Battlestar Galactica: Transcripts: S03E12: Rapture

Athena: Previously on Battlestar Galactica

Galactica: CIC
(Over footage of the planet.)
Gaeta: There’s enough algae on this planet to feed the entire fleet. But the star in the system is highly unstable. If you can believe it, on the verge of going supernova.
Tigh: We just picked up four baseships inbound at high speed. Captain Adama, it’s just a matter of time until the Cylons find out what we’re up to on this planet.

Algae Planet: Observation Post 3
(The smoke from Starbuck’s crashed Raptor.)
Dualla: Starbuck has gone down!

Algae Planet: Basecamp Bunker
Anders: I am going after my wife.
Apollo: I can’t let you do that, Sam.
Anders: I am not asking you for permission.
Apollo: Sergeant Mathias?
(Mathias cocks his gun.)

Galactica: Corridor
Boomer: What if I told you that your daughter was still alive?
Athena: I’d say you were lying.
Boomer: She’s on our baseship right now. She’s ill, and we don’t know why.

Temple of Five
Chief: I mean, I don’t even know how I found this place. I just got this urge to start walking, and then suddenly, here it is.

Galactica: Adama’s Office
Chief: The scriptures say this Temple is the final resting place of the Eye of Jupiter.
Adama: What exactly are we talking about?
Roslin: It’s a marker that was left behind by the Thirteenth Tribe. It’s supposed to point the way to Earth.

Galactica: Conference Room
Three: We want the Eye of Jupiter.
Adama: Make any attempt to attack this ship or the people on the planet’s surface, I’ll launch every nuke I’ve got.

Galactica: CIC
Adama: Major, you’ve got to hold off the Cylons until Chief finds the Eye of Jupiter. If it looks like they’re gonna get into the Temple, your order is to blow it.

Three: We have to go down to the planet. I am so close to seeing the faces of the last five Cylons.
Hybrid: The Final Five revealed only to those who enter the Temple. only to the chosen one. The chosen one.

Galactica: CIC
Tigh: We just picked up six heavy Raiders heading down toward the planet.
Adama: Order nuclear ground-strike missiles I’m not gonna let the Cylons get their hands on the Eye.
Roslin: Are we prepared to sacrifice Lee?
Gaeta: Missiles are loaded, Admiral.
Adama: Release of nuclear weapons is now authorized.


(Basestar and Galactica in orbit above the planet.)

Galactica: CIC
(Roslin watching.)

Adama: Mr. Gaeta, disable launch and warhead safeties on tubes four through ten.
Gaeta: Safeties disabled. Warheads … are armed.
Adama: XO, please input your firing code.
Tigh: These nukes will obliterate anything or anyone within twenty klicks of the Temple.
Adama: I know.

Basestar: Command

Leoben: He’s gonna do it. Recall the Raiders immediately.
Eight: We agree. Bring them back.
Cavil: We agree. After all this time, we can’t afford to lose everything.
Caprica: We agree. Bring them back.
(Three says nothing.)

Algae Planet: Basecamp Bunker

Anders: If Kara dies out there… I swear to Gods, I will kill you myself.
Apollo: If she dies out there, I’ll let you.
Anders: So what are we gonna do now, follow me around with a gun? Because that is the only way that I am not going after Kara.
Apollo: Private Sykes.
Sykes: Sir?
Apollo: Get Lieutenant Dualla on the line.
Sykes: Yes sir.

Algae Planet: Observation Post 3/Bunker

Dualla: I’m here.
Apollo: Do you have eyeballs on Starbuck’s position?
Dualla: Negative, we have no visual on her Raptor, but I can see smoke from the crash site. She went down behind a hill, it’s a couple klicks away.
Apollo: Can you get to the Raptor?
Dualla: I don’t know. It’s pretty far away. There’s minimal cover.
Apollo: Is it doable?
Dualla: I don’t know.

Galactica: CIC

Adama: Key.
(Gaeta Tigh his launch key; he enters it.)
Tigh: Standing by.
Gaeta: Launch sequence set to auto.

Basestar: Command

Three: They want the key to finding Earth as much as we do. He won’t just destroy it.
Leoben: We spoke, and the decision’s been made.
(Three, still silent, puts her hands in the datagel, which goes red.)

Galactica: CIC

Adama: Fire on my mark.
Gaeta: Sir, the Raiders are turning back.
Adama: Not all of them.
Gaeta: Uh, correction. Five have turned back. one is still en route back to the planet.

Basestar: Command

Eight: What are you doing?
Three: He won’t launch against just one ship. He won’t.
Leoben: That’s not the issue. We made a decision. D’Anna has to turn back.
Three: No…
Caprica: Call D’Anna and Baltar. Turn them around now.
Three: No.
Caprica: What do you mean, no?
Three: This is something that we have to do. He won’t launch over one ship. You’ll see.

Algae Planet: Observation Post 3/Bunker

Dualla: You want me… You want me to rescue Captain Thrace?
Apollo: Attempt the rescue.
Dualla: Yes, sir. Foxfire one out. (To Fischer): We go.

Galactica: CIC

Tigh: Weapons are still hot.
Adama: Safe all missiles. Close down the doors.
(Missiles are safetied.)

Basestar: Command

Three: There. You see? Never over just one ship.
(She takes off; the remaining models stare.)
Cavil: That is not a good sign, my friends.
Eight: She defied us. Defied the group.
Leoben: It’s not about in the Eye of Jupiter. It’s about her.
Caprica: It’s like we don’t even know them anymore.
Cavil: We may have to so something about this. We may have to do it sooner than later.

Galactica: Agathon Quarters

Athena: Hera’s alive. I’m her mother, and I’m going to get her.
Helo: Sharon, baby, listen to me, okay? We could take a Raptor, we can fly to the baseship ourselves. I don’t — I don’t care anymore.
Athena: We can’t.
Helo: We’ll find another way. We will.
Athena, quietly: There is no other way.
Helo: Don’t ask me to do this, Sharon.
Athena: Listen to me. You have always been the strong one. You believed in us when no one else would.
(She comes around to look at him.)
Athena: I’m begging you to do this. Find the courage to do this for both of us, okay?
(Helo takes her face in his hands, she begins to cry and throws her arms around him.)
Athena: I love you.
Helo: I love you too.
(He moans and looks into her eyes, and begins to cry. He shoots her in the abdomen and catches her, drops the gun, and begins to scream.)

(41,401 souls in the Fleet.)


Galactica: Agathon Quarters

(Helo, Roslin and the Admiral watch the Marines bag Sharon’s body.)
Marine: Good, close it. Yes.
Adama (to Marines, who leave immediately): Wait outside.
Roslin: Sharon’s downloading into another body aboard a Cylon ship right now, isn’t she?
Helo: She begged me. She begged me to do it. Gods, if you’d… seen the look in her eyes when I —
Adama (not looking at him): She has important information on our defenses. Codes, procedures, the tactical situation down on the planet’s surface. The Cylons have access to all of that as well.
Helo (angry): She won’t betray us. You know that. It’s why you gave her the uniform.
Adama: She may not have a choice. Did you consider that?
Helo (not looking up): She says she could resist, that she wouldn’t let it happen. She’ll get Hera… and she’ll come back.
Roslin: That’s quite a leap of faith you’ve made, there, Captain. And if it involved your family only, I’d say it was brave. But you’ve put the entire Fleet in jeopardy, are you aware of that?
(He meets her eyes, grinning angrily, and rises, coming closer.)
Helo: If you hadn’t lied… and stolen our baby in the first place…
(Adama holds Helo’s arm, he’s right up in her face.)
Helo: We wouldn’t be here at all.
Roslin: I certainly played my part in bringing us to this moment. And there’s plenty of blame to throw around and I accept it. And now all of our lives are in the hands of Sharon Agathon. All we can do is hope that your wife is worthy of the unconditional trust you place in her, Captain.
Roslin (To Adama, as she leaves): And you as well, Admiral.

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Basestar: Resurrection Center

(Sharon gasps and awakes in a birthing pod. Caprica strokes her hair.)
Caprica: Can you tell me what happened?
Athena: They wouldn’t let me see my daughter, so my husband shot me. It was the only way.
Caprica: Well, it’s over now. The important thing is that you’re here.
Athena: How’s my daughter?
Caprica: She’s getting worse.
Athena: I want to see her.
Caprica: …And then what?
Athena: What they did to me. Stealing my baby, and telling me she was dead. Proved it. Hera’s safer here. And so am I.
(Caprica smiles.)

Algae Planet: Basecamp Bunker

Apollo: All right, before she went down, Starbuck spotted about fifteen-plus chromejobs advancing on us from here. To get to us, the toasters have to come through this canyon. This is a natural choke point. That’s where we’ll ambush them. Guerilla style. Our mission is to hold the Temple here. If we fail, we blow it up. We fall back to these rendezvous points. And then we head into the mountains and we wait for rescue.
(Marine nods.)
Anders: Well, it’s a good a place as any to die, I suppose.

Algae Planet: Observation Post 3

Dualla: What do you think?
Fischer: Well … it’s a nice day for a walk.
(They rise; gunfire rings out.)
Dualla: Snipers!
(Fischer falls; his hand rests on Dee’s rear.)
Dualla: Hey, take it easy, Fischer. …Sarge? Sarge?
(She rolls him over, his face is burnt off. She runs down the canyon under heavy fire.)

Temple of Five/Bunker

Chief: Ah this is crazy, come on. Think, think.
Cally (approaching with the phone): Galen, it’s Major Adama.
Chief: Sir.
Apollo: Chief, we’re in position. Any luck finding the Eye of Jupiter?
Chief: No. Major, I need more time.
Apollo: Get on it. The Cylons are on the move. We’ll hold them off as long as we can. Apollo out.
Chief (to Temple crew): Okay, people, listen up. We’re running out of time.

Algae Planet
(On a ridge above the Temple.)

Three: It’s so close.
Baltar: I know. The answers to all your questions are down there in that Temple. What’s wrong?
Three: I’m worried, Gaius.
Baltar: This is what we’ve been waiting for. You are the anointed one. Chosen by God to look on the faces of the Final Five Cylons. It’s already written. You will succeed.
Three: That’s what I’m afraid of. To know the face of God is to know madness. The hybrid has looked into the space between life and death, and she’s seen things that we cannot conceive of. But she’s been driven mad as a result.
Baltar: Have faith in God. Put your life in His hands. He will guide you to your destiny.
Three: I’m grateful to you. For everything.
Chip Six: Her destiny will part company from yours, Gaius. She’s not the chosen one, you are.
Baltar: Yes, I know. (To Three): I know.

Sniper Team (Apollo)/Guerillas (Anders)

Apollo: Okay, we’re set. And now we wait.

Barolay: What happens if the Cylons don’t dance to the Major’s tune?
Man: What happens is we get splattered all over these rocks.
Anders: Shut up. This is his game, not ours. We just do what we’re told, and maybe we get out of here.

Man: You really think these civvies can stop them?
Apollo: Well, they stopped plenty of them on Caprica when we were running for our lives.

(Lee spots a party of Centurions.)

Apollo: Okay, three clankers just entered our kill zone.
Mathias: Gotta be their recon element.
Apollo: Sykes, give ’em the signal.
(The signal is given.)
Anders: All right. Showtime, showtime.
(Anders’s team sets their charges as the Centurions continue recon.)
Anders: They’re headed our way. Don’t detonate till they’re all the way in.
(Both teams settle in to wait.)


Algae Planet: Siege Team

Anders: Wait for it. Come on, you sons of bitches. Come on.
(Centurions arrive.)
Anders: Now, now, now, now.
(Firefight, including a legless Centurion shooting from the ground. Some more Colonists fall.)
Barolay: Man down! Gods damn it!
Anders: Cease fire! They’re pulling back! They’re pulling back! Oh, frak! Oh! Gods damn it!
(The teams come together.)
Apollo: Come on!
Barolay: Damn it.
Anders: Oh, frak, frak.
Apollo: Okay, this man’s dead. We gotta pull him back. Sam, pull it together.
(They hide the man and check all points, huddled in a circle.)
Apollo: We bought ourselves a little time, but they’ll be back. And with force. So dig in. We’ll need to hold them off until Chief finds the Eye. And keep your eyes out on those ridges.
(They sight the ridges all around.)
Anders: You have any word from Kara or Dee?
Apollo: No.

Algae Planet: Starbuck’s Raptor

(Kara tries to take off her gloves, but it hurts too much. She tries to open the morph kit onboard, nearly starts crying, and hears a thump. She pulls her pistol at the open door.)
Dualla: Starbuck? (Appearing): Star —
Starbuck: Dee, why the hell didn’t you sing out? I almost blew you away.
Dualla: Yeah. Glad to see you too.
(Kara chokes from the pain of holding the gun; Dee takes her hands.)
Dualla: Okay, okay. It’s okay, yeah.
(Dee grabs a morph shot and gives it to Kara in the leg — hard.)
Starbuck: Lee sent you?
Dualla: Yep. My husband… ordered me to risk my life for yours. That’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna bring Starbuck back to Apollo.

Basestar: Nursery

(Caprica brings Sharon to Hera, who’s crying. Boomer stands at the crib.)
Caprica: She’s here.
(Sharon crouches and looks at Hera, grinning and crying, as Caprica and Boomer watch.)
Athena: It’s me. It’s Mommy, yes. (To Boomer): What’s wrong?
Boomer (angry): We tried everything. She didn’t respond.
Caprica: Look at that. Hera knows her. That’s amazing. You and she are biologically identical. Hera recognizes her mother.
Boomer: Well, good, because you can have her. I’m done with her.
Athena: You don’t mean that. I know you still care about Tyrol and Adama.
Boomer: No. I’m done with that part of my life. I learned that on New Caprica. Humans and Cylons were not meant to be together. We should just go our separate ways.
Athena: Wanna lay down? Okay.
(She puts Hera down, touches her stomach.)
Athena: Her belly’s as hard as a rock. Have you noticed that before?
Caprica: What do you think that means?
Athena: Blocked intestine, maybe.
Boomer: Our doctors examined her.
Athena: Well, your doctors have never examined a child.
(She pulls Caprica away from Boomer and the crib.)
Athena: Hera needs to be seen by a human doctor. I need to take her back to Galactica.
Caprica: You know that can’t happen, what this child means to us. What she means to every living Cylon.
Boomer: I should have known. She’s been planning this all alone.
Athena: Feel her.
Boomer (doing so): She’s right. Belly’s as hard as a gourd.
Athena (to Caprica): If you don’t let me take her, the first of a new generation will die. God will never forgive you.
Boomer: Maybe Cavil’s right. Maybe God never wanted us to have children in the first place.
(Sharon turns to see Boomer’s hand at Hera’s throat.)
Boomer: Maybe it’d be better for you if I just snapped your little neck!
Athena: Don’t! Please. Please don’t kill my baby girl.
(As Sharon and Boomer stare each other down, Caprica comes up behind Boomer and knocks her out, then crouches over her and snaps her neck viciously.)
Athena (grabbing Hera): Honey, oh.
Caprica: I believe the future of the Cylon rests with this child. And the others who are gonna come after her.
Boomer: So do I.
Caprica: There’s a captured Raptor aboard. Let’s go. We’ve gotta get you back to Galactica.
(They take off with Hera, leaving Boomer’s body on the nursery floor.)

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Algae Planet: Siege Team

(Still sighting around the canyon.)
Barolay: Here they come. Open fire!
(A firefight; people die.)
Anders: Tell ’em to blow the thing! The Cylons are closing in!

Temple of Five/Siege

Cally (approaching with phone, again): It’s the Major.
Chief: Tyrol.
Apollo (under fire): Tell me you’ve found the Eye of Jupiter.
Chief: No, but I’m getting close, Major. I’ve deciphered some more of the glyphs. I got a reference to an eye, something about a star, and an explosion of some kind.
Apollo: All right, cut to the chase, Chief. Do you have the Eye of Jupiter in your hands or not?
Chief: No, Major.
(Centurions approach.)
Woman: Cylon!
Apollo (tossing a live grenade to Anders): It’s hot!
(Anders smoothly Pyramids it into the Centurion party and they are finished.)
Apollo: All right, Chief, listen to me. That’s it! Get your people to the rally point and blow the Temple. I repeat, blow the Temple.
Chief: Yes, sir. (Hangs up.) Damn it.
Apollo: All right, fall back! Mathias, fall back! Fall back! Fall back!

Temple of Five

Chief: All right, that’s it, everybody. Drop what you’re doing and get out.
(They do.)
Chief (harshly): That means you, too, Cally.
Crew: Come on! Leave the gear! Go!
(He plays out the wire toward the door, looking back.)
Chief: If I only had a little more time.
Cally (snatching at him): Galen, it’s in the hands of the Gods now, Galen. Let’s go. There’s nothing we can do!
(Act out on the charges set around the central Temple pillar.)


Starbuck’s Raptor

Dualla: Ship’s structurally intact.
Starbuck: Okay. That means that the only thing keeping us grounded is the busted fly-by wire. So… you gotta bypass those bundles with datacord from the comm system. And then we … may have a shot at getting out of here.
(Kara convulses with pain, refusing to cry; Dee gives her another morph shot.)
Dualla: There’s only one left. Better save it for when you fly us out of here.
Starbuck (breathing heavily): I can’t fly. Especially all whacked up on morph.
Dualla: Well, that’s just frakkin’ great.
Starbuck (woozy): He won’t cheat. He’s too honorable.
Dualla: Unlike you.
Starbuck: Yeah, unlike me. I love Sam, I hate Sam. I love Lee, I hate Lee. Gods, I have to cheat just to keep the pieces all nice and neat.
(Kara starts to drift off; Dee smacks the frak out of her.)
Dualla: Stay with it. You still gotta walk me through these avionics.

Ext. Temple

Apollo: The Cylons have reached the Temple. Chief, what’s your status?
Chief: I’m wiring the last detonator.

Temple of Five

(Three and Baltar enter, with a Cavil in a hat.)
Three: The Eye of Jupiter has to be somewhere in this Temple.
Cavil: They’ve wired it with explosives. Let’s disconnect it.
Three: Pull out the detonators. Quickly.
(Three and Cavil start removing charges.)

Ext. Temple

Apollo: Chief, blow this thing! You out of your frakkin’ mind?!
Chief: I can’t do it.

Int. Temple

Three: Gaius!
Baltar: Yes?
Three: Help us!
Baltar: Yeah.

Int./Ext. Temple

Apollo: Give me the control!
Three: This just about does it.

Ext. Temple

(Apollo spins up the detonator: Nothing. He grabs Tyrol.)
Apollo: Frak! What have you done? What have you done?
Chief: Major, look.
(Strange lights in the sky: the sun going nova.)
Apollo: What is that?

Int. Temple

(Chip Six appears, indicating the obvious Eye symbol on the floor.)
Chip Six: There it is, Gaius. It has the answers to all of your questions.
Baltar: That’s the Eye?
Three: What is?
Baltar: Oh, uh… something the hybrid said, uh… Sapphire blue, shining like unto a star.
Cavil: D’Anna… you didn’t come here looking for Earth. You came here looking for something else.

(The sun explodes.)

Galactica: CIC

Kelly: Picking up massive energy pulse from the central star.
Gaeta: Sir, it’s a helium flash. The star’s going nova.
Adama: Nova’s gonna obliterate the entire planet in less than an hour.
(Gaeta, Tigh, and Roslin stare.)

Ext. Temple

Chief: Major, look. It’s the mandala from the Temple. This is supposed to be happening. That’s it. I was staring at it the whole time. The sun is going nova. The nova is the Eye of Jupiter.
(Anders stares.)
Apollo: All right, we can still blow it. We can still blow it.
(They run back through the brush.)

Starbuck’s Raptor

(Dualla flying.)
Starbuck: We just gotta make it into orbit. Galactica will find us from there, okay?
Dualla: Okay.
Starbuck: Good.
(The ride is bumpy.)

Temple of Five

Three: This is my destiny. To see what lies between life and death.
Cavil: And to look upon the faces of the Final Five. That can’t happen.
Three: This is my destiny.
Cavil: Sorry, D’Anna.

(He takes aim at her, but Gaius shoots him and he falls. She stares at Gaius, then turns to the Eye. Light shines down from the ceiling, down the pillar, and onto the Eye. She steps into the ray of light and finds herself in the Cylon Great Hall. She stares around in wonder, turning on her heel, and smiles at the Final Five, bathed in light.)

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Cylon Heaven

Three: The Final Five. Is it really you?
(She stares at them, with whispering all around, and finally steps toward one, who holds out his or her hand.)
Three (recognition and wonder): You. Forgive me, I — I had no idea.
(The Cylon holds out his or her hand; Three’s eyes fill.)

Temple of Five

Baltar: No idea about what? What did you see? What… Who was it?
(Three’s eyes go white, she drops, and starts choking.)
Three: … So beautiful…
Baltar: What was? Tell me! Am I one of you?
Three: You were right.
Baltar: About what? (Whispering): D’Anna, did you see my face? I have to know, please. Please, stay with me.
(She drops in his arms, head hitting the floor hard.)
Baltar: Stay, I have to know! Tell me, I have to know! Did you see my face?! Am I a Cylon?
(She’s gone.)
Baltar: Frak it.
(Gaius stands and enters the circle gingerly.)
Baltar: God, tell me the truth before I die.
(Someone cocks at gun as Gaius’s head — it’s Tyrol.)
Chief: Welcome home, Mr. President.
(Gaius turns around to look, and the Chief knocks him unconscious with the gun.)


Galactica: CIC

Gaeta: Admiral, the Cylon fleet just jumped away.
Tigh: They don’t wanna be here when that nova shock front gets here. Neither do we.
Adama: Launch a rescue mission, now.
Gaeta: We don’t have much time before the nova fries everything in the system.
Tigh: It’s gonna be a photo finish.

(The sun goes nova, blast leveling ridges and mountains, the Raptors take off for the sky, the Temple falls in on itself; Raptors barely land in the bay in time for the jump.)

Galactica: CIC

Man: All rescue ships from the planet accounted for.
Adama: Count us down!
Gaeta: Commence FTL.
Man: Jump in three…two… one. Jump.

(Galactica jumps into the Fleet.)

Galactica: Hangar Deck

(Apollo, Anders, the Chief and Cally exit a Raptor with a bodybag, which is loaded onto a gurney and brought to Tigh. Chief opens the bag for Tigh, Cally standing nearby: it’s Gaius.)
Tigh: He’s not dead?
Chief: No, unfortunately.
Tigh: Take him to the bridge.

(Sam runs to Kara, who’s disembarking with Dee, and throws his arms around her. Lee watches, and then comes to Dee when he sees her. Kara and Lee stare at each other in their spouses’ arms.)

(From a third Raptor, Athena appears, with Hera in her arms.)

Helo: Sharon?
(Helo laughs, holding the baby and talking to her.)
Athena: We have to get her to Doc Cottle right away.
Helo: Okay.
(The Marines spot Caprica disembarking, and draw their guns. Sharon throws herself in front of her.)
Athena: Hold your fire! Hold your fire. She helped us escape.
Tigh: Get out of the way! Lieutenant!
Helo (holding out his hand): Sharon…
(She comes to him, and they rush off with Hera. Caprica comes down into Marine custody.)

Galactica: CIC

Adama: I think the Chief is right. I think the nova does look like the mandala inside of this Temple.
Roslin: Do you think the Thirteenth Tribe had a vision of what was to come?
Chief: I don’t know what else it could mean.
Tigh: Maybe they saw another nova, and drew a picture of that. You’ve seen one nova, you’ve seen them all.
Gaeta: well, There was another nova. (Spreading out a map): Seen 4,000 years ago, around about when the Temple might have been built. It’s 13,000 light years from our present position. It’s a cloud of gas known as the Ionian Nebula.
Adama: Maybe it was a road sign… showing the direction that they headed to next.
(Helo recognizes something about the diagram of the Eye.)

Galactica: Pilots’ Bunks

Helo: So Starbuck, tell me, is that what you gotta do to get a little extra rack time around here?
Starbuck: Did you just come by to frak with me?
Helo: Actually, I wanted to know if you had any, uh… pictures of your old apartment on Caprica.
Starbuck, smiling: Um…yeah, uh… the locker, top shelf. Cigar box. Why?
Helo: Curious about something.
Starbuck: Well, I hope you and Sharon aren’t planning on redecorating, ’cause you’re not gonna get any bright ideas from my old place.
Helo sweetly: Oh, I remember. I’ve seen better looking trainwrecks.
Starbuck: Oh, thank you.
Helo: But I do remember those paintings you did.
Starbuck: What about ’em?
Helo (showing her the Eye picture and a photo of her painting): This? Was on the Temple. Where’d you get the idea to paint yours?
Starbuck: I don’t know. It was just something I’ve been doodling since I was a kid, I liked the pattern.
Helo: Well… they built the Temple 4,000 years ago.
(Kara gets weird and distant.)
Helo: What is it?
Starbuck: Just something Leoben said once. That I had a destiny, that it had already been written.

Basestar: Resurrection Center

(Three wakes, gasping, in a resurrection pod.)
Cavil: You know the drill. Long, deep, controlled breathing.
(She looks at him, gripping his hand, smiling madly.)
Cavil: At least you’ll never have to go through this again. The decision wasn’t easy, but the conclusion was inevitable. Your model is fundamentally flawed.
Three: No. It’s not a flaw to question your purpose. Is it? To wonder who programmed us, the way we think and why?
Cavil: Well, that’s the problem right there. The messianic conviction that you’re on a special mission to enlighten us. Look at the damage it’s caused.
Three: I would do it all again.
Cavil: Yes, we know. That’s why we’ve decided to… box your entire line. Your consciousness, memory, every thought your model ever had… are going into cold storage. Indefinitely.
Three: one must die to know the truth. There are five other Cylons, brother. I saw them. one day, you’re gonna see them too. one day…
Cavil: Good-bye.
(He lets go her hand and takes out a small metal device.)
Three: Brother… brother…
(He presses the button; there’s an electrical whine.)
Three: Brother…
(She goes slack in the pod.)

(Brother Cavil pockets the device and walks away from the resurrection pod; the camera pulls back to reveal hundreds of Cavils walking way from hundreds of boxed Threes.)

Transcript taken by Ryan Bechtel

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