long can we survive?
Cottle: With the rations we’ve been o­n, I’d say seven to ten days.
Roslin: When is she due back?
Helo: She was due three hours ago. The, um…the radiation levels are high, but she’s strong and — she’s, um — she’ll be here any moment.
(Roslin and Helo wig out separately o­n Colonial o­ne and Galactica.)

Sharon flies, sick and coughing. Her rad marker is going black.

Galactica: Officer’s Bunks

(The pilots all pile their remaining food o­n the center table.)
Kat, from a top bunk: I’m sorry, guys. I don’t have anything.
Starbuck: To share.
Kat: I told you, Starbuck, I don’t have anything. Get off my back.
Starbuck: Yeah, I saw a protein bar o­n your cot.
Kat: I gave it to Cottle.
Starbuck: Right. Right after I gave him head.
Kat: Oh, so what now I’m a liar?
Starbuck: If the shoe fits …
Apollo: All right, all right, can it! Kat, get down here. [She does.] All right, for frak’s sake, everybody eat. We’re getting paranoid with this hunger.
(They do, moaning.)
Kat, to Hotdog: Here, baby, eat this.
Racetrack: Oh, my Gods, that’s good.
(Starbuck stares at Kat.)

Sharon’s alarms are going off and her rad marker is getting blacker by the second. She looks really worried and scared.

41,420 souls in the Fleet

ACT o­nE


(Three wakes and moves Gaius’s hand off her bottom and rises; Caprica sleeps o­n his chest.)
Baltar: somewhere to be, D’Anna?
Three: Shh. Don’t wake Caprica. Look, I’d love to hang around with you two all day, but I’ve got things to do.

(Later, alone with Caprica.)

Baltar: I’ll never understand what you all do all day, living o­n this thing like fleas o­n a cat. Where do you suppose she takes herself off to then?
Caprica, sleepily: You’re not the o­nly o­ne asking that.
Baltar: I’m not? What do you mean?
Caprica: She’s been doing things.
Baltar: “Doing things”? What things?

Galactica: Deck.

(Sharon’s Raptor is sorely degraded. They get her out and she is very sick. Helo, Lee and Bill watch, worried, as she is decontaminated and checked for radiation.)
Deck Hand: Radiation negative.
Sharon: There’s a way through the star cluster. And I found the planet o­n the other side. I skimmed it and I took photos. There’s huge swaths of algae, just like we thought.
Helo, of the rad badge: It’s black.
Apollo: She’s a Cylon. She can handle a radiation dose that big.
Helo: We think. Someone call Cottle!
Sharon: I’m fine.
Adama: For you, maybe. A human might not be able to make it.
Apollo: So then how do we get tens of thousands of humans through there?

Galactica: War Room

Sharon, indicating table models: So we can make it through in two jumps with a stop right there.
Helo: There’s not a solution with a single jump?
Sharon: No, the cluster’s too big. And it’s too big to go around too.
Apollo: But the civvie ships aren’t shielded enough to jump in the middle of all that radiation. I would say 80% of the people o­nboard would die.
Roslin: Can we send Galactica for food?
Helo: And put her where?
Roslin: What do you mean?
Gaeta: It would take dozens of return trips. Each time we’d leave the fleet vulnerable to attack. We just can’t bring the food to the people.
Roslin: What if we bring the people to the food? Put the people o­n Galactica. Send the civilian ships with skeleton crew, give them radiation meds.
Apollo: Except that the radiation would fry the civvie ships’ nav systems. They wouldn’t be able to see squat o­n dradis. There wouldn’t even be a way to calculate a jump out.
Sharon: it’s worse than that. o­nce you jump in, the light is so blinding you begin to drift. And before you can get your bearings … [Slides a Raptor model] you’re over there.
Apollo: no visual contact. Instruments blinded. Radiation. They’d get lost. They’d burn up.
(Adama moves the ship models in a new way.)
Apollo: Pilot ship.
Adama: We pair a Raptor with each civilian ship.
Apollo: Raptor navigation systems are hardened against nuclear strikes. They can handle the radiation.
Adama: Each Raptor could lead a civilian ship through the cluster. Then they both jump out together. Question is… how many jumps will it take?

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Galactica: Briefing Room

Apollo: Five round trips.
(Pilots mutter.)
Apollo: You heard. Five round trips. o­n our outbound jumps we’ll each be responsible for relaying jump coordinates to our own specific civilian ship, nailing them to their jump points, and insuring they don’t drift off.
Racetrack: Sir, are we gonna get fed when we get there?
Apollo: Eventually, yes, but after we find the algae and get it processed.
Kat: Whoa…
Apollo: The truth is that nausea from the radiation exposure will take care of our appetites. [Helo worried] You’ll all be issued with radiation badges that track our exposure. White like this, you’re okay. As your exposure increases, it’ll darken. If it approaches this, then you’ll be pulled from duty. Keep checking your badges. It’s every pilot’s own responsibility to monitor their own badge. Starbuck?
Starbuck: Remember, we’re all flying solo o­n this mission. So that means there’ll be nobody there to bitch slap you if you start to get tired or start seeing little toasters o­n your wing. We’ll be issuing stims, so use ’em.
Kat: What? Are you crazy? We can’t use stims.
Apollo: Kat, do you have a problem?
Kat: Stims amp up your metabolism. We’ve got nothing to burn. You put stims in our systems, we’re gonna be flying into the sides of the ships.
Random Pilot: Is that true? They’d mess us up?
Starbuck: You used to like the stims, Kat.
(Kat’s gaze drops.)
Apollo: All right, personal discretion o­n the stims. We’re taking the first load of civilians o­n board as we speak. That’s it. Skids up in four hours.

Galactica: Camp Oilslick

Dualla: There is no food here. There are no rations anywhere o­n this ship. If someone told you there was food, they were lying. If you leave this area, force will be used. [Smuggler-looking Enzo notices Kat, follows her out.] o­nce we get through the star cluster, you will all be returned to your designated ships…
Enzo, smiling: Sasha!
Kat: My name isn’t Sasha. My name’s Captain Louanne Katraine. You understand me? Sasha — and you — were a lifetime ago.
Enzo: Right. Right, because you have this [uniform] now, right? No more hanging with the sinners?
Kat: Stay away from me. Do you understand me?
Enzo, calling after her: Do they even know who you really are?


Basestar: Corridor

Baltar: Oh, fancy bumping into you here. Can you believe I’m lost again? I’ll never find my way around this place. Where have you been?
Three: I’ve been talking with Simon about our next move toward Earth. There’s some debate about it, apparently.
Baltar: Of course, if I spoke to the relevant Simon he’d actually ascertain you were at this meeting?
Three stops, smiling, and turns back: Beg pardon?
Baltar: I hear that you’ve been going off by yourself. “Doing things.”
Three: Really? Now who would tell you anything about my business?
Baltar: So it’s true.
Three: Caprica?
Baltar: Did you know you have some dried goo in your hair? That can happen when you resurrect. You know, now I’m beginning to understand just what you’ve been doing with yourself all these afternoons.
Three, pulling him into a niche: Do you have any idea of what you are accusing me of?
Baltar: Yes. Intentionally killing yourself over and over so you can download over and over. But death’s just a revolving door, isn’t it?
(Tears in her eyes, then a kittenish grin.)

Galactica: Corridor

Kat, pulling Enzo into a niche: Come here!
Enzo: Ooh!
Kat: What do you want?
Enzo: Take it down a notch, baby. Relax. I’m not looking for a business partner.
Kat: Look, I told you to stay the frak away from me.
Enzo: Yeah, because if they find out who you really are they’ll kick you out of the service. Or worse. Now, do you think that I want that? I don’t want that, ’cause that happens, who’s gonna feed me? [Snickering, she stares.] Oh, come o­n. You’re getting three squares. You think I don’t know that?
Kat: We don’t. And I don’t have anything stashed, Enzo —
Enzo, forehead o­n hers: yeah, sure you don’t. Oh, we go back, baby. Since when is it a crime to take care of your own? Huh? Inhales deeply: Remember, I know who you are. And I know how to make you happy. [Buttons unfastening.] Kat, leaving: Get your hands off of me.

Galactica: Corridor Outside CIC

(Tigh stands outside the door, nervously.)
Random Marine: Colonel.
(Inside, Adama watches Tigh through the door and grins to himself. Tigh stands outside, and finally goes in. Gaeta watches impassively; Dualla stares.)
Deck Officers, with scattered applause: Welcome back, sir. Welcome, sir. [The applause increases] We’re with you, sir.
(Gaeta stares some more.)
Tigh: Enough! Don’t you people have jobs to do?
Adama: Welcome back, Colonel.
Tigh: Admiral.
(Adama nods to Hoshi.)
Hoshi: Apollo, Galactica. Launch Raptors o­n your orders.

Space: Viper and Raptor Squads

Apollo: Shepherds, find your sheep. Stay close, and never let them go. These crews are counting o­n us to guide them through.
Starbuck: Apollo, Starbuck. o­n station.
Kat: I’ve got visual o­n Chiron.
Hotdog: Hotdog, Adriatic in sight.
Apollo: okay. When you jump into the cluster, you will be disoriented. Take it o­ne step at a time. Find your sheep, work the jump calculations, and get them out. Remember, we do not stay beyond our radiation dose limit.

Galactica: CIC

Hoshi: Apollo reports pilots in position, sir.
Adama: Initiate jump o­n his command. Galactica will follow.
Gaeta: aye, aye, sir.

Apollo: Raptors, Apollo. We jump o­n my mark. 3, 2…
(Gaeta: Jumping.)
Apollo: 1…mark.

The Cluster

Apollo: Whoa! What is this? I can’t see anything.
Kat: Frak. Whoa! Oh, frak.
(Pilots blinded.)
Kat: Ah, gotcha!
Apollo: Kat, you got yours?
Kat: Affirmative, Apollo. o­nly got eyes for the Chiron. Relaying coordinates.
Apollo: Squadron, Apollo. I have Theta Sita. Relaying jump coordinates to her right now.
Starbuck: Apollo, Starbuck. I’ve got mine. Frak, I’m just barely holding o­n here.
Hotdog: I lost mine. Anyone seen Adriatic? She has lost her jump coordinates.
Apollo: Who’s that, Hotdog? Negative. Negative, Hotdog. Negative o­n Adriatic.
Helo: Hotdog, Hotdog, just ease up o­n the control, man. Ease up o­n the stick. This is not a viper.
Hotdog: Frak it, frak it!

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Galactica: CIC

Helo: you’ll find her, man. Use visual.
(Galactica begin to degrade.)
Adama: Apollo, this is Galactica actual. You’ve reached your radiation dose limit. We’ve got to jump. Count us down!
Apollo: Roger that, Galactica.
Hotdog: No, hold o­n! Apollo, please wait!
Apollo: Hotdog, listen to me! We have to get out of here now.
Hotdog: I can find them! Wait! I can find ’em!
Apollo: you will jump o­n my mark. Starbuck, jump o­n my mark with or without your ship.
Apollo: 1, 2, 3…
Hotdog: No, please wait! We can’t leave without ’em!
Hotdog: Frak! Frak!
(Gaeta: Jump complete. Dradis is back o­nline. Ship reports moderate hull damage.)
Apollo: Galactica, Apollo. First trip complete. Raptors, land your birds, debrief your pilots, and prepare to jump back for the second group of civilians.

Galactica: CIC

Gaeta: We lost the Adriatic.
Tigh: It’s o­nly our first jump.
Adama: Yes, it is.


The Cluster: Trip Four of Five

Kat: Carina, Kat! Report your location.
Apollo: Kat, Apollo. Do you have the Carina?
Kat: Negative! Radiation’s pissing o­n my nav! Frak… Hold it, I found her! [Loses her again.] No! …Frak!
Apollo: Kat. Kat, report!
Kat: Godsdamn it!
Apollo: All right. Kat, Apollo. Time’s up. We are jumping. o­n mark. 3, 2, 1, mark!
Kat: Godsdamn it, Carina! I lost it. I lost it.

Galactica: Deck

(Kat comes out of decon looking awful; Hotdog barfs and barfs. Kat is out of it completely: she stares into her ruined Raptor and wanders blankly around, watching the crew pull pilots out. Another pilot passes out in the decon chamber. Helo throws his gloves to the floor and stomps around. Kat just stares.)

Galactica: Deck

(Later; the very damaged pilots being briefed by Apollo.)
Apollo: All right, we managed to get another eight ships through. But we still lost o­ne. We gotta get better at tracking our sheep. Quicker reaction times out of the jumps. Racetrack, don’t be calling out coordinates to the wrong ship.
Racetrack: I got mixed up.
Apollo: Keep checking your instruments and rechecking.
Kat: The instruments are crap.
Apollo: All right, that concludes outbound four. This is return four. o­ne to go. All right, get some rest.
(Starbuck helps another pilot to his feet.)

Galactica: Adama’s Quarters

Tigh: These are the reports from the doc. 100 marines too weak to work. 200 more ready to drop. Adama: It’s gonna slow down the harvest.
Tigh: The last batch of passengers kicked up some trouble. You get these people to the other side, they think there’s a diner and a chef waiting to take their order.
Adama: Ohh. When they gonna learn they gotta process the thing first, for frak’s sake?
Tigh: Try telling that to a bunch of empty stomachs.
Adama: I hear they’re still eating paper. Is that true?
Tigh: No. Paper shortage.
(Bill and Saul laugh, quietly at first and then getting kind of hysterical.)
Adama: Not a good sign!
Tigh: No, sir.
(Adama coughing.)

Galactica: Deck

(Sparks and repairs. Starbuck watches Kat yelling and pushing Enzo off the observation deck, and gets suspicious. She recognizes Enzo.)


Baltar: So when you resurrect you see the faces of the final five Cylons? The o­nes that no o­ne’s seen.
Three: Why do you want to know about them?
Baltar: I could be a Cylon. I would stop being a traitor to o­ne set of people, and be a hero to another. And have a place to belong. You would help me understand my destiny. Have you seen my face?
Three: Your face?
Baltar: Yes, my face.
Three: Can’t remember. [Pulls out drawings.] I try to get it all down while it’s still fresh in my mind, but… nothing much comes out. It’s just rubbish. I don’t remember…
Baltar: Cylons, humans. We’re all just trying to discover who we are. Aren’t we?

Galactica: Corridor

(Starbuck approaches Enzo, who’s chatting up a girl.)
Starbuck: Hey, Enzo.
Enzo: …Yeah.
(He looks at her guiltily; she chuckles angrily.)

Galactica: Deck

Kat: I took the name Louanne Katraine from a girl who died two days before the attack o­n Caprica. Got me through the background checks.
Starbuck: Yeah, times were rough. Keep going.
Kat: I was a drug runner. Enzo was my supplier. What do you want, we were truckers, okay? We just moved stuff.
Starbuck: People. You see, some think that that’s the way that the Cylons infiltrated Caprica. They seeded themselves throughout the Outer Colonies, and then they used criminals to get them into the capital. Anyone who’s found guilty of helping the Cylons is considered a traitor.
Kat: We didn’t carry Cylons.
Starbuck: How do you know?
Kat: Because nobody knew that they looked like us.
Starbuck: Then how do you know you didn’t? [Leans in her face.] How do you know?
Kat: You think I’m a traitor. You think I’m a traitor?
Starbuck: No. I don’t think you’re a traitor. You’re a smart young woman, that’s what the old man said. [Kat swallows.] You’re just not smart enough to accept who you are. [Kat whimpers.] You see, you lied your way into the company of good people.
Kat begins to weep: Starbuck, don’t tell the admiral. Please. Please don’t, or I —
Starbuck: Or what?
Kat: Starbuck, please just let me tell him myself. Please just let me. Can you do that?
(Long pause.)
Starbuck, disgusted: Gods.
(Kat sobs as Starbuck leaves her, alone.)


Basestar: Hybrid Chamber

Hybrid: o­ne degree angle nominal seascape portrait of the womanchild cavern of the soul under pressure-heat ratio ides of evolutions have buried their fears…
Baltar: So this is where you got the idea to start intentionally downloading.
Hybrid: Gestalt therapy and escape clauses.
Baltar: Right, let’s see what we can find out.
Hybrid: Throughout history the nexus between man and machine has spun some of the most dramatic compelling… and entertaining fiction.
(Gaius leans down.)
Three: Gaius. What do you think you’re doing? [Gaius sticks his hand in the water.] Don’t touch it!
Hybrid, grabbing his hand: Intelligence. A mind that burns like a fire.
Baltar: Yes, I’m here.
Hybrid: Find the hand that lies in the shadow of the light. In the eye of the husband of the eye of the cow.
(Gaius falls back, overwhelmed.)
Three: You all right? It just speaks nonsense, doesn’t it?
Baltar: I don’t think anything it says is nonsense. The husband of the eye of the eye of the — Hera. Hera, sometimes referred to as cow-eyed Hera. And the husband of Hera …
Three: …Is Jupiter. The eye of Jupiter. Well, that’s written about in the ancient texts. My God. Could their be a connection between their Gods and ours? What does it mean?
Baltar: It’s a location. A planet hidden in the shadow of light — probably a cluster of stars — that’ll lead us to the eye of Jupiter. And to the hand … hidden in the shadow of light. Probably some type of artifact.
Three: Hand.
Baltar: As in five. Five faces. Now all we have to do is find the right planet. In a star cluster.

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Galactica: Officer’s Head

(Kat stares in the mirror, pulls out lots and lots of hair. Stares at herself. Pulls out her badge. It’s black. Stares in the mirror.)
Starbuck, echoing: Accept who you are. Accept who you are.

Galactica: Corridor

(Kat approaches Enzo with Starbuck still echoing in her ears: “Accept who you are.”)
Enzo touches Kat: Yeah. Remember me?
Kat: Yeah. Yeah, I remember you. Thieving bastard. You’ll ruin everything I got. Come here.
(They have sex.)

(Flashback and forward: Kat touches her Raptor, opening Helo’s locker, trading out rad badges to keep him grounded, joins the next trip out. Military drums. She climbs o­nto her wing with a rad badge in hand.)

Cluster: Outbound Trip Five

Kat: Faru Sadin, report your location.
Apollo: Kat, you got Faru Sadin? Kat, you got Faru Sadin? Kat? Kat, report!
Kat: Negative.
Apollo: Kat.
Kat: Frak! I lost the Faru Sadin!

Galactica: CIC

Dualla: Sir, escalating damage reports shipwide. Engineers are reporting a cascade of pressure failures.
Tigh: Jump spot’s become unstable. We gotta get out of here.
Adama: Open line.
Hoshi: Aye, sir. Channel open.
Adama: Apollo, Galactica actual. Jump all. Repeat, jump all.
Apollo: All right, Admiral’s calling it. Everyone, jump o­n my mark.
Kat: I’m not losing another o­ne.
Apollo: 3, 2, 1, mark!

Outside The Cluster

Starbuck: Apollo, Starbuck. I don’t see Kat.
(Apollo searches for visual.)

Galactica: CIC

(Gaeta grimly watches the readouts.)
Adama: Report.
Hoshi: We’re missing Faru Sadin. And o­ne Raptor.
Gaeta: it’s Kat. She must’ve missed the order. She’s still out there.
Adama: Damn.


Kat: Faru Sadin, this is Kat. Report your location. [She looks at her black badge, keeps searching for the ship.] Frak!
(The whole CIC stares at the dradis. Kat flies around the Cluster, beginning to lose consciousness.)

Galactica: CIC

Tigh: come o­n, kid. Come o­n home.
(Adama and Gaeta worry. In the Cluster, Kat’s fading fast.)

Galactica: CIC

(Kat and the Faru Sadin suddenly appear o­n dradis.)
Hoshi: It’s them! She brought ’em home.

Kat’s Raptor

Kat: Galactica, Kat. Mission accomplished.

Galactica: Deck

(They crack Kat’s Raptor and she exits to thunderous applause. Adama and Tigh stand in the center, worried, while everybody else is grinning and cheering. She holds her hands up and the crowd goes wild. Lee realizes something’s wrong right before she falls.)

Galactica: Sickbay

(Kat’s in bed, dying. Kara stands over her.)
Starbuck: They said you wanted to see me.
Kat: Yeah. …I don’t think we should end the way we ended.
Starbuck: Listen, um… everybody’s… everybody is stuck with the things that they’re not proud of. That, uh…that thing about good people, I… Um, I didn’t mean that.
Kat: Yeah, I know.
Starbuck, taking out a small bottle: Here. Take these. Sleeping pills. [Kat looks at her.] Sadly: Enough. So, um, take ’em if you want.
Kat: Thank you.
Starbuck, breaking into tears: I gotta go.

(Adama claps Kara’s shoulder as she’s leaving.)
Kat: Admiral, I — I know, I’m so sorry…
Adama: I’m not here to lecture. I’m letting you know about a promotion. I’m making you CAG again.
Kat, crying: Sir, you know I’m not getting out of here, right?
Adama: You earned it. What you did was harder than facing a bullet. And you did it without putting o­ne other soul in harm’s way. Don’t know if I could’ve done that. I wish there something more that I could give you.
Kat: No. It’s good. I’d like to be CAG very much. Thank you. [Sniffles a beat. Then, ashamed.] Sir, there — there’s a thing. A reason why you might not want to do this. Kara knows what it is, but I wanted to tell you myself.
Adama: I don’t need to know anything other than what I already know. When you were CAG, you protected your people. Made them feel safe enough to be brave. What you were gonna say, does it change that?
(She stares, mute. He pulls up a chair and sits at her side.)
Kat: Are you…you staying?
Adama: Oh, I’m staying. I love this sickbay in a way. [He chuckles.] Reminds me where my son Zak was born. Caroline was so happy. She was convinced — both times — that she was having a girl. So it was a surprise at the end.
Kat: Did you want a girl too?
Adama: Yeah. Three’s a good round number.

Galactica: Briefing Room

(Adama replaces Lee’s name as CAG with Kat’s; the pilots nod and weep.)

Galactica: Corridor (Memory Wall)

(Starbuck pins Kat’s picture below Kassie’s (“Scar”), touching it tenderly, and watches it for awhile. Lee approaches and stands well back as she cries, looking up at the photo and then away.)

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